Maximilian Valkenrath


Soul Name
Blacksmith (Owner of “Valkenrath Arms & Metalworks”)
Loft above Smithy


Weaponsmithing (Gunsmith)
Weaponsmithing (Gunsmith), Ranged (Gun)
Innovation, Unarmed Combat, Tracking, Melee, Knowledge of Warfare
Wilderness Survival, Finances, First Aid, Hunting, Schooled, Teaching (Warfare)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Customized Wysterian Rifle
With enhancements and tweaks (many of Maximilian’s own design) including a long range scope, magazine and customized “double load” ammunition (Sharpshooter).
A rather complex looking rifle.
Other Weapons
tba: tba


Eye Color
Light Brown
Skin Tone
Fair with a slight bronze overtone.
Athletic (was recently active military)
Hair Color
Dirty Blonde
Hair Style
Short, thick and wavy, parted to the side & swept back.
Height & Weight
6’0” & 190lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
When not working at the forge Maximilian wear clothing with a steampunk military flair. A black leather vest over a simple white blouse and worn in brown leather coat, Westerian military trousers and jackboots. His clothing has very little in terms of adornment, preferring clothing that will last and is also durable.
A necklace with the a gold cross.
Distinguishing Marks
The marriage scar on his hand a few battle wounds (a double bullet scars and a abdominal stab wound).


Maximilian is extremely proud of his heritage and his people. He also has respect for the Ryuku who share similar values and have suffered similar tragedies as his own people. Though his demeanor is stern, he has a real soft for his son Reinhardt
Maximilian hates the fact that his people are begrudgingly being accepted in by the Aetherians and living like refugees. Their forbiddance from attaining any real status or stature in Aetherian culture is a very sore spot for him. He also hates the appearance that their king has accepted a token status in a foreign land & the hypocrisy of his people not living up to their own lofty ideals.
Maximilian is stern, but loyal to a fault to the remnants of the Wysterian people. He holds to the old ways of Wysteria, the high ideals and he is pained seeing his people living like hypocrites, but he does not like to scold or humiliate his people over it. He does his best to speak with them quietly about it in hopes that the gentle approach will help guide them back to the right path to God.
Losing his son, his people never having their own homeland again
Maximilian does not tolerate the continuing humiliation of the Wysterian people well. He refused a military commission in the Aetherian army because of Wysterian soldiers being denied rank. He tends to be outspoken regarding the injustices he sees his people enduring. He also sees the hypocrisy of his own people not living up to their ideals, but he chooses to address them with the offender quietly, counseling them to try & help them to the right path.


Father / Donor
Niklas Valkenrath (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Johanna Valkenrath (Dead)
Luca (Brother, Dead), Clara (Sister, Dead), Erik (Brother, MIA)
Close Friends
Artur (Son, Dead), Lotte (Daughter, Dead), Reinhardt (Son)
Isabell (Ex-Wife, Dead)


Age & Sex


Year 1823: Maximilian was born to very strict traditionalist parents who did their best to live up to the high ideals of Wysterian culture. They were very proud of who they were and dismayed by how many of their fellow Wysterians touted similar ideals but rarely lived up to them. This level of personal accountability was passed on to Maximilian and is one of the things he has clung to throughout his upbringing. The Valkenraths had been renowned smiths & weaponsmiths in the region for generations and Maximilian took to the family trade with great interest. He had a knack for finding ways to improve on designs and introduced a number of interesting innovations to his family weapon lines as he grew into manhood.

Year 1841: When he turned 18, Maximilian decided to serve his country and enlisted in the Wysterian Army.

He served with distinction, showing that he not only could craft weapons but utilized them quite well. He rose through the ranks to Captain (and was granted a Lordship for distinction of service). He was also commissioned to lead a regiment of Wysterian Riflemen. Maximilian not only joined his troops on the field of battle, he was also known to dine with them as well. He never saw himself as better than his fellow servicemen simply because he held a title. This made him well respected among his men.

During these years, when he had time to go home between fighting seasons, he met and fell in love with the woman who would become his wife, Isabell. Their romance and courtship moved quickly and Maximilian insisted they go through the arduous process of a Traditional Wysterian marriage. Isabell agreed and they were married “the right way”.

Year 1843: Artur is born.

Year 1846: Lotte is born.

Year 1851: Reinhardt is born.

Year 1858: One particular day, not unlike any other, Maximilian decided to bring little Reinhardt to the barracks to show him around (because the child was so curious). That was the day Mateal and its hideous metallic minions arose. The devastation was widespread and the only thing that save the two that day was being among Maximilian’s unit of war-hardened veterans. When the dust & ash settled, Maximilian tried to get back home only to learn much of the entire area was turned to slag. His wife, his parents and all his other children….gone. Reinhardt was all he had left in this world. There was no counterstrike ordered by the Wysterian King, only an order of evacuation. And with that, they were refugees.

The remaining Wysterians made their way to the lands of Aether, who grudgingly took them in. Maximilian traded, bartered and scrounged to eke out a living for him and his son until finally, about a year after they lost everything, he managed to build a modest smithy in the Market quarter in the hopes to continue the Valkenrath family name. It isn’t easy, though, given the regular harassment from the local Aetherian authorities and the extortion attempts from the criminal syndicates that pepper the Market District. It makes him more resentful and bitter as time goes on and more desirous for a Wysterian homeland again. If only that no good “king” would get off his ass and do something for his people. We’ll see...