Kris De'Dawning


Aetherian (HB)
Soul Name
Marquis of Argent, Viscount of Kingsbury
Light Company
Temple of the Heavenly Host


Athletics ("Whirl Wind of Fury"), Melee (Axes)
Language (Nazcan), Dancing (Tribal, Capoeira), Dancing (Ballroom), Schooled, Dodge, Streetwise
Ranged (Thrown), Combat Reflexes


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Favored (Levian), Kris is a spiritually "condoned" half-breed and thus has no birth-defect.
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Axes x2
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Sunny Peach-Cream
Lean & Athletic
Hair Color
Warm Light Brown
Hair Style
He keeps it short but the bangs tend to make wild cow-licks because of it.
Height & Weight
6' / 180lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He likes tough clothing, dark colors with leather sections that doesn't restrict his movement but does let him look cool.
Distinguishing Marks


Pranks, showing off, dancing (he has learned a tribal capoeira which he now calls "Whirl Wind of Fury"), anything competitive/athletic, good jokes (and even some bad ones, he likes humor really), his father, friends, being big brother to others, having fun, protecting/helping others
Dressing up, bed time/bath time, boredom, reading, ballroom dancing (booooring!), people who take pranks personal, when a prank goes TOO far, being ignored or shown up, losing, liars/traitors, the nickname "Holy Abomination", that things didn't end well between his dad and his aunt Dory, his PTSD regaurding Black Blood zombies
Kris is a young man with energy to spare. He is amazingly loyal to friends and family, which partially stems from knowing people don't approve of him and thus the ones that choose to be his pals deserve his very best! He is extremely brash, leaping off into adventures at the drop of a hat and making up things that sound cool for others to admire about him. He always has something "important" to do whenever it comes to chores, responsabilities or parties. He is extremely competitve and a show off, most of the time this works out in his favor because he actually is quite athletic for his age. He's also mischevious, known to pull pranks.
Being left alone, being ignored/shunned, losing his legs
Almost always the loudest voice in a room, he loves being the center of attention. He has a hyperactive imagination, capable of turning even little things into a vast empire. He suffers from extreme PTSD around the Slada'sha infected undead.


Father / Donor
Lucious De'Dawning
Mother/ Sire
Phoebe De'Dawning (Dead)
Ferragorn (Adopted Brother), Robin (Half-Brother, Dead)
Close Friends
Blaine, Alessa, Willow, Zaphir (Dead), Nicholas, Ichiko, Ferragorn, Aili, Akira, Kero (Ward), Cross, I'Frit, Marlene, Faye, Fawkes, Danielle, Danx
Doria (Adopted Aunt, Dead), Karis (Uncle), Maelstrom (Adopted Uncle), Francis (Godfather), Janine (Godmother)


Age & Sex


Year 1836: There was a lot of choas surrounding when Kris came into the world. He was supposed to be the child from a recognition between Francis McGill and Phoebe but the two were hideously opposed. Lucious used his various spiritual connections to find a way to advert this but the best he could come up with was to switch the "target" of the recognition. He changed it from Francis to himself which made a huge social uproar as there had never EVER been a recognition child from a lowborne and Highborn before! People couldn't argue it, it was what it was and Lucious WAS Lord Spiritual, but it still grated against everything they'd ever known was right and pure.

He was named in honor of King Kristopher Promathea, who had interceded on Phoebe's behalf to talk Lucious into being the child's father.

Year 1839: Full of energy, the child is a constant handful to his poor mother who tries to keep the child out from under his father's feet. Given she worries daily that Lucious may resent the child she tries to force him to be a good boy which results in him rebelling more often then not.

It was during one such day when he fled the house that he was found by a visiting Nazcan shaman named Old Owl. Seeing it as a SIGN (Light is all about Owls and HE is the son of the PALADIN of light!) he followed the guy around. The two bonded and the old man showed the boy a tribal dance form, which Kris has since come to name Whirl Wind of Fury!

Year 1841: Kris finds a strange box that talks and promised to teach him amazing things. He kept it with him per its instructions.

Not long after, Phoebe is murdered by Satrina. Lucious packed him and his son up to hunt her down and brings along Doria and Maelstrom. Kris's happy to have Doria along specifically, since she's like an aunt to him. While still coping with the loss of his mother, the box began to project itself using Phoebe's form to ease the boy's greif.

When their merry band is attacked by dahhak though, a dangerous blow for Lucious caused Kris to invoke the box's promised power. While the boy won the day, his father immedately rejected the box and all it has done (especially after learning it takes Phoebe's form). He explained, patiently, to his son that it isn't okay to do this and it wouldn't help him cope right. Then he mailed the box back to the capitol.

Year 1842: Zaphir tracks their group down just before they travel to Sardor Isle and begs to join them. Kris is thrilled to have a friend and age-mate along for the ride and talks his father into allowing it - particularly since Doria agrees to watch after both boys.

They find the island is overrun by an undead plague. Lucious has them stay at the protected city in the center to help the locals. However, while there Kris tries to have an adventure (not taking the danger seriously) and gets himself, Zaphir and Doria in over their head. Lucious and Doria attempt to protect both boys but in the end Kris watches Zaphir be devoured. Since he's only 6 he can't really reconcile what took place, beyond having nightmares and feeling the loss of his friend.

Not long after things with Doria and Lucious become strange. On the outside of matters, unaware that the two became sexually involved, Kris only knows that suddenly they don't get along at all. When Doria comes to him with her woes on the subject he tries to champion for her and goes to his father. Sadly he makes it worse, Lucious is furious that a grown woman unloaded her angst on a 6 year old boy and before Kris know sit Doria is sent packing. The boy becomes more wary of going to his father with other people's problems.

Year 1843: Francis joins them just as things on the island start to settle for the better. Once everything is under control and people are being evacuated they pack up their things to move on.

On their way across the nation they are stopped by the seneschal of Kingsbury: Victor. He begs Lucious to come and straighten out othe choas in the county. When they arrive, Kris begs his father to let him call over his old pals, Ichiko, Alessa and Willow, which he allows.

However, when they come over he unintentionally breaks down. He mentions Zaphir off handedly but none of the others even remember him anymore. Terrified to forget the people he has lost, Kris ends up crying a lot with the girls trying to comfort him.

Year 1844: Kris meets Akira and thinks he is the best thing since sliced bread. He starts hanging out with the Shattered Realm as a result.

Year 1847: Belladonna and Balthazar come to supposedly scout Kris as a role model for orphans. When they finally negotiate him at a distance from his father an “accident” happens and in the process Kris is knocked unconscious. After being helf for a few weeks though he is rescued by Lucious and Maelstrom. He never really understands what it was all about.

Year 1853: He is ambushed by would-be assassins and saved by the appearance of Kero - the grown up version of the young "girl" he'd helped in his childhood. He learns quickly that Kero is a boy and that somehow he has become the target of a powerful dark figure in society. As a result, Kris asks the Shattered Realm to help shelter Kero for now.

A few months later, Kris talks to Lucious about the situation with Kero. However, when Lucious finds he has been hiding a criminal, both then and now, he is furious about it. They talk and in the end Lucious agrees to “trust” Kris but he expects him arrest Kero at the first sign of criminal activity!

Year 1854: Sick and tired of being rooted to one location, Lucious and Maelstrom finally pack up and begin to travel again - with Kris along for the ride. However, Kris quickly proves incapable of keeping up with the skill of the Paladins. When they also learn he has some trauma that will not let him so much as fight one undead they call it quits. He is sent to the capitol.

At this time Lucious and Maelstrom also begin to get visions of the oncomming Slada'sha threat. They meet up with Ikaru, Kaidan and Elodin - who all realize they must support a group effort to stop this calamity. They notice a horde of creatures leaving the old capitol for Shade's Run and rush to assist. As a result, Kris' "official" reason for being sent to Shade's Run is as a commander of a contingent of the Light Company assisting in the defense.

While in the city he ends up assiting Danx and Danielle on an investigation of the latter knight's father. Sadly the results are not happy, they learn he was in fact a traitor to the Crown, but Kris makes friends with both of them as a reuslt. Later, Danx runs into Kris on the streets and invites him for a walk and talk. After all, they worked together to help Danielle so maybe they have more in common. They spar and make a deal, whomever loses buys the other one a drink. When Kris loses, Danx admits that he cannot drink unless it is blood. They hold a fun experiment, will Danx get drunk if he feeds on Kris while drunk?

The feeding proves a bit more informative then intended when Danx gets flashes of Zaphir's death. He attempts to help Kris with the issue, but he is too plastered that night and come morning he's not sure he can talk about it yet. Danx agrees to leave the matter alone for now.

In an attempt to rekindle their childhood connection to each other, Alessa steps out of character a bit to host a party for her friends: Ichiko, Kris, Willow and Hope. Kris finds it hard not to notice the absence of the last member of their little group as children: Zaphir, which accidentally upsets Alessa.

Year 1855: Hope, Kris, Willow and Alessa go to support Ichiko after the fall of the Isle of Dragons.

Year 1856: Willow is abducted by a competitor. When he hears about it, Kris takes off to assist. Just as he gets a solid lead, Taisie and Wilson learn that a knight investigating the case. They hunt him down and ask to work with him to save Willow. During the conflict to save Willow, a lethal blow that would have hit Willow is taken by Taisie instead. Enraged, Wilson manages to take out the bastard and between him and Kris they get the women out of there. They take Taisie to the nearest healer – who is gratefully magically inclined.

After, Willow and Kris get to know each other once more while she thanks him for saving her.

Year 1857: Kris is with the Light Company as they take down the Slada'sha. Prior to the big fight, his father actually takes a moment to say he's proud of him - which means the world to Kris.

Year 1858: Kris hosts a little drinking knight but with an important motive. He tells his friends (Fawkes, Danielle, Danx, Ichiko, Willow, Kero, Nicholas & Alessa) and the Shattered Realm (Cross, Akira,  Emeline, Marlene & I’Frit) that he intends to go back to Cardinal Meridian and kill a damned black-blooded zombie – no matter what this time. He’s tried of feeling weak and scared. (Naturally the question of why he’s hung up on this could arise, since he’s never told his childhood friends what became of Zaphir.) See if anyone wants to come with him.

Kris and company (Ichiko, Kero, Fawkes, Alessa) arrive at Cardinal Meridian. He makes another attempt but suffers another relapse (which could be interesting if any of his childhood friends come along). He breaks down, admitting he feels worthless. First he was haunted by Zaphir’s face before death, now he can add his father’s lack of respect to his trauma. Akira, Cross and many of the Shattered Realm tail him to be sure he was okay but kept out of sight - at least until it is obvious they need to jump in and save the day.