Saiya Ishia


Soul Name
Samurai, Assassin
Mibushin Gumi, Dawnbringers
New Dawn


Quick Drawn
6th Sense (ESP), Quick Draw
Combat Reflexes, Ambidextrous, Athletics, First Aid, Focus, Innovation, Multiple Opponents, Endurance, Blind Fighting, Pressure Points (Attack), Melee (Katana, Wakazashi/ Sai), Knoweldge of Occult & Spirits, Teaching, Fine Art (Watercolor/Sumi-e)
Cooking, Wilderness Survival, Weapon Upkeep (Swords), House Keeping, Disappearing, Meditation, Schooled, Stealth, Strategy, Unarmed Combat (MAHS)


Species Powers
Telepahty & Ryu-Go
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Lithe Reflexes, Obfuscation, Speed of the Beast, Spell Craft (Chi)
Chi Spells

Chi Immunity, Eternal Sleep

Qi: He can kick up wind with his sword movements to either cause a pulling or pushing vortex. It is a 'gate way' ability given to him by the tengu.


Complete Halt, Focus the Mind, Hallow Tempest, One Strike, Spinning Bldade, Way of the Wind, Wind Blade, Way of the Wind

Tengu: Courage's Lead, Honroable Ground, Reaper's Instrument of Death

Favored of the Tengu, his movements can create gusts and sickles of air pressure.
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Wing of the Storm Crane
Creates powerful gusts of wind upon command. Winds can cause windburn, temporary blindness if eyes do not close and can throw lighter folk off their feet.
It is a katana wit h a red hilt and crane feathers falling from the end of the handle. The blade is silver. It has a matching wakazashi.
Other Weapons

Feather of the Storm Crane: Wakazashi
A matching wakazashi to the Wing of the Storm Crane. It is also red hilted with smaller down-feathers falling from the end of the hilt. The blade is shaped with the grooves of a feather along it.

Talons of the Storm Crane: Hidden Daggers
These small daggers are just large enough to use as a weapon or throw. They match the look of the rest of the daisho. They have grooves along the blade to hold poisons.

Other Armor


Eye Color
Skin Tone
He has a long but slender build, more suited to being quick and light then strong and powerful. 
Hair Color
Candy Red
Hair Style
It falls to his mid-back and very wavy, even curling in the longer parts. He pulls it up when he must get it out of his face but he prefers to let it just fall loosely over his shoulders. If he pulls it up in a fight it's a compliment to the competition.
Height & Weight
6'2" & 280lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He likes body hugging light fabric and thus tends to wear mandarin dress like tops with unattached sleeves with matching short coats. An obi or a sash is used to help cover up hidden compartments on his leather belt. He prefers darker blues, greens, yellows and oranges for his clothing.
Feathers in honor of his teacher, usually white crane feathers.
Distinguishing Marks
His red hair and lashes with white skin mark him as related to a hitokiri known as Akuchi Kirranu.


Being allowed to quietly be part of a community. He enjoys his sweeter saki (he loves plum) with friends. Saiya is very much so into the art of self perfection and enjoys learning new skillful crafts. He loves swordplay. He has a fondness for spirits and a tender spot for nature. Saiya is a gentle person and thus loves soft things like cloth or fuzzy animals. Kosuke, he enjoyed mentoring the boy and misses him.
Saiya can come off as a victim and he knows it, he actively dislikes it when people pester him for what's wrong. He doesn't like people who want to protect him. As a samurai he has a strong pride in his ability to preform his sword skills and finds himself lacking if he loses control of himself or missteps in a fight. He dislikes his older brother for dishonoring the family - but he hates more the fact that his brother is such a famous swordsman.
Saiya is a private person who keeps his issues to himself (to his determine if you ask most of the people that care for him). He is the type to support others and follow orders rather then give them himself. Given he has a calm and level head he is a great person to seek guidance from. He tends to allow the person to navigate their own truths. Saiya is not the sort to ever say he's right about something, he will just give his opinion if asked. Since he is so quite he tends to get mistaken for his older brother by the unknowing public. This usually causes him to apologize for the inconvenience since when someone mistakes him fro his brother a fight usually ensues.
He fears very little save for proving to himself and others that he is not as in control of his sword as he believes. It is a big deal for him to mis-cut or accidentally over power someone while he is training them or simply fighting for a cause he doesn't figure is worth killing over
He tends to pick and choose his battles. What he chooses to not fight against often baffles others. He also has a penchant for refusing to complain, this extends to injustices to himself.


Father / Donor
Ikeda Ishia (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Yimishira Ishia (Dead)
Tofino / Akuchi (Brother)
Raiu (Lover)
Close Friends
Chisu, Senchiro, Raiu, Mitsuko, Erisuke (Dead), Toru, Yuki, Himitsu
Kaito (Former Boss, Dead), Tuskiga (Former Sponsor), Sasuke (Former Sponsor), Akiha (Gumi member)


Dragon (Sky Lord - Archaepteryx)
Age & Sex
56 / M
Tokaga has very bright peacock like feathers and is considered small for his size.
Tokaga was a 'gift' from Mouko to the family when the boy was born. He is not his soul-bonded dragon and he in fact does not have one - he doesn't know that.


Year 1803: He was born just before his parents were sought out by the local government. His older brother had killed a handful of peers his age and older. He was now on the run and the dojo was going to come after them for compensation.

Year 1810: His family was poor and thought of samurai blood they had to sell everything they owned just to keep food in them. At seven years old he went with his father to town to look for a day's work to buy a day's meal.

Year 1828: The Land of Dragon's falls. His parents died in the fiasco. He was saved by his older brother and dropped off at the feet of a strange monastery. It was a Tengu monastery. The tengu there took in the boy and taught him as a boon to his older brother who'd they'd also taught. What he didn't know is that his brother choose to let their parents die, after all they were working with Mouko at the time and were corrupted - they'd sold him off to this fate and were likely going to sell Saiya off as soon as he was old enough.

Year 1839: Saiya joins the dojo after being released from the tengu monastery. Naturally the dojo learn quickly (mostly through nay sayers) that Saiya is related to a hitokiri, Akuchi Kirranu. Refusing to judge him based upon this they invite him into their little family.

Its around this time Mitsuko starts talking about them trying to become "somebody". Not just another dojo full of orphans and not-so-blue-blooded samurai, but actual warriors of the nation. Saiya never speaks his mind on the matter but does say he'd support someone like Mitsuko and Raiu as lords should they ever try to climb that mountain.

Year 1841: Saiya leaves their dojo after killing a student in a test. Even though 'accidents happen' he had been so sure that he was better at control. This caused him to become concerned that he was just like his brother and his life was going to be soaked in the blood of people he wasn't aiming to kill. He returns to the Tengu for further training.

Year 1843: He rejoins Mitsuko and Raiu's group when he hears that they are 'climbing the mountain' and have started up their own gumi with their ideals.

Year 1843: Kaito, the gumi's presiding lord, constantly makes trouble for them. This culminates in an incident at the local geisha house where he attempts to kill some geisha's who wouldn't strip down and dance for him. Raiu manages to diffuse the situation so that the women's lives are spared.

However, Kaito takes an interest in Saiya and begins raping him in the dark of night. Saiya says nothing since such a thing would stain the gumi's name and hurt his friends.

Year 1844: Toru, Senchiro & Saiya are sent out to raid a Chimarie Chikara hideout. Instead they find the daimyo, Tsukiga, there with some buddies. They try to run and recalling what Miyu told him Toru acts on instinct to take him down. When he draws blood the daimyo remembers himself enough to use his station to cow the men. The Turtle Clan is furious and putting a lot of pressure on the Gumi and the Salamander clan as a result. They demand some kind of atonement.

Mitsuko goes to Tsukiga and offers to commit seppuku himself instead. Touched by this display, the lord opts to reign in his rage and drop the matter – for now. After, Raiu unloads on Toru before the gumi for his reckless stupidity and how he almost got Mitsuko killed!

Year 1845: Kaito cuts down a boatman for refusing to sing on his boat ride, Sasuke reaches his limit. He calls in Mitsuko & Raiu and demands they do “something” about Kaito, and that something needs to end with Kaito’s demise.

Raiu & Mitsuko call in Chisu, Senchiro, Saiya & Inuzu on the matter. They discuss how to do the assassination, but they give a most vital roll in it to Senchiro: To stop Erisuke. As per the Code of Bushido, Erisuke would be beholden to come to his old teachers rescue. So if he finds out, Senchiro is to knock him out to prevent that.

The Mibushin Gumi hold a big party after another successful minor raid. Hearing about this, Kaito is all for attending. During the party everyone gets drunk. Kaito retires and Raiu, Toru & Mitsuko offer to walk him back to the headquarters. They assassinate him with Mitsuko dealing the killing blow.

Year 1853: During Mouko's massive assault on all the nations, Raiu and Saiya are trapped inside of a shed unable to fight back or escape. They end up opening up to one another and admit they have strong feelings towards the other. They agree to become lovers but keep it secret, so the soldiers don't freak out.

In Libra, Akiha attempts to seduce Raiu again but he rejects her. This time Saiya steps in. Between this and the incidents before she begins to realize he might have a thing for Saiya, at the very least.

Later, Akiha uses Raiu’s appearance to try and turn Saiya against him. Instead Saiya sees through it thanks to his ESP and tells her to stop before she gets hurt. For one thing, Raiu is MUCH less kind then he is.

Year 1854: Saiya begins to have the same coughing issues and when Toru hears it he demands answers. They ask for time off to make a journey to the Tengu territories but they don’t go into the full depths of why – claiming its for a cure for Toru instead of the fact that the issue has no spread to Saiya and might be from Raiu. Raiu comes along, seeking help for the blade in his care as it is.

Saiya, Raiu and Toru encounter the tengu back in the Land of Dragons. There, they learn Toru & Saiya’s conditions can be cured but that Raiu’s is more complicated. The issue is that the sword he wields is a fragment of Mouko himself, that Raiu can even wield it means he is soul connected to the Scion of Entropy, a fact Raiu is not happy to hear.

Raiu must go into the memories of the blade to fight for its cleansing but it could drive him mad. He soothes Saiya’s fears on this as they realize this may very well be Raiu’s destiny all along. After, they (along with Toru) are cleansed of leukemia.

Raiu fights to cleanse the blade and witnesses many of the most traumatic moments in Mouko’s life. He learns that what is in the blade is Mouko’s sense of never truly be loved for who he is. Raiu accepts this and becomes determined to cleanse not just the sword, but the Scion of Entropy as well.

Then, a member of the gumi is found dead and evidence points to Raiu and his demonic sword. There is even an eyewitness putting him there at the time. Raiu swears innocence but one of their scholars, Ijito, points out how unstable he has been for sometime now. He even calls upon Akiha to support since he knows she witnessed it. Naturally Mitsuko doesn’t want to believe it but acts against Raiu (strangely suspicious of his best friend).

Sasuke demands Raiu at least be brought in for a trial and he sends a team to arrest Raiu. Saiya helps Raiu escape from the would be arresters.

After, Mitsuko tells the gumi that Raiu is on the run from the daimyo’s arrest. For now, he must pick a temporary Vice Commander. He selects Ijito from the volunteers. However this is all a careful ruse to let Ijito muster forces and a plan to take him out - so that they can turn the tables on him at the last minute.

By the end, Ijito and his loyalists are killed, Raiu is reinstated as Vice Commander and the gumi returns to normal.

Just before the years end, however, Tsukiga summons Saiya, claiming that he thinks the new people might be trouble. He suspects they are Chimarie Chikara members, and offers a scrap of evidence that the whole thing was a set up. Saiya attempts to 'read' the truth from Tsukiga and picks up that Tsukiga does know more then he is telling him, so he inquires. Tsukiga admits he thinks there is someone in higher power that is making some moves but without evidence he can only dangle himself as possible 'bait' to be contacted by whoever it is in the hopes of identifying them. Though Toru really believes that Tsukiga is a criminal, this explanation could go far as to why Tsukiga was found in questionable conditions. Saiya accepts this answer and offers to help him seek out whoever it is by accompanying him during any event that Tsukiga thinks would be helpful.

Year 1855: Raiu trusts Saiya but not Tsukiga and is worried that the long days and missions between the two is fostering something romantic. He attempts to take Saiya's place during a mission, a fact that tips Tsukiga off that something may be going on between them. He allows Raiu to come _as a plus one_ to Saiya. The whole time he treats Saiya like a precious pet and ignores Raiu, trying to mess with their relationship but in the best-backhanded courtier way possible. 

In the month of Virgo the Isle of Dragons falls to the awakening of the Ocean Slada'sha. The massive beast crushes the entire nation with one massive claw. Mouko uses his connection via Raiu’s sword to teleport the headquarters itself to safety. Those inside it at the time are spared and appear somewhat inland of Merlose. However, Inuzu and Chou had run outside of it just before it vanishes – Inuzu to save his mother, who then turned on him due to Slada’sha taint, and Chou for trying to save him from said mother. Himitsu was with them, having been talking politics with Mitsuko at the time.

A day later, the Mibushin Gumi arrive at the Dawnbringer Fortress, having heard that this was the place fighting back against the monster that destroyed their homeland, their people and their dearest friends/family. They demand to enlist.

A week after that, the Mibushin Gumi observe the funeral for their dead. During this time Toru can’t bring himself to participate so Saiya tries to talk to him. Naturally he’s upset over everything – especially Inuzu.

Year 1857: The Consortium set up a camp to activate the cannons at an agreed upon time with Chester operating as a communications hub for it. Oseron stays behind at the fortress as well, with the Isle of Entropy acting as the vessel to carry Leorajh to the battle.

The Ocean Slada’sha is Defeated: The signal is given, the cannons are activated and the fight against the Slada’sha takes place. Leorajh alone keeps its focus until the weapons can be unleashed at full power but in the end they are victorious in putting the monster down for good!

A massive celebration is held at the Dawnbringer Fortress unknown to those celebrating, however, “Fate” makes its fury known and opens multiple gates through time into the ancient past – unleashing 5 ancient True Dragons onto the world. As they enter a time period in which they are dead, their psyche melds with that of their deranged dead counter parts and drives them into a maddened state. After the event the two leaders of the Dawnbringers, Leorajh and Oseron, have a private moment together. Leo admits he doesn’t want to live without the keise in his life.