Mikayla Ravencrest


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Child Goddess
Viscountess of Redrivers & Lady of Farlight
Temple of the Heavenly Host


Authoring & Fine Art (Illustration)
Dancing (Ballroom), Athletics (Running), Cosmetics, Stealth (Silent), Fine Art (Painting) & Schooled
Crafts (Book Binding), Storytelling


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Mikayla is a reborn Goddess, however her abilities are only in her control when the Keira part of her mind is "awake". While it is asleep, and she is just Mikayla, her powers only work as wishfullfillment (example: I wish I wasn't so alone, and then she suddenly finds a kitten).
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Violet-Teal Hazel
Skin Tone
Light Peach
Hair Color
Hair Style
She has long hair that is slightly wavy and falls just past her chest. Her hair falls in layers and is parted mostly to the right, often being held by hair clips or pins.
Height & Weight
5'7'' / 120 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears nice pink ladies dresses with white under coats, lace and frills.
Distinguishing Marks


Her father's memory, making friends, parties, good food/drink, pretty jewlery, her "feild journals" of made up creatures and a myriad of other things which all exist in Otherworld
Being yelled at, strangers, people in her personal space, that she no longer as a "family", losing control, when her powers do something she didn't ask/want them to, losing people
Mikayla appears calm, reserved, regal and gentle in demeanor. However, beneath this she is troubled by her abilities and the dark karma that seems to plague her life. She can be quite playful and reactive but she lives in a constant state of fear from expressing herself, always trying to reign in those impulses so she won't hurt others.
She fears being completely abandoned. She also fears she is somehow cursed to bring about the ruin of anything/anyone she loves.
She's wiser then she seems, often capable of spouting out the most mature of sentiments at random. When her heart is truly broken "Keira" steps in, as a wrathful Goddess bent on ensuring Mikayla has a happy life Keira will destroy anything causing this suffering.


Father / Donor
Oswald Ravencrest (Adopted, Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Medea Sunsorrow (Biological), Melissa Ravencrest (Adopted, Dead)
Close Friends
Tobias (Dead), Edorian (Dead), Kristee (Dead), Gryffin (Former Betrothed), Akira
Gowan (Grandfather, Dead), Galway (Former Monster in Closet, MIA), David (Uncle), Astaroth (Bulter), Danielle (Would-be Friend), Hana (Point of Interest)


Age & Sex


Year 1828: Born on the Winter Solstice, Mikayla's mother was a former member of the Black Guild led by Kera Ravenholme. She swore up until her death in labor with the child that she was a virgin and that there was no father. The priest who tended her child birthing took the babe to the capitol for the King to decide if he beleived the immaculate conception tale or not, and what to do with the off spring either way.

Year 1829: Janos doesn't want to chance putting an ordained child out of grace with the crown. As a result he appraoches Oswald, a trusted friend, to raise the child. Lacking an heir of his own, and swayed by a wife who loves children more then anything, Mikayla is brought into their household and never knows any better.

Year 1832: Mikayla is enrolled, as all nobles in the capitol are, into Legacy Institute. She is also betrothed to Gryffin.

Year 1834: It is learned she plays some kind of god-like role in the "Otherworld" that JJ, Taisie, Odin and Jason fell into. Tobias also steps forward, recognizing her as Keira reborn, and offers to become her gaurd.

Year 1835: She begins to notice a "thing" in her closet. At her age she begins to fear its a monster in her closet and is scared of it. Naturally her parents don't beleive it.

Year 1839: On Winter Solstice night her mother dies in an accident because she attacked Oswald.

Year 1842: Mikayla is taken away from her father by the church. They proclaim her a Goddess reborn. JJ explains that he didn't take her because he dislikes her or her father, but because he has been to the land of her sketchbooks (Otherworld) and in that world SHE asked him to.

Late in the year father is murdered brutally in his office.

Year 1843: In the first month the Temple versus Crown conflict explodes across the capitol. In the midst of the choas Mouko sends Akihiko and Akuchi to murder her. Her bodygaurds, Tobias and Edorian, are cut down. The loss is too much and she awakens as Keira. She hoists the Temple into the sky and plans to burn the earth below but JJ stops her. Afterwards Keira goes dormant once more.

Later that year Keira would have another moment to shine when Kirin annihilated the entire population of the Temple. She was protected, the sole survivor of the slaughter, and as a result the Godess took over and ressurected everyone within the space. It was an amazing incident but it also grante her a lot of zealous faithful fans.

Scared of her powers, Mikayla asked Arcadian to see her so she could learn how to control her emotions so he comes to see her about it. He attempts to teach her what he can, which begins with keeping a journal. JJ finds out and talks with her about it. To her shock he supports her choice on this.

Year 1853: Akira sneaks into the Temple of the Heavenly Host to see what it is all about. In the process he runs into Mikayla. They bond and in the end he sneaks her outside on the town. JJ can’t find her anywhere and freaks out, sending knights to reclaim her. Meanwhile, Mikayla and Akira enjoy some fun until the knights catch up to them and take her home.

After, JJ scolds Mikayla about it but then also reminds her that all she needed to do was tell him where she was going. She’s an important figure in the Temple, people want to hurt or kidnap her, so being paranoid about where she has gone is natural. If she notifies them then she is a big girl and can go where she pleases!

A few months later Mikayla is kidnapped in the night by the Cult of Asoth.┬áThe next morning JJ learns of Mikayla’s abduction and assembles a team to save her: Kathleen, August & Disadi.

Belladonna drains the energy from Mikayla in a ritual in a remote location (so as not to involve the cult). Suddenly Kuran breaks out of the book, stealing the energy for himself. He has betrayed her, there never was a philosophers stone to be made. At the same time the rescuers show up and Belladonna agrees to work with him. They reverse the energy back to Mikayla but it leaves the mage trapped in her mind. To purge the persona they must force the mage to into a new vessel (a body).

Belladonna, looking to get even with Kuran, actually gets Sain & Ion to give over a homunculus to use to house Kuran.

Belladonna returns (since Draconis escorted her) and gives them the body. Kuran tries to force Mikayla out instead but she wins. The moment Kuran is in the new body though Kajal shows up and swipes him! Naturally Belladonna makes a run for it in the chaos.

Year 1854: JJ returns to the Temple with Hanna Goodwin as his prisoner. The witch makes a strong impression on Mikayla, who becomes curious enough to see her out in private. However, in a battle of wills it is Hanna who comes out the victor and so Mikayla slaps her and takes off.