Kendra Promathea


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Royal Duchess, Countess of Genevra & Negrad
Shadow Hunters (Bound To)
Promathea Castle


Mount Riding, Instrument Playing (Voice)
Athletics, Child Care, Cosmetics, Dancing (Ballroom), Penmanship, Pet Care, Schooled, Stealth, Herbal Lore, Music Composition, Melee (Sword, Unarmed Combat
Intimidation, Psychology, Melee (Dagger), Two Weapon Fighting (Melee Weapons)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Bright Baby Blue
Skin Tone
Slender and delicate almost with a light muscle tone.
Hair Color
Hair Style
She has short curly hair that is held back from her face by ornate silver head peices.
Height & Weight
5'7'' / 125 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Sliming pastel gowns with ornate embroidery designs and sections that are sheer around the arms or neck.
Distinguishing Marks


Children (even though she has none of her own), Animals (all kinds for the most part), Friends (though she feels she doesn’t have that many), Family (or more like the want of a family), Balls, Riding, Sunsets, Time Alone, Sunrises, Spring, Rain, Stars
People who believe they are better than everyone else, gossip (despite the fact that she does it herself from time to time, she still doesn’t like it), liars, people who use other people, evilness in general
She is a confused woman, but seems determined to accomplish whatever she sets out to do. After spending so much time with the Roma people, she has taken a liking to their freedom and passion in life. Wanting to experience life the way that they do, she has opened up as being playful and somewhat flirty even though she means absolutely nothing by it. She also seems curious about the things around her as if it was the first time she was experiencing what other lowborn people have experienced most of their life. She can’t see other people being abused, used, or hurt in any way. She’ll go out of her way to try to help those that can’t help themselves without asking for anything in return.
She afraid that whoever she used to be is destroyed (hence why she is confused as to whom she is most of the time).
She is not above throwing on a disguise and hunting down people herself.


Father / Donor
William Highland (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Marie Highland (Dead)
Helen (Sister, Dead), Kurash (Brother in-Law, Dead), Lucien (Brother in-Law, Dead)
Close Friends
Illucia (Former Lover), Karidee (Former Vigiliante Partner), Tayanna (Former Roomate), Helaku (Dead), Jahzara, Marek, Xanthus (Former Boss), Leila (Former Handmaiden), Audrey, Willow
Janos II (Nephew), Christopher (Nephew), Lilla (Neice, Dead), Tsubasa (Nephew), Magnus (Nephew), Kouryou "River" (Nephew), Kaida Asa (Nephew), Chaltier (Uncle), Fenda (Former Ward), Quincy (Former Lover, Dead), Xyle (Enemy, Dead), Kevin (Former Husband), Iradessa (Neice)


Age & Sex


Year 1641: Kendra was born to Count William Highland and Countess Marie Highland of Merlose. The couple was blessed with two beautiful children that they loved and doted upon every chance that they could get. The happy family life was not meant to be though.

Year 1646: Kendra was just a young girl at the time of about five, though it was during that time that the Nazcan’s attacked while the family was traveling through Sheedan. William, being the knight that he was, tried his best to fight off the surprise attack, but he was killed in the middle of battle. His wife, Marie was next to fall. The two children left behind, Kendra and her older sister Helen would have been killed as well, but the two of them managed to escape while their father was fighting them.

The death of their family was not something the two girls were prepared for. Helen was the older of the two, so she took charge of trying to get everything in order. Their lands were left in Helen’s hands now her parents were dead. The most that the girl could do at the time was hoped to find a husband to help her out. Kendra on the other was left to deal with the grief of losing her parents by herself as Helen was busy trying to take care of other affairs.

Year 1700: With that in mind, Kendra started to spend her time with peasants as they seemed to understand loss better than nobles did in her mind. She became close friends with a boy her age, and as they grew older they soon developed crushes on each other.

Year 1789: It was never meant to be though as he was a peasant as she was a noble. Plus, she had to help her sister with her new child Alyson, and help both of them deal with the loss of Helen’s first husband.

Year 1798: After a bit of time though, Helen managed to move on and married Kurash Promathea, the King of Aether.

After the birth of Janos, Helen thought it was time that Kendra found a husband of her own. Being that Helen was married to the King, Kurash arranged a marriage for Kendra to a Count named Afon Saimael. Kendra had heard of the man before, and the very idea of marrying him made her sick to her stomach, but what was done was done. There was nothing she could do about it.

Year 1799: Marriage to Afon, at first, really didn't seem so bad. He was caring, or at least he seemed that way, and he was an okay husband for the most part. Kendra actually grew to care about him.

After a few months though, he started to show his thorns. Kendra, being the outgoing, independent type seemed to always displease him in some way. It mostly came down to her being kind of servants and things like that. At first, Kendra wasn't going to take his high and mighty thinking, so she would let him have a piece of her mind, then walk away. Things just seemed to get worse after though.

It wasn't that Afon was cruel to her; it was more that he was cruel to those she cared about (those that were below her station). To save them the pain, she finally just stopped meeting with those people. There was no reason for them to go through that.

In the end, Kendra became ignored by her own husband (except when she did something that displeased him or amused him). She got his attention only when he wanted to give it and usually it wasn't a pleasant kind of attention. Finally, the meanness of Afon's words, the hurt she felt for not being loved, and her general unhappiness caused Kendra to somewhat withdraw into herself.

Kendra started to change. Pleasing Afon was really the only thing on her mind due to the fact she was simply tired. He was just as stubborn as she, and in the end it was her that was broken. She couldn’t fight his willful nature, and she simply just gave in to him.

The changes started out simple at first. She bought new clothing that would match his. It was as if she was flaunting the fact that she was his (even though she hated the fact she belonged to him). Kendra then slowly started to give in to him. She didn’t fight (as much) when she was caught doing something wrong (in his eyes). She would end up apologizing simply and accepting any punishment that he saw fit for her. Considering that he wanted a child so bad, she also tried to find a way to raise the chances of her having a child with him without actually recognizing with him. She had no luck in that area. Finally, she started to act more like a noble by snubbing the servants at first, then finally other peasants as well. This was the hardest part for her, but she managed to do it.

Kendra had lost everyone that she deeply cared for including her sister. She was stuck with Afon and his spying servant Alexander. Kendra could only take so much as she felt herself dying inside.

Year 1803: Perhaps it was luck, or perhaps fate had finally caught up to Afon. After all, the man had made many enemies in his time, and it was hardly a secret that the man was after power. Though, his scheming seemed to have wronged the wrong people. It is unknown as to what actually happened, but Afon and his servant Alexander was found dead in their beds. At first Kendra was suspected for killing them considering how unhappy she was, but she was able to prove that she had nothing to do with their deaths. She might have disliked the two of them with a passion, but she wouldn’t go as far as killing someone just to get out of a marriage.

Of course with the death of her husband, that leaves Kendra alone with hardly any family to speak of other than her niece of nephew. Living without Afon was a bit of an adjustment. In a way, she was thrilled that he wasn’t around to demand things of her. Though, she was also a little sad that he was gone. She simply had grown use to him. Now she had to learn how to live again.

Year 1813: In this year Kevin also finally married Kendra after years of working on his "relationship" with her.

Year 1828: Kendra is "set up" to seem crazy and realizes the "truth" about Kevin to a degree. Between her hate for him and her supposed madness Janos grants Kevin a divorce but keeps him within the family as an apology.

Six months later she begins a relationship with a lowborne mercenary named Quincy. The two are very close.

Year 1834: Kendra is blackmailed by Xyle into marraige, if she doesn't comply he will kill Quincy. She rejects him and as a result her lover is murdered. Furious about it all she decides to fake her death and start a new life.

Year 1835: Stumbling into the Roma Carnival while it was out on tour, she showed up with no memory and was taken care of by Helaku at first. This allowed her to bond with him and Jahzara, who named her Fallenmoon. Eventually she was hired on as a helping hand until she can be formerly trained in something more useful.

She is ultimately run out of the Roma Carnival by one of their members, Talvan, who guesses who she might be. She ends up moving into the city propper as a mercenary and living with Tayanna.

Year 1837: Illucia finds herself rather frustrated at the lack of activity from the guild since Keiran is away or distracted lately. She blows off some steam at the practice yard and meets a new sparring partner: Fallenmoon.

Year 1838: It’s the anniversary of the Dragon’s Roost and the party is HUGE. Fallenmoon swings in to congratulate Illucia and enjoy the good drinks. The two become closer then they planned on though! Once the drunken haze wears off Illucia and Fallenmoon discuss what to do now. Illucia admits she has grown very fond of Fallenmoon and wouldn’t mind a real relationship.

Fallenmoon and Illucia decide to celebrate their Winter Solstice up late drinking, talking and exchanging gifts. While they talk Fallenmoon mentions how they first met and Illucia explains her frustration with the Guild of Evernight and Keiran. Fallenmoon suggests her lover stop waiting for them to do something and start her own Guild instead!

Year 1839: Illucia begins her own Guild, the Guild of The Crescent! At this point Fallenmoon begins to have run ins with Marek. He keeps trying to catch her as a Crusader and she always barely gets away. He can tell there is more to her actions then it seems.

Year 1840: After years of working under Xanthus in an attempt to get close to one of Xyle's allies, Fallenmoon is given a “job” by him. If she performs well, he assures her, he’ll start trusting her with bigger fish. All she has to do is deliver a letter INTO the castle to Edan Blackthorne. The issue is she’ll have to do it without being seen given someone might still see through her changes and recognize Kendra.

Sadly after the job is done, Xanthus admits a truth she doesnt want to hear. He knows WHO she is but he cannot help her get to Xyle. Xyle is technically an ally and he doesn't want to cross him for fear of losing contacts/rescources. However he can tell her when Xyle is alone and if something happens to him, well that's too bad.

Taking what she can get she attempts to assassinate Xyle but Marek breaks in at the last moment and talks her out of it. He reveals he knows who she is now: Kendra. Taking her into custody, he tries to talk her into taking back her name and title but she refuses and is broken out of jail by Karidee later.

Year 1842: Karidee talks with Fallenmoon about wanting her help to go after Clive. She suspects he killed Chantelle Starlight and wants to bring him to justice - especially since he's dating her precious twin sister!

They show up as Crusaders andd attempt to kill Clive. They accuse him of the crime and he admits to it but explains that the woman was a pawn of a demon out to harm the nation. In the end the conflict isn't decided by guilt or logic, but by Kristee denouncing her twin. Hurt to the core, Karidee flees and Fallenmoon follows after.

Just before years end, Marek corners Fallenmoon again. He makes a solid case for the royal family falling apart and something needing to be done about it and she finally relents. They talk with Janos to get his help with a cover story for her return. Christopher doesn't entirely buy it, demanding someone be around to accompany Kendra at all times, but she is allowed to reclaim her former life.

Shortly after she gains Leila as a handmaiden.

Year 1843: When the capitol falls Kendra gets her and Leila out the city. Her skills end up saving her handmaiden's life.

One day Kendra went to bed and that was the last thing she remembered before waking up a prisoner in a strange place. Everyone around her wears things to conceal their identities. A man named “Shurayuki” stands up for Kendra when she it put on trial. He negotiates enough to ensure she is used as a tool of the Sky Hunters and watched all her life – but it’s a life she gets to LIVE. In the end, the one that speaks up for her negotiates for her convinces the others to use her as an instrument so she can stay alive.

Year 1853: A woman drugs Marek and attempts to seduce him. He rejects her but she knows that no one will believe him given his reputation. Worse, she plants evidence on one of his servants as she leaves to make them look like a Cultist. When Kendra rejects the idea Marek would do such a thing she learns from Quentyn , who seems to struggle to even admit as much, that his father has always been this sort.

Kendra hears about it and questions him on the topic. She learns his past but he levels with her, they cannot stay friends if she cannot trust him. After, Kendra wants to learn if this is the Cult and goes to ask Xanthus. She is abducted by Ross & Abel in route.

Vanessa tells Kendra her plan to use her against Marek and force him to be her inside man with Janos. Jean tells Marek and Janos happens to be visiting. Janos leaves to let them discuss the matter. Jean opts to let Marek walk into the trap, naturally they won’t be far behind him.

Year 1854: Kendra officially adopts Monnique.

The Juton warships hit the coast of Nazca first. They slaughter many in the nation, others are forced to flee and as a whole they take heavy losses. Many of their nobility are able to flee through the capitol’s portal and then close off the gate’s rune on the other side – but many others are left behind to find their own way across the Epitaph Sands or be eaten by the invaders. Chestin holds a Duchy Council meeting to divert resources to help Nazca. Kime trains Liam, only to learn his seemingly weak little brother actually has some street fighting experience… Chestin pays the way for two emergency diplomats to go to the other nations and get military support: Bianca & Cloe. Bianca is sent to talk to Renee’ about getting support troops to help reclaim Nazca and stop the invasion. However, while doing their dealings the two end up romantically involved. Cloe is sent to talk to Shekina and Varna about getting support troops to help reclaim Nazca and stop the invasion. This also shows her years of working to build Phairan political prowess. Kendra comes to Chestin, eager to help him in anyway she can.

Year 1859: Audrey has been doing everything she can to find a way to distract Willow from Barnaby but to no avail. She meets Kendra by chance at a party where she was trying to find an eligible young man to interest Willow in. When Kendra picks up on what she’s doing, she learns why and the two women bond over wanting to redirect Willow’s focus for her own sake.