Mouko Eki


Soul Name
Scion of Entropy
Servants of Entropy
Palace of Entropy


Knowledge of Entropic Creatures, Knowledge of Maho, Knoweldge of Ritual
Athletics, Alchemy, Anatomy, Demon Training, Innovation, Melee (Daggers, Sword), Navigation, Numberology, Psychology, Schooled
First Aid, Gardening, Herbal Lore, Cooking, Massage, Ranged (Thrown), Slight of Hand, Stealth


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ignore Pain, Sense Ley Lines, Spell Craft (Chi, Death, Entropy, Mahoutsukai)
Chi Spells
Breath of the Serpent, Mend the Spirit, Chi Immunity, Chi Barrier, Eternal Sleep, Withering Grasp, Forgetful Word
Death Spells
Control Undead, Death Speak, Sense Energy, Spirit Sight
Entropy Spells
Entropic Body, Entropic Command, Entropic Psyche, Entropic Touch
Mahoutsuakai Spells

Earth: Earth Movement, Time's Hand, Tremor

Fire: Fire Within, Follow the Flame

Air: Silence the Air, Call to Breath, See the Mind

Water: Walk of the Spirit

Balance: Seek Unseen, Speaker of Shades

Favored (Dragon of Entropy)
Ritual Magics

Death: Animate the Body, Mend the Body for the Soul, Open Spirit Portal, Preserve the Body, Summon the Deceased

Entropy: Contract of Service, Corrupted Rain, Omini Levitation, Opening of the Gates of Yomi


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Blue (Normal), Green (Death Magic), Red (Blood Magic)
Skin Tone
Dusky Rose
He has an average build with a touch of hidden strength as all ryuko do.
Hair Color
Dark Purple-Blue
Hair Style
His hair is cut short around his face and falling a little raggedly, straight. The back is long, to just lower then his shoulders. His hair is extremly thin and tangles easily (making him hate dealing with it when it grows out).
Height & Weight
6'/ 270lbs
Other / Other Forms
Zombie Form: In his 'zombie' form he has green eyes. His eyes can change expression and feel easily as he's good at acting. Normally they're a bit hateful and malicious. His hair is so pale it is almost white. While 'dead' or 'zombied' he cannot feel pain nor will chi attacks effect him. Also, as a zombie he is bony, his skin somewhat hangs off of him and sinks in. His skin also becomes white in color and his lips, eyelids and nails tint blue.
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears black, dark gray and green as his favorite colors as they represent the Dragon of Entropy. He adorns himself with wicked looking dragons for his accents. He wears comfortable wrapping around clothing, nothing to overly layered. Given he has power and money he tends to have elaborate add-ons such as the above CIS picture example has a metal dragon draped over his shoulders, affixed to the top jacket he is wearing. He wears a green tassel with a jade dragon's head holding the end of it as a sort of mock koustaishi tassel, considering himself the prince of Entropy.
His ears are pierced and he usually wears hidden little stud earrings, some times he wears elaborate dangling ones when he has to dress up for an occasion -- having meaning he wants to really. He doesn't have to do anything.
Distinguishing Marks
He has a strange tattoo on his back just below the neck and above the shoulder blades. It is a symbol of an 'x' with a like through the center. 


His 'family' that he gathers around himself is pretty dear to him. He likes making the common person suffer and playing cat-mouse games. He likes being stronger then others or surrounding himself with strong people. He likes to win out, doesn't everyone? He loves meats, roots and fish but can't stand the fatty lumps. He likes animals but also understands and respects nature. He loves having horrible powers that scare people and he is in bliss when he's making the common person uncomfortable. That Kosuke chose to stay with him.
He hates being powerless and strives to do anything to keep control. He has a strong pride and can't stand when it's injured. He hates dying, it is always so painful and uncomfortable. He doesn't like questioning his subordinate's loyalties (so he often doesn't). He can't stand losing and takes the term 'sore loser' to an extreme. He doesn't really like sweet things or candy, they're just to... something, for him. He's just a little concerned about Collin's obsessive nature within the Children of Entropy. He wishes the guy would release the mental vice grip he's got on him as the one who said he'd 'stay with him always'. Eriko, because she has screwed up the chance he gave her to be a mother. Muramasa, because he _did_ kill their people for the sake of his stubborn pride.
Mouko is never honest to anyone, always showing a friendly aloof and carefree nature that is anything but the truth. He can act like a normal person or turn around and become as twisted and cruel as any akuma. His real persona lies between all his 'faces' and is only seen by looking between the lines at his actions and what their real consequence and results are. He has a soft side to his followers. He tends to consider them his family as well as his underlings though he does so in a callous way that normal people couldn't accept. He tries to hard to be a villain and some times it becomes transparent, specifically when it concerns to 'not caring' about his family in front of others. His vocal agenda is to give power to those who are outcasts. His real agenda isn't his own - it's the Dragon of Entropy's. What he doesn't realize is that he is playing the part Entropy has made for him. He sees society as a cruel hateful elitist group of bastards who need to be shot off their high horse. He worships the Dragon of Entropy for this reason and gains power through it. This goal, though not necessairly 'evil and hateful' in and of itself has a high price to pay in its execution.
He's afraid that one day he'll stay dead. He's worried about losing his subordinates or their loyalty. He fears not imposing fear on his enemy. He's worried he'll turn into an oni or akuma one day.
He tends to hide his softer side under a mask of macabare amusment, malice or indifference whenever faced with showing kindness publically. He cuddles with his children, no matter how old they get.


Father / Donor
Mother/ Sire
Subaru (Brother, Dead)
Janos II (Lover), Tsubasa (Lover)
Kosuke (Son), Mizuki (Son)
Close Friends
Servants of Entropy (Like Family), The Collector/Kelase', Tsubasa, Janos II, Raiu
Subaru Eik (Uncle), Sasuke (Minion), Tadao (Traitor, Dead), Asato (Minion), Eriko (Enemy), Kaida Asa (Enemy), Shoukin (Enemy), Takeshi (Minion), Akiha (Cousin), Kibo (Cousin), Muramasa/Sensou (Enemy)


Age & Sex


Year 1796: Much is unknown about Mouko. Where he was born and to who has never been learned. He was taken in by the Eki family when he was a baby and raised with the last name Eki. Who his parents could have been was kept a mystery as the child learned to talk to dragons which lead them to believe he was at least full Ryuko (though his skin didn't completely convey that despite being close to gray-dusk-rose). He was never a normal child. He had a curious and malicious streak that rubbed the family wrong. Though he never killed anyone directly, he showed the ability to rise the dead and command them. He also showed an early aptitude for 'contracting'. Neither of these traits were something their beloved Dragons gave them so they deemed them the gifts of Akuma.

Year 1811: As he grew up he began to look for someone who presided over his domain, who was his Dragon? It came to him - the Dragon of Entropy. It offered him power and a compassionate wing to hide under. Soon he formulated a plan, a vision more or less really, that the way The Land of Dragons was, was fouled. It oppressed the strong and privileged the weak. It kept people weak, it kept them lazy. It needed a revolution, an ending to have a new start. He started to seek out means for this. As he began his plans he, at the age of 14, he met a small blind girl named Nu. She was lost, beaten and god knew what else (raped, tormented, etc) by the time he'd come across her. He offered her comfort and contacted her. Her sight for her loyalty. She took it up and immediately became his strongest subordinate.

Year 1812 : After witnessing him brining back a dead lizard in the family garden he was dragged back to his family's house and treated horribly. Stoned, beaten, thrown into rooms for days on end and forgotten, he was the monstrous shame and secret of the Eiki. Finally he died of malnutrition and injuries. They put the body in a box to burn but before it was cremated he crawled out! They tried to kill him again and again. Each time he came back. They ended up locking him up in the cellar of the Eki Family house. He tried to break out on his own but he couldn't given he was injured, weakened and ill now. He decided he'd sit and wait for either Nu or Kaonashi to show up.

While down there he met Takara who was locked up with him. He listened (and coaxed out) her sob story while there and wondered if she would be a good addition to their group. It ended up Takara was too much of a brat for him to want to take in. He played the role of friend to her while he decided this. Last time they met she was being a rather unappreciative homeless girl so he called it quits on her and moved on.

Mouko had been brewing a plan. One in which would destroy all the capitols and weaken the clans then he'd cut off the dragon's head at Ryuuguu and begin the rebuilding of The Land of Dragons. It was his 'big plan'. His first action was to destroy Tenshi. He gathered spirits up of victims from the criminal underworld, mostly the ones in the Hall of Rot (a place where criminals dumped bodies to never be found). By binding them he left them an order - talk anyone who comes to help their souls into 'purifying' the place by fire. Given that the Hall of Rot was connected to the waterways and sewer system of Tenshi it would ignite the entire city.

Shoukin was the poor shit that ended up falling victim to his plan. That was the first time he met Shoukin. He had heard that the spirits found someone to do his 'bidding' and thus he was there personally (in the guise of a traveling medium) to watch Shoukin stupidly (and blindly) follow the desires of the deceased. Once Shoukin lit it, and Tenshi began to burn, Mouko made his real identity known as he mocked Shoukin for the bone-headed action. Shoukin tried to fight Mouko but it was his first time dealing with the guy. Mouko stopped the fight by just burning Shoukin's blood. Finding some amusement in a 'good boy' chasing him down, Mouko let Shoukin live with his shame.

Tenshi burned nearly to the ground and by the end of it, the criminals had more power in the city then the daimyo's family. Hearing about a being known as the Demon Gate, a person who could summon a portal between the demon world and theirs, Mouko sent Kaonashi to retrieve it. When Kao came back with Shiki, the Demon Gate, Mouko put his plans into action. Gathering bodies to 'burn' down a capitol was only going to work once. He was lucky in Tenshi that the criminals even dumped the bodies where they did. So he needed a device to 'unleash' hell and destroy a capitol. The Gate was prefect.

After having the Tetien monastery destroyed, the only place where people who fought akuma and oni trained, he used the Gate to destroy each remaining capitol and then Ryuuguu. At Ryuuguu he reconnected with Shoukin. There he almost had the upper hand but then Shoukin tried a new technique, one that burned his chi. Being comprised of mostly Qi, condensed chi, Mouko was brought to his knees in agony. Shoukin nearly killed him but due to compassion he didn't manage more then a nick to his neck. Shoukin let him live this time - furthering Mouko's interest in him.

Year 1819: They are betrayed from within by Misato. Mouko is captured and tortured along with Shiki! The family becomes hell bent on saving both, taking down various Imperial agents to bring them home.

Year 1820: The assault on Ryuuguu failed. Unfortently most of the attempts on the leading families' lives didn't work out very well at all though they did throw the entire country into a state of chaos. Koutaishi Kouryou Taiga survived the assault and moved onto become the Emperor. Likewise many clan leaders or heirs survived. It was frustrating but Mouko didn't give up. He knew he had to establish a base of power. The Chimamire Chikara, a huge criminal network, had become powerful from his actions. He felt it was only time he took the reigns of that group. However before he could a mole was put into their little family, Misato.

Misato was on a mission to find the person responsible for destroying the nation. Mouko took him in when Misato acted the part of an out of work ite who'd protected a person that society didn't deem worthy to live. Having compassion for tough luck cases, he was blind to Misato's actual intention. His contract with Misato was to bring back his dead sister, something that took Mouko a few years to actually do given how long she'd been dead (having to find the reincarnated body and kill it, capture the soul and yada-yada). Before Misato's sister could come back, while the effort was in progress, Misato managed to get solid evidence that Mouko was the one in charge of the attacks on the capitols and Ryuuguu. He turned him in and stole Shiki from the group.

Mouko was publicly executed for his crimes but when the officials found out he wouldn't DIE (they tried burning him, drowning him, chopping him into pieces) they resolved to just stick him into a hanging metal prison after chaining him up, and dunking that into the center of the cold aqueduct under the Palace of Dragons.

It took a few years for the family to get themselves back together (Kaonashi found Shiki before they found Mouko). Mouko's agent, Fenrir, kept the family's hope alive but didn't come for them to help him get out until it seemed the Land of Dragons had forgotten him for the most part. Then Fenrir lead them to where he was to let him out.

With the nation in a state of complacency save for criminal activities on the rise, Mouko figured it was time to establish power again. He went to the major port of the Frog clan and claimed it for himself. He'd also taken up ownership of two akuma - Grudges and Abuse. Now the Bloody Port, Mouko ruled over the Chimamire Chikara by ruling Abuse, and he has become something of a criminal emperor himself.

Naturally the Bloody Port brought in a lot of attention from heroes. One such hero was Kaida Asa himself. In a fight, where in he tried to freeze Kaida to death (only to kill Fuma) he took Kaida's sword and killed him with it. He used Kaida as a puppet but learned swiftly that Kaida Asa wasn't going to die! He was just at the brink, giving him only temporary control. For fun he kept Kaida. When he wanted him to go out and 'play' he'd kill him with his own sword and then puppet him around. He knew it wasn't going to last, but it was fun while it did. Shoukin was totally beaten up and that was what made it worth it to Mouko.

While holding his reign in the Bloody Port he found a liking for Tsubasa, the young Frog Clan Daimyo. Tormenting and molestation was the name of his game. Falling in love with the control and power over Tsubasa, he encounter romantic feelings. Of course Tsubasa didn't (at least openly) return those and quickly fled to Aether. Thankfully Amaya made a plan that returned Tsubasa and his cousin that had gone with him (Mikiri). However Tsubasa returned with a WIFE! Enraged and demanding emotional vengeance, Mouko killed Mikiri before Tsubasa as payback for his unrequited love. Later he sent some thugs to finish Mikiri's family off but they missed Sachiko. They did however get Kykomi.

Year 1824: Eventually the Bloody Port was lost to him. He foresaw this and had made arrangements to lift the very ground around his estate into the skies. He knew that when the Paladins came together he would have to give the Bloody Port over and wasn't sure he'd even manage his escape route. However he was lucky. It seemed the Paladin of Air was to busy in self-indulgence and the Paladin of Earth was apparently incapable of being responsible. The only paladins that arrived were Fire, Water, Light and Dark along with their Lord Spiritual to lead them.

He took the Lord Spiritual, Mikoto Tsuhi and Lady Phoebe as hostages to keep them as 'at bay' as he could. It did buy him the time he needed and up went the Island of Entropy, into the sky... and towards the politically weakened Turtle Clan. Not long after his friends, the Cult of Asoth needed him to hide them and he took them in as citizens of Etropy Island.

Now he was somewhat safe in the skies with his family, the only people he cared to save during the battle that lost the Bloody Port. However he was lacking his Akuma cronies and that made for a huge vacuum in power. That coupled with his destroyed feelings he became a quite and unusually unfriendly person. Finally talking with Kaonashi he came to a solution. He would replace Tsubasa with Kaida Asa and Shoukin. He would fill in the power void by waking up his 'big brother' the original Son of Entropy. Rising up Orochi wasn't hard, in fact it was fun as he used Shoukin to do it. However his big brother was anything but willing to work under him. He had to spend over a year breaking him into the bindings to use him.

It came evident to Kaonashi (and some of his other subordinates) that Mouko severely slowed down his plans for kingdom domination. Mouko admitted to Kao that he liked their life the way it was. It was safe, it wasn't perfection but they were high in the sky and living like they had their own little kingdom.

Year 1827: Mouko's family finally received it's first big hit. Tadao (Misato encouraged) regained his memories and in a twist of self-hatred blamed Mouko for everything he'd become. He stole Emiho and tried to talk her into going with him, taking his side, and going against Mouko. Mouko arrived and arrogantly allowed Emiho to fight her own fight. He had never expected Tadao willingly able to kill her. In a fit of last moment madness Tadao stabbed Emiho through - to fast for Mouko to do anything about it. Tadao and Emiho both died. He took Emiho back for a proper burial and used Tadao's remains for some of his constructs.

His mentality shooken, Mouko regained the desire to destroy the Land of Dragons. He creates a plot to kill off the land through corrupted grain and food prodcuts going out from the Kawazu clan.

Year 1828: The Land of Dragons fell and Shiki was taken prisoner by the monsters in charge. Kaonashi and Mouko teamed up with the Aetherian armies to further their agenda of reclaiming him and to "get back at" the demons for doing what they wanted to do first!

After, Misato and Sasuke become close, eventually even lovers. Sadly this is exactly what Mouko needs for revenge. He possessed Misato and uses his body to kill Sasuke! Misato is crushed, both at the perverse betrayal of his own body and of the crime against the man he came to love.

Year 1835: On one of his many whims, Mouko revives Sasuke and gives him "back" to Misato. Everyone is aware there must be a plan involved but no one can prove anything. Sasuke doesn't plan to just stop living to prevent it and Misato is too happy to have him back. They return to the Isle of Dragons, clear Misato's name as Sasuke's killer, and resume their lives.

Year 1842: Asato is betrayed once more by Orion and killed. Mouko is present (having been attempting to stop this murder) and claims Asato's corpse as his own. Mouko returns and later claims the child, Kosuke, and holy sword as well. When he presents both to Asato the proud samurai does something he's never done before: He begs. He begs Mouko to return his son to Eriko, to at least let his boy have a real life. Mouko agrees, but on one condition. He will create a duplicate child of this one and they will raise it in the Palace of Entropy. Asato isn't thrilled, but he accepts since its means his child can go back to the Isle of Dragons.

When Eriko comes to rescue the child she learns of Asato's fate as a servant of Mouko, but she is given back their child.

Year 1843: Janos becomes lover to Mouko, since they are good friends and share a common fascination with Tsubasa. Mouko also introduces him to his harem of sexy monsters and he lets Janos adopt one named Faeon.

Year 1853: Kosuke meets up with Mizuki and Mouko on the streets. They come up with a mischevious game to have the boys swap "lives" for a while and see if Eriko notices. Meanwhile, Mouko introduces Kosuke to life in the Palace of Entropy.

A month later, Mouko visits Kibo and muses about why he hasn’t just taken Akira by force. He offers to help steal him from the gang and lock him up tight but Kibo refuses.

Year 1854: Eriko fails at the game for long enough that Mizuki throws in the towel. He claims she never paid attention to Kosuke and then swaps their roles back.

Kirin brings Fenrir’s ring to Mouko to pay his part of the deal. However, Mouko shatters the ring and releases Fenrir – then orders Kirin to take him BACK to Eidolon since he wants to see if they hook up. Naturally Kirin is floored at the whimsy and insanity of this game plan.

Not long after, Mizuki comes to stay with Kibo for a week. When Mouko picks up Mizuki and chats with Kibo about how the time went. Mouko learns, in the process, that Kibo and Akira are now a couple. Better yet, the whole family outing really showed Kibo that having a kid around would even be nice one day.

About a week later, Kosuke comes to Mouko with the letter but also asks to stay with him. Mouko happily accepts him into the Servant’s of Entropy.

Mouko comes to see Raiu at the Mibushin Gumi HQ, showing up first as a fog while they chat. If things get emotional, Mouko will have them relocate elsewhere or have one of his people stand guard. Mouko will potentially make friends with Raiu and open up to him about his plans for the world.

Year 1855: The forging of the Dawnbringers Pact takes place. Oseron takes the information and holds a meeting with JJ, Chestin, Scathe, Chester, Xiphil, Muramasa, Kaidan & Leorajh. They realize that the other Slada’sha are stirring because of the big one waking up, someone the emanations are waking others. Mouko invites himself into the meeting, declaring that previously waking them required his power so he isn’t sure how this is happening. Realizing this is a world threatening issue, they create a group that will be considered unallied to any one nation but which will defend all nations from the threat of the Slada’sha. Due to Mouko’s inclusion, Muramasa pulls all ryuko support from this group and leaves the meeting – returning home. The group is called Dawnbringer and all present sign a pact to support its operations.

A fortress for the Dawnbringers begins construction with Mouko agreeing to rise it into the skies (and thus be able to ideally bring the fight over the ocean) when it is completed. Representatives discuss key things the site will need, including: teleport site, mage tower, industrial complex, temple, training grounds and a central fort.

In the month of Virgo the Ocean Slada'sha begins to awaken and the Isle of Dragons is right in its path. Mouko shows up and offers to rise the island so it won’t be destroyed. However, Muramasa throws them both out as he will not risk working with Mouko. Mouko attempts to rise the island anyways but he doesn’t have enough time. The rising gigantic Slada’sha grabs the island with one claw and slams it back down into the ocean. The Isle of Dragons and some 80% of the ryuko people, are destroyed.

Mouko teleports to the Isle of Entropy and tries to save the land but it fails. With no other choice, Mouko explains his family that he can hold the Slada’sha in this region by using the fragmented buildings of the temple below to restrain it, but he cannot stop its minions and the infestation to come. It will spare them the main monster but not the waves of its creations. This will take everything Mouko has, so as a result he names Mizuki his replacement.

Year 1857: The Consortium set up a camp to activate the cannons at an agreed upon time with Chester operating as a communications hub for it. Oseron stays behind at the fortress as well, with the Isle of Entropy acting as the vessel to carry Leorajh to the battle. With everything ready, Mouko releases the barrier as his island arrives on the site. Nu and Emiho get Mouko and bring him to safety. Meanwhile, the others take Leorajh into the battle.

The Ocean Slada’sha is Defeated: The signal is given, the cannons are activated and the fight against the Slada’sha takes place. Leorajh alone keeps its focus until the weapons can be unleashed at full power but in the end they are victorious in putting the monster down for good!

Year 1858: Janos II presents Kajal, he admits he wouldn’t mind killing the creature FOR Mouko and offers to devour him. However, his attempt to devour him is stopped by Mouko and the others. They realize Kajal might be more corruption then they want in the deviant former King. They like Janos as he is. Either way, Kajal’s fate is sealed for double-crossing Mouko.