Rhyel Nihility


Soul Name
Scout & Tracker
Dawnbringers, Shadow Hunters
Dawnbringer Fortress, Hidden Wing


Tracking (People)
Stealth & Ranged
Schooled, Aim, Athletics, Block, Bondage, Endurance, First Aid, Knowledge of Culture (Aetherian & Keise), Knowledge of Necromancy, Keen Sense (Hearing), Language (Keise Symbols), Melee (sickle), Unarmed Combat
Astronomy, Crafting, Dance (Ballroom), Pet Care (Cats) & Tailoring


Species Powers
Telepathy, Low Light Vision, No Light Vision, Umbra Traverse (Shadow Walking)
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Regeneration (Damage Only)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Repeating Crossbow
A crossbow with a strap of bolts that can be expended before it needs reloading.
Other Weapons
Binding Whip: A whip used to physically bind someone via bondage techniques. Immune to sharp objects.
This is a whip made of a fine metallic mesh.
Black & Silver
Translator, Music Library Crystal, Personal Music Node


Eye Color
Rich medium blue, angled feline in shape with a patient expression.
Skin Tone
Alabaster White
Bird Thin & Feminine
Hair Color
White Blonde
Hair Style
Falls in various layers to shoulders, parted mostly to the left.
Height & Weight
5'5" & 110 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
It favors long sleeves with sleeveless tops, tends to wear an elegant equivalent of light armor at all times but keeps nothing too bulky along the arms themselves. The gloves are only made to cover the middle finger and the entire ensemble has ornate swirl based designs. It keeps a nice wrap around its upper body and tends to prefer turtle necks. Has various belts and pouches around the waist. For special occasions, it wears nice high fantasy lightly steam punk styled noble attire.
A hooded shoulder wrap, dark in color
Distinguishing Marks


The dark world (and learning more about it), spending time with friends and making new ones, going out at night (is far more nocturnal then diurnal), cuddling while it sleeps (is how it sleeps best), successfully preventing an argument or fight, completing a mission, being praised for helping, flowers (it’s favorite thing about the light world), Kaidan & Ikaru.
Arguments and fights among friends/family, bright lights, soups and stews (it looks so gross and smells weird), swimming (can’t swim, has no interest in learning and doesn’t like the cold water), being forced to do something against its morals (like betraying a friend/coworker)
Rhyel is the calmest one of its littermates, the peacekeeper.  It’s not fond of arguments, so it does it’s best to avoid the situation be either leaving or trying to keep the peace. Rhyel is a friendly one. Happy to make friends and meet new people, but is content with just a few close friends. Though at times it comes off as annoyed by its littermates, family is very important to Rhyel. Seeing those that It is close to as an extended family as well.
Getting stuck in a desert without any shade, something happening to its family (whether it’s personal fighting between members or a death), drowning, falling to corruption
Usually has its head covered during the day.


Father / Donor
Una (Presumed Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Nonic (Dead)
Isni (Dead), Erynu, Askela (Adopted), Schaw (Adopted), Keet (Adopted), Creik (Adopted)
OPEN (Lovers Only)
Close Friends
Cloe, Askela, Ikaru, Schaw, Chorzon, Percy, Leila, Jasper & Myth'rel
Don (Sitter), Kaidan (Object of Worship), Scathe (leader), Elizabelle


Age & Sex


Year 1824 : Born one of three in a litter to Una and Nonci. Before the children are even a year old the Dark World takes a heavy assault from the A'dalis. Una and the children are thought to be lost in the chaos but the kittens are latter discovered - their donor is not. They fall into Nonci's care.

Year 1827 
: Nonci opts to move back to Aether and takes the kittens there with it.

Year 1832 
: Nonci is killed in an attack and reapers barely save the kittens. They move in with Don who becomes their new sitter.

Year 1834 
: Rhyel meets Kaidan while lost, which causes it to later meet Ikaru. Ikaru and Rhyel both gush over Kaidan and decide to be pals, much to Kaidan's ire.

Year 1835
: Its "uncle" Larue is proven to be corrupted and killing people. Askela begins to show a high interest in creating things to combat the blighted/corrupted.

Year 1836
: With the Crow dead, a lingering threat is given about the kittens’ future. They are literally bred to be eaten by A'dalis and the monsters will just keep coming. To let the kittens, have a fighting chance a ritual is devised to send them to a pocket space where they can grow outside of "time" and become stronger. However, as the ritual is in the works little Bezelneph (the cat) distracts Erynu who leaves the circle location just as the ritual completes. Thus, Erynu is unable to join its siblings and must remain behind.

Year 1842
: Askela, Rhyel and Schaw return from their training, now teenagers. Upon return home Don suggests the kittens enroll in school again. Rhyel agrees, having missed its friends, but Schaw and Criek refuse. Opting to continue their train with the Shadow Fangs, a group of keise who are dedicated to mastering their taint to hunt the A'dalis. After starting school back up Rhyel realizes that it misses training and its litter mates. Ultimately deciding to balance doing both, not being able to give up either.

Year 1845:
In month 10 the city (of Shade’s Run) is saved and everyone in Shade’s Run celebrates. During the party, Detridon, Arcadian, Chester and Charles opt to pool their resources and create a group to study arcane energy, technology and innovations with them together – Leorajh happens by and suggests Chester as leader and that they could call it the Consortium.

The Sky Hunters and the Shadow Fangs realize they have a lot in common. They join forces and become the Shadow Hunters. Leorajh suggests Scathe be leader and that they name it the Shadow Hunters.

The groups offer Leorajh work with them but he turns them down – preferring to be a free agent living on his own terms. Though, when Charles says he could be a Shadow Hunter and still live on his own terms he does say he’ll consider it.
Year 1855: In month 01 with the threat of the Slada’sha rising, the powers that rule the nations/factions come together (Chestin, JJ, Scathe, Chester, Xiphil, Muramasa, Kaidan, Oseron, Kallista, Leorajh) to discuss how they should handle it. They agree to assemble teams to investigate various issues. One team will look into the catacombs under Cardinal Meridian for more clues, since a Slada’sha had slumbered there. Another will investigate the strange calling from the ocean and where exactly it is. A third will look into Sardor Isle and see just how asleep the Slada’sha there is now. The last will look into the ruins of Aether’s ancient capitol in what is now Nazca and see if there are any artifacts that may have been stored for use against these creatures.

Towards the end of month 02 forging of Dawnbringer’s Pact: Oseron takes the information and holds a meeting with JJ, Chestin, Scathe, Chester, Xiphil, Muramasa, Kaidan & Leorajh. They realize that the other Slada’sha are stirring because of the big one waking up, someone the emanations are waking others. Mouko invites himself into the meeting, declaring that previously waking them required his power so he isn’t sure how this is happening. Realizing this is a world threatening issue, they create a group that will be considered unallied to any one nation but which will defend all nations from the threat of the Slada’sha. Every major power will have a representative within this neutral party. The representatives are: Oseron (as the Leader), Leorajh (as the Field Commander), Scathe (Shadow Hunters), Chester (Consortium), Virgil (Knights of the Crown), Astera (Temple), Mouko (Entropy), Xiphil (Nazca), August (Wysteria), Syria (Dark World) and Kallista (Phaira). Due to Mouko’s inclusion, Muramasa pulls all ryuko support from this group and leaves the meeting – returning home. The group is called Dawnbringer and all present sign a pact to support its operations.

In month 03 a fortress for the Dawnbringers begins construction with Mouko agreeing to rise it into the skies (and thus can ideally bring the fight over the ocean) when it is completed. Representatives discuss key things the site will need, including: teleport site, mage tower, industrial complex, temple, training grounds and a central fort.

By month 06 the Dawnbringer Fortress is in the air and operational, mostly…

During the mid of month 06 Shantrea, Virgil and Chester bring their issues up to Oseron and Leorajh. Shadow Hunters are sent to investigate the threat. However, the investigation is hard to prioritize when the water levels are starting to rise – which is the first sign the Ocean Slada’sha is awakening. They must mobilize all forces to get people out of the Isle of Dragons and the beaches of Merlose before they are destroyed.

 Leorajh arrives at the Isle of Dragons before everyone else to warn Muramasa. Mouko shows up and offers to rise the island so it won’t be destroyed. However, Muramasa throws them both out as he will not risk working with Mouko.

Mouko attempts to rise the island anyways but he doesn’t have enough time. The rising gigantic Slada’sha grabs the island with one claw and slams it back down into the ocean. The Isle of Dragons and some 80% of the ryuko people, are destroyed.

Mouko teleports to the Isle of Entropy and tries to save the land but it fails. With no other choice, Mouko explains his family that he can hold the Slada’sha in this region by using the fragmented buildings of the temple below to restrain it, but he cannot stop its minions and the infestation to come. It will spare them the main monster but not the waves of its creations. This will take everything Mouko has, so as a result he names Mizuki his replacement.

The Mibushin Gumi arrive at the Dawnbringer Fortress, having heard that this was the place fighting back against the monster that destroyed their homeland, their people and their dearest friends/family. They demand to enlist.

Two weeks later as the dust settles on a rather hollow “victory”, Oseron talks with the other representatives about the threat of the Slada’sha. Yes, Mouko has bought them time, but they must use it wisely. It believes there are a handful of locations that could hide clues to learning the secrets of the Slada’sha – maybe even how to destroy them. Without Mouko to provide them insight, they need to uncover the knowledge he had themselves. It suggests sending a team to find the Teiten Miko: Nao.

In month 07 Leorajh, and his team, bring Nao and the crystals and give the latter to the Consortium (Chester and Detridon specifically).

Year 1856: Between months 05 – 10 Chester and Detridon, having been studying all the readings, learn that what they found doesn’t match what the crystals say should be there. The flow should be out, not inwards. This eludes to another problem, one connected to the strange device Arcadian’s team encountered. They need more intel however, so another – more prepared – team is sent to thoroughly investigate.

Leorajh, Kaonashi, Raiu and Saiya serve as a protection detail for Detridon and Chester while they investigate the Time Stream Gate. While they are working on it, Takeshi and Miki appear out of it! Everyone is surprised and guarded, only to finally get talking and sorting their situations out. Takeshi explains what the gates are for, at least to the best of his knowledge. Leorajh asks why they would be attacked for taking readings, is there some connection to the strange energy field going the wrong way?

Between months 06 – 08 Chester and Percy learn that they can use the energy from the gate to power synchronized energy cannons. The cannons would produce a huge amount of power, enough to harm the gigantic Ocean Slada’sha. The issue is something isn’t letting them use the nodes they found.

Leorajh talks to Miki and Takeshi about what could be holding the energy back. They don’t know much about the Gates but Takeshi knows someone who might: Torus and his dark witch Aurelei. They start to brainstorm how to set a trap to catch Torus.

Mid-month 10 Leorajh brings Takeshi and Miki with him to convince Tsubasa to join their cause – at least long enough to catch Torus. Naturally Janos and Kelase’ are present. After they convince him, the whole group work together to snare the Time Keeper.

The trap is sprung and Torus is captured. After, Torus is brought to Oseron so they can properly interrogate him. Torus informs them of Melchior’s machinations in all of this and raves about how Fate will win in the end. This brings up the question of who Fate is, which ironically Tsubasa is more capable of answering due to his meeting with the creature. Torus is kept as a prisoner. The group decides it is in _everyone’s_ best interest to destroy the time gates.

Early in month 12 after learning what they can about Torus and “Fate”, the Consortium members find a way to implode the Time Steam Gates. The devices must be planted at the various gate locations and will close the portals and release the energy back into its proper balance. There are 9 gates in total and thus 5 teams are sent.

A week later all the teams return to Dawnbringer Fortress news of their success, and their fatalities.

Year 1857: In month 02 Detridon and Chester come up with floating platforms that can carry the cannons and ferry armies over the ocean. The idea is that the platforms can absorb the power of the Slada’sha and form a ring around it to create 100% synchronization – then blast it from every angle at once to obliterate it.

In month 10 the Consortium set up a camp to activate the cannons at an agreed upon time with Chester operating as a communications hub for it. Oseron stays behind at the fortress as well, with the Isle of Entropy acting as the vessel to carry Leorajh to the battle.

With everything ready, Mouko releases the barrier as his island arrives on the site. Nu and Emiho get Mouko and bring him to safety. Meanwhile, the others take Leorajh into the battle.
The Ocean Slada’sha is Defeated: The signal is given; the cannons are activated and the fight against the Slada’sha takes place. Leorajh alone keeps its focus until the weapons can be unleashed at full power but in the end, they are victorious in putting the monster down for good!

A massive celebration is held at the Dawnbringer Fortress unknown to those celebrating, however, “Fate” makes its fury known and opens multiple gates through time into the ancient past – unleashing 5 ancient True Dragons onto the world. As they enter a time period in which they are dead, their psyche melds with that of their deranged dead counter parts and drives them into a maddened state.

Year 1858: In month 07 ancient dragons around the world begin to rise up. The most devastating of which is Serpa in the lost territory of Nazca and Metael, in Wysteria. The latter devastates the land, rising ash and lava for miles and bringing the nation to its knees.

Mid-month 09 Leorajh is laid up in bed sick when the Dawnbringer Fortress is called to try and stop the dragons in Wysteria and reclaim the territory. Thus, he is spared being included in the devastation when not one, but two, Ancient dragons rend the fortress to rubble. Many of the Dawnbringer forces die out right, those that survive are forced to make their way home through a frozen waste land covered in the dragon’s minions.

Year 1859: Current in RP.