Kibo Sabishi


Soul Name
Legionarries Barracks


Melee (Sword & Bushido) & Athletics (Combat Reflexes)
Multiple Opponents, Dodge, Unarmed Combat (MAHS), Schooled, Psychology (Pressure Points), Streetwise (Information Networking), Stealth, Culture (Ryuko)
Mount Riding, Culture (Aether)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Fire (Novice) & Water (Adept)
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Water), Wild Strike, Lith Reflexes
Biting Steel, No Fear, One Strike, Spinning Blade
Elemental Fire Spells

Beginner: Adrenaline Rush, Flammable Objects, Handful of Flame, Sense Combat

Novice: Body of Flame, Immolate, Insight Emotion, Resist Fire

Elemental Water Spells

Beginner: Aqua Tounge, Create Water, Purify Water, Sesne Water

Novice: Create Body of Water, Breathe Water, Detosify, Shape Water

Adept: Astral Projection, Dream Weaving, Oracular Visions, Water Siphon

Favored (Asoth, Entropy), Tengu: Courage's Lead, Honorable Ground, Wings of the Crane (Air pressure slices that he turns into small projectile explosions)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Katana (Only for opponents he respects.)
Other Weapons
Rapier: For opponents he does not respect.
Legionarries Uniform
Other Accessories
Language Translation Badge


Eye Color
Pale Moon Yellow
Skin Tone
Light Blue Gray
He's lean and lanky, though there is evident muscle on his bony form. 
Hair Color
Hair Style
He has short hair that is cut in varying lengths, the longest of which is swept over the right side of his face.
Height & Weight
6'2'' / 250 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears a nice white Aetherian style suit with sparse golden decorations on it. Under this is a blue button up vest but no shirt. He has a long and thick black scarf on at all times that has a Ryuko styled dragon pattern on it in gray.
Distinguishing Marks


Akira (though sometimes that "like" comes across in seeking out ways to fight and brutalize him), being good at what he does, getting away with shit, bullying others, looking down on people (means he's higher up, which he likes the feeling of), being able to weild the blessings of two Gods at the same time (it has to be some kind of sign, though he's not sure of WHAT just yet...), Mouko (they get along and it makes him feel like he has a biological family), Mizuki (its fun having a kid around to spoil)
Being alone (though if asked he will always say he prefers it), being beaten or looked down on, Cross (he came along and stole Akira from him, at least in his mind), being treated well (he doesn't know what to do with it), boredom (known to start fights and make trouble)
Kibo is "not okay" in the head. He has spent years bending himself to be what others needed of him as a way to get love and affection but he never really felt accepted despite the effort. Now that he's literally walked away from anything that ever loved him he finds himself liberated, or in laymen's terms: Unstable. He's vindictive, arrogant, apathetic and easily turns cruel on a dime. However, unless people are in his company for a prolonged period, its more likely they think he's quiet and removed - with a disturbingly dark aura to him. He doesn't put himself out to make friends, he doesn't try to join in a conversation unless he has something to react to or say and half the time when he wants to do something he will silently walk out and do it - permission or not.
He fears being ordered to take down the Shattered Realm now that he and Akira are finally expressing their feelings. He also fears that Akira is fucking with him and this is all a trap.
He tends to act extremely sadistic - more so when bored.


Father / Donor
Subaru Eik (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Kisami Sabishi (Dead)
Akira (Lover)
Close Friends
Keiran, Taren, Jean (Like a Father), Mouko, Sarias, Marek
Mouko (Cousin), Takara/Akiha (Cousin), Mizuki (2nd Cousin)


Age & Sex


Year 1827: Kibo was born to the last remnants of the ill fated Eki family. One side of which was shamed by the actions of their youngest girl: Takara and thus systematically seemed to die off. The other was known best for siring Mouko into the world and thus many commited seppuku to attone for the crime of spawning the equivalent the "anti christ" into the world. The deaths particularly piled high as Mouko became soley responsible for a great many tragedies in the nation that claimed thousands of lives each time.

His mother knew none of this when she asked to marry Subaru. He didn't say his family name, only that he was a wandering ronin. She fell in love with his gentle demeanor and charming personality, swearing continously that she did not care who he had been - only who he was now.

This proved to be more fiction than fact. After the fall of the isle of dragons she was pregnant and as they settled together she asked to marry. Naturally she wanted to show her love by taking on his family name. He waylaid her thanks to being called to the battle front, but his tour of duty would only be a few years so he did vow to tell her the truth then and marry her if she still wished it.

Year 1828: The Land of Dragons falls to the A'dalis, though it was pretty much crippled beyond repair by Mouko long before then. Kisami has lost everything before this point and then she learns that her husband did not survive the evacuation of the nation. She is on her own with a baby to care for and no marriage to show for it.

Year 1831: Kisami is receives a trunk full of some recovered items from her home in the Land of Dragons. The army finally retaking the city allowed a hand full or so of possessions to come home to their owners at last. Amoung these is some of Subaru's things... including his hidden documentation for being the son of the Eki family!

Instantly she is disgusted with herself. All her talk of acceptance before goes right out the window when she learns the man she was with had blood ties to the monster that killed her family (and him!) and helped destroy her home land. Worse? Her son carries that blood.

No longer willing to raise a to-be-monster, she walks little Kibo into the tengu forest. Once they are deep enough in she tells him that she wants him to stay there no matter what and then turns to leave. Old enough to know the local tales, he is aware that many unwanted children are abandoned like this. The idea being that they will either starve and die (thus becomming spirits that wander the woods) or that a tengu may take mercy on them. Either way, he realizes his mother wants him dead or gone. Not sure what he's done, he goes after her screaming and crying but she rebukes him each time. Finally, fet up, she uses her own obi to tie him to a tree and then leaves for good.

He is fortunately found by the tengu two days later. They do take pity on him, bringing him into their fold. He is not adopted by anyone in particular, becomming a sort of ward of the group as it were. This leaves him without a parental figure to hug to or family to think of - until he meets Akira. The young tengu boy bonds with him quickly and he finds himself able to open up to him. They become the best of friends.

Year 1838: Akira talks about going to the nation of Aether to seek out adventures. Kibo isn't thrilled about it, but he realizes quickly that its not like he's staying HERE for anyone in particular. The only thing he loves, that matters to him, is Akira. So wherever Akira goes, that will become his home too. He agrees, acting like its only the idea of new horizons that excite him so as not to make things awkward with his best friend. However, this is where Kibo starts to truly realize he is in love with Akira.

Sadly they only manged to get themselves in serious trouble. They were runaway children in a strange land. They had nothing and knew no one. Luck shined on them a week in while they were relying on one another. They met Cross and started following him out of curiosity and sheer charisma. They became his loyal followers and he took care of them (more or less not going to throw displaced kids back into the streets).

Year 1840: Akira becomes star-stuck with Cross and the Shattered Realm group he leads. At first Kibo doesn't mind but as the years go by he realizes he's being forgotten. His best friend, what he now knows is the love of his life, is moving beyond him and becomming completely enraptured with this Aetherian thug.

Year 1841: He is scouted by the Legionnaries and accepts the offer. His rage and pain have become too all consuming as he watches Akira fall all over Cross. Unwilling to be abandoned by another person he loves, he opts to do the abandoning instead.

He betrayed the Shattered Realm and joined the Legionnaries. He claimed to have been an insider for for a few months now and it was time they were 'pulling him out'. This started the never ending hatred between the two and explained how and why the Legionaries were getting the upper hand as of late.

Year 1843: His boss is promoted to Commander of the knights for the city of Shade's Run. It gives them a lot more reach and influence.

Year 1845: While out on a job Akira and Kibo spot each other. Naturally another fight ensues, Jean and Taren arrest Akira to bring it to a halt. While in prison, Kibo “visits” Akira in his cell and pokes at him. The two fight back and forth and part ways confused and hurt.

Year 1853: Mouko takes a moment, on his way out, to visit Kibo. They discuss how Kibo’s hatred of him is misplaced since all the problems Kibo ever suffered were his mother’s fault. He opens up to the Scion of Entropy as family.

A few months later, Mouko visits Kibo and muses about why he hasn’t just taken Akira by force. He offers to help steal him from the gang and lock him up tight but Kibo refuses.

Shortly after, Kibo is sent to escort a high priority shipment thanks to all the Shattered Realm raids. He does plenty of damage but is brought down by I’Frit & Faye who take him prisoner. Many of the gang members want revenge and to kill him, but many others remember when he was a beloved ally and aren’t so sure.

I’Frit talks with Kibo. He asks for his feelings on Akira and learns he actually loves him, but figures Akira will always be to weak to reciprocate. I’Frit decides he can get Akira to admit the same thing.

I’Frit sets up a situation where he gets Akira to verbally confess his feelings for Kibo while the ryuko is listening in. When I’Frit hits on Akira, Kibo rushes in to save him and confesses his feelings. The two become a couple.

Released from “captivity”, Kibo returns to talk to Jean about what to do with their love of Akira and Cross. They are both knights of order and the crown but the loves of their lives are criminals.

Year 1854: Just as the wall network for Shade's Run is finished the armies show up on the horizon. They must do everything they can to defend the city while the grid goes online. Captains of the Undead: Two captains of the black-blooded zombies arrive but the Shattered Realm (Akira, Marlene, Emeline, I’Frit & Cross) and the Legionaries (Taren, Sarias, Kibo, Jean, Fawkes & Marek) show up to take one each.

After, Mizuki comes to stay with Kibo for a week. To avoid the stigma that comes with being Mouko’s son, Kibo tells people its his child – its not like he cares what they think about that! Akira hears about Kibo and his “son” and flips out on them without thinking about it. Kibo has to calm him down and explain the situation. Once its over, Akira, Mizuki and Kibo spend a day together like a little family.

Mouko picks up Mizuki and chats with Kibo about how the time went. Mouko learns, in the process, that Kibo and Akira are now a couple. Better yet, the whole family outing really showed Kibo that having a kid around would even be nice one day.