Phaedria Grace


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Handmaiden (JJ), Mage
Temple of the Heavenly Host


Knowledge of Arcane (Artificing), Keen Sense (Judge of Character)
Crafts, Politics (Aether), Dancing (Ballroom), Cosmetics, Languages (Arcane, Ancient Elfin), Mathematics, Schooled, Focus
Cooking, House Keeping, Mount Riding


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Read/Write Arcane, Sense Ley Lines, Spell Craft (Arcane)
Arcane Spells
Arcane Blast (2 Charge), Counter Magic (4 Charge), Sense (2 Charge), Strong Mind (4 Charge)

Favored (Bael)

Arcane Storm: Phaedria has taken a hostile arcane elemental into her body and it struggles to be released each day. Should she cast magic she begins to build up an “arcane charge” (she can’t control this). If she continues to use magic, without channeling the arcane energy into something (typically her artificing) she begins to unleash arcs of arcane lightening with no ability to pick the target and will ultimately explode. It is predicted by mages that if she were to go “critical” it would claim an entire city easily and make it uninhabitable for almost a century. (For system’s sake, she becomes a lightning emitter at 10 points of magic used and goes critical at 16. Ritual magic is determined by case but will cost more based on how impressive the effect and how many people it hits.)

Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories

Translator: A necklace capable of translating spoke languages, both from and to her.

Ring of Master’s Call: Changes color like a mood ring based on Janos III’s status. It is blue normally, turns yellow when he’s in a severe emotional status (fear, extreme hatred) and red if he is injured. Should he die it would turn black and become useless until re-bound to another person.


Eye Color
Dark Royal Purple
Skin Tone
Pale Peach-Cream
She is slender and long in both limbs and digits.
Hair Color
Hair Style
Her hair is short, feathered and layered around the right side of her face. It has a very pixie cut look to it with many choppy layers.
Height & Weight
5'5'' / 110 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Most of the time she is in her “work uniform”, a black and white semi-Lolita attire with enough military appearance to make it not seem like fetish wear. Occasionally, on her free days, she wears a short white, multilayered, dress with a leather dress over it that is laced to fit.
Distinguishing Marks


Humming and dancing while she works (so long as she is sure no one is around!), nice clothes/jewelry, people with a strong sense of loyalty and/or honesty (without crossing over into naive or stupid), making her artifacts (even without a “charge” built up she likes crafting itself, its very zen for her), hearing about the courtly gossip (once a lady of the courts, always a lady of the courts), getting answers (Phaedria is not the kind of girl “because I said so” works on, if she finds a mystery she needs the answer), riddles/puzzles, reading, cute guys (known to daydream a bit too much around them or clam up and not know how to speak to them – much to her own ire later)
Bugs, small critters (mice, rats, bats), people who look down on mages, being forced into the spot light (even by helpful friends), being treated like a peasant (she is one but she’s still not trained herself to accept it after years of having a lot of rank and power), that many of her old “friends” in the courts now ignore or look down on her, when people keep secrets from her, no win situations, being ignored (especially if she’s right THERE), the “Cult” her mother joined (she suspects it was the Cult of Asoth but isn’t sure yet), her former betrothed (Barnaby) since he treats her badly
Not very athletic , Phaedria exudes a lithe delicate grace in public. She is very cerebral often day dreaming. She favors her cleverness and intellect. In general she'd prefer to be alone with a book or practicing her artifice skills, but she has a pretty vivid curiosity of exotic people and places that can certainly pull her out of her shell. She was a spoiled child and is quick to note her displeasure with circumstances she finds beneath her. In social situations with people of authority she tends to lack confidence and is easily embarrassed or quieted. With those she deems beneath her former noble status she is more than happy to be sarcastic and snobby.
Spiders (as a result is nervous around Araneae), exploding (since she can)
She doesn’t make eye contact when she is annoyed with something/someone. She tends to fidget with her dress when uncomfortable/embarrassed.


Father / Donor
Ywainn Conalhan (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Esme Conalhan-Evalence
Yulie (Half-Sister, Dead), Varek (Brother In-Law, Dead), Clive (Brother In-Law)
Close Friends
Felisha (Estranged), Kristee (Dead), Mira
Knox (2nd Cousin), Marlene (Aunt), Sain (Uncle), Janos II (Master), Draconis (Co-Worker), Barnaby (Former Betrothed), Belladonna (Former Mentor/Friend), Virgil (Former Guard), Ke'dash (Familiar, Dead)


Age & Sex


Year 1833: Phaedria is born to her father 20 years after the death of his first wife but only 2 years after his marriage to another woman, Esme. The marriage was political in nature, Ywainn had lost to much to truly give his heart to anyone anymore, but Esme’s family controlled lands that held the Negacite mines. Research into the anti-magic ore was becoming very profitable as the fear of mages grew in Aether and he planned to capitalize on it.

As a result he had no time for his wife nor his daughter. It was joked that he peeked into the birth chamber just long enough to confirm he didn’t have a son and that after the he never looked twice at either of them again. Naturally this wasn’t true, the family saw him form time to time, but he always felt like a stranger coming into the home. He didn’t socialize, he didn’t ask questions beyond “how is school going” or “how is the finances”. There was no sense of affection from him, ever.

Year 1838: Phaedria takes an interest in magic from a young age. Ironically the first appeal for her wasn’t the power or the flashiness, it was the familiar. She met a man who had his companion out and learned from him that all mages had such a companion. A partner in life that was a piece of their own soul and would never leave them. Given how estranged she felt from her father, the notion appealed and she began to study privately on the matter.

Within a few months, faster then most, she had summoned Ke’dash, a winged serpent familiar. She was elated since the creature brought with it a feeling of being loved and not alone. It was like a friend that would always be there for her.

Year 1839 – Year 1841: Esme was soul sister to a woman named Lillian Stratton-Sainthaven, as a result she often took trips to the county of Halconnan to visit. As parents do, often the children of both were left to play together. This resulted in little Phaedria making friends with Mira, who was a likewise lonely child since her big sister had moved far away.

On one such visit, a traveling mage came into town trying to peddle some of his wares. He was an artificer, a kind of magic seldom heard of but often sought after. Listening to him talk about his arts, to show what his pieces could do, enchanted both of the girls. For Mira this sparked an eventual interest in becoming a mage herself. For Phaedria, who already thought of magic as fascinating, it began to enchant her with artificing itself. Though she only met with him 2-3 times it was as if he flipped a switch in her head. Since then she has been obsessed with the art.

Year 1842: Esme wakes in the middle of the night screaming and crying. Phaedria attempts to console her while servants scamper to assist, it still takes them over an hour to get out of the anguished woman what happened: Her soul sister had died. Fearful for Mira, Phaedria wrote her several times but got nothing back. Then knights came to their door a few weeks later with words that the parents were dead and the daughter was missing. The house of the family was burned to the ground.

With her last moral support pillar gone, save her daughter, Esme became a bit mentally strange. She was pleasant, she was devoted but she was also borderline obsessed with Phaedria. As a child the young woman thought little of it as she was spoiled rotten. She had already been raised with nearly everything she could want but now it was impossible for her to do wrong. In an attempt to help better her little girl’s life, they move to the capitol city of Cardinal Meridian so that Phaedria can enter the courts like a lady should. They even arrange a betrothal between Phaedria and a young Marquise named Barnaby Delacrois.

Year 1843: The Crown cracks down on mage activities. All of those who have the talent are forced to wear badges and have knights assigned as their “keepers”. They cannot use magic without implicit permission from their knight either, unless they want to be arrested. Esme attempts to pull rank and favors to get her little girl made exempt but the King overrides her.

Phaedria is assigned Virgil Domace as a protector. The man is strict but fatherly and actually quite patient with her. Unlike others who are bullied or controlled by their knight, she has it relatively easy as a result.

During this time her husband to be is recognized as a Promathea!

That is until the all out war breaks out between the Crown and the Temple. Christopher Promathea, sick and tired of the church helping save mages from his control, literally launched a full scale assault on the Temple despite them being in the same city. The streets are torn apart, families fight one another and the nation becomes divided between those of faith and loyalty to the mages and those of devotion to the ruler of the kingdom. The dark emotions, the twisted chaos, awakens monster sleeping beneath the city which rips free and emerges ala Godzilla. The entity, known as the Slada’sha, corrupts those it gets a hold of, rises the spirits of the dead and wreaks even more havoc.

Phaedria and her mother were evacuated by the sudden appearance of a man in black with pale hair like their own. Her mother claimed this man was Sain, who was uncle to Phaedria and thus brother of Esme. He got them out and led them to the refugee meet up point before vanishing as quickly as he’d come. All survivors were escorted to Shade’s Run, in the duchy of Argent, to help build a new capitol city there. Cardinal Meridian remained lost and became a territory ruled by the Slada’sha and its creatures.

Year 1845: A massive political meeting is held that ultimately brings peace back to the land. As a result, however, all those who practice magic must now attend a school called A.E.G.I.S. (The Academy of Education and Guidance for Incantations and Sorcery). Naturally this includes Phaedria herself, but the upside is that graduation ensures no more escorts by knights.

Her studies had kept her busy during the passing four years and she had even moved into the dormitory. When she wasn’t doing school work she was immersed in the courts. She had become one of the privileged harpies, making many friends there that included (but was not limited to) Felisha and Kristee. She also got to know her fiancee but found him to be a very dark person and thus ended up avoiding him instead. Lastly, she also had the fortune to become an apprentice to a star among the harpies: Belladonna Sanderson.

Year 1847: It is revealed Belladonna Sanderson was a member of the Cult of Asoth. Everyone is shocked by this, especially Phaedria. Naturally she severs all ties to her former mentor in order to not be dragged down with her since the Cult is well known for being a public enemy of the nation and a group of murders.

Year 1849: Phaedria graduates and becomes a legally recognized mage of Aether. Upon return to her mother’s home though she finds Esme is acting even more strangely then usual. The woman is spacey, almost acting like she’s high on life, and speaks constantly of having found her “faith” at last. The more Phaedria probes at her mother for details, the more she gets the idea this faith has nothing to do with the church at all.

Year 1853: Phaedria’s mother plans a “trip” for them to go to the Holy Land – a special isle considered sacred by all nations that predates all records. As it has played a vital role in many historical moments, it seems like an idea place to go tour at but given her sharp sense of other people Phaedria knows something is up.

Particularly since rumor is their trip coincides with when the Lord Spiritual is hold a conference with the other faiths in that very same place…

Year 1853: Phaedria's mother sets off a strange bomb under with the goal of killing everyone present at the Holy Land gathering. Ke'dash appears to give his life to stop it while Phaedria also ends up channeling some of the explosion into her. She awakens to find she is blamed for destruction and that there are other side effects of her surviving the explosion.

She is quickly marked as a scapegoat, disowned by her noble family, and is thankfully saved by JJ who houses her in the temple as a servant. She finds out that her mother is a member of the Cult of Asoth and vows to bring her to justice.

Year 1854: The city is attacked. Thankfully for Phaedria she is safe in the protection of the Lord Spiritual. Phaedria learns what the Slada'sha is from T'vasha, JJ, and Draconis.

Mira suggests a woman named Eshana may know what happened to Ke'dash. Unfortunately not only does the woman seems quite unfriendly but she also claims she ate her own familiar. Mira and Phaedria decide to forget about receiving any help from her.

While performing a demonstration of magic with Mira , Phaedria's abilities began to go haywire. Luckily Iradessa and JJ are nearby to bind her and prevent anyone from accidentally getting hurt. Iradessa explains that there is an entity inside of her calling itself the Arcane Storm. She informs Phaedria that the more she uses her magic the stronger it will become until it explodes. The best way to prevent that is to periodically drain its power through her artificing. She later uses these skills to make an item for T'vasha to keep him warm in the cold Aetherian months.

Year 1855: Phaedria is paired with the Monster Hunters by her cousin Clive, with the instruction to seek out relics in the ancient capital that can be used to combat the Slada'sha. The team is able to find one that was seemingly owned by the royal family but Palden is used to betray the team and surrender the artifact to Phairan hands.

Year 1858:Phaedria receives a request from T'vasha to make a rather personal gift for JJ. At first she declines but T'vasha is very persuasive. Draconis forces her to get the most embarrassing part of the artifact and she is quickly taught a lesson in humility by Akira.

Year 1859: Phaedria accompanies Jean, Jason and Gen to the location of two suspected Cult members with the intention of getting some answers. Unfortunately it doesn't pan out the way she would have wanted after two years of waiting. She begins to rethink her 'crusade' against the Cult.