Soul Name
Thrill Seeker
Monster Hunters
Temple of the Heavenly Host (w/ Trisha)


Larceny (Pick Pocket)
Larceny (Pick Pocket), Athletics
Dodge, Language (Aetherian), Stealth, Hunting, Labor, Larceny (Lock Picking), Melee (Whip), Tracking
Pet Care, Animal Training, Astronomy, First Aid, Keen Sense (Sight), Mount Riding, Storytelling, Wilderness Survival, Language (Phairan), Melee (Scimitar)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Cat's Pathing, Lithe Reflexes
Trigger State: Activated in the presence of rare artifacts, he gains superior combat abilities: melee (scimitar) as a major skill and unarmed combat as an average. He cannot stop the trigger and will continue his task mercilessly until it is finished. He is able to communicate but he is like a military man on a mission. He does not remember anything from the moment he was triggered.
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
A thick black leather rope he practices with at his leisure and can often be cajoled to use to do common tricks for money.
Other Weapons
Bronze Scimitar
Only when he’s been triggered, he becomes efficient as a warrior with this golden blade from Phaira.
Other Accessories
Luck Cat: A copper cat statue with citrine eyes and a garnet collar. It grants good luck to whoever hold it, but once you let it go you get bad luck.


Eye Color
Coal Black
Skin Tone
Dark Brown
He’s athletic and tall with big hands and broad, muscle.
Hair Color
Dark Red-Brown
Hair Style
It hangs in natural waves to his shoulders, and is often parted in the middle.
Height & Weight
6' / 185 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears a long, open, sleeveless white tunic with an open brown vest over that. He has heavy thick gloves and rust red pants with sandals. Around his waist is often a thick red sash.
He wears two rings (his parents’) on a black string about his neck. He also fashioned his luck cat artifact into a necklace and wears it so he doesn’t lose it.
Distinguishing Marks
He has three tattoos from his late father: two falcon talons on the back of his neck, two diagonal stripes (he calls them tiger stripes) starting from under his right arm and ending past mid-chest, and a series of tribal designs down his spine starting from the nape of his neck and ending at his tailbone.


Palden enjoys making money, “acquiring” money, making friends, finding new artifacts, adventure, pretending he is the world’s greatest lover, running (or being chased) through a crowded city, travelling, animals (especially cats), the outdoors, getting his hands dirty, brawling and a good, stiff drink.
Palden grows very quiet when his clan is mentioned, he misses his parents and Braiden, he hates dwelling on all the death around him, hates sitting around doing nothing, losing sleep, candles (due to almost catching on fire in childhood), commitment, breaking hearts and not remembering the last 10 years whatsoever.
His Roma background taught him to be street-smart and innovative. He’s crafty and good at getting out of awkward situations, although on the surface he puts on a show as a “swarthy” (his word) playboy. He’s open, friendly (the guy could befriend a rock, really), a joker and can spark up a conversation with just about anyone, especially a lovely lady or the passing person he just stole coin from.
His loss of his clan was his greatest fear and has come true. His stomach still coils at the thought of it. He also fears fire and the thought of burning alive.
He does everything x1000. Energy is his middle name.


Father / Donor
Posqual "Painted Hide" (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Aurelei "Seeing Eye" (Dead)
Trisha (Lover)
Close Friends
Braiden (Dead), Noru, Tayanna, Kathleen, Rissa, Jasper
Helaku (Adopte Uncle, Dead), Jahzara (Adopted Aunt), Danu (Adopted Aunt, Dead), Vesna (Ex-Lover, Dead), Hadley (Fellow Monster Hunter)


Age & Sex


Year 1817: Palden was born to Posqual and Aurelei in a rather unexpected natural pregnancy and named for his late uncle. Due to being born out of recognition, he suffers from sleep deficiency. He doesn’t sleep for more than six hours a night and sometimes even sleepwalks. Posqual fashioned leather cords as a type of restraint to keep him from danger after one incident in where he almost fell down a flight of stairs. From then on, Palden wears a bracelet that can be tied to various things to keep him from wandering in the middle of the night. The lack of sleep makes Palden act incredibly giddy like a hyperactive puppy.

Year 1822: When he was five, someone put a candle too near to his sheets. In the middle of the night, he rose to sleep walk but couldn’t due to Posqual’s restraint. Instead, he flung out with his foot, burning the blanket until Posqual pulled him from it after smelling fire. Since then, he’s been deafly afraid of burning alive and refuses to get too close to fire.

Year 1823: The next year at age six, he discovered his magic power. He was up while everyone else was sleeping and trying to count sheep, when his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he began to call for Posqual. Aurelei and Posqual woke in amazement to listen to Posqual’s brother, Palden, speaking through the child. Palden raved about the gift his nephew had and was grateful to be able to speak to Posqual again. It was then they knew that the dead could speak through their child. It’s happened again a few times, but young Palden has no control over it yet.

Year 1824: The elfin magic vanishes and he loses his spirit powers, which is a relief to him.

Year 1828: The Roma go into debt and join the Carnival. Palden stays behind in the capitol instead. He begins dating Trisha but they aren't intimate.

Year 1830: Trisha and Gwendolyn help him get a job as a courier.

Year 1832: Palden finds the Luck Cat but doesn't understand its significance yet.

Year 1833: He and Trisha finally get intimate. Vesna enters the picture, intent on seducing Palden from Trisha.

Year 1834: After Trisha came back from her captivity, she changed. The change was something Palden could never understand and being too young in realizing how people change as they grow up, he felt himself growing further and further away. He never gave in to Vesna while he and Trisha were together, but afterwards let him fall on her friendship and sparks for comfort.

Afterwards, Palden made a vow to never be in a committed relationship again (following Helaku’s lead) and started to focus more on his future instead. He focused more on adventuring and found a bosom-buddy in Braiden. They traveled the world treasure-hunting, Palden often letting his buddy take the lead.

Everything was going swimmingly, and Palden even made his peace with Trisha after being unfairly jailed in one of his Luck Cat trials. He was released and continued merrily until Braiden was cursed as a monster. Everything changed for the worst after that, and Palden went through a hurried spiral to try and cure his friend to no avail. His travels led him to Phaira and he hung out there for about six months, searching for artifacts to get his mind off of everything, and that’s the last thing he remembers from that time.

Year 1854: Palden wakes up in a desert in Phaira with no clear idea of what he’s been doing for the past 10 years. His clothes have changed, he has artifacts he can’t name lying around him and he’s bloodied and bruised. The only thing he recognizes is his Luck Cat. Bewildered, he tries to find a way back home to figure out what’s going on.

Unbeknownst to him, a high priestess named Sesme has taken it upon himself to “cleanse” Palden of his thieving ways. Her plan is twofold, as with a certain trigger, Palden must immediately find any artifact in his vicinity and return it to a man named Amnon, who always seems to appear when Palden's mission is done. This man is her son, who keeps an eye on Palden to make sure he does what he's supposed to. Palden does his task with tunnel vision, letting nothing or no one stand in his way to protect his prize. He does not finish until his task is completed. This all allows Sesme to gain the artifacts back for the church (some for himself), and to turn Palden’s life around (in her eyes) by making the Roma turn against his own stealing/treasure hunting instincts. Her end goal is to make Palden an Archon once he’s been fully cleansed. Palden has no memory or knowledge of any of this.

Palden comes to visit Trisha while she’s trapped in her dream, the Monster Hunter group still having no answers on how to get in without another dream walker. He finds Jason there. The doctor warns him that Trisha’s time isn’t infinite. The technology for medicine can only by her a little over a week – after that she’s liable to die at any time.

Trisha escapes into Palden’s dreams. She explains what she’s been through and gives him “the key” that allows her spirit to piggyback with him. He can now carry her back to her body, they just have to hope it’s in time to save her life.

Palden rushes back to the Clinic and gets Trisha to her body. The doctors immediately begin attending to her and she survives. At this point, Palden and Trisha resume their relationship with each other.

Trisha discovers Palden has been sleeping on the streets and invites him to move in with her at the Temple instead.

After the massive world event, Trisha is depressed and broken by what happened in the medical tents. Palden does his best to comfort her. Palden and Trisha investigate cures for corruption and learn Jason Meilyr has a private investigation on the topic. They approach him about assisting and he suggests they could bring him specimens so he can do more advanced testing.

Eventually Forint & Taisie get ambitious enough to pick a man to try and seduce together: Palden. While Forint is unsure because of his low birth, Taisie assures her that is what makes it FUN. They make moves on Palden, which could be a repeat of history of Palden cheating on Trisha. However, Palden stays faithful and turns down their “offer”.

Year 1856: Team Ancient Artifacts is assembled: Palden, Jasper, Leila & Phaedria. Team Ancient Artifacts arrives in Nazca’s capitol, which is currently overrun with Juton. They must sneak their way around the hungry giants to sneak into the catacombs of the ancient Aetherian catacombs beneath.

Palden’s programming is activated upon getting to the artifacts and he turns on the group. Naturally they try to get through to him but fail and he takes off with the goods – forcing the group to tail him. Palden goes to the nearest teleport site but the guards won’t let him use it without money. When the group ambushes him as well, he takes Phaedria as a hostage and forces the guards to activate the gate or she’ll be killed. The others chase him through. On the other side, Amnon awaits. He takes the items and explains the situation to the others. He apologizes for his “rude little monkey” but won’t give them the items. He has no faith in Aetherians and hearing the artifacts are important to stopping a worldwide threat only makes him more assured they belong in PHAIRAN hands.

Palden passed out without the control of his master. Awakening the others are left to explain the situation to him and go back to Aether empty handed during its darkest hour.

Geralt awakens from a nearly week long coma. Being incapable of dying thanks to the curse upon him, he had washed up on the beach and been saved by the Monster Hunter group (Leila, Palden & Jasper). He explains his situation to them and they offer to let him take on a new identity (since his crime wasn’t REALLY a crime, was it?) and work with them. A Lorekeeper has GOT to be handy for researching monsters! He works for them a short time before his death.