Odin Emlen


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Count of Voltaire
Merchant (Sculptor)
Emlen Mansion (w/ Wife, Mistress & Children)


Fine Art (Scultpure)
Fine Art (Scultpure)
Mount Riding (Horse), Dancing (Ballroom), Langauge (Ryuko), Finances, Schooled, Knowledge of Politics (Aether & Ryuko), Ranged (Archery)
Knowledge of Alcohol (Conessiur), Unarmed Combat, Teaching


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Blue
Skin Tone
He is thick but not muscular.
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Hair Style
His hair is long and cut in layers to his shoulders. He wears short bangs that frame each side of his face and had grown a goatee for his 40th birthday, liked it and kept it.
Height & Weight
5'11'' / 160 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Truly, he wears whatever is in fashion but he has a soft spot for very elegant and carefully designed deep gray suits with deep purple and gold ascots. He prefers the colors black, purple and gold in general.
Distinguishing Marks


Genuine people, anyone that can get under Jarius' skin (it’s funny to watch him fume), sculpture & pottery, pretty women, sex, good liquor (in moderation, and he'll know if it isn't!), parties, watching a plan he made work perfectly, his best friends Jason & Jarius, Ryuko culture, spoiling Cammy, and watching Zayne grow.
Himself on a lot of levels, callous jerks who make women cry, people who lie for no reason, his father (in a major way), the bad blood between him and Tyler, destruction of art, lack of respect, the way people often lack faith in his ability to be a good man (he gave up his playboy ways AND his drinking damnit!), overdoing it with Baron in both directions so that he lost him. He also doesn’t enjoy that Baron isn’t truly his son, and that he can’t seem to make a child of his own with Cammy.
Odin is a charmer, through and through. He always has a compliment for a pretty lady though he attempts to reign it in now that he is comitted to Camellia. He was once the callous playboy but in reality the issue is that none of them match up to what he's lost when he burned Ki Lin. Now that he's looking beyond her and to his future with Cammy he tries not to rely on that crutch as much. He is more passionate then he gives himself credit for, often finding himself willing to shout and go to blows over a deep insult to a friend. He has a weakness for women who have been mistreated (hence he tries not to mistreat them himself) and has a good brain for social revenge tactics. He also has a carefully hidden inferiority complex, often thinking he is not worthy of wonderful things (such as love) or that he was put on the earth to take such things from the people he cares about (such as inheriting his county).
He fears his hands being damaged and losing the ability to sculpt as he does. He fears that he'll have done so much for Cammelia and she will still choose to leave him one day, having had enough. Also the thought of being poor is terrifying.
Odin doesn't know what to think of his mother, he loves her enough to want her to live and hates her dramatics. He is not afriad to tell you hard truths if he thinks it will help you in the long run. He is an alcholic but has reformed and thus avoids drinking too much.


Father / Donor
Lettures Emlen
Mother/ Sire
Vivaine Emlen
Tyler (Brother)
Camellia (Wife)
Baron (Son), Zayne (Son)
Close Friends
Jarius & Jason (Best Friends), Ivy, Talia (Dead), Zoey (Dead), Braiden (Dead), Rylin
Ki Lin (Childhood Sweetheart), Battista (Former Apprentice), Calliope (Soulmate)


Age & Sex


Year 1816: Lettures only married Vivaine because she blackmailed him with their recognition. She passioantely loved Lettures, a playboy whom she was positive was the man that would make her happy, but she couldn't have been more wrong. Their first son, Tyler, was barely able to speak before Lemures was out sleeping with various women. Therefore she threatened to kill herself and thus Lettures came back to her and they had little Odin.

But it wasn't long before Lettures realized it was a tactic for attention and wandered away again. This time no amount of crying wolf brought him back to Vivaine for good. Oh he came home drunk each night but he never slept with her again.

Year 1819: Odin meets Jarius and Jason at a birthday party held for Jason. The three end up friends.

Year 1820: Odin's mother finally gets the nerve to actually attempt to kill herself. She fails but after this she becomes habbitual and using it to guilt trip others into loving her. It is during this period that he meets Ki Lin. She is studying pottery in aether for the time being and the two bond over it.

It isn't long before they both start to fall for each other but neither say anything.

Year 1823: Jason's parents die, Jarius has no idea how to support his friend so he just spends his time trying to distract him (with Odin's help).

Year 1828: Ki Lin admits her feelings to Odin finally, giving him a specially hand crafted peice along with her confession. Scared to hurt her the way his father hurt Vivaine and terrified of comittment at such a young age (not to mention how strong his feelings for her were) he rejects her harshly - even going so far as to shatter the pottery peice. Ki Lin doesn't speak to him again and moves back to the Land of Dragons by years end.

Every day Odin regrets the fact and even put the pottery peice back together, keeping it in his bedroom and letting no one touch it.

Year 1831: Bored with ruling things and drunk most of the time, Lemures goes dowager and leaves everything to Odin instead of Tyler. His reason? "Your more like me." This crushes Tyler, who was supposed to inherit, and the elder brother never quite forgives Odin (whom he thinks stole the position from him).

Year 1834 & Year 1835: Odin bore the ups and downs of his final school year with grace, drunkenness, wit and fun. Between his best friends breaking up and coming back together; going to a strange world to help save it; having an on-again, off-again relationship with Camellia and drinking incessantly, Odin’s isn’t sure if he’s grown at all or simply living the life he’s meant to live. Either way, he enjoys every moment of it.

During this year he goes to pick up Camellia from an art lesson and finds her instructor is none-other-than Ki Lin! All his old feelings for her brim to the surface and threaten to destroy any solid chance of a relationship he has with Camellia.

Jarius' father passes away and as a result Jarius tries to elope with Ivy to finally marry her without Dhalia interfereing. However mercenaries kidnapp the two and it falls to Odin and Jason to track them down and save them. When they arrive a bad blow has been dealt to Ivy and Jarius is badly beaten. Jason takes out the enemies and they try to get help only to find knights, hired by Dhalia, who demand to take away Jarius.

Odin and Jason stay with Ivy, during which time Jason learns Odin is rather bitter about all the trouble Ivy brings.

Year 1836: Odin receives his first apprentice: Battista.

In a fluke accident, while the “boys” (Odin, Jarius & Jason) are out on the town for Jarius’ bachelor party, an out of control carriage nearly hits Jason. Without thinking Jarius reacts and takes the blow in his place, taking severe damage all over his body and coming very close to death. Jason is horrified to watch another person he cares for take serious injuries because of him and rushes him to the hospital.

It is four days before Jarius awakens. The support group has been taking turns at his bedside and the person with him at the time he wakes up is Odin. Things are good except something about Jarius isn’t quite right and Odin can’t place what it is until a messenger sent to retrieve the others brings in Ivy and Camellia at last (them being the last to get to the scene) and Jarius has no idea who the girls are. His memories seemingly end just weeks before he ever met them. Dante enters in and assures them memory loss is fairly normal with head injury and the loss of blood – however there is nothing to say when or IF his memory will return. Too hurt for words, Ivy has to leave the room and Jason comforts her.

Jarius is discharged from the hospital a day early. When Ivy and Jason look into why they find he was intentionally removed by his mother. Upon going to the residence they are stonewalled by Dhalia. She plans to use his memory loss to set “right” the wrong of their relationship and will not allow Ivy to see Jarius under _any_ circumstance. Dhalia arranges a very quick “marriage” for her son to a random noble girl. For Aetherians its almost a shot gun wedding as it will happen in only a month!

Talia warns Ivy, Odin, Camellia & Jason. All of them are “banned” from the house though. That’s when Zoey and JJ show up with an offer to FORCE them into the party happening on the 19th for Halina’s birthday.

Halina’s birthday party becomes the site of a major show down. The royal duke and duchess walk into the party with everyone Dhalia has refused and between them and Halina (who likes Odin & Jason just fine) she is overridden about it. However, to her pleasure, Jarius immediately assumes that his friends merely “brought a date” and that Ivy is Jason’s girl. A fight breaks out between Jarius’ to be wife and Ivy, the former pushing the later into the pool the location is held around. Jason makes to jump in after her – aware that Ivy’s injury may prevent her from getting to the surface fast enough – but Jarius suddenly remembers. He remembers wanting to save her and being frozen, unable to reach her. In a moment he snaps and dives in after her. The two reunite and Jarius calls off the wedding. He then asks Ivy if she’s up for a third “take” on their marriage.

Year 1837: Camellia, Jason, Ivy, Jarius and even Ki Lin hold an intervention on Odin’s drinking issues. They suggest he go to Rylin’s AA group for help.

Year 1839: Odin offers an ultimatum to Camellia. He cannot truly tell if she is his true love unless she lets him sleep with her, at least once. The two become lovers.

Shortly after, Camellia tells him she beleives she may be pregnant. Odin suddenly becomes extremely dedicated to her and the possible child, completely mesmerized by the prospect of being a father and having a family. But after a few months and not showing, they find out from Jason that she only had a stomach flu. Both are disappointed by it but he shows her that he is serious about their relationship when he shows her that he had bought a ring for her. Maybe they didn't have a child now, but in the future they could.

Camellia later comes to Odin with talk about her taking the Jade Garden. Her parents are hesistant unless Odin agrees, since they don't want to ruin her marriage. He agreed to it if and only if it was changed to the Emlen name and ran the way they decided it to be ran.

Year 1842: Odin finally officially proposes to her and Cammy was more than happy to accept it.

Year 1843: During the fall of the capitol her live broke around her as she watched bother her mother and father die crushed by the Jade Garden being destroyed, the only person keeping her together being Odin. Camellia appraoches Odin about rebuilding the Jade Garden better than ever before and he agrees to help her.

Camellia recognized Tyler, Odin's elder brother! Their whole life flies into a tail spin. Odin isn't sure he can touch the woman who slept with his brother or raise a child that isn't his. Their marraige plans go on hold and for a time it seems like they might be lost forever.

Kelase’ comes to kill Cammy since Jason doesn’t have anyone for him to steal and time is up. Gen gets in the way and when he learns the score he claims to be Jason’s lover. He is taken by Kelase’ instead. Camellia runs to tell Jason what happened. Jason resolves to go rescue Gen, despite knowing he doesn’t have the skill to do so. Thankfully, Kelase’ throws the fight since he’s not that much into murder anymore.

After the incident Odin and Camellia reconnect. Cammy is unwilling to lose the man she loves and her stubborness eventually erodes Odin's drama. They begin again.

Year 1844: Camellia gives birth to her and Tyler’s son, Baron. A month later they marry.

Year 1853: Odin realizes that something is seriously wrong with Jarius. Although he tried to stay on the fence as he always does when it comes to love matters with his friends, he can’t ignore the talk he had with Jarius at the bar. He’s not himself anymore and he’s ruining his life. Odin (with some urging from Jason and Ivy) decides to talk to his father who’s surprisingly receptive to the idea of talking to Jarius’ dad and getting the man back on board. His respect for the man rises a notch to one…as there was none before. He also decides to help Jason find out about his parents’ deaths.

Year 1854: After a parent/son outing with Baron leaves him with a scolding from Cammy, Odin goes to a bakery to try to apologize for it. Upon going there, he meets Calliope for the first time and Recognizes. He’s over the moon ecstatic at the discovery and fulfills the deed as soon as possible! Through his excitement, he fails to mention his wife to Calliope and vice versa, and after that it just seems like a weird thing to bring up as he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt!

Calliope talks with Odin about what his being married and having a child with another woman will mean for her and her child. Odin tries to smooth things over with Camellia after he’s recognized Calliope and hid her, who is naturally hurt and furious with him. Despite her feelings, Camellia agrees to try and make this work.

Camellia tells Ivy about the situation, Ivy tries not to be amused about the ironic twist of fate after Camellia told HER to accept back Jarius. By the end of their talk, Ivy decides she needs to talk to Odin.

Ivy and Odin have a rather passionate talk about his hiding everything from Camellia.

Camellia talks with Baron to see if he’s excited about a future sibling or not. Instead, Baron tells her he is signing up for a school in Phandaria because he cannot stand to stay here.

After Baron takes off, Camellia breaks the news to Odin that their eldest has left to live elsewhere because of the situation at home. Odin blames himself for not seeing Baron reaching back out to him after he’d previously shut Odin off.

Year 1855: Calliope gives birth to a son, Zayne. Odin is with her as their child is born and everyone tries not to think of the elephant in the room: Odin now has two sons to inherit. One is actually not his (Baron) but everyone thinks it is. The other is actually his (Zayne) but the boy will be illegitimate since Odin wasn’t married to the mother at the time.