Quentyn Blackthorne


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Duke of Merlose, Viscount of Sonmai
Blackthorne Mansion


Instrument Playing (Harp)
Keen Sense (Judge of Character), Psychology (Manipulation)
Unarmed Combat, Melee (Daggers & Short Swords), Mount Riding, Schooled, Dance (Ballroom), Instrument Playing (Harp), Politics (Aetherian), Penmanship, Quick Learner, Seneschal
Fine Arts (Drawing), Larceny (Lock Picking), Quick Learner, Knowledge (Fairy Tales), Stealth, Knowledge of Buisness, Psychology (Negotiation)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Favored (Reail)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Dagger x2
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Medium Tan
He is tall and thin and looks slightly young for his age.
Hair Color
Light Brown
Hair Style
His hair is slightly curled and has grown slightly beyond his shoulders.
Height & Weight
5'6'' / 130 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He carefully picks his clothing, trying to adapt to the situations he think he'll get in and the people he expects to meet. Mostly typical aetherian noble clothing, fairly similar to what Edan wears.
A canary yellow gem on a silver chain twin to the one that Edan wears. He got it from his mother.
Distinguishing Marks


Making useful friends (preferably in high positions), spending time with his father, bringing people (especially Edan and Edward) up against each other, spending time with Cloe & Nikkola, being praised for his work, good food, luxury, power
Being ignored or not taken seriously, his family, having no place that feels like home, failing, losing to Edward in anything, he hates that Edward is happily married to Karidee
Quentyn is an intelligent young man who easily adapts to the situations he's in and the people he is with. He tries to get an advantage out of everything and everyone and will display whatever character traits seem most useful for that. He doesn't care about others; the only reason he tries to make a lot of friends is that you can never know who might be useful to you in the future. He considers Edan and Marek responsible for everything that has ever gone wrong in his life, so he wants to find a way to make them pay for it. Generally he is a very bitter person and gets jealous easily, especially at his halfbrother, so he'll try everything to take things away from Edward and make life miserable for him. He knows a thing or two about fighting, but he doesn't particularly enjoy it. Around Edan, he will always pretend to detest violence. Being told he can’t have something makes Quentyn desire it all the more, such as Nikkola.
Being sent away by his father.
Quentyn isn't exactly tall, so he always makes a point of sitting and standing upright and he often wears shoes with heels as high as possible and socially acceptable for men


Father / Donor
Edan Blackthorne
Mother/ Sire
Odessa Blackthorne
Edward (Half-Brother)
Close Friends
Cloe, Taren, Reginald (MIA), Emmalise (MIA), Nikkola (Occasional Lover)
Marek (Former Step Father & Enemy), Vanessa (Ally), Xiphil & Edward (Rivals), Yasnin (Former Step Mother), Halina (Ex-Wife, Dead)


Year 1824: Before Odessa took off with Marek she had a tryst with Edan. This was during his darker phase where he was distant from Yasnin and the two found a comfort in their deep bond as friends. Edan never knew she was pregnant when she left - nor did she until she began to "show". She attempted to hide the birth father from Marek, terrified he would leave her for it.

Year 1828: The skin color is too glaringly obvious that Marek is not the father. The result is a strained relationship between them both while Marek hangs onto mother and child only out of a sense of guilt based obligation. This wears thin in the final year and he leaves to go back to the capitol. Both Odessa and Quentyn feel deeply betrayed.

Year 1834: Over the years Odessa's love/obsession with her son becomes twisted and suffocating. It is often unclear, likely even to her, if she loves the boy because he is all she has left or if she hates him for having ruined everything with Marek. Either way the child reaches his own limit and leaves her to seek out his birth father: Edan. His notion being to claim his birthright and get revenge on everyone who ever ruined his life!

Year 1836: Aryanna is playing her harp when Quentyn hears it. She offers him some lessons when he shows and interest but learns quickly the boy is a natural with amazing talent! Aryanna talks with Edan about Quentyn being a prodigy of harp music. Quentyn goes to his brother Edward and shares his “wonderful new talent” with him. Its technically him showing he ALSO has a prodigy skill so Edward is no longer the only one but he phrases oh so nicely…

Year 1840: Vanessa approaches Quentyn with and offer to be his “ally”.

Year 1842: Quentyn ends up an accidental witness to Edward kissing Karidee at the knights tournament. As a result he concots a way to tip off Halina without making it obvious that he is involved. He spends time bonding with Karidee, memorizing ways she's speaks and how she writes. Then he writes the letter, as though from her, and leaves it anonymous as he sends it to Halina.

Year 1843: When the capitol falls Halina is saved by Quentyn. Having only known Edward's dislike of him, she suddenly sees him as a much more heroic person and becomes enamoured with him.

Year 1844: During Winter Solstice, Quentyn comes to visit Halina and tries his hand and wooing her romantically.

Year 1847: Quentyn and Halina marry.

Year 1854: Quentyn needs blackmail on his father to force him to adbicate his rank. He puts on a disguise and hires a mysterious lady in red to get the information he needs. The two flirt incessantly and even become sensual, however the lady (Nikkola) remains aloof and out of his grasp.

During this time he also attempts to seduce Karidee, as a way to steal her from Edward before his brother can get the nerve to confees his feelings to the girl.

Year 1855: Cloe is looking for a husband; since that is something the royal family needs from her at this point, so she tries Quentyn. However, while she doesn’t pick up on his “evil” she does spot a fellow con artist when she sees it. She opts not to go there.

In Libra, Edward buys an ornate dagger for Karidee while Quentyn is with them, in an attempt to see if Quentyn will make a move because of it. Instead though, Edward ends up admitting his feelings while Quentyn is trapped being an audience to it all.

A few weeks later, Edan is blackmailed by a letter to go dowager. If he refuses then his muddled blood and criminal ties to the mafia will be made public – which will also destroy his children’s reputations. With no choice, Edan goes dowager and claims that being a Duke is too much trouble on a recluse like him. His sons naturally protest (with Quentyn faking it since he sent the letter) but he cannot be talked out of it.

Word comes to Edan and his sons that Edward’s rightful inheritance has been asked to enter the royal court system! The people of Merlose want Quentyn to inherit instead of Edward and are literally appealing to the King for it. he royal hearing for the Duchy of Merlose and its ruler is held. Chestin and Christopher both preside over it, since Chestin is starting to take a more active role in events. Edan and his sons are both present as well. In the end, the people persuade the Crown to allow Quentyn to inherit the Duchy.

In Aquarius, Edward and Karidee tell Edan and Quentyn about their being engaged. A few weeks later, to add insult to injury, Yasnin spot Edan and Quentyn at a party. She goes out of her way to talk to them and make it clear she will not tolerate anything fucking up her boy’s special day – especially not the man who keeps destroying his life (Edan) and the man who stole his birthright (Quentyn).