Liam Alvey


Aetherian (H), Phairan
Soul Name
Marquis of Argent
Fashion Designer
Private Mansion/Fashion Studio, Shade's Run


Knowledge of Fashion Design, Instrument Playing (Piano)
Tailoring, Athletics, Schooled, Unarmed Combat, Langauge (Aetherian), Culture (Aetherian)
Dancing (Ballroom), Mount Riding, Fine Art (Illustration), Knowledge of Event Planning, Cooking


Species Powers
Immunity to Illness & Toxin
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Gray Blue
Skin Tone
Coffee Cream
He has a small feminine frame with slightly broader shoulders.
Hair Color
Dark Red
Hair Style
He has soft hair that is worn shoulder length with bangs that fall into his face. 
Height & Weight
5'8'' / 120 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He likes nice aetherian suits in muted colors that have faint Phairan accents to the design.
Distinguishing Marks


Liam loves attention, listening and dancing to music, fashion design, tailoring, anything soft, cute, or cuddly. Girl talk, he loved listening to gossip. That Elliot seems to "get" him. That his younger brother, Kime supports him and is there to protect him. That he is close to his mother again.
Being judged, scolded, his older brother, being treated like a child, bullies, having his weaknesses pointed out.
Liam is a weak willed young man. Where he has sparks of self-empowerment he usually needs external validation to continue it. He tends to follow the suggestions of others as though they were a mandate. This confuses him as to who he really is, since he is just stabbing in the dark based on other people's observations. In general, Liam is not a strong person. He lives his life looking for others to accept him and, despite attempts to understand how to accept himself, he has trouble recognizing self-love and appreciation. He has huge 'daddy' issues, and looks for male role models in everyone who seems 'better' then him. He is also very clingy, holding onto whoever he feels he can 'siphon' something from; be it coolness or simply attention - especially Elliot.
Becoming a molested again, that he will never be successful (just like his father said), amounting to nothing
Liam tends to be extremely emotional, crying for the plights of others he cares for and taking even small criticisms to heart.


Father / Donor
Aaron Avley
Mother/ Sire
Ramla Keriska
Dylan (Brother), Kime (Adopted Brother)
Close Friends
Felisha, Elliot, Chorozon, Myth'rel (Open Lover), Willow, Fawkes, Andregoras
Leila (Cousin), Kallista (Cousin)


Age & Sex


Year 1821 - Year 1822: Liam grew up in Phaira. His mother was a Sulta and his father a Marquis of Argent. His father also worked as diplomat to Phaira which was how he met Ramia. They met at a party and soon became romantically involved, it was one of those flash-fire romances.

The couple had a child almost within a month of their marraige, Dylan, and then Liam was born nearly a full year after.

Year 1823 - Year 1833: Liam was adored and pampered by his mother and close enough in age to his brother to share intersts. It was through time with his mother that he learned to love softer and finer things in life. He was treated like a sweet little pet and he adored the attention, sure to be the perfect and obedient little boy.

Year 1835: Around the time he turned thirteen the fiery romance between his parents started to burn out. His mother refuses to be tamed by his father and vice versa. The fighting between his parents terrified the timid boy and he found himself going to his big brother for comfort.

Liam’s brother had been become sexually curious by this age. He saw how pretty Liam was growing up, almost like a gril, and so he used Liam’s need for comfort and security against him. He began to molest Liam for his own experimentation with sexuality while telling Liam that he was doing it out of love for him. He swore that he would protect him from the fighting though, and scared as he was of everything Liam never spoke out against his brother.

Year 1837: However that silence, that unwillingness to act, eventually caused his mother to assume he was on the side of his brother and father (aka against her). She rejected him along with them because he didn’t speak out against his father. In all truth he was just to scared of both of them and the fighting in a whole.

Liam's father leaves Phaira, taking the boys with him to Aether since he knows his sons would have no power in Phaira.

He felt out of place in Aether, the men there acted like his brother and father did. They were commanding and powerful, taking what they felt was theirs - or at least that's how he perceived it. He wanted to make his father proud of him so he put on the facade of being a proper Aetherian nobleman. So he began hanging around other nobles who acted that way, the cooler boys at the school who went about teasing anyone who was different. He took up gambling, trying new and expensive drugs and he was clearly spiraling in an unhappy cyclone - deep down always hating what he was becoming.

He meet Elliot in school and recognizes himself in the other noble. At first he started by taking out his inner anger on the other man, bullying him and hitting him, however after he broke down. He couldn't find it in him to go through with it when it was like hitting who he wanted to be! To his shock, Elliot actually comforted him instead of being upset. The two began to hang out in secret, sharing their love of fashion and gentler things.

Year 1854: Liam decided that he was no longer wanted to hide who he was. He wasn’t going to fit in but didn’t care since he had Elliot by his side. He had also made friends with some of the ladies of the courts who appreciated his sense of fashion. He took up fashion design full time against his father's wishes, which caused him to be kicked out of the house (but thankfully not the family at least). He saw it as his first step towards independence.

Some people run into Liam and Kime while they are out on the town and ask about Kime “culture” – clearly Phairan fanboys. However Kime brushes them off, thinking of himself as only Aetherian. When they press the matter he gets angry and Liam has to talk him down from doing anything stupid. Kime has Fawkes over and they are chatting when Liam comes home. Kime spends much of it trying to hook up Liam with Fawkes – who is amused and possibly even interested?

Liam is asked to do the fashion design for Rylin’s new theater group. Myth’rel meets the shy fashion boy when it is sent to get sized for costumes. They bond and Myth’rel promises on its next visit to bring Chorozon – who also does fashion work.  

Kime and Liam ask their father for the right to take a trip to Phaira. Aaron is reluctant at first, mostly because he suspects Liam’s reasons are weak. However, when Liam turns on the tears, Kime starts to plead his case as well and Aaron caves – on the condition Liam learn to fight with a weapon. Kime visits Laim and learns about his fashion quirks, embarrassing Liam heavily in the process. Kime trains Liam, only to learn his seemingly weak little brother actually has some street fighting experience…

Liam and Kime finally take their vacation to Phaira, with Fawkes along for the ride. Naturally Liam’s estranged mother is harsh with him at first, as it has been 20 years since their last encounter, but they manage to smooth things over. They let her know they are staying for a month. Kime is upset with Liam after the meeting because he never admitted he was family. Fawkes does his best to instigate the two to talk and they eventually settle the matter. Liam has an afternoon with his mother. He admits to her his desire to be more feminine, and even his cross dressing, all of which she accepts.

Year 1855: Liam, Fawkes and Kime are on their last day in Phaira together. They talk about Kime’s tattoo and what it might mean for the fate of his mother. They only have one more day left in Phaira, do they want to look? Is it even pointful to? Fawkes pushes the matter of finding Kime’s mother but Kime refuses, positive that she is either dead or abandoned him – and either way there is no point. When Fawkes pushes too hard, Kime breaks down and Liam commits to the fact that Kime has the right to prioritize his family here and now. Fawkes finally backs down.

Outfits for Rylin’s show are finished so Myth’rel comes to collect with Chorozon in tow. When Chorozon notices how much Liam likes  Myth’rel it ends up suggesting they date – which they decided to do with a trip to the opera later. After accepting, Liam freaks out and invite Elliot over to help calm him down. Liam and Myth’rel go out on their little opera date. They have a wonderful time and agree to take things slowly. Liam comes home to find Kime waiting for him. Naturally his brother pesters him for details and promises to beat the crap out of anyone who’d hurt his little brother.

Year 1858: Liam comes up with an idea for Elliot, but it requires a mage’s assistance. When he is directed to Andregoras though, he gets a bit more than he bargained for as the boy’s magic goes wild and has them attacked by bolts of cloth! Sadarius settles the matter but Andy gets in major trouble for it. Liam feels guilty about how his request got Andregoras in trouble so he goes to AEGIS to apologize.