True Dragon
Soul Name
Champion's League
Gold Scale Resort


Knowledge of Arcane
Aerial Combat, Combat Reflexes, Cosmetics, Dodge, Intimidation, Knowledge of Crystals, Keen Sense (Detials), Schooled
Athletics, Quick Learner, Dancing Ballroom, Melee (Staff), Stealth, Wilderness Survival (Camping)


Species Powers
Transformation (Dragon / Native Races), Comprehend Langauges
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Arcane & Holy Unknown)
Arcane Spells

Affliction: Blind, Sickness

Arcane: Summon Familiar (Skylar)

Fire: Magma Burst

Mind: Strong Mind, Web of the Universal Mind

Favored (Levian)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Sandy Brown
Hair Color
Hair Style
She has wavy long hair to her lower back.
Height & Weight
5'7''/125 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Her true form is that of a golden western bodied dragon the size of a large pickup truck.
Style & Casual Clothing
Phairan fashion, typically a sarong over a halter top and long skirt. She prefers blues, whites and light colors.
Distinguishing Marks


Crystals (she keeps a good sized collection), learning new things, adventure (big or small), Blaine (he is her best friend and has a bit of a crush), creating spells (but she hasn't had a lot of success just yet), her siblings (she just can't related to them), the Champions League, Adrian (kind of a second father figure), flying (it is one of the best things about being a dragon), heights (the higher the better)
Not being able to relate to her siblings (she loves them dearly, but she can't deal with the bitterness), Feeling pity for her siblings (she knows they don't want it, but it is hard not to feel sorry for them), Staying in a humanoid form for too long (she starts to feel cramped and gets kind of cranky), when creating new spells fail (and it happens a lot), Savarius (she hates everything about him), fighting (but she knows that it is important so she makes sure she is good at in all of her forms)
Orianna is what is commonly known as a bookworm, but she lacks the typical shyness and timidness of a bookworm. While she isn't the outgoing, cheerleader type, she is pretty friendly and approachable (unless it has to deal with her siblings). She has a love for adventure, and she will try anything at least once. She learns through experience, and she knows that knowledge is power, so she wants to experience almost everything.
Savarius (but she has this deep desire to defeat him one day and to get her sibling's forms back somehow), Losing her true form (she has seen what it has done to her siblings), confinement or being captured (she really likes her freedom), She fears killing someone she cares about because she can't control her anger when it comes to Savarius.
She is always awkward around her siblings, and she is hardly ever in her dragon form around them as she feels like she is flaunting the fact that she still has her true form whereas they don't. To escape from her problems, she will always turn to a book (any kind of book). When it comes to Savarius, she has a lot of pent of rage and bitterness. She can't see clearly when it comes to him.


Father / Donor
Satarius (Dead) & Savarius
Mother/ Sire
Ashmael (Brother, Dead), Zac'tal (Brother, Dead), Darius (Brother, Dead), Eira (Sister), Erinas (Brother), Kinon (Sister, Dead)
Close Friends
Champion's League, Blaine, Karlee (Dead)


Familiar (Owl)
Age & Sex
- / F
An electric blue screech owl with piercing eyes.
Skylar is pretty aloof, not seemingly caring about anything around her. Well, except for, maybe, Orianna.


Year 1837: She was hatched with her siblings in the mountains not far from the Araneae home volcano. Savarius tries to steal the hatchings from Satarius. The Champion League, led by Adrian, steps in and saves the day.

Year 1840: They are babysat by the Champion League after, eventually flying them to a remote location. There Satarius takes Vanshee, Aros and Adrian into the Akashic Library.

Year 1842: Savarius attacks their "home" and the result is devistating. Satarius is badly wounded, Eira loses her dragon form completely and Erinas seems to be curropted somehow. They are narrowly saved by the arrival of the Champion's League. Adrian leads them to a tower in Wysteria where they encounter mages in hiding that are led by Kevin. They agree to remain there while everyone recovers.

Year 1843: Orianna learns a love of reading with Adrian. In the process he suggests she might like studying magic at the Arcane Academy. Orianna joins the classes and loves them. She takes to the studies well. She also learns about ritual magic and talks with Elodin about if she has the potential for it.

Year 1853: She joins the Champion's League when they go to help the people of Steelhaven. Battista encounters a young knight who wants to kill his dragon! He calls himself Victus the Dragonslayer but he can’t well keep the name without slaying a dragon, right? However when Blaine and Orianna over hear this they step up to defend with Battista… and Orianna gets a little too personal when she shows her “fangs” in a more dragonic fashion. The next day Battista finds someone doing something to his door and Snugs is upset. Looking there is a symbol nailed to it. The same thing has been done to Orianna’s door and they talk about what it must mean. They learn, from Karlee, the symbol is a Wysterian holy mark that means demons dwell within.

Year 1854: The Champion’s League actually takes a break from patrolling Steelhaven to go to the Isle of Dragons. Why? For Gaelnaris and Matius wedding of course! While they leave a small contingent in the city to oversee things, Adrian, Vanshee, Aros, Schaw, Orianna, Blaine, Gaelnaris, Matius, Karlee, Battista, Arcturus and Snugs all go!

Upon the Champion’s League returning, they learn children go missing in the city and the church claims that mages are carting them off for ritual sacrifices. Naturally the mages are furious and the two parties start fighting. Adrian, Battista, Vanshee & Orianna step in and agree to find the culprit and settle the matter.

Investigation by Orianna, Aros and Battista seems to point to the church at first, but Aros can detect magic at one of the scenes and that leaves him suspicious that the mages really might be involved.

Cerrin attacks the Champion’s League to steal Snugs and Arcturus. In the fight Cerrin siphon’s Matius’ powers to keep him from assisting. Gaelnaris’ sword cuts that connection, freeing Matius who is now weakened but alive and still a mage. Cerrin steals Snugs from a helpless Battista (teleports him away). Demetri is with Battista when it happens but can’t do much. However, in the process, he learns how truly evil the Royal Advisor is. Cerrin steals Arcturus from Adrian by setting Vanshee against him once more while he teleports the araneae away with him. Ruben is present and tries to help run damage control. Schaw and Aros are with Orianna and Blaine during the assault and sees just how furious and scared Orianna is when she sees Cerrin’s dragonic form – her father’s form! Schaw and Blaine try to stop her and she injures them both badly. Aros knocks her down a peg as a result and she comes to realize how much her bottled up rage is capable of hurting others.

Gaelnaris explains to the Champion’s League his situation with Athane and what he was told by the guardian of the Akashic Record about redeeming the Epitaphs. Aros uses the blade’s wave length and does a scan, he admits it’s possible. Orianna is furious, unwilling to see any fate but death for the man that killed her father. The test is a success, Cerrin is purified and even becomes golden like his brother was. Before they can react, he flies out of the building. Adrian is furious – more so because he must explain it to Orianna.

Year 1856: After learning what they can about Torus and “Fate”, the Consortium members find a way to implode the Time Steam Gates. The devices must be planted at the various gate locations and will close the portals and release the energy back into its proper balance. There are 9 gates in total and thus 5 teams are sent. Team 2 arrives at their Time Steam Gate and must deal with enemies coming out of it while they reach it to destroy it. Karlee is killed protecting Chester from a gunshot while he sets off the device.

Year 1858: Ancient dragons around the world begin to rise up. The most devastating of which is Serpa in the lost territory of Nazca and Metael, in Wysteria. The latter devastates the land, rising ash and lava for miles and bringing the nation to its knees. Renee’ and Destan flee for their lives in the chaos.As the Champion’s League hears about the attacks by Meteal against Wysteria, he pulls his forces from the Dawnbringer roster. He isn’t sure how he feels about the loss of his people but he does know something that powerful isn’t going to be solved while everyone is still in recovery! Orianna and Blaine attempt to support Adrian during this emotionally confusion time.

Year 1859: Bored one afternoon, the League does a two-on-two sparring bout. Blaine teams up with Orianna against Aros. He swears he needs no sidekick and he proves to be right. Seeing just how overpowered he is, it makes Blaine realize how UNDER powered he is and he actually ends up really grouchy after. Orianna tries to talk to Blaine about how power doesn’t matter, so much as how you use it, but he doesn’t want to hear it.