Soul Name
Choroze, Shadow King
Shadow King


Psychology (Empathy), Focus, 6th Sense (Holy)
Seneschal, Schooled, Knolwedge of Occult (Rituals & Demonology), Melee (Saber), Atheltics (Dodge & Combat Reflexes), Aerial Combat, Unarmed Combat (Claws), Performance (Oratory), Anatomy, Instrument Playing (Voice & Chant), Intimidation
Bondage, Dancing (Ballroom), Keen Sense (Details), Larceny, Mount Riding


Species Powers
Immunity to Illness/Poison
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Unholy), Call Pack (Demons), Ignore Pain, Mythic Form (Demon), Read/Write Langauge (Abyssal)
He is possessed by the Archfeind Choroze.
Ritual Magics
Demonic Contract: He can create binding demonic contracts that give you something but in return he owns your soul.


Main Weapon
It is known that he uses a falchion but it is never seen ON him.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Dark Olive-Bronze
Melchior is a meaty man, more then capable of standing next to warriors in terms of muscular tone.
Hair Color
Hair Style
He has long wavy hair that is pushed back from his face.
Height & Weight
6'2'' / 260 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Melchior preffers two styles of clothing: A rustic earth toned mage robe or a dirty beggars outfit with a deeply cowled hood.
Distinguishing Marks


Akasha, Varna, Shekina, power, controlling others, magic, artifacts, obedient minions, making a flashy show of things (he is quite the ham before a crowd), fine wine, good food and even better clothing, effective new weapons
Losing, dying (quite inconveinent), pius types, outside interference in his "games"
A charmer, Melchior is skilled at knowing how to put people one edge or at ease with a smile or a well placed word. He is always confidant, always in control and he always has a plan B. He seems fascinated with some deeply hidden "plot" of his to reach a realm of power that somehow involves Varna and the Queen as pinnacle objects.
Melchior is, strangely, quite the smily man. He tends to smirk when he's happy, grin when overjoyed and sneer when angery (and about to take it out on someone).


Father / Donor
Tyran Shadowlite
Mother/ Sire
Azala Shadowlite
Shanti (Brother)
Akasha (Daughter via Ritual)
Close Friends
Celith (Servant), Balor (Servant), Savarius/Cerrin, Kaali (Servant)
Varna (Obssession), Shekina (Obssession), Akasha (Victim, Dead)


Age & Sex


???: Melchior seemingly does not exist until his first massing of an army...

Year 1762: Melchior surfaces as a house-hold name for the first time, known as Sand Bandit King. He leads various mercenaries and bandits on a march to take over the kingdom. Along the way he slaughters the villages he passes through, one includes Varna's. Ironically though the assault on Varna's home proves to be intentional, Melchior forsaw that something called "Mikael's Flame" was contained within one of the villagers and was killing to find it. Varna being out at the time simply caused him to kill everyone and move on to hunt once more.

Year 1763: Varna raids Melchior's raiding group. He learns of Melchior's plots and that the young Queen is also a target while dealing massive damage to Melchior's forces. However he is brought down and Melchior takes him on his march hoping to secure all three needed "Keys" for his ritual in swift order. Only a week later Varna escapes and runs to warn the Queen.

Year 1764: Melchior attacks in full force. No longer just a band of sand bandits, he has demonic monsters at his beck and call as he lays siege to the capitol city. He kidnaps the Empress but cannot find Varna. Amusingly the reason is he was in full royal guard regalia and therefore his features were unidentifiable – Melchior marched right past him. It took Varna sometime to locate where Melchior was staying, which was an abandoned and corrupted temple beneath an old holy city in Sairag. Eventually making his way into the hive of evil and fighting to free his Empress. The battle was not easy, Melchior came a heartbeat away from being able to unlock his “gate” with all three pieces gathered but with the fighting skills Varna possessed and the magic of the Empress the mage was defeated and thought to be killed.

Year 1778: Rumors are confirmed that Melchior is still alive and operating within the criminal underbelly of the Empire. He has gone from chief of the sand bandits to a mafia-esque “Shadow King”.

Year 1808: This time Melchior takes a page out of Varna’s book, going in solo to avoid a major incident and plucking the Empress right out of her chambers. It takes some time but Varna manages to track Melchior down once again. He finds the man has used the Empress in some kind of ritual to sire a child! Varna and Melchior fight once again and once AGAIN he thinks he’s killed the bastard. With the man seemingly dead on the floor, he takes the Empress home.

Year 1820: Once more the rumors start of the existence of the “Shadow King”.

Year 1828: Melchior takes Shekina (again) and runs to Aether. A group hunts him down and the battle is massive. In the process Lel reveals he is the Archangel Mihkael and destroys one of Mel's partners Baali. He flees but with Medan, who is now possessed by the demon.

Year 1832: He seduces Gwendolyn to the darkside and gets her to poison Magnus.

Year 1833: He rescues Gwen from death and takes her with him.

Year 1834: Attacked by Akasha, Halja and Louis, he fights and is eventually forced to run.

Year 1835: Gwendolyn gets herself killed by her father. An annoyance to Melchior but he has many other pawns. Though he does begin to "recruit" by force here and there...

Year 1837: He begins to blackmail Iradessa, demanding to seduce Christopher since he's back amoung the living once more. Duran gets involved the whole complicated affair, along with Sable. Melchior demands Duran sign a “nondisclosure” agreement about what he's learned and promises that if he refuses Melchior will kill his family. Duran refuses and attacks instead. The warrior is beaten down and

Melchior leaves to go “deal” with Akasha and Shayun as promised. Melchior offers Akasha a different deal, after reveling in how this situation came about. If she doesn’t agree to it he’ll kill Shayun and “take” Akasha. He wants her to owe him an unrefusable favor, one he cannot claim for 5 years and that she cannot tell anyone about. In the meantime he’ll ensure the safety of Duran and Shayun during those years.

Year 1842: He captures Kaali and turns her into one of his agents against her own family.

Year 1853 - Year 1854: Melchior uses his various minions to gather ancient stones from around the world. He succeeds in acquiring one from Leila's crown, another from a pendant belonging to Yessamina and the last from the ryuko thanks to Vyrin's unwitting assistance.

Year 1855: Melchior sacrifices Akasha to awaken the Ocean Slada'sha. The result destroys the Isle of Dragons, along with most of the ryuko race, all in the blink of an eye.