Kime Alvey


Soul Name
Marquis of Argent
Order of the Crown
Alvey Mansion (w/ Father & Brother)


Melee (Sword) & Athletics (Foot Work)
Schooled, Dancing (Ballroom), Mount Riding, Knowledge of Politics (Aether), Seneschal, Multiple Opponents, Block
Culture (Phairan), Langauge (Phairan), Finances


Species Powers
Immunity to Illness/Poison
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Charge, Ignore Pain
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Piece Mail Armor
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Green w/ Black Rims
Skin Tone
Warm Tan
Lean & Athletic
Hair Color
Raven Black
Hair Style
He has tussled and curly hair which is layered around his face.
Height & Weight
5'11'' / 180 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears a long sleeve tunic with a higher collar. It is beige with dark redbrown line designs on it. He has leather breeches beneath and knee high boots.
Distinguishing Marks
He has a tattoo on his upper right arm that matches his mother's, it is a symbol of protection from her family.


Working as a knight, his adopted family (particularly his father), being asked to act or lie (given he's so bad at it), authority figures, role models, loyalty from those in his life, those in need, hanging with his brother (he often screams: Alvey Brothers Take Over the Town!), wearing stuff that Liam makes him
Criminals, cutting corners, walking away from those in need, treachery (even for good reason), gambling (it requires a better poker face then he has), having to hide things from those he loves, dissapointment from authority figures, breaking orders, that he wasn't able to connect to his family due to rebelling in his youth (he's trying to fix that), doesn't care for people asking him to do or say something in Phairan (he's not all that versed, really, as he's never even stepped foot in the place)
Some say asshole, Kime prefers rascal. He’s the first to take a risk and barely ever controls his emotions or his words. On the other hand, he’s loyal, trusting and surprisingly altruistic when it comes to women and especially kids. He hates those that are messy as he’s very neat, pulls at his feathery red ears when bored and always seems to have a constant smirk on his face. He’s also quite forgetful when it comes to people’s names, and has sort of just given up on them. He couldn’t tell a lie to save his life and he’s honest, so what you see is what you get. He tends to latch onto those older than him, still seeing himself as a young pup with much to learn. He has a temper, but is working on it.
He fears being abandoned by his family. He also fears losing his ability to be a knight.
He is a terrible liar, his face and mannerisms give away his true feelings on everything. He has a habit of breaking swords and thus doesn't own special ones at the moment.


Father / Donor
Hotopek Yamin, Aaron Alvey (Adopted)
Mother/ Sire
Yumeki Yamin
Open (1 elder), Dylan (Adopted Brother), Liam (Adopted Brother)
Close Friends
Fawkes, Liam
Order of the Crown (co-workers), Edward (Boss), Vindassi (Former Boss)


Age & Sex


Year 1832: Born to Yumeki Yamin and her book-loving merchant husband, Hotopek as their second child, this time a son. Unfortunately, he's almost immediately kidnapped and attempted to be sold on the streets of Aether for labor. Phaira is still relatively new to Aether at this time though, so even though he's an exotic choice, the thought of foreign noble blood isn't seen as worth it yet. In the end, Kime keeps his name since no one is thinking to look for him, but he's sent to the orphanage instead.

Year 1837: He's fostered at age 5 but can't really fit into the "family" life. He doesn't like suddenly being told he can't do something, grows a temper, doesn't want to follow rules and finds it especially difficult to fit in with two boys who recently lost their family to divorce.

Year 1842: Kime is sent to military school to whip him into shape. It surprisingly works and he excels there, enjoying the military life. He likes the routine and knowing what's going to happen the next day, enjoys being taught to fight, loves the idea of glory on the battlefield and gets along with like-minded people, making an easy camaraderie of fellow knights. He's also able to keep his temper down better when around friends. Since he prefers life at military school, he spends most of his time there and tends to only hop in and out of his adopted family's life every now and again. To his brothers, he's barely a blip on their radar.

Year 1847: He's finally able to take his knight's test and passes. He becomes a Knight of the Order of the Crown. This puts him at being stationed in the capitol back in the same city as his adoptive family. Now that he has almost no bond, he attempts to make one. He finds that he gets along well with his adoptive father who seems eager for the connection, but less so with his brothers. Dylan, not liking that he's not a weak mark all but ignores him. Kime side-steps him for the moment and attempts to make something of his non-bond with Liam instead. When asked if he'd like to go back and find his biological family, this is often met with a shrug and a "What's the point?" He'd rather focus on his Aetherian family for now.

Year 1854: Vindassi, Ymira, Edward & Kime hold the front gate of the city during the battle with the Slada’sha. Kime pulls off a sick kick roll, but also finds a strong appreciation for the typically feared power that comes with mages. Some people run into Liam and Kime while they are out on the town and ask about Kime’s “culture” – clearly Phairan fanboys. However Kime brushes them off, thinking of himself as only Aetherian. When they press the matter he gets angry and Liam has to talk him down from doing anything stupid.

Kime has Fawkes over and they are chatting when Liam comes home. Kime spends much of it trying to hook up Liam with Fawkes – who is amused and possibly even interested?

Kime and Liam ask their father for the right to take a trip to Phaira. Aaron is reluctant at first, mostly because he suspects Liam’s reasons are weak. However, when Liam turns on the tears, Kime starts to plead his case as well and Aaron caves – on the condition Liam learn to fight with a weapon. Kime visits Liam and learns about his fashion quirks, embarrassing Liam heavily in the process.
Kime trains Liam, only to learn his seemingly weak little brother actually has some street fighting experience.

Liam and Kime finally take their vacation to Phaira, with Fawkes along for the ride. Naturally Liam’s estranged mother is harsh with him at first, as it has been 20 years since their last encounter, but they manage to smooth things over. They let her know they are staying for a month. Kime is upset with Liam after the meeting because he never admitted he was family. Fawkes does his best to instigate the two to talk and they eventually settle the matter.

Year 1855: Liam, Fawkes and Kime are on their last day in Phaira together. They talk about Kime’s tattoo and what it might mean for the fate of his mother. They only have one more day left in Phaira, do they want to look? Is it even pointful to?

Fawkes pushes the matter of finding Kime’s mother but Kime refuses, positive that she is either dead or abandoned him – and either way there is no point. When Fawkes pushes too hard, Kime breaks down and Liam commits to the fact that Kime has the right to prioritize his family here and now. Fawkes finally backs down.

Liam and Myth’rel go out on their little opera date. They have a wonderful time and agree to take things slowly. Liam comes home to find Kime waiting for him. Naturally his brother pesters him for details and promises to beat the crap out of anyone who’d hurt his little brother.