Shapeshifter (Formerly Aetherian)
Soul Name
N/A (Formerly Male)
Deren Dowmire
Time Keeper, Mage


Knowledge of Occult (Magic & Temporal Manipulation), Athletics (Dodge)
History (Aether), Dancing (Ballroom), Knowledge of Biology, Psychology (Empathy & Manipulation), Alchemy, Stealth, Unarmed Combat (Claws), Medical Knowledge, First Aid, Herbal Lore, Language (Ancient Elfin), Mathematics, Meditation, Melee (Staff), Focus, Schooled
Cosmetics, Finances, Seneschal, Instrument Playing (Piano), Larceny, Zoology


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Read/Write Langauge (Arcane), Sense Ley Lines, Spell Craft (Arcane), Spell Craft (Time)
Arcane Spells

Arcane: Summon Familiar (Cosmic Creepers)

Affliction: Blind, Silence

Heart: Charm

Time Keeper Spells
Rewind (he can reset time by at most a day but only once a month), Frozen Time (cause one person to be stopped in time)

Curse Objects: Medford has access to a small library of cursed objects that once belonged to his mother.

Flux Curse: Medford suffers from a curse that leaves him unable to remember his true form, or able to assume it. Worse, anyone who touches his skin will gain a minor version of the curse where in they will transform into a random thing under a random condition.

Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Metal Staff
A simple metal staff with a black leather center handle with an almost katana like wrapping style.
Other Weapons




Eye Color
Blue with cat slitted pupils.
Skin Tone
Pale Cream (basically white)
Lean, with hips but broad shoulders. This form has no gentiles of any kind, with long pointed ears and long pianist fingers.
Hair Color
Hair Style
It is long and silky. The upper layer is pulled into a loose and low braid while teh underneath is free flowing over his shoulders.
Height & Weight
5'11" & 190lbs
Other / Other Forms
Medford is a shapeshifter and cannot remember his natural form. However, he does have a neutral "favorite" form he uses. That is described above.
Style & Casual Clothing
Extremaly ornate mage-style robes in purples or blues.
Prefers to depict himself with earrings and gemmed accessories but none of specific noteworth.
Distinguishing Marks
There is a faint lavender hue where the skin is thin on Medford, almost as though he'd wearing light makeup.


Unsettling others, using his shapeshifting to create drama when bored, studying new magics and ways to break curses, having become the new Time Keeper, people who will do anything for him (the more blind the better), zealouts (better to comit everything to something then nothing to anything), geniune affection or kindness (though he will withdraw from it angrily)
His mother (she left him to this fate and he will watch her suffer), not being able to communicate with Cosmic Creepers (will actually panic), being made to "break character" (aka act like his real insane and hostile self), being ugly, being touched (not because the curse transfers, that's sort of amusing, just because he dislikes intimacy), geniune affection and kindness (though he secretly loves it), when his attempts to create curse-cures fail, the idea of ever asking his mother for help

On the surface, he seems like a carefree character, pleasant company and always smiling. However, his smiles always have a sinister edge that makes him seem disingeniune. When upset, however, he quickly shifted to being sinister and dangerousl unstable. He hates his mother with a passion, due to his cursed situation and what he feels she left him to. He is very protective of Cosmic Creepers but almost no one else. In fact, no matter how kindly he treats others there is never any sense he cares about them.

He fears a life without Cosmic Creepers. He also fears he will never remember his true form.
He is extremely two-faced and mentally unstable. He rarely views people as more then dumb children he has to put up with (hence his pleasant face always has an air of 'arent you so stupid yet adorable').


Father / Donor
Idris Dowmire (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Hadley Dowmire
Moira (Sister, Dead)
Close Friends
Cosmic Creepers
Tina (Great Neice), Zalderan (Great Nephew), Torus (Former Mentor, Dead), Emmalise (Former Partner, Dead), Sidara (Ex-Wife, Dead)


Cosmic Creepers
Familiar (Shapeshifter)
Age & Sex
- / Male
Cosmic Creepers is a shapeshifter, just like his mage. He typically appears as a lanky black cat with eerie glowing yellow eyes.
Cosmic Creepers is aloof, playful and sadistic. He enjoys messing with others and scaring them. He is extremely intelligent and only affectionate towards his master.


Year 899: Idris and Hadley have a second child, this time without the Gods hand in it, this is their son: Deren. He is stallwart and loving, but gullible and often the subject of his big sister's jokes (she gains a hobby of telling him stories that aren't true to watch him freak out about them - often ghost stories).

Year 911: Idris falls mysterious ill. Hadley attempts to use her medical knowledge and salves to save him but to no avail. Finally, with no other option, shetakes him with her to see a "specialist" and vanishes into the night.

A few days later, Hadley brought Idris home, cure dof his illness, but the nshe vanished without even seeing her children. They hear nothing about her for years.

Year 920: Idris did not take the vanishing of his wife well. He became convinced that the Witch of the Wood, a figure of fear for the locals, had taken his wife's life to save him. He was consumed with revenge and attempted to convince the locals of the merit in his words. He wanted to burn the cottage down and end the reign of terror of their resident "warlock".

Then, Hadley appeared to her children one night. She convinced them to trust her, follow her, and then brought them to the cottage to remove their own curses - for the illness that afflicted their father was a family affliction. But her attempt to keep things quiet turned into a case of the "Witch" stealing Idris' children. When he couldn't get local support to hunt her down, he quickly hired mercenaries instead and took to the woods to kill himself a witch.

Meanwhile, Prudence (Hadley's mentor and the Witch of the Woods) was tired after centuries of obsolving curses and the toll they took on her. Unbeknownst to Hadley she offered her life up as the blood price to cure the children and end Hadley's family curse once and for all. After, Hadley tried to take her children home, but watching the rituals had terrified them and they were now scared of her as well. They fled out into the woods and she attempted to chase them down, fearful for their safety, only to see them run into a mercenary group. The group took the children home.

Shortly after that, Idris vanished after a witch like shadow in the woods and never came back. Search parties looked for him but came back empty handed. Hadley became the new "Witch of the Woods".

Year 1188: A group of warlocks struck out at Moira in revenge. Not just one curse, but multiple and all of them powerful. Desperate to save his sister, Deren faced the one thing he'd sworn he'd never do: he went into the woods. He brought his sister to the Witch, only to realize it was his mother.

Hadley helps Moira but something this severe requires special treatement. The curses would be to much at once, the only way for her to survive it will be if her son gave her a potion after. She would have him lock her inside her ritual vault for the containment of curses. There was a crystal coffin in there that Prudence had taught her about before - one could sleep inside it and recover but how long they slept was up to how long the crystal felt you needed to recover from the affliction. She knew that these powerful curses will put her into a deep sleep for a very long time.

She asked that her son finish the ritual to put her into the crystal after she asleep. There was a blood price. Her son required a life's worth of Aetherian blood. Convincing himself to murder an innocent person was the hardest thing he had ever done, but it was for his sister and mother - how could he not? When he comitted this crime an old man in monk's attire appeared. Positive he was done for, the old man instead assisted him in his endeavor and agreed to keep it a secret.

His mother became trapped in a floating crystal. He and Moira checked in constantly, hoping that she would awaken soon and they could try to repair their damaged relationship in return for what she had done, but it never seemed to happen.

Year 1890: Deren meets Sadira and falls in love with her. The two are married a few months later.

Year 1200: Moira has her family going but Deren is less fortunate. His wife, Sadira, dies in childbirth and the babe is stillborn. Furious at the Gods for their scorn, he refuses to even name the dead babe. Instead, he storms out into the woods and sits next to his mother, unsure what to do with his life.

Year 1202: Deren encounters the old man again. This time the man introduces himself as Torus, the Time Keeper, and he wants the young man to become his apprentice. Deren refuses, finding the old man's motivations and personality fishy - but he gets little choice when Torus suggests he might tell Moira about the price for her recovery.

Year 1211: Deren wakes up to being abducted by robed figures. The warlocks from before are now after him. He doesn't know what they've done to him but he knows he isn't well. As he gets away from their clutches he runs into Torus, who helps him hide. The old man tells him he has been cursed and that the only way to save his life would be to seek Hadley's help... or cease to be Aetherian all together.

Deren goes back to his mother's home and attempts to wake her. In an insane state he beats on her casket with an axe, he breaks some of her curse objects (becoming afflicted by them) and even carves into the walls. She doesn't wake. At the end of his rope, he attempts to study her curses and learn from the things left around the cottage.

He is nearly dead when he finds an option. One of the curses, the Curse of the Forgotten Face, is bound to a mask.The notes say it is a dangerous and potent curse, capable of spreading to others, but it changes the user into something that isn't entirely Aetheiran anymore. He uses it.

It works, making him into a shapeshifter but removing his ability to remember his own true face. It does little for his derranged mind, however.

Year 1314: Deren finds the warlocks that ruined his life and slaughters most of them - or uses his mother's cursed objects in a few cases. The one he picks to survive, he keeps in a prison and forces to teach him magic. He learns to summon Cosmic Creepers - but given his unique situation the familiar is likewise warped and a shapeshifter as well.

Year 1350: Deren kills his imprisoned mentor, no longer requiring his lessons. To keep his sister from knowing the monster he has become he changes his name to Medford. He vanishes into the background of history, spending most of days grabbing at power and magic - and lessons on how to further either.

Year 1843: Knights attempt to raid a tower that Medford is staying in. When he attempts to escape one of them is skilled enough to catch up and grabs him by his bare arm. The knight, Keiran, is afflicted with the Flux Curse as a result. He gains a curse that turns him into the gender of anyone who touches him or whom he touches.

Year 1853: Xiphil and August attempt to corner Medford in the wake of his attacks on various villages. They fail to capture him, ending up shrunk into mice and having to work with actual mice to escape Cosmic Creepers.

Year 1854: Medford returns to his mother's den and steals all of her cursed objects. He figures he can use them for his research, not to mention use them to fuck with people. Besides, when she wakes she'll want them back and that will force her to find him first.

Year 1859: Torus adopts a new "apprentice", Emmalise Worlith. She is tasked by Torus, the Time Keeper, to acquire a woman named Hadley Dowmire and bring her to the Sardor Isle. Meford is assigned to assist her in getting his mother to the chosen location in tact.

Emmalise's efforts are stalled out by the involvement of Geralt and Rissa. This causes her to take a lot longer then she should to get a simple job done. As they spend the night at the village, Medford comes to speak to Emmalise. He gives her a plan to send the group to a noble party. The Count throwing the party, Brutis Darlington, is selling some of the cursed items. They will research it and learn it came from Sardor Isle – which will point Hadley where they want her. Also that night, Geralt and Hadley talk about curing his curse. The issue is, the curse is bound to the ghosts attached to him – his family. To remove it would break that bond and he refuses that.

Emma tells everyone the story Medford told her. They agree to dress up and go to the party. When they attend, the group splits up to try their luck. Hadley dances with Medford and is given a riddle that tells her his true identity is her son – Daren! Rissa gets Brutis attention, but literally falls out of her shirt in the attempt. She succeeds in getting his eyes on her but now its too much and she has to make excuses lest she have to sleep with him.

They fly the hawks in and get attacked by undead skylords. They narrowly manage to land and investigate the only city on the isle. While there, they find that Geralt’s dead daughter is making her presence – and her fear for her father – known. Cosmic Creepers, Medford’s familiar, leads them to Torus. Torus assures Geralt that this is not the place he dies but instead the place he ascends as a God of Lore. Geralt assures him he doesn’t want to become a God, he wants to stop Fate at any cost. When he looks to his dead wife, Cyslia, for advice she reluctantly admits the best way to fight Fate is from within.

Geralt steps into the pillar of Fate and vanishes. The moment he does, Torus turns on the group and tries to kill them with a group of Time Soldiers and Medford. However, Medford is determined only HE may kill Hadley – enough so he will fight Torus and his people if he must. Emmalise is too conflicted on who is right and wrong. She breaks and throws herself into the pillar as well. Thankfully, Hadley manages to get back to her Great Hawk and she saves Rissa in the nick of time.

After, Medford reveals that Torus has been abandoned by their master, Fate. The new Time Keeper is now Medford himself.