Aetherian (HB)
Soul Name
Paladin of Dark
Necromancer, Knight (Commander)
Dark Company
New Dawn


Unarmed Combat, Stealth
Mount Riding, Schooled, Dancing (Ballroom), Multiple Opponents, Dodge, Athletics, Knowledge of Politics, Torture, Ranged (Archery), Melee (Sword), Knowledge of Occult (Necromancy)
Bondage, Instrument Playing (Piano), Teaching, Knowledge of Religion, Wilderness Survival, Anatomy, First Aid


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Dark (Master)
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Death & Elemental Dark), Charge, Shockwave
Death Spells
Control Undead, Death Speak, Sense Energy, Spirit Sight
Elemental Dark Spells

Beginner: Dampen Location, Shadow Deepening, Thread Personalization, Threads of Fate

Novice: Shadow Grab, Shadow Puppets, Thread Spinning, Unravel

Adept: Manifest Shadow, Shadow Stealing, Thread Cutting, Thread Weaving

Master: Become Shadow, Expedite Fate, Swap Fate, Summon Grim


Necromancy, Favored (God of Dark)

Maelstrom has an adrenal gland disorder that caused him to hit puberty FAR earlier than he should and to produce more adrenaline then he needs.

Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Steel Long Sword
Other Weapons
Paladin of Dark Armor
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Blue-Violet
Skin Tone
Dull Umber
He is strong and defined build.
Hair Color
Walnut Brown
Hair Style
His hair that is layered and frames his face. The back is cut very short.
Height & Weight
6'/ 180 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Maelstrom wears an low cut and open-front black peasants shirt that is loose fitting at best. This is belted at the waist to hold up his black breeches and he has gloves that go up to his elbows that match the design of boots going up to his knees.
A silver necklace that loops haphazardly around his neck three times and hangs to his clavicle. The pendant on it is a silver of the Dark God's symbol.
Distinguishing Marks


Peasants (they are honest folk who tend to be more enjoyable company overall), helping where he can (though he isn’t gushing with heroic ‘use-me-ness’), doing what he feels he must, friends (he has a very short list and is very clear on who he actually considers a friend), Annmarie (he loved her and he failed her), Sally (he sees her as his daughter, though that relationship has become strained), Lucious (his best friend), Eclipse (in a bittersweet way now that his lover is dead), Essence (she’s a good friend on a strange level), fighting (he loves to fight for his life, to kill opponents and to feel powerful in the field of battle), Kaidan (the creepy bastard is helping him reconnect with what he's lost)
Nobles (they are weak, useless or vindictive), people who ignore the suffering of others (just because its not ‘your problem’ doesn’t mean you can’t help fix it), useless banter (he isn’t huge on small talk unless the topic interests him or your a friend), not being able to protect some one, people trying to control him, being shackled down to one thing for his whole life, ‘desk jobs’ (he’s a warrior by nature, he wants to fight a battle or otherwise use his skills actively beyond pushing papers), the Dahhak, the Cult of Asoth, people who think 'it's okay if I die' (some one will mourn you, have a heart damnit!), the A'dalis, his alcholic nature (which rears its ugly head everytime he hits rock bottom)
Maelstrom is a man of actions and few words, when he speaks its to make his point and he wont bother sugar coating it. Despite his gruff and seemingly criminal exterior he is truly a kind-hearted person who tends to favor the underdogs of society. He has grown a large distaste for the aristocracy thanks to events in his life and though he has a deep respect for religion he feels its being turned into yet another tool for nobles to hold power over others. He tends to act very laid back, with almost no care about presentation of his person given his lack of house to bring shame upon. He also loves violence and being in the thick of it, has quick the killer mentality. Maelstrom has plenty of ‘machismo’ in the sense that he will doesn't admit when he's wrong, doesn't like going to doctors, or asking for directions, etc...
He fears being imprisoned since that would mean time wasting away in a cell going mad. He also fears peace (yes peace) as he is a man who defines himself by conflicts to fight and peace would mean there was nothing to be done.
Maelstrom finds words to be cheap and values actions more, don’t say you’ll do something and instead just do it. He will always resort to violence if there is no other way he can think of to solve a dispute.


Father / Donor
Marcius Arcadia (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Elena Matador (Dead), Terra Arcadia (Step-Mother, Dead), Meridith Arcadia (Step-Mother, Dead)
Kenneth (Adopted Brother, Dead), Pheobe (Half-Sister, Dead)
Close Friends
Nicodemus (Dead), Essence, Lucious (Best Friend), Valyns, Doria (Dead), Kaidan (Mentor)
Lucious (Brother-in-Law), Sally (Former Ward), Annmarie (Love Interest, Dead), Eclipse (Ex-Lover, Dead), Illucia (Aunt), Kris (Nephew)


Age & Sex


Year 1767: Mael was the proof of Marcius secret love with a young low borne woman who ran one of many apothecary shops in Kingsbury. However their tryst resulted in the baby. At first she offered to hide the child from the world, that the babe would never know about its heritage and neither would anyone else so all would be well.

However she died in in labor, though it was her who gave him the name Maelstrom before passing on, Marcius had been by her side holding her hand and he could not walk away from the babe when it was over. It was not within the kind Count to disavow the boy who was the child of their love and therefore he kept it. He tarnished his name by claiming the boy as his own despite his only other heir being adopted. Sadly this was the last straw wife (yes he was cheating on her) Terra, often ill she couldn’t take the stress that this brought and she died of one of her illnesses shortly after.

Year 1777: The boy grew up very headstrong and Marcius was never sure where he got it. Kenneth was isolated from the family with a deep need for scholarly pursuits and the Count himself was a marshmallow. However he found it refreshing and often played with the boy when he was young. When Mael hit his preteens it was suggested his join an Order but he refused, not liking the idea of taking orders mindlessly from some superior and therefore Marcius paid an order less knight to train the boy.

Year 1782: As the war raged on in Sheedan young Mael began to notice that responses from the capitol were sparse and when he asked his father about it the man would only tell him 'there's nothing we can do'. This lazy inactivity at the cost of others became something Mael hated. He became more imbedded with the lowborne people after that, bringing more scandal onto the house hold but most turned a nose to it since he was half breed anyway's (it wasn’t like they’d ever spoken highly of him).

Year 1787: When he was 20 his father was cornered into a marriage with a poetry loving noble woman: Meredith, having recognized the woman there was little choice but to do the deed and make the best of it. At first Mael wasn't concerned with the matter, since he was old enough to be living his own life, but he did like the little girl that came of it: Phoebe. She was sweet at first, wide eyed and fair faced.

Year 1801: Sadly though, as his little sister grew he noticed her degrading into a charming little witch, full of insulting little manipulations. He even learned from the neutral Kenneth that she was indeed trying to puppet the household by the time she was 14. The brother and sister began to fight where once they had played together, at first he was always debating with her about her stupid act around their father and at the way she treated servants in the house. Then it all went down hill when in a particularly bad fight he slapped her. She immediately sought revenge and got one of his servants in trouble enough to get them lashed with a whip. Furious she would take this out on them instead of him he marched in and hit her again, this continued and escalated to the present day where he is known to beat her to the floor or cut off her beloved red hair whilst she gets the fingers or limbs taken from his servants (or just runs them out entirely).

Trying to avoid her and the instances that came with her he joined several peasant friends in the tavern in town to talk and hang out. It was there they hatched the idea of the Coalition which then spread word of the concept throughout the county. Quickly people came together, liking this idea, and they made him leader for being the voice behind it all. He accepted this, eager to do something for his people. However his father never understood or support the concept.

Year 1805: During the Coalitions foundling days he noticed an orphan child amoung his father’s staff that would sneak into the music hall when she thought no one was looking and try to play. Endeared by her attempts, Maelstrom began to tutor her in the instrument. Sadly the gentle attention he paid to the child would bring misfortune on her when Phoebe, upset over one of their fights, pinned the child for theft and demanded the pinkies off each of her hands for the crime. When Maelstrom heard of this he was furious, storming in he beat Phoebe with a murderous wrath she had never seen before and even threatened her beloved handmaid Maria. In the end though the only permanent harm he did her was to cut off her beloved long red hair and promise her that if she ever hurt another peasant and he got wind of it he would kill Maria faster the she could blink.

The threat as well as the assault on Phoebe was the last straw poor Marcius could take and with no other recourse he cast Maelstrom out of House Arcadia. The man packed up and left, taking little Sally with him. They were attacked in Cardinal Meridian b assassins. Essence helped them only to end up poisoned herself. She was saved in turn by Annmarie, an herbalist. Maelstrom recruited Essence into the Coalition and began his interest in Ann.

Year 1812: Maelstrom learns he is the Dark Paladin. During this time he bonds with the Lord Spiritual, Eclipse.

Year 1813 & Year 1814: The Coalition is dissolved by Lucien's reign. Maelstrom (and the Caolition members) join the rebellion.

Year 1818: Maelstrom and Eclipse become lovers.

Year 1824: Eclipse allows himself to die in the plague and passes his position to Lucious. It crushes Maelstrom who gets drunk for a while but slowly recovers with Lucious to help him.

Year 1828: Ann is murdered by the Cult of Asoth! Unable to cope, Maelstrom sinks into a drunken stupor from which it seems nigh impossible to recover him.

Year 1829: Lucious introduces Maelstrom to Kaidan, a necromancer. He learns necromancy from him which holds the promies of him being able to see those he has lost someday. This brings him around and he start to get productive again.

Year 1830: His attempt to reconnect with Sally is rebuffed as she feel she was "never there for her".

Year 1832: Maelstrom investigate Nikkola's abduction with his new powers. Nicodemus and Essence are with him and he explains what he's doing to them.

Year 1834: Maelstrom agrees to help Geralt on his "save Bahai" mission. This lands him captive in a cell with Vryce until they are rescued by Astera and Lel'Eyon. Just as he gets back home he finds Lucious has returned. The two reconnect.

Year 1841: Phoebe is murdered by Satrina. Lucious packs up his child (along with Doria & Maelstrom) and takes off to hunt her down once more.

Year 1842: They find the island is overrun by a plague and they try to help the people fighting there. In the meanwhile Doria and Lucious have a major falling out that Maelstrom can't do much but watch. He offers some solace to Doria but reminding her that her "destiny" could easily be elsewhere.

Year 1843: Francis joins them just as things on the island start to settle for the better. Once everything is under control and people are being evacuated they pack up their things to move on. On their way across the nation they are stopped by the seneschal of Kingsbury: Victor. He begs Lucious to come and straighten out othe choas in the county.

Year 1845: The group is tracked down by Victor, the seneschal of Kingsbury. The county is in a state of anarchy and they need his help to instill order. He, Maelstrom and Kris return there while Francis parts ways. Upon arrival they learn that the Shattered Realm, a gang, is suspected of causing all the trouble in the county. Over time, Lucious comes to understand that isn't true since the citizens and even knights are just as guilty of manifesting the chaos.

Year 1854: After the Shattered Realm’s inn is burned down an investigation must be filed. Naturally the local authorities aren’t “into it” and neither are the peasants so Lucious and Maelstrom (with their companies) have to carry the lion’s share of the work. They discover an item of interest at the inn, a decommissioned soldiers badge for Henry Paget. Lucious and Maelstrom arrest the entire knight order for involvement but Henry (and six others in the end) submit themselves for punishment instead. As a result, Lucious recruits the seven to the Light and Dark companies and the others are stripped of rank unless they are acting on orders from on of the Paladins.

Sick and tired of being rooted to one location, Lucious and Maelstrom finally pack up and begin to travel again - with Kris along for the ride. However, Kris quickly proves incapable of keeping up with the skill of the Paladins. When they also learn he has some trauma that will not let him so much as fight one undead they call it quits. He is sent to the capitol.

At this time Lucious and Maelstrom also begin to get visions of the oncomming Slada'sha threat. They meet up with Ikaru, Kaidan and Elodin - who all realize they must support a group effort to stop this calamity. They notice a horde of creatures leaving the old capitol for Shade's Run and rush to assist.

Just as the wall network is finished the armies show up on the horizon. They must do everything they can to defend the city while the grid goes online. Just as the wall goes up the commander steps inside, locking it and some of its minions in the wall. Lucious and Maelstrom arrive with it, having chased it inside.

Year 1855: When the Dawnbringer Pact is formed, he and Maelstrom sign on to the cause.