Roman Adacus


Aetherian (L)
Soul Name
Rogue, Employee (Bakery)
Shattered Realm
Emberlight Tavern


Athletics (Combat Reflexes) & Melee
Cooking (Cake Designs), Aim (Crossbow & Rifle), Weapon Upkeep, Armor Upkeep, Wilderness Survival, Sleight of Hand (Pick Pocket & Lock Picking), Unarmed Combat
Schooled, First Aid


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Fire (Beginner)
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Daggers x2, Rifle (Only when he knows a fight is coming.)

Leather coat and patchwork plate mail.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Green
Skin Tone
Tan Peach
Massive & Muscular
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Hair Style
His hair is cut short to keep it out of his way.
Height & Weight
6'3"/210 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Roman dresses in rustic clothing and a long leather jacket and metal plated boots and gloves as his own form of armor.
Distinguishing Marks
He is also an unusually tall large man for an Aetherian, making him a very imposing figure.


Seeming macho before "the guys", baking (especially making the little cakes so cute!), when friends confide in him, helping others solve their problems, defending those he cares about, being stronger then his enemies (especially since that means he's strong enough to protect his allies), being a rock to lean on or hide behind for those he loves
Anyone hurting his "family" (the Shattered Realm), when people (who are not his enemies) are scared of him, liars, his poor luck with women (the often fall for his machismo and lose interest at his softer side), cruelty to animals
He is a kind, selfless person who is willing to help others, even when he is not given credit for it. He has a strong sense of justice, as he despises those who hurt others, infringe on the law, and especially those who hurt or insult his friends, defending them fiercely with all his might. He will help a friend in need and never abandon them. When he is determined, he won't give up and doesn't listen when others try to protest. Despite this, he is humble about his abilities, stating that there is always someone better than him. He is outgoing amoung friends, a bit uncomfortable around strangers (who aren't his enemies of course) because he figures they are scared of his size and very private about his deeper passions - especially how much he loves baking.
Losing his place within the Shattered Realm. Going blind.
Roman is a protector of others by nature, he will always try to be the sheild between the people he cares for and harm.


Father / Donor
Raymond Adacus (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Rosa Adacus (Dead)
Alita (Sister), Jocosta (Sister, Dead)
Close Friends
Cross, Akira, Dale, I'Frit & Faye
Calliope (Boss)


Age & Sex


Year 1800: Roman was the third born child to his parents, who were both simple peasants. They lived on the fringes of Cardinal Meridian, in a small town just outside of the Nightsong Forest. His mother and father were simple people who offered a simple life to him and his two younger sisters. Their family were metal smiths and weapon makers for the local military, in effect a blacksmith.

Year 1811: When he was eleven his town was struck by a strange series of attacks. The victims were left torn apart, chewed on, and their eyes had turned entirely black. The town grew restless and no priest or warrior could seem to kill whatever beast or demon it was. His father was no a religious man nor his mother a devout woman. Neither believed in ghosts or demons so their family was convinced it was some sick human being.

A week before his birthday a creature broke into their home. His father was the first to be torn into, his head nearly half taken off before the family's eyes. His mother was then ripped in half. It wasn't one monster, it was three and they hunted in a pack. They were pitch black and oozed as though made of wet oil and soot. Jocosta dragged him and his littlest sister out of the house and told them to run to the church. She bought them time, armed with a few choice tools from the kitchen. Though they escaped they were first on the site to see the carnage that was left of their family bt Jocosta did not.

After that, both siblings decided to learn how to fight. Roman wanted to be able to protect his remaining family member and those he loved in the world around him. He trained with local knights as the town itself began to mobilize against the monsters. His sister, however, lucked upon a mage in the city who would assist her in finding strength through the arcane.

Year 1830: When he was 18 Cross passed through his home town and destroyed the monsters. Roman was happy to have revenge, after a fashion, but found it did little to fill his broken heart due to the loss of so many loved ones. He began to admire the stength of the lone wolf that had passed through town and asked to train under him. Cross refused because he had a sister left to care for.

Year 1834: King Christopher takes over. His rules against mages are strict and eventually this results in his impulsive sister crossing a line. She is arrested at taken to prison, despite Roman trying to stop it.

Broken hearted, he shows up at the Emberlight Tavern (back when it was in Kingsbury) and asks for another chance to join - this time with the hopes of freeing his sister. Cross understands his situation better now, having seen the corruption the undead King is bringing, and agrees to let him into their ranks.

Year 1853: The Peace Summit finally brings an end to the conflict between the mages and the Crown. Pardons are given to those who would enroll in AEGIS - including his sister. The two reunite but Roman is too entrenched in his famliy with the Shattered Realm to give it up now. He asks to remain with Cross and the gang, not because he has an agenda but because he cares about the friends he's made there.