Ravengale Sunblade


Soul Name
Paladin - Radiant Lord
Order of Heaven, Arcane Sanctum
The Arcane Sanctum


Knowledge of The Heavenly Host, Melee (2 Handed Swords)
Athletics, Combat Reflexes, Languages (Ancient Elfin, Heavenly Host), Meditation, Melee (Swords, Shields), Mount Riding, Mounted Combat, Schooled
Knowledge of Child Care, Cooking, Engineering


Species Powers
Empathy, Arcane Aptitude
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Charge, Ignore Pain, Read/Write Language Holy, Shockwave, Spell Craft (Holy)
Holy Spells
Banish Evil, Divine Armor, Divine Retribution, Divine Weapon, Heaven's Fire, Holy Touch, Healing Plea, Purify Taint, Seraphic Radiance, Turn Undead
Ritual Magics
Advent Guardian, Anoint, Consecrate, Oath Ceremony, Pyres of Sin, Exorcise, Guardian Angel, Last Rites/Funeral, Marriage, Repentance, Sanctification


Main Weapon
It increases his Holy Magic damage and healing by a moderate amount.
It is a large two handed sword that looks to have a golden hilt with wings spreading out as a guard. The blade is broad and has filigree like designs etched along it. A bright red gem sits in the center of the guard, lowing with life.
Radiant Armor
It will protect the wearer from all damage (magical or physical) in a bubble of healing light (moderate, over time) when they would normally be knocked unconscious or dead from damage. It keeps them until half their health is healed before releasing them. It will continue to do this making the user invincible (but hostage during healing).
It is a golden armor set with red gems accenting it. The gold metal has delicate filigree designs along the edges.
Libarm of the Holy Word: Hangs on his side by a chain when not in use, the libarm, once opened and is being read, preforms AoE damage to all enemies with Holy Magic smiting them for every second that he reads from the book.


Eye Color
Light Blue
Skin Tone
Pale Peach
Ravengale has a strong, defined, muscular build.
Hair Color
Hair Style
His hair is long to his mid back with bangs that frame his face, falling down around his neck and shoulders. He usually ties the majority of his hair together, over his shoulder, to keep both in sight (so it isn't grabbed easily) and out of the way.
Height & Weight
6'3" & 230lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
When not in his armor, he wears loose and comfortable bell sleeved shirts with open 'v' necks laced together with a tie. He has a collection of soft pants that are some what body hugging and stylish boots. His colors coordinate around white, red and gold though he accents this with warm red leathers for his boots and belts.
He has a gold wedding band and his ears are pierced up along the outer ridge on the left side twice, with gold studs (sometimes swapped out for rings but not often as they can be a liability in combat). He has a collection of warm red brown leather brackets and pendants that are gold.
Distinguishing Marks


He enjoys quite contemplation time, needing privacy every few days to collect his thoughts and feelings. He loves his prince and does anything that his prince requests of him that is not against the will of the Light. Ravengale revears the Light and puts a lot of his attention into a lifestyle that supports the Light's work. He enjoys his time with his wife, though he still has emotional issues with her age and willingness to throw herself into being a mother. For all his prudishness he enjoys playful flirting so long as it is all just for amusement. Being a paladin does not make him a perfect person and he enjoys vices such as drinking and smoking relaxing blends.
Ravengale has issues with the Reavers and Voidmancers. He understands they have a purpose but he dislikes the power that they use (death, unholy, evil). He has trouble trusting that the Voidmancers really are the ones in control of their void beasts and demons. As far as Wraiths go, they are dead and the literal anti-thesis to the Light. Ravengale, though primarily enjoys it, dislikes that his wife barely of legal age. Even though she is thrilled and his marriage was on the prince's orders, she is just so young. Further, Shaynessa is his previous bethroth's little sister, making him dislike how marrying her was in a sense a betrayal to his friend. His relationship with Celisdane is also a problem for him given he wants to stay close but she seems to want to cut him off. He cannot believe his poor luck at having triplets.
Ravengale is not overly complicated. He has a self-righteousness that is about as bright and obvious as the gold on his armor. He enjoys being of service to those he loves and reveres, which others have criticized him for but he sees nothing wrong with it. Ravengale has a strong personality when needs to enforce his demands. He can have a complete vacancy in the realm of humor when situations call for seriousness. He is not overly invasive with people, allowing everyone space unless he must intrude. Over all he keeps to himself and those who need him. He tries to keep good relations all around but will not exert himself to retain relationships going south. When he isn't pulling the best Paladin act he can, he is found in taverns and other watering holes trying to stay away from the screaming babies back home (his babies, specifically).
Celisdane will go too far into her darkness, Shaynessa will regret becoming a young mother, becoming undead
He can be all at once impressive and a powerful presence while at the same time respecting boundaries.


Father / Donor
Raven Sunblade (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Gale Sunbalde (Dead)
Shaynessa (Wife)
Dusk (Son), Twilight (Son), Eve (Daughter)
Close Friends
Prince Saren, Chantria


Spirit Horse
Age & Sex
Ageless / Male
Smite is a huge, all white, warhorse with golden hooves and bright red eyes. It is not a normal horse, rather a spirit horse of the Light itself. It can summon wings of light to become a flying mount. Smite has golden armor over its body with large red gems on the shoulders and flank guards, a red and golden embossed saddle blanket and a bright golden horn coming from its helm.
Smite does not have a lot of personality. It is a spirit animal but still has the mind of a beast for the most part. It follows orders and is utilized as a mount and battle companion by Ravengale.


Year 1719: He is born to two nobles, one only a step from the royal bloodline. He is immediately raised to be pious and to join the Order of Heaven, as his mother did (the paladin in the family).

Year 1738: His family betrothed him to friends of theirs that needs a bump up in society. He meets Celisdane for the first time. She makes it clear she has no intention of marrying and basically runs off into the wilds to be with her pets and animal friends. He allows her to do her own thing without complain as he figures this is a rebellious streak and maybe through time she might learn to like him.

Year 1741: The Summer Festival of Slaughter takes place. Ravengale is, at this time, studying in Divinity's Peak, in the Order of Heaven. He is only twenty-two and still fresh from being a Disciple.

Year 1744: Divinity's Peak opens to all people as a neutral location. As a proud paladin, he aids refugees who enter in and personally greets Theos when he arrives, joining as one of his usual members to any teams he makes.

Year 1763: When Underoot invades he aids Theos, Chantria, Celisdane and Kariel in the battle against them.

Year 1766: The Night of Madness shakes the foundation of most paladins, showing that the Light cannot save everyone or thing. The undead that were sent against the people were, for the most part, standard chuds but the paladins recognized the faces of their fallen members as empowered twisted knights with death magics. They were called Cerberus and they were at the employ of the Dark Prince who also rose after being killed in Xainath.

Year 1784: The first Reavers appear. At first the paladins are sent to take them down and put them to rest. However when the Reavers fight back and explain they have their freewill and wish to suffer this curse to help fight Xainath and the Shaytan, the paladins back off. The paladins and the seraph never entirely trust or like the Reavers.

Year 1799: He is given the position of Radiant Lord as the previous one retires to a life of study, prayer and peace. The old Radiant Lord does not go onto the Arcane Sanctum as it prepares for launch.

Year 1855: Ravengale confronts Celisdane after many years of them working together and his attempting to be polite and give her space. He needs to finalize this wedding or give it up all together and move on. She tells him that his reasons for wanting to marry her (duty and service to his society) are not good enough reasons for her. They break off the engagement since it seems like it will never happen. Ravengale tells Prince Seran and Mr and Mrs Starfire. The prince suggested they not cancel the engagement, but instead move it to Shaynessa, Celisdane's younger sister.

Year 1856: A year after their marriage the couple was blessed with what they thought was one child, but ended up triplets! Ravengale knew this sacrifice was for his people, his prince. Though he can be find sleeping in all random locations around the Arcane Sanctum, he does not entirely regret having children. He just wishes they had hours of operation.

The void engine reacts to a strong Slada'Sha presence. Sadly it is malfunctioning and they cannot breech the void realm to enter into normal reality for another three years!

Year 1859: The Arcane Sanctum returns to the world from the void.