Medea Sunsorrow


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Baroness of Lyondra
Order of the Crown
Apartment, Shade's Run


Ranged (Archery) & Psychology (Concealment)
Athletics, Stealth, Child Care, Authoring, Schooled, Unarmed Combat, Mount Riding (Horse), Melee (Polearms), Quick Learner, Edict Memory
Melee (Sword), Aim


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Repeating Crossbw
Other Weapons
Short Sword
For mobility and archery she keeps her armor sparse, only including a plate mail helm and chest plate. She also adds leather bracers.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Pale Blue
Skin Tone
She is slender with firm muscle tone but not enough to really come across as anything more than a very healthy woman.
Hair Color
Hair Style
Her hair is short, parting naturally towards the right and straight.
Height & Weight
5’10’’/190 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears a leather tunic top with a fold over collar and short sleeves, made of both black and brown leather in various cuts. She has leather pants on, brown in color, which are tight to her body and knee high boots that fold over in the same manner as her collar. Her waist is belted and her hands are covered by short black leather gloves.
She has a light blue choker with a dark blue circle at the center. This is actually meant to be worn as a head band but she prefers to use it in this manner.
Distinguishing Marks


Things that are beautiful, Sion (he was a crush and she still has some feelings for him), making a difference in any way, when she is recognized for who she is and what she can do, time grooming her horse, working out (known to jog when she’s upset)
Complete darkness, the Promathea's (they are the bastards who stole her daughter), losing her free will, Sion being wrong (and the idea that she has been wrong to follow him), when people do her work for her (it leaves her less to do, but she claims she hates it because they might not do it right), talking about “feelings” with others, being naked around anyone, shameless flirts
Always a passionate and devoted young woman, Medea is stubborn and single minded when she puts her eyes on a task. She tries to shoulder all her burdens alone. She works hard but doesn’t put aside enough time for having any kind of social life, which suits her fine because a part of her realizes she’s scared to be that open and vulnerable before others and that she might have to deal with her emotions instead of run from them.
Being completely powerless, small enclosed spaces, everyone relying on her to do something alone because she might fail
She tends to finger the choker around her neck when nervous (and if it isn’t present she’ll fiddle with her bangs).


Father / Donor
Darrek Sunsorrow (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Destarie Stormbringer
Open (Half Only)
Mikayla (Daughter)
Close Friends
Demetri, Eshana, Sion (Former Crush), Reil (Dead), James, Dante, Marlene
Gowan (Grandfather), Eshana (Soul Sister)


Age & Sex


Year 1659: Medea was raised to understand that her mother was an important woman with no ability to settle down for a family she never meant to have. Her father, meanwhile, was stict and caught up in his own iternal affairs - too much so to be relied upon by a young girl. Thus Medea took to caring for herself from a young age.

Growing up she had always had eyes for Sion, a young noble man who often visisted with his friend Reil to avoid his strict family life. He as gentle and she supported Sion’s beliefs, he was the sort of noble idealist people wanted to beleive in.

Year 1772: In her early live she was never very good with weapons, so instead she tried to teach others. That was until her father died in the line of battle. She had been stationed on sight when he was possessed by a strange Nazcan magic and attacked her (she had been stationed with him as a military drill sargeant & instructor)! Horrified, Medea couldn't stand seeing her father so twisted, even killing his own allies so she slew him. After she found she was left with the guilt of killing her own father, controlled or otherwise. Part of her cannot help but wonder if she jumped the gun and he could have been saved. She has never had the strength to tell Gowan the full story of her involvement and the official report merely says he was "killed in action" by Nazcan magic.

Year 1790: Sion and Reil are supposedly killed in a terrorist attack. Medea is destroyed. Her grandfather attempted to console her, but looking upon him all she had left was resentment for the parents that were never there. She didn’t want him to psychoanalyze her, didn’t want him to understand, she wanted to find her own path in life and felt it was as far from her family as possible. This led to her full enrollment in the Order of the Crown, using her skills to fight on the front lines to protect the people.

Year 1820: Gowan takes off to find his missing wife, leaving Medea behind. The isolation gets to her more then she lets on.

Year 1828: Medea is startled to learn that, despite being a virgin still (amazing right?), she is pregnant! No one will beleive her until the child is born and various religious figures get "visions" telling them the child is special. Not wanting to leave anything to chance with such an important child, the Promathae's have the baby taken from her by force and she never sees it again - she doesn't even get to name the baby.

Year 1834: Much to her amazement, Sion visits Medea while she is alone one night on watch. He tells her that he was not killed by the terrorists, but recruited. Him and Reil are working towards a better future. They are trying to over throw the curropt Promathea's and make them pay for their crimes. Given she had her baby girl taken away, Medea finds it hard to struggle with the choice when he asks her to help them. After much soul-searching and inner debate, she does.

Year 1835: She is given various tasks against political holders of power and generals with extreme skill. However what she hadn't expected was unrest in her own heart. This time not over whether or not to follow Sion, whether or not he still cared for her, or whether or not she should feel guilty for her actions. This unrest came from a totally unexpected source -- the Lord Demitri. For some unknown reason the man had been actively seeking her out over a three week period and he was starting to get under her a good way.

During this time her grandfather reappears.

Demetri, being the manipulator and charmer of his family, is asked to look into possible spies within their own kingdom. His first assignment is to look into Medea. In the process of the investigation two thigns happen: 1. He begins to realize she is connected to the insurection group. 2. They begin to fall for each other.

Before years end she puts her life on the line to save him from an anti-crown assassin and exposes her true colors once and for all as a result. Given the circumstances Demetri uses his weight as a Promathea to push for her inprisonment instead of execution. The terms being that if she offers them information on the group she might even be pardoned, but until they she will rot in a cell for life. He also learns the reasons for her anti-crown sentiments: Janos II stole her baby girl from her. That little girl is now Mikayla Ravencrest.

Year 1839: Demetri seeks out Medea to convince her one last time to finally help the royals and provide information on the treasonist group. She finally relents, but as a “ploy” to get out. After all, if she doesn’t give them SOMETHING then she’ll never be out of prison, right? Not long after public word is made that Medea if providing information (which is actually false information but the public doesn’t know that) an assassin is sent to kill Medea, its none other then Reil! She learns the hard way that Sion always saw her as expendable and he was just playing on her being a soft hearted girl with a great big crush. Demetri comes in with the guards for her rescue to find Reil dead and her very upset.

A deal is struck. Medea is allowed out of the dungeon on a kind of “parole” but the terms are that she must provide all she can on the treasonous group and she must live with Demetri – who will act as her voucher and parole officer. Demetri and Medea deal with the first day of awkward living together, at least until Gowan shows up and exuberantly distracts them both. Eventually, Medea asks Demetri to help her scout/investigate for Sion periodically, wanting revenge but unable to go places without him at her side for now.

Year 1840: Medea is finally given the freedom to walk and go places, even hold a job if she’d like, so long as she remains boarding with her “parole officer” so they know she hasn’t fled and Demetri can keep an eye on her behavior.

Eshana and Medea become soul sisters and find they have plenty in common. Which is good since their connection alerts her to when James and Eshana were attacked by Savarius. She gather knights to save them. When James is brought into the hospital, Dante is both concerned and furious. He demands to know what happened, why his best friend is so badly injured, etc. Medea tries to pry out of Eshana what happened as well.

Shortly after their connection though Eshana is kidnapped by her brother Balor and her former master Savarius. Marlene begins to ask around for help and Medea steps forward. Together, along with Dante & James they reach the dark tower and they find out Savarius was only ever looking for Eshana to find BALOR and get his favorite apprentice back. He has beaten them to the scene and plans to make Balor siphon his own sister to take her power and “be with her forever”. The heroes dash in, save the day barely in time but Balor and Savarius escape. Eshana can’t believe her luck and is as grateful as she’s willing to show. Though the fight damaged the only lift to the tower top and they now have to find a really creative way DOWN. After they get home Medea badgers Eshana about what James is to her exactly.

Year 1843: Medea moves away from Demetri, finally back into her own standing in society and happy to be working as a knight again. However, political energy turns against mages and she is unable to protect her soul sister.

Year 1853: Medea decides that her daughter being so far out of her reach only reminds her she has someone she CAN try to help: Eshana. She leaves the capitol to go to Wysteria and seek her soul sister.

Year 1854: Cerrin attacks the Tower of Storms and the Tower disappears with no trace forcing those who studied there to relocate. With no where else to turn Medea is unable to assist the Champion League any longer so she sets off on an adventure with her soul-sister Eshana.