Lucious De'Dawning


Aetherian (L)
Soul Name
Marquis of Argent, Count of Kingsbury, Paladin of Light
Knight (Commander)
Light Company, Dawnbringers
Dawnbringer Fortress


Aerial Combat
Aeriel Combat, Two-Weapon Fighting
Ambidextrous, Athletics, Dodge, Keen Sense (Hearing), Quick Learner, Labor, Knowledge of Hearth Lore, Innovation (Combat), Melee (Axes), Mounted Combat, Unarmed Combat
Cooking, Massage, Gardening, Dancing (Ballroom), Multiple Opponents, Languages (Ryuko, Keise)


Species Powers
Sending & Levitation
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Light (Master)
Hero Skills
Cry Havoc, Spell Craft (Elemental Light), Wild Strike
Elemental Light Spells

Beginner: Create Light, Deflect Light, Invinciblelity, Time Shifting

Novice: Light Deflection, Object of Light, Revert, Time Tweaking

Adept: Light Warping, Object of Light, Stop Time, Time Distortion

Master: Become Light, Illusion Mastery, Time Travel, Summon an Angel

Favored (God of Light)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Twin Suns (Axe x2)
Light element imbued axes that do Holy damage.
Other Weapons
Crest of the Owl
Damage reducing armor piece that also reduced the damage of spell effects.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
He has a meaty build to him in bone structure but his body is defined by a life of hard work and fighting. He has tightly corded muscle.
Hair Color
Dark Blonde
Hair Style
His hair is cut short and choppy all around his head falling down towards his shoulders at two tapered tuffs of hair over each ear. His hair falls towards just past the colar bone and over the shoulder blades in a thinning tappering tips.
Height & Weight
6''/ 175 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He likes to wear comfortable loose clothing. His favoraite colors are earth colors but as he is the Lord Spiritual he also dresses in the color of mysticism and religious richness - purple and gold. He enjoys darker colors as years of war have taught him it hides him better in the fray.
Distinguishing Marks
He has various scars all over his body from rough housing, training, and getting into scraps with not just playmates but from war.


Home cooked meals, Aether, Sheedan (homeland), watching others have a lot of fun, Ferragorn and Aili and their sibiling-ness, Kris (while not thrilled about being a father he likes his son), Maelstrom (his constant companion)
Whiners, people who talk about wars that they never participate in like they are authorities, being a paper-pusher, Satrina (and how much he likes her), being called "Lord Spiritual" (he couldn't have ditched that rank fast enough), being held back from enjoying himself
Lucious remembers the days he was a joyful absent minded young man. Those days are gone. His experience with the wars have left him with a patient and tired personality. He is friendly and tries to always have time and room for others. His mind seems slow as he thinks everything over but in reality it's going through the various possibilities and weighing cause and effect. In a word his personality is melancholy.
Getting old, he’s afraid to become a brittle old man. He fears losing Maelstrom as its his only really close friend.
When taken off guard he still comes off as a child.


Father / Donor
Roeboure De’ Dawning (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Deanne De’Dawing
Open (Sister's Only)
Ferragorn (Adopted Son), Robin (Son, Dead), Kris (Son)
Close Friends
Reagan (Chain Sister), Doria (Chain Sister/Former Lover, Dead), Gwendolyn (Neice, Dead), Alan (Mentor, Dead), Satrina (Enemy), Akihiko, Maelstrom (Best Friend)
Tansy (Sister in-Law, Dead), Karis (Brother in-Law), Phoebe (Ex-Wife, Dead), Viveca (Ex-Wife, Dead), Elisha (Lover, Dead)


Mount, Family
Age & Sex
34 / M
He is a white unicorn with a white-blue mane, a long solid golden horn, cleft hooves and a lion's tail.
Fun and somewhat immature, he knows when to 'saddle up' and put on his 'big boy pants'. He sees Lucious as his dad. Holds sibling pissing contests with Aili.
Entity of Light (Spirit Owl)
Age & Sex
- / F
A white barn owl with bright golden eyes, dressed in armor of silver and gold. She can grow her size to be a flying mount.
Noble and strict, she is always a tad imperious without meaning to be. She has a high standard she lives by - nobility, honor, justice and tradition. She sees Lucious as a ward and fellow 'spirit' of the Light though young and is indebted to him for freeling her spiritual master.


Year 1789: He was born to a farming family who grew trees for lumber. So in equivalent they had a small food farm and grainy but the majority of their crop was actually lumber. His father was a plant shaper and spent most of his energy working on growing the saplings and healing them when they were cut he was also (like his father) an twin axe warrior, their family had grandpa’s war axes, a family legend that sparked Lucious’ desire to be a great axe warrior as well when he grew up. He was playing with hatchets since he was a baby.

Year 1800: Raids are the common threat in Sheedan, with the Nazcans trying to enter into their lands through their borders. Since Lucious can remember he has been taught to use axes as weapons against both foe and for chopping lumber. When the Nazcans attacked his father would defend the border with the other armed militia and knights who were there valiantly fighting (and out numbered but coming out victorious with horrible casualty counts). He met his master, Alan Twiceborn, who stayed over at their house, a combat friend of his father’s. A day later a large raid came into their territory.

He with his sisters and mother were locked down in the storage shed. While his father and Alan was out on the front a group of three warriors came searching for fresh ‘females’ as his mother puts it. One of his little sisters bumped some of the tools in the shed, creating a ruckus. The three came over and to protect his sisters and mother, he bolted out, leading them away. He had two hatchets in his hands as he took off, anything to try to protect himself.

The three caught up to the thirteen year old easily enough under the branches of their grove. They attacked him; he gained many of his major scars from this, but managed to kill two of them, in the process losing one of his hatchets. The last one disarmed him and took him prisoner (maybe he was into little boys? Eh, Lucious didn’t know why). He was dragged half conscious back to where the Nazcans were regrouping. While there they put a chain around his neck and one soldered it closed with magic. A pole was put through one of the back links and he was hooked up with 4 girls. His hands were bound behind him and the handful of them were kept in a makeshift cage where the pole went through the bars to high for them to slide it out.

That night a group of the knights with his father and many of the other men from their town rode in and took back the prisoners. His father fought not ten feet from him. He watched how his father swung the family axes in arcs and memorized the basic moves in a mesmerized state. Alan eventually got to the cage and released it. Though they could open the cage and slide the pole out (freeing them) they couldn’t get the chain off (never could, no one can seem to melt, mold or break the metal).

Before Alan could take the boy with him to safety, Lucious turned to look for his father. He found his body laying where he’d been fighting. The family axes still in his hands. In an emotional burst he ran over, grabbed the axes and was about to take on the rest of the Nazcans like an idiot when the girls and his master dragged him back (his master used that nifty little handle around his neck to do so, starting a trend). His master told him to get a hold of himself as they left, if he was left alone to fight any stragglers that attacked them on the way back then it would be all Lucious’ fault if one of the girls was killed. It was more of a way to keep the boy’s mind focused and alert then any real justification.

No one attacked them on the way back and they returned home. The knight returned the boy to his family and the news of his father’s death. His mother’s only joy was that her husband died protecting one of their children – as a parent should. Lucious made it very clear he intended to learn to fight, and he’d go out into ever raid in place of his father. To keep him from being so brash Alan offered to take him as a page and teach him more about the way of war before he took up his ‘destined’ place as Sheedan’s Guardian (which was a glorified story to get the kid to follow along and keep his morale high). Lucious took up the offer and from then on traveled with his master.

Year 1805: Arriving to Cardinal Meridian was a culture shock that just kept shocking. From meeting Prince Christopher in person on the first day to his first introduction to Therlis, Maria and Viveca, his life at the capitol was never boring (and always full of young women). Between training with his master and other peers to become a knight and escorting Therlis and Maria and hanging out with Viveca he has been a busy body.

Year 1808: He was knighted into the Paragon and given the rank of ‘Private’ (which he made many jokes about afterwards). His learning under Alan was done with but he still considered the man his ‘master’ and a father figure though he never gave the title to him.

Year 1810: A crazy man from the Dark World named The Collector, stole away his four female friends (and his only friends at the time): Viveca, Corrine, Phobe and Maria. He and a group of others (Christopher, Scathe+Keise and Edorian) went to rescue the captive woman (His four plus Christopher's half sister and Marlene plus a nazcan and a ryuko). He took the first battle but lost, opting to lay low rather then be killed, and wait for an opportunity to join back into the fight.

Year 1811: After that ordeal things were back to normal until the orphanage asked him and Alan to help out with brain storming for raising funds. He met one of his chain sisters there, Doria. Shortly after that, as though they were falling from the sky, he found Regan too during the Knights Tournament. Also during that day he met Vite, the Darkworld Nightmare and then lo and behold he meets his first ‘dragon’. Fighting the dragon releases his ‘paladin’ soul which is the only reason he was able to win it. Promptly afterwards the Nazcan Emperor cut off his connection to the Light God and tried to kill him. He survived the attack and recuperated in Viveca's home by will of her father.

After his recovery, Lucious and Alan returned to the front at Sheedan. Their men were sent before them given Lucious' weakened state and the need at the front. Alan came onto Lucious and molested him with 'good intentions'. Lucious left the obessed man with feelings of confusion and betrayal. He literaly flew away telling Alan to go home to his child and recgonized. He flew the rest of the way to Kingsbury's area.

Once there, finding no place had a room available for him, he took to resting his rump in one of the back streets. The injured soldiers in the inns and taverns were more worthy of the bed in his mind. Speaking of his mind it was so upside down from Alan's advances that he didn't noticed Maelstrom until the man (out on a fated walk) called his attention. Maelstrom didn't get what happened from him but got enough to figure out Alan was some sick man after Lucious. Maelstrom took it upon himself to look out for the young paladin. The two became odd friends, almost completely opposite in personality but fitting together perfectly. When Alan made it to Kingsbury, Maelstrom put him in a different group of the army from Lucious on purpose and threatened him if Alan ever advanced on Lucious again.

Alan eventually found Lucious in the paladin's home town. The tried to join Lucious as some knight under him directly but it was before the Paladins had their own armies. Lucious told Alan to not hold his breath for his request to be granted. Alan said he wanted to find a way to remove the chain from Lucious' neck as it had begun to slowly tighten. Lucious told him 'have at it' but he didn't expect much from it.

Year 1812: Maelstrom and Lucious both returned to the capitol after the front won some ground thanks to the two paladin's leadership and the use of siege weapons. There Alan had asked for a meeting with Lucious. It disturbed the young man. Maelstrom found Lucious thinking it over near a pond on the temple grounds. Finally Maelstrom dragged Lucious to a private shack nearby that was used by the ground keepers and got the whole story of Alan's assault out of a sobbing and emotionally battered Lucious. Maelstrom admirably held in his hatred as he would have normally been ranting and hitting things by the mid point. However when he heard the Alan wanted to see Lucious in his office he was against it. The two came to the agreement that Alan would be allowed into Lucious' office alone but Maelstrom would be watching in and ready for a sending of distress.

Alan came to the office for his appointment. He once more advanced on Lucious after basically reporting he'd found nothing to get rid of the black chain choker. Lucious called in for help as he was sick of Alan pushing his luck and being in his personal space, growling at him lustfully. Maelstrom came in, threatened Alan's life and then the knight left, being verbally warned he was 'banished' from being around Lucious.

When Pheobe's father died she came to Lucious, broken and hurt. He comforted her. She exposed her feelings for him and he accepted them on the terms that she knew Viveca was also a woman he loved. She took the 'secret lover' seat (seemingly) happily enough. After that point Lucious decided to knight Pheobe to be an assistant to him and go on his trips with him while his wife (he married Viveca as the request of her dying father) remained in the capitol. While away, Pheobe is like his wife, and he couldn't be happier (until this comes down on him).

Year 1813: Lucious and the other paladins led their companies into the Nazcan heart land and killed their High Shaman. In the process they single handedly won the war AND freed the God of Light in one blow. Nearly having died in the process, Eclipse took most of the 'damage' for him on a spiritual level which resulted in the spiritual leader being in a coma for sometime. To make matters worse the trip home (aka: Keise) vanished and they found themselves facing a 5 year march home! Thankfully the keise resurfaced a few weeks later and finished the escort back.

However when they got back to Aether they found it had been completely dominated by Lucien. The palaldins all agreed to support the de-throned kings in taking back their kingdom. Lucious was assigned to the Argent division, where he actually helped with some of the delegations between the rebellion and werewolf creatures that lived in the Dark Woods.

Year 1814: The kingdom restored, Lucious focused onto the simple matters in his life such as Viveca and Phoebe. In the final battle Lucious was sent with Essence to kill the court warlock, Kallast. In the battle the man summoned a demonic creature to fight them, the succubus didn't work out and ended up leaving him to die but it wouldn't be the last Lucious saw of it.

Year 1815: Viveca was killed by a Dahhak assassin, the very same succubus that had been in the battle against Kallast. Hurt by his failure to protect his wife, he gathered himself to hunt the woman down. Maelstrom was unwilling to let his best friend go alone and followed, bringing Essence along for the ride.

Not long after they encountered Louis and Halja, who were on their own Dahhak hunt. Essence requested to follow them instead, which was fine with Lucious since he and Maelstrom could handle things on their own as two paladins!

Year 1824: Lucious finally finds Satrina (or she finds him really) and fights her, but she escapes at the last minute. Furious he failed to get his revenge, he begins to realize he has been out in the world for far too long.

Year 1828: He leaves Aether to take command of the Aetherian battle front in the Land of Dragons. Arriving later that year he finds his work quite cut out for him! He is immediately challenged in the realm of responsibility. It is the beginning of him really growing up. He meets Elisha, a pretty and strong dame from Aether. The two begin a no-strings relationship while he's away from Phoebe.

Year 1829: This war, unlike any he'd ever seen, was full of corruption and friends turning on friends due to dark manipulations. His joy and luster for life never entirely left him but depression and witnessing constant disappointment hardened him from joyful and childish into a more curt and enforcing leader. His speeches went for full of young life to strategic and charisma of a level headed leader. Meetings with Chestin went from friendly get together to hard core battle planning. 

Year 1830: The war with the Dahhak and A'Dalis became intense. The Palace of Entropy, lead by Mouko, assisted and became an ally of Lucious De' Dawning personally. It was at this time Ferragorn became his mount as he was physically full sized. He also gained Aili, an armored owl spirit, as his go between himself and the Light (the Earth Spirit and the Light Spirit had a disagreement so the Light sent the owl to save Ferragorn the headache). Elisha becomes pregnant with a child they planned to name Robin or Rosy, depending on gender.

Year 1831: The war with Wysteria ended and an influx of troops were promised. This helped boost morale. The Palace of Entropy sent those on dragon back and mahoutsukai to assit in moving the troops into the Land of Dragons. Elisha and the infant are killed as a camp is taken by crazed members of their own people (manipulated by the enemy). Lucious is so busy with everything that the blow comes numbly to him - making him realize how bad the war here has affected him.

Year 1833: War machines that assisted in decimating large groups of Dahhak were delivered. Lucious worked to put them into affect. They were limited in number so it was a two part plan - use em and don't lose em! With the machines and the Palace of Entropy a plan was charted up and executed. A long battle for Ryuuguu began with them all being teleported right into the cetner of it and moving outwards along the boarders. Keise assistance aided them in the shadows to run out the lingering Umbral Hall enemies.

Year 1834: The capitol of the Land of Dragons, Ruuguu is reclaimed in the name of the Alliance (tLoD, Aether and the Darkworld). Lucious returns after the area is secured to report that it is ready for the move from its land into the ocean.

Year 1835: Phoebe recognizes Francis of all people. After both parties freak out, Lucious lays down the law and orders them to think on this. He talks with his wife and admits he knows a way to transfer the target of the recognition, he could make it himself. However if he does so he doesn't promise he could ever be a loving father. Phoebe takes the gamble over the idea of having a child with a man she doesn't know or love. She allows Francis to be god father to the boy however.

Year 1836: Little Kris is born.

Year 1841: Phoebe is murdered by Satrina. Lucious packs up his child (along with Doria & Maelstrom) and takes off to hunt her down once more. During the trip the two become friends with benefits - but only because Doria claims she doesn't need any strings attached.

When their merry band is attacked by dahhak though, a dangerous blow for Lucious caused Kris to invoke the box's promised power. While the boy won the day, his father immedately rejected the box and all it has done (especially after learning it takes Phoebe's form). He explained, patiently, to his son that it isn't okay to do this and it wouldn't help him cope right. Then he mailed the box back to the capitol.

Year 1842: They find the island is overrun by a plague and things begin to fall about Doria realizes that she is only hurting Lu more than helping. The death of a child under her care (Zaphir) pushes her into her self-disappointment and strains things between her and Lucious.

Later, Lucious notices Doria gabbing away with none-other-than Satrina in aetherian disguise. When he storms over Satrina flees and he learns from Doria that the only reason she made a move on him was at Satrina's suggestion. Furious he cuts off their relationship.

Doria then unloads her angst about the situation onto his son, Kris. Furious again, he sends her packing because she cannot act like a grown woman and he's not here to raise her.

Year 1843: Francis joins them just as things on the island start to settle for the better. Once everything is under control and people are being evacuated they pack up their things to move on.

Year 1845: The group is tracked down by Victor, the seneschal of Kingsbury. The county is in a state of anarchy and they need his help to instill order. He, Maelstrom and Kris return there while Francis parts ways.

Upon arrival they learn that the Shattered Realm, a gang, is suspected of causing all the trouble in the county. Over time, Lucious comes to understand that isn't true since the citizens and even knights are just as guilty of manifesting the chaos.

Year 1853: Kris talks to Lucious about the situation how he had lied to hsi father years ago about Kero. The young criminal had been hidden by his son back then. However, when Lucious finds he has still been hiding a criminal he is furious about it. They talk and in the end Lucious agrees to “trust” Kris but he expects him arrest Kero at the first sign of criminal activity!

Year 1854: After the Shattered Realm’s inn is burned down an investigation must be filed. Naturally the local authorities aren’t “into it” and neither are the peasants so Lucious and Maelstrom (with their companies) have to carry the lion’s share of the work.

They discover an item of interest at the inn, a decommissioned soldiers badge for Henry Paget. Lucious and Maelstrom arrest the entire knight order for involvement but Henry (and six others in the end) submit themselves for punishment instead. As a result, Lucious recruits the seven to the Light and Dark companies and the others are stripped of rank unless they are acting on orders from on of the Paladins.

Sick and tired of being rooted to one location, Lucious and Maelstrom finally pack up and begin to travel again - with Kris along for the ride. However, Kris quickly proves incapable of keeping up with the skill of the Paladins. When they also learn he has some trauma that will not let him so much as fight one undead they call it quits. He is sent to the capitol.

At this time Lucious and Maelstrom also begin to get visions of the oncomming Slada'sha threat. They meet up with Ikaru, Kaidan and Elodin - who all realize they must support a group effort to stop this calamity. They notice a horde of creatures leaving the old capitol for Shade's Run and rush to assist.

Just as the wall network is finished the armies show up on the horizon. They must do everything they can to defend the city while the grid goes online. Just as the wall goes up the commander steps inside, locking it and some of its minions in the wall. Lucious and Maelstrom arrive with it, having chased it inside.

Year 1855: When the Dawnbringer Pact is formed, he and Maelstrom sign on to the cause.