Nelsi Fenyth


Aetherian (L)
Soul Name
Merchant (Fox & Gander Inn)
Loft Over Shop


Instrument Playing (Voice), Authoring
Knowledge of Bartending, Cooking, Dancing (Folk), House Keeping, Multi-Tasking, Schooled
Herbal Lore, Gardening, Melee (Knife), Child Care


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Small Pocket Knife
She keeps a small pocketknife in her pocket, for practical uses and safety. 
Other Weapons
Ice Pick: Also has a small metal ice pick hidden inside her bodice.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Leaf Green
Skin Tone
She is well-endowed with wide hips and a touch of plumpness, she’s what’s called “curvaceous” although she had small hands and feet.
Hair Color
Auburn Brown
Hair Style
Her hair is long to her waist. During working hours, it is usually worn up in a bun or coiled braids on her head. Off-hours, it is let free with braided side-locks or whatever she fancies at the moment.
Height & Weight
5' / 130 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears comfortable dresses in nice, often bright colors – usually green, blue or yellow – her favorite colors! Long-sleeved in winter and short sleeved in summer, they tend to be form-flattering with open bodice and often decorated with ribbons or contrasting colors in good taste. Also loves wearing scarves which she collects the way some people collect shoes! She only has three pairs of shoes – one for work, one for everyday and one special pair of soft green slippers for special occasions. When working, she wears a typical barmaid’s outfit – a simple dark brown skirt paired with a white short-sleeved top and black bodice. The open-laced top and bodice show off her assets without overdoing it ^^ She wears a simple white apron over the skirt and ordinary working shoes for standing up in for hours on end.
She has only a few peices of jewlery, for she isn’t rich! But what she owns is carefully taken care of. A white pearl necklace and matching earrings for special occasions. For everyday, she wears simple disc jade earrings that compliment her eyes. Her most important possession is a silver ring which she always wears on her right hand’s ring finger
Distinguishing Marks


Birds, ale, cherry pie, friendly folks, exercise, receiving letters, minor gambling, hearing Kathleen laugh or seeing her smile, jokes, sexy bodies
Mind-altering substances that are -not- alcoholic, missing her morning and evening routines, hats, stupid drunken or lecherous customers, not knowing who Kate's father is
She is a woman of quickly changing moods. For the most part, she is a bubbly, effervescently happy person. However, at the drop of a hat, she can become a fiery, livid thing, or break down into tears. As sensitive as she is, some people find it difficult to be around her. She can be best described as filled with life and if she’s sometimes difficult, she never does things by half and is often a cheerful, fun person to be around! She tends to be blunt and offers advice, even unasked. Being a mother only seems to increase her moods and make her very protective of her daughter. The way Nelsi sees it, she won't be doing her daughter any favours by mollycoddling her the girl's whole life long. She's a Fenyth, just like Nell, and that means she'll have the spirit and strength to match!
Losing the use of her limbs, and in her most secret, private self, being raped, losing Kathleen, being a lousy mother, her daughter comming back with the dulled eyes of a veteran like she's seen with so many knights who seem combat
Nell is like a weathervane, easily moving from one emotion to another but it doesn’t happen randomly – it’s in response to some action or reaction so it tends to make sense once you get to know her well enough.


Father / Donor
Maddox Fenyth (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Aislinn Fenyth (Dead)
Matti aka Quincy (Brother, Dead)
Kathleen (Daughter), Tim (Son In-Law)
Close Friends
Drew, Illucia
Marina (Ex-Lover), Caitlyn (Former Employer, Dead), Larisa (Neice)


Age & Sex


Year 1710 : Born the daughter of poor serfs, Nelsi led a relatively ordinary lower-class life growing up alongside her five-years older brother Matti, who was training as a scholar and whom she absolutely adored. They were very close and her clever brother helped her learn to love reading and writing in spite of their simple station.

Year 1724 : Unfortunately, Nell’s mother died of illness when Nell was a teenager, and that seemed to mark the start of hard times. Not long after Sheedan become more and more of a battlefield with the Nazcan raids. Her brother and father soon had no choice but to take up arms and enlist. What could they do? They were just serfs and had Nell to think of.

Year 1726 : Her father died a few years later and her beloved Matti disappeared soon after. Nell has no idea if he died, is wandering about the provinces or what. The stories she heard secondhand and sometimes firsthand from the few frightened, battered survivors of rape at Nazcan hands imprinted Nelsi with a deep-seated but private fear of rape which lends fire to her rage at unwanted advances on either herself or other girls.

Year 1803 : Though she is glad to be working at the Fox and Gander and cares for her friends, she is ever on the lookout for Matti, hoping that one day she’ll find them.

Year 1812: Matti shows back up in Nelsi's life, but with a new look and a new name: Quincy. He had dishonorably fled the horrors of war and changed his name to spar her shame and himself reprisal. He was working as a mercenary.

Year 1813 : A wild tryst with a mercenary from the Guild of the Dawn lands Nelsi with a child. Given how often she had such trysts she can't even pin down the father and instead opts to happily raise her daughter Kathleen without worrying over it.

Year 1822: Kathleen shows an interest in being a knight. Nelsi finds the prospect terrifying and protests but never STOPS her daughter.

Year 1823 - Year 1824: Meeting Marina was a happy twist of fate for Nelsi. The wild sailor woman was full of crazy stories and sass - just how Nelsi loved her. The two started out as casual lovers, and soon became more than that. Eventually Marina even moved in with Nelsi at the Fox & Gander, bringing with her two kids she'd adopted from the previous war: Binks (a young spunky girl) and Joachim (a devious rogue of a young man).

However, by the end of 1824 the dream would end. Both Binks and Joachim lost their lives to the plague that swept through the nation with the Loss of Magic. There was nothing that coud be done and watching them waste away in beds was heartbreaking for both women.

Shortly after things between them just fell apart. Marina carries the larger portion of the blame, too frustrated and depressed to not pick fights and drink too much. Ultimately she walked away, rather then drag her lover down with her, and returned to Veridian.

Year 1834: Matti (or Quincy, whichever he wanted to be called at this point) turns up dead in the streets. It was obvious foul play was involved, but he was living his life as a mercenary and no one is shocked - much less motivated enough to find his killer.

Year 1842: While Nelsi's own romance had failed, her daughter's did not. A long running relationship with a young inventor, Timothy, pays off when Kathleen gets married that year.

Year 1854: A mysterious letter from a young lady named Larisa shows up to Kathleen and Nelsi. It turns out that Matti had a child before his death, this gentle neice wished to come stay with them in Shade's Run - which they were all too happy to accept.