Patrick Hastings


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Marquis of Merlose, Lord of Briar
Legacy Institute
Hstings Mansion (w/ Parents & Sister)


Fine Art (Sketching)
Alchemy, Crafting (Wood Models), Instrument Playing (Violin), Invention (Theoretical), Knowledge of Classical Music, Knowledge of Science, Knowledge of Research, Mathematics, Music Composition, Penmanship, Schooled
Dancing (Ballroom), Language (Keise), Engineering, Finances, Performance (Opera), Quick Learner


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Blue (Left Eye), Brown (Right Eye)
Skin Tone
Very Pale Peach
Lean and wiry, with long limbs.
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Hair Style
He keeps his hair short and in spikes so he doesn’t have to worry about it. It is most usually slicked up and out of his face to not get in his eyes and bother him.
Height & Weight
5'9'' / 145 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He tends to like the softest of silks on his body but working vests and expensive pants, often in shades of blue and gray as they complement his eye the most.
He wears various different types of jewelry from rings to necklaces to braces, but no particular fondness for one, mostly as a model for this father’s store. He’s placed his Gideon ring, the prized possession of his childhood away in a box in a drawer under lock and key.
Distinguishing Marks


Composing (he likes creating a “theme” for every beautiful moment of his life), his scientific sketches (which means spending time with Percy), studying (except history, that’s pointless), salads, spending time indoors (not a big fan of outward activities), being right, his mother, (she GETS him), when his parents let him do his own thing, hanging out with his friends, inventing (he’s leaning towards doing this when older), when people compliment him for an accomplishment, creating new things (on paper only, he doesn’t know how to translate his inventions into actual objects but when it comes to projecting he’s a wiz). He also enjoys being Percy who can create something from nothing which fascinates him, allowing him to enjoy being his personal test dummy.
History (booooring… and he can’t keep all the dates straight for his life), family outings (shudder), when he has duties to attend that he’d much rather miss (for example if he must show up at a ball when he’d rather stay at home and finish his newest melody), outdoor activities (except the park), getting sunburned, red meat, not knowing where he stands with father, his sister and her annoying ways (why couldn’t he get a NORMAL sibling like in Percy’s family?)
Patrick is very much cerebral and more than a little obsessive when it comes to his passions, which are music composition and the study of science (particularly alchemy). He tends to obsess over the details and is a perfectionist given to freak out when things do not confirm his views to a T. However he’s also deeply inventive and has a very curious disposition, yearning to investigate the inner workings and the connections between all things. He takes much after his mother in his strong will and determination, however he also appears to have inherited his grandmother’s pride – much to Ivy and Gideon’s discomfort; he’s very self-assured, bordering on arrogant if you rub him the wrong way, and totally thinks he will live up to greatness both as a scientist and a musician. His sense of humor is sometimes a bit wicked but he’ll always realize when he is pushing it too far and promptly sober up. He is, however, somewhat uneasy when it comes to sentimental matters or feelings so deep he can’t fathom them. He’s also very clever and won’t hesitate to use his looks (particularly the different color of his eyes), his charm, or even tears to get his way.
Deafness (he contracted otitis as a little kid and he’s been terrified to become deaf ever since), that he’ll be forced to take over the Sterling Excellence after his father (he’d much rather HIRE people to work for him and find a good seneschal to watch them over, his dream is to become a scientist or a musician… or better yet both at once!), that something may happen to his parents and he’ll be left all alone in the world, Jason (he’s terrified of him because he’s the doctor who said he might lose his hearing when he was five!)
If he’s absorbed in his music or in his experiments he won’t look up (not even to talk with his parents) and answer in monosyllables, “Yes, No, Hmm, Oh?, Good, Bad, Bye”. He’s also subject to drop what he’s doing (including talking with people) if he thinks the moment is “special” enough and requires a melody dedicated to it!


Father / Donor
Jarius Hastings
Mother/ Sire
Ivy Hastings
Grace (Sister)
Close Friends
Monnique, Baron, Percy, Keita
Ebon (Grandfather), Celia (Grandmother), Cerec (Uncle)


Year 1844: Patrick is born to Jarius and Ivy as the coronation of their star crossed love. From an early age he shows a captivation for the lullabies his mother sings to him, and music in general. Born after their "seperation" he is raised primarily with his mother but is often allowed to stay with his father as they run it in a joint-custody.

Year 1849: He contracts an otitis and the doctor (Jason) is worried that it might lead to permanent hearing damage. Patrick becomes terrified of him as a result, hiding away in the house whenever Jason comes to visit and endeavoring in all ways NOT to meet him. The otitis eventually regresses – though his fear of the doctor does not.

Year 1850: He takes up studying and soon becomes engrossed with music and (later down the road) science, amusing for a child terrified of doctors (and medicine) as he is!

Year 1853: Develops an interest for alchemic science and magic, and starts toying with the idea to join the new school for mages. What holds him back is the knowledge that he could no longer study with his friends (and borrow their homeworks!), so he avoids to bring up the topic to his parents just yet.

In Libra he is forcably ripped away from his mother by Jarius, who decides to take claim of the boy completely. Naturally Patrick resents his father for this action and tries to escape the mansion many times - breaking his leg while trying to climb out a window even. As a result, Galleon orders the boy confined to his bedroom when he's not in classes and to always have an escort to ensure he won't runaway.

Year 1854: Jarius can't take it anymore and starts sneaking Patrick to see Ivy once a month or so. He disguises the trips as various father-son outtings so as not to raise Galleon's suspiscions. Eventualy his father allows him to return home to his mother.

Percy notices Chester working on documents for the newly made Consortium. When Chester offers him to join, Percy happily agrees and also asks to have Patrick on as his “assistant”. Chester refuses the assistant role but says Patrick can be his errand boy – assistants must invent!

Percy tells Patrick about how he can take him on as an errand boy… but that he will eventually have to move to the new flying military fortress once it is finished! Patrick wants to come with him, but can he talk his parents into it?
Patrick wants to join Percy when he goes to the yet unnamed military fortress (Dawnbringer) that is being built to directly combat the Slada’sha threat. However, it had to be a creative sell to his parents since: a) Patrick is 11 (with Percy being15), b) this is a flying military fortress that will go far from home and fight corrosive, corruptive, WORLD ENDING evils on a regular basis. It didn’t work and Patrick was left grounded.

Year 1855: Sir Ross goes missing and Ashlyn searches everywhere for the parrot. She runs into Patrick and Percy, who were testing a device again and they agree to help her track it down. They find it in some trees but it keeps hopping tree-to-tree to get away when they climb up after it. Finally, frustrated, Ashlyn unconsciously uses her powers and a vine grows on one of the trees to snare the bird’s foot – allowing one of the boys to catch it for her.

Grace is born to Ivy and Jarius. After the labor is over, father and Patrick come in to check on Ivy and the new addition to the family. Patrick is less than enthused.

Percy spends time with Patrick. They discuss new techniques and Patrick finds himself infatuated with Percy’s intellect.
Jarius returns home to explain the disowned situation to Ivy and Patrick. The two are shocked but back up his desire to focus on this family instead of his old one. However, they can no longer use their old family name (Gideon) and thus must use Ivy’s family name: Hastings.

Year 1856: When a teacher is late to class, the students get unruly and begin fighting with one another (Patrick & Keita). Upon returning to the chaos the teacher is furious and gives them all detention in a locked room. The children split into two groups, those who want to escape the room and those who want to wait out their punishment. The children are forced to choose sides in the conflict. In the end, Keita blows the door off, Patrick stays to get in trouble and Keita stays with him because of it. After, they are both scolded by their parents.

YEar 1857: Patrick and Monnique get voted as “best couple” at school and take it as a sign they should give it a try. However, Patrick spends most of their date obsessing over his time with Percy and generally boring the poor girl to death.
Percy caves in and confides in Patrick about his crush on Hope. Patrick suggests they do a double date and he can bring along Monnique.

Patrick goes out of his way to invite Hope to the party and get the scope of the woman to see if she’s “worthy” of Percy. Hope comes to the double date with Percy, Monnique and Patrick attending. Patrick decides to go neutral, try to help Percy until Monnique drops the ball that Percy has a crush to Hope and seals the party for them. Patrick escapes with Monnique to let the two talk.

Year 1858: Keita’s family has a party for him, with Monnique and Patrick also invited. Percy returns unexpectedly and Patrick’s emotions for the other teen go on overload into a direction he hadn’t realized before!