True Dragon
Soul Name
Tracker & Warrior
Village of the Nightwolves
Village of the Nightwolves


Knowledge of Culture (Werewolves), Unarmed Combat (Brawl)
Athletics (Combat Reflexes), Brewing, Cooking, First Aid, Gardening, Herbal Lore, Hunting, Keen Sense (Sight, Smell), Labor, Melee (Dagger), Quick Learner, Ranged (Archery), Stealth, Tracking, Wilderness Survival
Child Care, Dancing (Folk), Multiple Opponents, Strategy (Ambush & Gorilla Warfare)


Species Powers
Transformation (Dragon & Native Races), Comprehend Languages
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics
Rite of the Sacred Offering (Purifies Food & Water), Rite of the Runic Lock (Seals an enclosed space from entry), Rite to Call Prey (Calls forth a willing animal to be killed for nourishment)


Main Weapon
Cut, stab & skewer
Sharp iron, with a carved handle. Kept in a thigh holster.
Other Weapons
Longbow: Shoot arrows and smack people when close enough.
Simple wooden longbow, with carvings above and below the leather grip,
Mild protection from damage.
Black with pack emblem on it.


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Lithe & Toned
Hair Color
Hair Style
Naturally wavy hair falls ¾ of the way down her back. Often pulled back in multiple braids, leaves the back loose.
Height & Weight
5'9" & 145 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Her true form is that of a black western bodied dragon the size of a house.
Style & Casual Clothing
Viking style clothing, varies depending on the weather.
Various woven bracelets in a variety of natural colors, with wooden charms, each representing something Mystic Moon has taught her.
Distinguishing Marks


Helping others, tracking for fun, the rare times she gets to fly, drinking beer, making beer, roughhousing with her packmates, the times Goliath doesn’t correct her, dancing and singing in the moonlight with Mystic Moon, listening to stories, working in her herb garden so she can make tonics with Mystic Moon and collect ingredients for beer, a high spirited brawl at the pub over something trivial
Outsiders, Wysterians, being treated like an outsider, when a beer doesn’t come out, the smell of wet dog/wolf, when someone disrespects Mystic Moon or Blackwater
Kinon is driven by her love for both her families to bring them pride and honor. She is fierce and unwavering when it comes to protecting her pack from outside threats. However when all are safe within their pack she is quick to help where it’s needed, not one to turn away someone who is asking for help. She adores Mystic Moon, having a love for him that she never got to achieve with her own parents. 
Losing her wolf family, bringing shame to her people, becoming weak again.
Needs to cuddle in order to get over an negative mood (angry, sad, lonely, etc.). Uses “Mooney told me too” in an attempt to get away with something, surprisingly it works more than it should.


Father / Donor
Satarius (Dead), Savarius (MIA) & Mystic Moon (Adopted)
Mother/ Sire
Ashmael (Brother, Dead), Zac'tal (Brother, Dead), Darius (Brother, Dead), Eira (Sister), Erinas (Brother), Orianna (Sister)
Close Friends
Goliath (Mentor)


Age & Sex


Year 1837: She was hatched with her siblings in the mountains not far from the Araneae home volcano. Savarius tries to steal the hatchings from Satarius. The Champion League, led by Adrian, steps in and saves the day.

Year 1840: They are babysat by the Champion League after, eventually flying them to a remote location.

Year 1842: Tired of being cooped up and all the rules, Kinon sneaks out to do some exploring. Letting her nose lead the way. Before she realizes it Kinon finds herself in unfamiliar territory and stumbles across a group of Wysterian soldiers. Assuming she was a mage, they dose the child in anti-magic fluid and take her prisoner.

Kinon is unaware that in her absence Savarius attacks their "home" and the result is devastating. Satarius is badly wounded, Eira loses her dragon form completely and Erinas seems to be corrupted somehow. They are narrowly saved by the arrival of the Champion's League. Adrian leads them to a tower in Wysteria where they encounter mages in hiding that are led by Kevin.

Year 1845: Spends the last three years as a slave and trinket traded to various Wysterian houses, until her last owner sold her for a high price to Atherian traders. She’s caged and shipped to Atheria via a ship. The ship reaches the dock in Aether, but the ship is hit by raiders the first night.

Creatures that moved like shadows, and growled like beasts, decimated the ship’s crew. It was as the raiders, who looked very human, moved through the cargo hull looking for items of interest that they came across Kinon. They free the child and bring her back to their temporary camp for the night. Debating what to do with her next. When asked what she wants, Kinon simply wants to go home to Wysteria. Not the easiest task to complete, the raiders (who seem like gruff, but good guys) begrudgingly agree to find some information on the place Kinon called home. What they come across isn’t good, the remote area Kinon described was devastated a few years back by a dragon of all things. The option to go home was gone. The raiders end-up taking Kinon back home with them, forcing her to be blindfolded for the trip. They still needed the Chief to make a ruling on what to do with her, until he said she could stay, they had to take precautions to keep their Pack safe.

During council, to discuss what to do with her, the Chief asks if anyone was willing to take responsibility for the child. Mystic Moon, the tribe’s shaman, volunteers to take her. Commenting about liking the black shimmer the moon gives her. Chalking the comment up to the “space case” shawman the Chief considers the matter settled. The child will stay and become a member of the pack and will train with the other children. Mystic Moon not only takes Kinon has his ward, but as an apprentice too, which surprises the others.

Year 1846: Kinon was training with the other children; practicing their brawling, hand-to-hand fighting. She was paired with a larger kid, since she was always up for a challenge and enjoyed rough housing. It wasn’t often that she lost, but she was being overpowered by her opponent. Her black eyes took on a glow before shifting into her dragon form, having lost control in that moment. It was by their trainers skill and speed, that he pulled the other child to safety. The entire pack was put on edge, all but Mystic Moon who was smiling as though everyone else had finally caught up. She was a shifter like the rest of them, but with her size she would become a danger to everyone if she couldn’t control her form. The chief gave her a serious talking to, and assigned her to train under Goliath. He would teach her how to control her form, or he would end her. For the safety of the pack.

Year 1850: Kinon’s birthday triggers her desire for the Coming of Age ceremony. Though she hasn’t been with the Pack since birth, Mystic Moon gives his consent as her guardian and as the Pack’s shaman.

It’s not long into her year away from the pack that she has to battle the emotional demons that appear when you’re left on your own. The feeling of guilt about losing her dragon family. The shame from being a slave/trinket. The anger she has for Wysterians. The fear of loosing her new family. Her first two months were spent wallowing in those feelings, hidden deep in a cave where she was free to stay in her dragon form and let out her anger in flames.

It was as she laid there in the dark cave, allowing herself to die from starvation, that she heard Mystic Moon’s familiar laugh in her head. His laugh turned into the laugh of her siblings. Her delusional mind showed her visions in the dark, of her dragon family up in the stars playing and watching. Watching her in disappointment. That was when she realized that she must live for her family who couldn’t, and that living the life of a werewolf didn’t detract from what she was. If she was the last of her kind, she would live to bring her family pride. The family in the woods and those watching from the stars.  It was a struggle for Kinon to regain her strength, she quickly grew a distaste for being weak and vowed to not let herself become that again.

Year 1854: The fall of Cardinal Meridian sent ripples through Aether. Extending all the way to Nightsong Forest and the village of Stonehallow. The pending war was horrible, so many lives were lost and things only seemed to get worse. Though Kinon wanted to fight on the front lines, she was forced to stay behind as a last line of defense. She was still in her teenage years, and the pack couldn’t risk an accidental shift in the middle of battle. Even though Kinon believed that as a dragon she could be the most help. She could simply torch the village and put an end to all the deaths of her packmates. That drastic step was avoided, when the Lord Spiritual arrived and put an end to the conflict.