Marek Demetrio


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Marquis of Sheedan, Lord of Healin
Legionarries Barracks


Ambidextrous, Wilderness Survival
Schooled, Performance, Melee, Multiple Opponents, Mount Riding, Stealth, Two-Weapon Fighting, Unarmed Combat, Armour Upkeep, Athletics, Dodge, Hunting, First Aid
Teaching, Tracking, Quick Learner, Mounted Combat


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Water (Beginner)
Hero Skills
Ignore Pain, Shockwave
Elemental Water Spells
Beginner: Aqua Tounge, Create Water, Purify Water, Sesne Water
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Long Sword
Other Weapons
Axe x2
He has an aged, but very sturdy mottled black and grey platemaille suit of armor.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
He is very muscular and broad. A bulky tree of an elf.
Hair Color
Hair Style
Marek's hair has grown to mid back almost to his rump and is usually kept pulled back bound midway down his back, he keeps it all pulled back and just a few wisps escape to be bothersome.
Height & Weight
6'/ 245 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears dark grey wool trousers, black leather boots, leather knee-guards and a simple off-white tunic that laces up at the neck.He usually wears the long sleeves rolled up past his elbows. A black leather belt with the scabbard hanger for his sword is around his waist with two axe hangers and places to tie on pouches. Over that he wears a black leather gambeson and when on duty he wears the tabard of the Order of Paragon.
He wears his family signet ring and his wedding sing (from his marraige to Marietta).
Distinguishing Marks


The occasional game of cards, a good drink and a hearty meal, beauty in all it's forms, helping the people, a good game of chess, a quiet room, reading a good book, watching the rain fall, women's laughter, feeling loved (though he is easily controlled via this weakness), long horse rides, the rush of combat
Cruelty to others, drunks, cheaters (at games), knowing that he will probably never have his own heir to his name, when he runs out of tobacco, being away from his home for long, that he is weak to pretty women and their charms, lying to people he cares for (he lied to Marietta for years), the person he can become when he starts to give into selfish desires
Marek likes to pride himself on being a man of poise and stability, however he is far from it given he nutures a short temper and a guilty conscience. He is eager to prove himself to the courts once again but cannot blame anyone who fosters disgust towards him for his tryst with Odessa and his abandonment of Marietta. Confused, both about who he is and what he wants, he lives his life trying to better answer both questions but tends to get lost along the way as a result. He is a good man by his nature, willing to defend the weak, give room for peasants to make mistakes and always willing to help a lady in need. He has slowly come to realize, perhaps due to his being crushed under Vanessa's opressive thumb for all those years, that he is weak to women and their charms - though he is trying not to be that weak willed man anymore so he can respect himself again.
Harm done to those weaker than him, innocent people murdered
Marek enjoys his pipe and his exotic leaves (often seen clenching the pipe between his teeth, or holding it in his hand while talking), he likes to click it with his teeth while thinking.


Father / Donor
Jacob Demtrio (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Cassidia Demetrio (Dead)
Emoeyn (Sister)
Odessa (Step-Daughter & Former Lover), Kurix (Step-Son, Dead), Gwendolyn (Step-Daughter, Dead), Fatine (Daughter, Dead)
Close Friends
Janos II, Sable, Trevor (Dead), Tansy (Dead), Arthur (Dead), Aryanna (Former Ward, Dead), Kendra, Taren, Sarias, Jean (Boss)
Theodan (Former Squire, Dead), Trevor (Former Squire, Dead), Vanessa (Ex-Wife/Enemy), Amira "Blaze" (Former Lover, Dead), Victor (Nephew, Dead), Rowen (Former Mentor, Dead), Marietta (Ex-Wife, Dead)


Age & Sex


Year 1564: Marek was born and raised out in the country. His father was a well known knight who recently retired. His parents still live in the house that Marek was born and raised in. Which is located between Cardinal Meridian and Inasa.

Year 1574 - Year 1579: As a boy, Marek wished to be a knight like his father. So his father got him in as a paige. And later a squire for Sir Rowen. The knight he served under was killed in battle. Which was very unfortunate and a hard blow. Marek had idolized Sir Rowen. The armor he now wears, once belonged to Sir Rowen. The damage done to it was repaired sometime back.

Year 1580: Once he became a knight. Marek has dedicated himself to living up to the Knightly ways. Honoring the codes. And being the best that he can be. Chivalry, Honor and Loyalty.

Year 1791: Time past, battle came and went. And then a woman came to him. Asking that he take her son and make a knight of him. Marek agreed. Theodean came to him a scrawny lad. First a paige and then as his squire.

Year 1803 - Year 1804: The Promathea's approached him about an arranged marriage between himself and the Marquise Vanessa Loyandel. Wanting to do his duty for his people and seeing it as a great chance to meet a lovely woman who might endorse his desires to help Sheedan (after all she was from there herself) he accepted. The first meeting with her proved most of his theories wrong; she was contrite, bitter and most certainly resented his agreeing to the role of husband. However Marek hoped that with time and care for her she might change and at least accept him as a friend.

The marriage was anything but a happy one despite his best efforts. Vanessa made it clear time and time again that she did not like or love him. In fact she wished him to stand back, obey her every word, and let her run the household despite the fact that he was the man and therefore had all the power. Each time he tried to civilly talk it over with her the woman spat on his face and this made him grow slowly jaded in dealing with her.

Year 1805: Years of marriage passed when suddenly Vanessa was kidnapped from her room at night. Concerned to near panic Marek took teams through the streets for three months. Each day he woke hoping to find her and he did not sleep until ordered to do so by Arthur or Britannia. He even captured some of the cult members for interrogation but they each committed suicide before he could get any answers.

Then, with just as little warning, at the end of those three months she resurfaced on her own. She was found laying on the streets nude and clearly raped. Marek was crushed and stayed by her side so frightened for her mental and physical well being that he could hardly sleep.

However upon waking the next day nothing had changed for them. She spat at his concern, scoffed at all his hard work and then ignored his attempts to care for her. Marek was tired and done, no more would he reach out to the callous woman, clearly it was a waste of his effort and the only hope he had in this new 'family' of his was to hold a war of wills every day for almost no reason.

Pregnant upon her return Marek was skeptical about her giving birth to children of rape but she seemed committed to the task as she was to most everything in her life. When they were born they were clearly strange, in a nearly demonic fashion, so Marek found it hard to attach himself deeply to them. Meanwhile his wife was already clinging to them like a koala to a tree. Vanessa doted over them endlessly, blaming others for the children's faults and then cooing them with loving words after. Therefore it fell to Marek to be the bad guy and though he cared for the boys and saught to do them no harm he knew he must be the one to guide them through punishment because Vanessa never would.

Year 1810: Marek was almost pushed into offering the kids to have a new pet. One that he didn’t feel they had the responsibility for given it was a large jungle cat trained by Ash Madrid-Blackthorne. But then she went behind his back and did it anyways! How was he supposed to teach them anything if Vanessa gave into there every wish? So he decided to wash his hands of trying to control the two children at all. He allowed Vanessa to let them run down their path, which he feared was only one of destruction.

However, Trevor surprised him by requesting to Squire under him. The boy was a little old to be trained and would be less inclined to follow all orders. But after what Marek deemed was a heart felt plee, not to mention his last squire being grown and a knight himself, he reluctantly agreed. Only under the one condition: That Trevor put all his heart and effort into it and that this was not an attempt to gain his precious Alyson’s hand in marriage.

Year 1811: As fate would have it (or mere chance, he liked to think, rather then fate), one winter night while walking the town he met a roma girl named Blaze. Knowing right away that she was of the lesser class, so he _should_ walk right by her. Blaze called out to him though and her charms bewitched him swiftly. He spent that night talking with her and getting to know her. She was a lovely woman, and for the rotten filth she was supposed to be (for all nobles knew this), he was smitten by her. She was nothing like Vanessa, full of spirit and compassion, perhaps that was what truly drew him in. Warmed by her smile and personality, he went out of his way to meet with her in secret. Eventually these meetings lead to more and finally she became his lover. Although he knew should anyone find out, it would ruin his name and cost her life. So he took great care to be sure his secret was safe.

Year 1813: Vanessa found out about the affair and quickly tried to put a stop to it. Stating if others found out how embarrassing it would be to them. Marek responded by telling her that if others new they would not likely blame him. This lead to a very heated battle shortly after which Marek found himself very ill for no reason. He learned only later that he was cursed by those two boy he called his sons, who apparently had dark powers to match their dark appearances.

Year 1814: Lucien took over the capital and dethroned his nephews. Marek was torn between the safety of his so called family and wanting to aid those who need assistance, though as weak as he was becoming from the illness it would be suicidal for him to voulenteer. So he stayed behind.

The only lucky thing that Marek was able to get out of this was Lucien took this as an act of loyalty and he granted him a divorce from Vanessa. During this he also gained all title and land from her, which that he was not happy with be did not contest either.

Marek became quick friend with Marietta Wade during this time. She was a woman who was always trying to help look after him, she even helped Maria (his handmaiden) out plenty of times with making sure he was taking his tonics and getting plenty of rest. Even though Marek had Blaze, and was just out of a hell-relationship with Vanessa, he couldn't help it and fell in love with the woman.

When the rightful Kings took back their land at the years end Marek was able to get himself cured of his curse by the newly instated Children of Asoth. He finaly decided to be bold and try the marriage bit again, asking Marietta to marry him,. He did have to break off his trysts with Amira and he hated to do so not wanting to hurt her, but he would never be able to love her openly and he didn't want to lead her on any further. Amira didn't take being dropped on her ass very well, but she didn't yell or condemn him and he was greatful to her for that. At the very end of the year he and Marietta were married.

Year 1815: It was early in the year when he and his new wife attended Lord Karis Nightsinger and Lady Tansy Hastings wedding. Marietta and Karis recognized early into the party. It seemed that every time Marek thought he found happiness it was taken from under his feet! He took this in stride as best he could but felt bitter. It was not as if the two had planned it, no one did, but not only he was left in the cold but also Karis new wife Tansy.

Marek tried his best to be supportive but he found it hard to take that another man would be sleeping with his wife and poor Tansy wouldn't have her husband on her wedding night. During the months in which Marietta carried a child that was not his, he did his best to care for her and see to her need. But he felt it was Karis problem and not his and grew even more bitter about it. Once Gwen was born, he actually hoped his feelings towards Marietta would go back to how they were. But in fact they hardened even more. and he started to look at her as a stranger in his own home.

He saw little of Marietta while Gwen was still young and took to spending lots of time in his study and more time with other members of his family including his nephew Victor. During this time he was approached regularly by Tansy who helped to further his thoughts that Marietta and Karis may be spending more then nessecary time together. This made him even more uneasy, after all she was Karis' wife and knew him best. Marek was also able to become friends with a former marriage offeree: Sable Madrid.

Year 1816: Marek got news of Theodan's death from the young man's wife (and his handmaiden) Maria. She told him that there was a fire and that Theoden had died trying to save his son. Marek gave her leave of absence for as long as she wanted and also offered to help her with Yuri, her son, if needed. He hadn't a child of his own to look after so he offered to tutor the boy and help him along.

Year 1823: Marek went along with some semblance of normal life and then was blasted with a new surprise when he got a vis it from Odessa that was intended for Marietta. The girl seemed alone and in need of a ear to listen to her words so he offered her to come along with him on his visit to Sheedan. It was there in a small manse that he had built for his many stays that he and Odessa found the answers and affection they were looking for in each other. It pained him at first and they both swore that they would never do it again, that it was wrong. But as a few weeks passed they found that they needed each-other and went to lengths to find ways to meet, using a rock in the garden to send signals to one another when it was time. Marek began using routine passes at the borders as an excuse to be gone and Odessa frequent shopping trips.

Year 1824: Odessa and Marek, in a moment of wild passion for each other, decided to forsake the world and run away together. Neither of them wanted to live in the shadows anymore, they didn't care about courts so long as they were together... or so they thought. Marek left it all behind for her, an act that was eventually peiced together by the knights sent to investigate their dissappearances. However shortly after they run off Odessa is pregnant. At first Marek is excited the child is his but upon its birth he sees dark skin and violet eyes that are not his own. Odessa ultimately confesses that she had a fling of sorts with Edan but swears she loves him. Marek tries to put it aside and raise Quentyn as his own.

Year 1827: The last three years went down hill for Marek and Odessa's relationship. The fire that had exploded between them was just as swiftly burning out. It began to settle into reality that they had left behind all the things that made their lives: Knighthood, nobility, wealth, parties... to live life in hiding. While that had been sexy and scandalous for a year or so, it was now frustrating and confining. Especially while raising another man's love child.

By the late end of the last year it was like living with Vanessa all over again to him and he couldn't take it anymore. Sure her life was ruined, infidelity was punishable by death for a woman, but he wasn't. A last fight between them sent him packing his things and going back to the capitol to face the music. Maybe he would be shamed in the eyes of many but he could work hard and pull his life back together - hopefully this time he'd do it right!

Year 1834: He agrees to be Janos' personal honor gaurd while he travels to the various allied nations. He also gets drunk and has a one-night-stand with Lilla, though he has no idea this resulted in little Fatine.

Year 1838: Aryanna is assigned a “care taker” for the early part of her recovery after having lost a hand, and that is Marek. He seems very eager for the task. She attempts to use her morning star, Marek tries to stop her. After a month of trying to struggle with her lost limb and begin babied by Marek, she decides to approach the Hawking family about a false limb. Marek opposes the idea. He says its because it won’t work, and the inventions could be dangerous, but in reality taking care of Aryanna made him feel needed and he’s not ready to give it up yet.

Year 1839: At this point he meets Fallenmoon. He keeps trying to catch her as a Crusader and she always barely gets away. He can tell there is more to her actions then it seems and starts to dig up what he can on the mysterious woman.

Year 1840: Fallenmoon attempts to assassinate Xyle but Marek breaks in at the last moment and talks her out of it. He reveals he knows who she is now: Kendra. Taking her into custody, he tries to talk her into taking back her name and title but she refuses and is broken out of jail by Karidee later.

Year 1841: Word reaches the capitol of Aryanna’s “death” while out on one of her knightly duties.

Year 1842: Just before years end, Marek corners Fallenmoon again. He makes a solid case for the royal family falling apart and something needing to be done about it and she finally relents. They talk with Janos to get his help with a cover story for her return. Christopher doesn't entirely buy it, demanding someone be around to accompany Kendra at all times, but she is allowed to reclaim her former life.

Year 1853: A woman drugs Marek and attempts to seduce him. He rejects her but she knows that no one will believe him given his reputation. Worse, she plants evidence on one of his servants as she leaves to make them look like a Cultist. When Kendra rejects the idea Marek would do such a thing she learns from Quentyn , who seems to struggle to even admit as much, that his father has always been this sort. Kendra hears about it and questions him on the topic. She learns his past but he levels with her, they cannot stay friends if she cannot trust him. After, Kendra wants to learn if this is the Cult and goes to ask Xanthus. She is abducted by Ross & Abel in route. Vanessa tells Kendra her plan to use her against Marek and force him to be her inside man with Janos. Jean tells Marek and Janos happens to be visiting. Janos leaves to let them discuss the matter. Jean opts to let Marek walk into the trap, naturally they won’t be far behind him.

Later he gets a letter from Vyrin about how his little sister's husband is chasing her about and abusing her - she's taken shelter at the Arcane Academy in Wysteria. Marek comes to them and agrees to take Emoeyn with him (Vyrin also present) to protect her at his place. He vows to get the marriage nulled between her and Richard as well.

Year 1854: After a nightmare creatures from the Temple slinks out and attacks people on the streets, the Legion takes an interest in what’s happening. Marek is sent to talk to one of the workers there and it is unfortunately Odessa. He gets stonewalled on his efforts as the Temple makes it an internal affair.

Later, Sarias and Taren are assigned to investigate the deaths of lead performers in a play where Fenda is headlining. They talk with her and the director about it. They learn that some of the stage hands and the like suspect it’s the ghost of an old performer since shadows and figures have been seen on the stage before the accidents. Realizing they need a new “lead” to draw out the killer, but both of them haven’t the looks to even try to pretend, Taren suggests they get Marek to help. Naturally it takes a bit of convincing, since he’s a terrible actor, but he ultimately gives in.

The killer attempts to takeout Marek while he’s about to do a kissing scene with Fenda on stage. Sarias and Taren stop him and narrowly lose the bastard but they can tell it’s a real person –no ghost. After, Fenda wants to call the play off because its too dangerous. The Director offers to play the lead role and starts showing signs that he actually has feelings for Fenda. Sarias and Taren pick up on this. Taren and Sarias talk to Fenda privately about the Director. When they are fairly certain he’s the culprit, they ask her to write a letter inviting the Director to the theater late ate night for a “love confession”. That night they set it up so that the Director thinks he sees Fenda kissing Taren (its actually a female Legion member wearing a wig) and when the Director snaps Sarias blocks his exit. They arrest the culprit.

In Capricorn, the Slada'sha sleeping in Cardinal Meridian sends an army of its minions after Shade's Run. Just as the wall network is finished the armies show up on the horizon. They must do everything they can to defend the city while the grid goes online. Captains of the Undead: Two captains of the black-blooded zombies arrive but the Shattered Realm (Akira, Marlene, Emeline, I’Frit & Cross) and the Legionaries (Taren, Sarias, Kibo, Jean, Fawkes & Marek) show up to take one each.

Year 1859: Marek, Emoeyn, Chloe & Vyrin have breakfast and naturally Vyrin is asked how things went. When he says they went good, Emoeyn jumps on the idea that the two should court since Kyshtari needs a husband just as badly as Vyrin needs a wife. Naturally Chloe is upset, since its known her and Vyrin are a couple, but Emoeyn reminds Chloe that a mistress is really the best a girl of her stature will be able to be – and that’s not even her being mean, that’s just society!

A few months later, Danielle is arrested by Marek and brought to Jean for questioning. It has come to their attention, from an anonymous source, that Danielle is fraternizing with the Shattered Realm – just as her father had before her. When asked if this is true, she favors integrity and admits it is since she’s been with Marlene. As a result the investigation is re-opened and she is placed into the dungeon until the truth is found.