Oseron Nightfall


Soul Name
Abraxas (Garden of Nightfall)
Priest (Dark God), Mage, Strategist
New Dawn


Knowledge of Arcane (Rituals), Culture (Ancient World)
History (Ancient World), Culture (Ryuko & Aetherian), Schooled, Alchemy, Geology (Keise Crystals), Language (Pictography, Ancient Keise, Ryuko, Aetherian), Penmanship, Athletics, Religion
Culture (Wysterian, Phairan, Araneae & Nazcan), Langauge (Phairan, Arcane & Araneae), Melee (Staff), Psychology, Philosophy


Species Powers
Telepathy, Dark Vision, No Light Vision, Umbra Traverse (Shadow Walking)
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Keise Techniques), Godsend, Sense Ley Lines
Keise Technique Spells
Death's Call, Skeleton Key (Average), Murmuring Whispers, Rerierre's Stain (Low)
Herald: Oseron receives messages/visions of what the Gods need of it.
Ritual Magics
Oseron knows many ancient cultural rituals for cleansing, summoning and sealing.


Main Weapon
Ether Vein
It catches energy directed at him and dampens the hit.
A long iron rod cast in copper with vince like designs and keise crystals in it.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Pinkish White
Lean with chorded muscle.
Hair Color
Dusky Pale Rose
Hair Style
It has short, and heavily layered, wavy hair.
Height & Weight
5'11'' / 150 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
It wears ornate vest-tunics over tight body suits and with various capes or cloaks. Its lower portion of the body suit moves into thigh-high boots and this area usually has a long half-skirt over it.
Various ornate bracelets & crystals.
Distinguishing Marks


Reading, talking deep circles of philoosphy/psychology, meditation, music, alchemy, being of assistance to others, other cultures (their lore, their history, even their day-to-day objects, seeing others succeed or being an aspect of their success (it is not the lime-light kind of person), cuddling with Leorajh
Failing (the higher the expectations/costs the farther it crashes), sole responsability, being forced to rush, people who use might to demand rights, watching suffering (especially while not being able to do something about it), dissonance between people
A patient scholar who loves to spend hours talking about theories, histoical event and the reasons why people do what they do, Oseron is a very gentle and cerebral person. It has never been a front line fighter or a brave person, yet it knows one day it will be called upon to do its share in the role of important events as it was "blessed" from birth by the Dark God. It is reluctant to talk itself up, cautious and yet very loyal and loving.
It fears many things, mostly that the so-call blessing upon it will be a down payment for something it cannot do.
Oseron does not rush itself, it tries to take its time and do things with mindfullness.


Father / Donor
Mother/ Sire
Shevat, Open
Leorajh (Lover)
Close Friends
Scathe, Leorajh, JJ, Cera
Vor'dea Tear (Mentor)


Age & Sex


Year 1719: Born in the same litter at Shevat, its littermate is FAR more flashy and takes most of the attention. Oseron ends up prefering this, the solitude allows it to feel less judged as it recognizes the ugly sides to the fame Shevat has gained.

Year 1739: While Shevat wow-ed people with its talents in dancing and music, a different fate struck Oseron at this point. Suddenly it was having visions and getting messages from sources it couldn't fathom - but they seemed to be guiding it, warning it, mentoring it...

Worried their kitten might be insane, its Donor and Sire took it to the preists only to find it was in fact a holy blessin! Oseron was destined for great things under the watchful gaze of the Dark God. This scared Oseron, though it tried to keep its fears quiet since everyone else was so excited about it, because it felt it couldn't live up to all these expectionats.

Year 1750: It becomes a priest, it seemed only natural given its blessing and its love of research/lore/history/etc. It studies under Vor'dea Tear, a scholar of the royal family, and as such becomes friends with Scathe over time.

It also takes up running the family crystal mines since Shevat would rather focus on its music. Oseron had a vested interest in alchemy and resonance by this point anyways and didn't mind the free access to research tools!

Year 1810: Shevat, and its band, go to Aether. Given its littermate is out of the home, Oseron takes this as a good chance to take the occasional multicultural trip itself. It begins researching the different cultures around the world (at the time mostly the Land of Dragons and Aether) as well as visiting old ruins.

Year 1812: All out war breaks out in Aether and as a result Shevat and its band come home. Oseron, like many keise, is not willing to take part in a war given its peaceminded ways.

Even after the war ended the following year, Oseron tended to visit the other nations a bit more frequently then Aether for a while - mostly to let the dust settle.

Year 1836: It had the pleasure of attending the Harmonic Convergence and was amazed by how ancient the location itself was. It begins research the truly ancient world that the ruins elude to. As a result it stumbles across many acient rituals that have to do with cleansing, summoning and sealing for extremely ancient powers.

It was also fascinated by the culture of the Araneae - who seemed as interested in history and lore as it was. It has spent entire weeks going through their Archives. As a result of the deep friendships it had formed their, it was even given a present from Lemures himself - an ancient artifact staff called Ether Vein.

Year 1854: Arcadian talks to Chester about how to create an energy barrier that can cover all of Shade’s Run. While it can be done, it takes technology that Detridon made and supplies from the Dark World. Leorajh meets with Janos II to see if his keise connections could help with the needed supplies. As a result he is introduced to a guest of JJ’s, Oseron.

Just as the wall network is finished the armies show up on the horizon. They must do everything they can to defend the city while the grid goes online. Leorajh, Chestin, Oseron and Astera protect the central location where Oseron is powering the gate up.

After, Cera arranges a meeting with Oseron, theoretically to discuss keise crystal shipments for her duchy. However she’s also coming dressed in her best (that she obtained with Aurora) to see if the keise likes it.

Year 1855: With the threat of the Slada’sha rising, the powers that rule the nations/factions come together (Chestin, JJ, Scathe, Chester, Xiphil, Muramasa, Kaidan, Oseron, Kallista, Leorajh) to discuss how they should handle it. They agree to assemble teams to investigate various issues. One team will look into the catacombs under Cardinal Meridian for more clues, since a Slada’sha had slumbered there. Another will investigate the strange calling from the ocean and where exactly it is. A third will look into Sardor Isle and see just how asleep the Slada’sha there is now. The last will look into the ruins of Aether’s ancient capitol in what is now Nazca and see if there are any artifacts that may have been stored for use against these creatures.

Its team arrives in the capitol city. They investigate and learn the Slada’sha isn’t awake but its stirring for some reason – despite having been recently defeated.

Shortly after the Dawnbringer Pact is forged. Oseron takes the information and holds a meeting with JJ, Chestin, Scathe, Chester, Xiphil, Muramasa, Kaidan & Leorajh. They realize that the other Slada’sha are stirring because of the big one waking up, someone the emanations are waking others. Mouko invites himself into the meeting, declaring that previously waking them required his power so he isn’t sure how this is happening. Realizing this is a world threatening issue, they create a group that will be considered unallied to any one nation but which will defend all nations from the threat of the Slada’sha. Every major power will have a representative within this neutral party. The representatives are: Oseron (as the Leader), Leorajh (as the Field Commander), Scathe (Shadow Hunters), Chester (Consortium), Virgil (Knights of the Crown), Astera (Temple), Mouko (Entropy), Xiphil (Nazca), August (Wysteria), Syria (Dark World) and Kallista (Phaira). Due to Mouko’s inclusion, Muramasa pulls all ryuko support from this group and leaves the meeting – returning home. The group is called Dawnbringer and all present sign a pact to support its operations.

As the base gets up and running, various signs of sabotage occur. Shantrea, Virgil and Chester bring their issues up to Oseron and Leorajh. Shadow Hunters are sent to investigate the threat. However, the investigation is hard to prioritize when the water levels are starting to rise – which is the first sign the Ocean Slada’sha is awakening. They have to mobilize all forces to get people out of the Isle of Dragons and the beaches of Merlose before they are destroyed.

Mouko teleports to the Isle of Entropy and tries to save the land but it fails. With no other choice, Mouko explains his family that he can hold the Slada’sha in this region by using the fragmented buildings of the temple below to restrain it, but he cannot stop its minions and the infestation to come. It will spare them the main monster but not the waves of its creations. This will take everything Mouko has, so as a result he names Mizuki his replacement.

In the wake of devistation, Leorajh brings wine to seduce Oseron but gets seduced instead. The keise asks that they not “obsess” over each other though (aka no ownership, no jealous and no controlling one another). They become lovers.

As the dust settles on a rather hollow “victory”, Oseron talks with the other representatives about the threat of the Slada’sha. Yes, Mouko has bought them time, but they must use it wisely. It believes there are a handful of locations that could hide clues to learning the secrets of the Slada’sha – maybe even how to destroy them. Without Mouko to provide them insight, they need to uncover the knowledge he had themselves. It suggests sending a team to find the Teiten Miko: Nao.

Oseron sends Leorajh, along with Yuki and Toru, to seek out Nao. Sadly there are no teleport sites between there are the Land of Dragons after Ryuuguu had been moved into the sea so they have to take the long way.

Just before years end, Oseron, Arcadian, Shantrea & Ansel go to a non-Slada’sha location that is giving off readings. They find a strange device (a Time Steam Gate) and notice the readings are sucking inwards instead of flowing out like they should be. They are attacked through the gate and when they are overwhelmed Ansel and his protection detail make the ultimate sacrifice to buy them time to escape.

Year 1856: Leorajh brings Takeshi and Miki with him to convince Tsubasa to join their cause – at least long enough to catch Torus. Naturally Janos and Kelase’ are present. After they convince him, the whole group work together to snare the Time Keeper. The trap is sprung and Torus is captured. After, Torus is brought to Oseron so they can properly interrogate him. Torus informs them of Melchior’s machinations in all of this and raves about how Fate will win in the end. This brings up the question of who Fate is, which ironically Tsubasa is more capable of answering due to his meeting with the creature. Torus is kept as a prisoner. The group decides it is in _everyone’s_ best interest to destroy the time gates.

After learning what they can about Torus and “Fate”, the Consortium members find a way to implode the Time Steam Gates. The devices must be planted at the various gate locations and will close the portals and release the energy back into its proper balance. There are 9 gates in total and thus 5 teams are sent.

Year 1857: The Consortium set up a camp to activate the cannons at an agreed upon time with Chester operating as a communications hub for it. Oseron stays behind at the fortress as well, with the Isle of Entropy acting as the vessel to carry Leorajh to the battle.

The Ocean Slada’sha is Defeated: The signal is given, the cannons are activated and the fight against the Slada’sha takes place. Leorajh alone keeps its focus until the weapons can be unleashed at full power but in the end they are victorious in putting the monster down for good!

A massive celebration is held at the Dawnbringer Fortress unknown to those celebrating, however, “Fate” makes its fury known and opens multiple gates through time into the ancient past – unleashing 5 ancient True Dragons onto the world. As they enter a time period in which they are dead, their psyche melds with that of their deranged dead counter parts and drives them into a maddened state. After the event the two leaders of the Dawnbringers, Leorajh and Oseron, have a private moment together. Leo admits he doesn’t want to live without the keise in his life.

Year 1858: Oseron receives a rare ‘communication crystal’ that holds a message from Witchly. The message’s first part is instructed to be seen by the King, or Queen if he has died by the time this message reaches them, of Aether. The message tells them that the Darkworld was assailed by metallic, earth, crystal and plant based monsters. They were touched with a madness like those of the Slada’Sha and turning their people into monsters. They have to make a full retreat back into the actual Darkworld. They would rather deal with the A’dalis then these beasts. Aether is, regrettably, on their own unless they want to join them in the darkness. After the message is delivered Oseron and Leorajh decide they will try to head off the tide with the Dawnbringer.