Raiu Yoshitoyo


Soul Name
Demon Vice-Commander
Mibushin Gumi (Commander)
New Dawn


Melee (Bushido) & Strategy (Battle)
Unarmed Combat (MAHS), Block, Combat Reflexes, Mount Riding, Athletics (Side Step), Multiple Opponents, Etiquette, Penmanship, Herbal Lore (Remedies), Intimidation
Politics (Ryuko), First Aid, Dancing (Traditional Ryuko)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Charge, Cry Havoc
Blunt Dragon, Fear of the Devil, Heaven & Earth Mirage Sword, One Sight, One Strike, Spinning Blade, Soul Blade

Favored (Dragon of Water)

Soul Burner: Allows the user to channel their own soul energy into an attack, exponentially increasing its damage/force in proportion to the soul energy given. This attack can kill the user if too much is given or if it is used too frequently back-to-back

Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Kuhga (Katana)
A demonic blade that is the manifestation of all of Mouko's lonliness and rejection. Raiu has accepted the blade and bonded with it, it grants him impressive speed, reaction time and a sense of the battle field but it hungers to kill instead of save.
A red wrapped katana with black laquer beneath and a dark iron hand gaurd.
Other Weapons
Daisho: A katana and wakazashi set, it has no family lineage signifigance however.
When knowingly going into a major battle he will adorn a breast plate and head band with metal protector.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Pale Warm Gray
Firm and fit with strong arms and legs.
Hair Color
Dark Purple
Hair Style
He has longhair with a few bangs falling to his nose while the rest falls to his chin (front) and lower back (back). He typically wears the back up in a ponytail and leaves the front out - unless he's writing in which case he pulls the front up as well except for the bangs.
Height & Weight
6'5'' / 280 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears a royal purple hakama with violet cloud designs and a violet under layer. His kekogi are plain black and he has simple zories beneath.
Distinguishing Marks


Mitsuko (he sort of lives vicariously through his dreams and upbeat personality), Toru (his unruly little brother, even if the two often act like they don't get along), the gumi (they've worked hard to reach this point and they can only go higher from here), challenges (he is the sort to welcome them head on), seeing his men surpass the expectations of others, Saiya (the man understands how to work around Raiu's difficult quirks, he loves him deeply)
Being looked down upon, when others look down upon Mitsuko, giving up on anything, leaving something half finished, anyone reading his haiku's (they are horrendously bad), that he empathizes with Mouko so easily, losing his men (they are his family)
Raiu tends to take life extremely seriously. He is hard working, studious and strict, expecting everyone to obey orders to a fault and willing to enforce harsh punishments for failure. He acts like the stern father to the men under him and as a result is often the "bad guy" who disciplines the unruly. That said, he is actually very gentle at heart and compassionate to those he trusts - often the first to apologize when he is in the wrong. He is never a hypocrite, anything he demands of others he will always do himself as well. He is prone to over working himself often.
He fears losing Mitsuko. He also fears that everything he has committed himself to will amount to nothing but ruin.
He is an extreme light weight, as a result he avoids alcohol. When he is TRULY furious with someone the glare he gets is capable of nearly knocking a man dead.


Father / Donor
Matsudira Yoshitoyo (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Sayu Yoshitoyo (Dead)
Open (Younger Sister)
Saiya (Lover, Secret)
Close Friends
Chisu, Senchiro, Saiya (Best Friend), Mitsuko (Best Friend), Erisuke(Dead), Toru, Inuzu (Dead), Akiha
Tsubaru (Uncle, Dead), Kaito (Former Boss/Enemy, Dead), Yuki (Ward of the Gumi), Aizu (Supposed Dragon, Dead), Mouko (Working on Befreinding/Forgiving)


Age & Sex


Year 1800: Raiu was born in the Land of Dragons before its fall. He was one of those "strange" children that had no dragon companion at birth. Quickly his parents began to see him a an ill omen on the family.

Year 1802: His sister is born. The family weighs their options and tossed the child to his uncle Tsubaru to be raised - they claim that keeping Raiu would tarnish the girl's prospects for a future husband.

Year 1810: Raiu studies medicine with his uncle in an attempt to bond. Sadly the two are never that close as Tsubaru feels abandoned by the family himself and takes Raui's presence are "more trash heaped on him".

Worse, Tsubaru's daughter is striken with tuberculosis and dies from it. Unaware of how fast it spreads, it hits the rest of the household one by one. However, while Raiu is afflicted he actually recovers from the disease - which is rare but possible.

Year 1828: The Land of Dragon's falls. Tsubaru is killed by the monsters and Raiu is powerless to do anything about it. He survives by pure luck as a samurai rushed into the area to save who he could and Raiu was on that list.

He was sent to live in Aether with the rest of the refugees and ultimately transfered to the Isle of Dragons there after. There was no real abundance of people who wanted to take in an orphan child of his caliber. It was suggested he volunteer himself at the various dojo that were reopening - they were often apt to take in students and let them live on site.

He ended up stepping into the dojo run by Mitsuko's family and never looked back. There he found a kindred spirit, shunned for his strange birth and just as eager to prove himself.

Year 1838: A young man is abandoned at the dojo door, Toru. He is bitter and like an angry cat takes time to warm up to them but he quickly becomes a part of the family before long.

Year 1839: Saiya joins the dojo. Raiu is extremely impressed with the man's skills, and striking appearance. Naturally they learn quickly (mostly through nay sayers) that Saiya is related to a hitokiri, Akuchi Kirranu. Refusing to judge him based upon this they invite him into their little family. Its around this time Mitsuko starts talking about them trying to become "somebody". Not just another dojo full of orphans and not-so-blue-blooded samurai, but actual warriors of the nation. Raiu takes this to heart, wanting to see Mitsuko's dream fulfilled.

Year 1841: After a certain incident Saiya leaves their dojo.

Year 1842: While out recruiting for the dojo Mitsuko finds a dying Inuzu and brings him back to Raiu. While his skills with medicines hasn't been well polished, Raiu still manages to put together enough to save Inuzu's life. After the young man explains his plight and offers his skills as a shinobi to the men who saved him.

This prompts Raiu to urge Mitsuko into action. The time seems right, the nation is falling apart slowly but surely as power vacuums form in all the Clan leaderships. They could go, offer their services as peace keepers in the capitol and make a real name for themselves. Ultimately Mitsuko agrees and the dojo packs up to hit the road, in need of a patron/lord to help bridge the gap between them and whoever they must meet to seal their agenda.

Year 1843: Kaito, the gumi's presiding lord, constantly makes trouble for them. This culminates in an incident at the local geisha house where he attempts to kill some geisha's who wouldn't strip down and dance for him. Raiu manages to difuse the situation so that the women's lives are spared.

Yuki asks Raiu & Mitsuko for permission to go and they refuse, they cannot spare the men to guard her and she is their ward. Her reaction to this refusal is to sneak out in the middle of the night, much to the gumi's concern and frustration. They don't see her again for months.

While she is gone, Shoukin goes to Mitsuko & Raiu on the pretenses of discussing incorporating mahotsukai into their military. But during the meeting Shoukin tells them about Saiya’s situation with Kaito (ie: That he's been getting raped repeatedly). Mitsuko is livid and immediately wants to go after Kaito then and there but Raiu talks him down since they still need his money. Not that he himself isn't furious, but he's also hurt that Saiya didn't tell them anything until now. Later, Raiu trains extremely hard and Saiya notices. He admits he feels as though he failed him somehow by not noticing or protecting him.

Year 1844: Toru, Senchiro & Saiya are sent out to raid a Chimarie Chikara hideout. Instead they find the daimyo, Tsukiga, there with some buddies. They try to run and recalling what Miyu told him Toru acts on instinct to take him down. When he draws blood the daimyo remembers himself enough to use his station to cow the men. The Turtle Clan is furious and putting a lot of pressure on the Gumi and the Salamander clan as a result. They demand some kind of atonement.

Mitsuko goes to Tsukiga and offers to commit seppuku himself instead. Touched by this display, the lord opts to reign in his rage and drop the matter – for now. After, Raiu unloads on Toru before the gumi for his reckless stupidity and how he almost got Mitsuko killed!

Yuki finally returns to the Mibushin Gumi. Everyone is happy but also furious with her for leaving. Raiu is particularly harsh with her, border lining on cruel, but she suddenly realizes this is because he cares. He hates that she could have thrown her life away and is using cruelty to force her into changing her ways so he doesn’t have to worry so much.

Year 1845: Kaito cuts down a boatsman for refusing to sing on his boat ride, Sasuke reaches his limit. He calls in Mitsuko & Raiu and demands they do “something” about Kaito, and that something needs to end with Kaito’s demise.

Raiu & Mitsuko call in Chisu, Senchiro, Saiya & Inuzu on the matter. They discuss how to do the assassination, but they give a most vital roll in it to Senchiro: To stop Erisuke. As per the Code of Bushido, Erisuke would be beholden to come to his old teachers rescue. So if he finds out, Senchiro is to knock him out to prevent that.

The Mibushin Gumi hold a big party after another successful minor raid. Hearing about this, Kaito is all for attending. During the party everyone gets drunk. Kaito retires and Raiu, Toru & Mitsuko offer to walk him back to the headquarters. They assassinate him with Mitsuko dealing the killing blow.

Year 1852: The Mibushin Gumi raid an artifact shipment of Mouko's. In the process though Raiu is forced to use one of the weapons and takes a liking to it after, he names it Kuhga (Wolf Fang). The blade makes him very ferocious in battle but comes with an ominous warning from the demon it slays. While Erisuke and Senchiro don't think he should keep it, he refuses to lose such a vaulable weapon and feels he can control it.

Year 1853: During Mouko's massive assault on all the nations, Raiu and Saiya are trapped inside of a shed unable to fight back or escape. They end up opening up to one another and admit they have strong feelings towards the other. They agree to become lovers but keep it secret, so the soldiers don't freak out.

Year 1854: Saiya and Toru ask for time off to make a journey to the Tengu territories but they don’t go into the full depths of why – claiming its for a cure for Toru instead of the fact that the issue has no spread to Saiya and might be from Raiu. Raiu comes along, seeking help for the blade in his care as it is.

Saiya, Raiu and Toru encounter the tengu back in the Land of Dragons. There, they learn Toru & Saiya’s conditions can be cured but that Raiu’s is more complicated. The issue is that the sword he wields is a fragment of Mouko himself, that Raiu can even wield it means he is soul connected to the Scion of Entropy, a fact Raiu is not happy to hear.

Raiu must go into the memories of the blade to fight for its cleansing but it could drive him mad. He soothes Saiya’s fears on this as they realize this may very well be Raiu’s destiny all along. After, they (along with Toru) are cleansed of tuberculosis.

Raiu fights to cleanse the blade and witnesses many of the most traumatic moments in Mouko’s life. He learns that what is in the blade is Mouko’s sense of never truly be loved for who he is. Raiu accepts this and becomes determined to cleanse not just the sword, but the Scion of Entropy as well.

Later, a member of the gumi is found dead and evidence points to Raiu and his demonic sword. There is even an eyewitness putting him there at the time. Raiu swears innocence but one of their scholars, Ijito, points out how unstable he has been for sometime now. He even calls upon Akiha to support since he knows she witnessed it. Naturally Mitsuko doesn’t want to believe it but acts against Raiu (strangely suspicious of his best friend). However, Sasuke demands Raiu at least be brought in for a trial and he sends a team to arrest Raiu. Saiya helps Raiu escape from the would be arresters.

After, Mitsuko tells the gumi that Raiu is on the run from the daimyo’s arrest. For now, he must pick a temporary Vice Commander. He selects Ijito from the volunteers. However this is all a careful ruse to let Ijito muster forces and a plan to take him out - so that they can turn the tables on him at the last minute.

By the end, Ijito and his loyalists are killed, Raiu is reinstated as Vice Commander and the gumi returns to normal.

Raiu talks with Eriko and Kosuke, admitting he knows the boy’s relationship to Mouko and won’t tell anyone. However, he’d like to get a message to Mouko is possible.

A few days later, Mouko comes to see Raiu at the Mibushin Gumi HQ, showing up first as a fog while they chat. If things get emotional, Mouko will have them relocate elsewhere or have one of his people stand guard. Mouko will potentially make friends with Raiu and open up to him about his plans for the world.

During this time Mitsuko learns from Kosuke, by accident, that Raiu is meeting with Mouko. Mitsuko isn’t sure why Raiu would meet with someone so dangerous but he trusts his best friend to have good reasons. That night, Mitsuko asks Raiu about how his company was and what happened. Raiu tries to avoid the topic but ultimatley caves and tells his friend the connection he has to Mouko.

Year 1855: Raiu trusts Saiya but not Tsukiga and is worried that the long days and missions between the two is fostering something romantic. He attempts to take Saiya's place during a mission, a fact that tips Tsukiga off that something may be going on between them. He allows Raiu to come _as a plus one_ to Saiya. The whole time he treats Saiya like a precious pet and ignores Raiu, trying to mess with their relationship but in the best-backhanded courtier way possible. 

In the month of Virgo the Isle of Dragons falls to the awakening of the Ocean Slada'sha. The massive beast crushes the entire nation with one massive claw. Mouko uses his connection via Raiu’s sword to teleport the headquarters itself to safety. Those inside it at the time are spared and appear somewhat inland of Merlose. However, Inuzu and Chou had run outside of it just before it vanishes – Inuzu to save his mother, who then turned on him due to Slada’sha taint, and Chou for trying to save him from said mother. Himitsu was with them, having been talking politics with Mitsuko at the time.

A day later, the Mibushin Gumi arrive at the Dawnbringer Fortress, having heard that this was the place fighting back against the monster that destroyed their homeland, their people and their dearest friends/family. They demand to enlist.

Shortly after, Raiu and Mitsuko attempt to figure out the Aetherian dockets for supplies but come into a lot of semantic trouble. Akiha over hears this and offers to help, since she lived there previously.

Year 1856: Leorajh, Kaonashi, Raiu and Saiya serve as a protection detail for Detridon and Chester while they investigate the Time Stream Gate. While they are working on it, Takeshi and Miki appear out of it! Everyone is surprised and guarded, only to finally get talking and sorting their situations out. Takeshi explains what the gates are for, at least to the best of his knowledge. Leorajh asks why they would be attacked for taking readings, is there some connection to the strange energy field going the wrong way?

After learning what they can about Torus and “Fate”, the Consortium members find a way to implode the Time Steam Gates. The devices must be planted at the various gate locations and will close the portals and release the energy back into its proper balance. There are 9 gates in total and thus 5 teams are sent.

Raiu, Akiha, Erisuke and Eriko are one such team. They arrive at their Time Steam Gate and must deal with enemies coming out of it while they reach it to destroy it. Erisuke takes a fatal blow from a charmed Eriko.

Year 1857: The Consortium set up a camp to activate the cannons at an agreed upon time with Chester operating as a communications hub for it. Oseron stays behind at the fortress as well, with the Isle of Entropy acting as the vessel to carry Leorajh to the battle.

The Ocean Slada’sha is Defeated: The signal is given, the cannons are activated and the fight against the Slada’sha takes place. Leorajh alone keeps its focus until the weapons can be unleashed at full power but in the end they are victorious in putting the monster down for good!

A massive celebration is held at the Dawnbringer Fortress unknown to those celebrating, however, “Fate” makes its fury known and opens multiple gates through time into the ancient past – unleashing 5 ancient True Dragons onto the world. As they enter a time period in which they are dead, their psyche melds with that of their deranged dead counter parts and drives them into a maddened state. After the event the two leaders of the Dawnbringers, Leorajh and Oseron, have a private moment together. Leo admits he doesn’t want to live without the keise in his life.