Saren Solaris


Soul Name
Arcane Sanctum
The Arcane Sanctum


Ranged, Schooled

Combat Reflexes, Dancing (Ballroom), Keen Sense (Sight), Knowledge of World History, Languages (Ancient Elfin, Ancient Wysterian, Arcane), Melee, Mounted Combat, Mount Riding

Finances, Fine Arts


Species Powers
Empathy, Arcane Aptitude
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Elemental Ammunition, Poison Shot, Sharpshooter, Tri-Shot, Summon Ammunition


Ritual Magics



Main Weapon
Hawk Spirit Bow of Razor Feathers
It can fire a magical burst of arrows from a single draw, spraying out and hitting multiple targets within a 10ft radius, cone. Each target is hit up to five times for full damage each time. The bow must 'cool down' for thirty seconds between uses. All arrows shot from this bow automatically have Arcane Magic on them.
It is a large long bow with a hawk design in the center where the grip is. Wings come up along the length of the bow to where the drawstring is. The bow is golden in design with red accents highlighting the hawk shape and green gems for the hawk's eyes. The thread itself is a magical green thread that has a faint glow.
The Master Marksman Leather Set
It increases his speed by double and his aim is increased to having a hairline's deviation on his shots for up to three miles without a sight on the bow.
It is a reddened leather tunic, pants and boots that have bird and wing motifs lined along it in gold with red gems accepting the shape.


Eye Color
Green Blue
Skin Tone
He is tall, lean and has broad shoulders.
Hair Color
Platinum Blonde
Hair Style
His hair is long, straight and silky. He keeps it long, letting it fall over his shoulders and down his back.
Height & Weight
6' 2" & 150lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears fine and ornate suits, focusing on the colors green and gold.
He has many golden pieces of jewelery with many different gem types. He has his right ear pierced.
Distinguishing Marks


Combat, adrenaline, feeling powerful, feeling adored, having finer things in life, well organized plans
Chaos, filth, being treated like a peasant, camping (hates it!!), having to deal with people below him
Saren comes off as very pompous and full of himself. He is very prideful but he is not boastful. He only gives respect after it is earned and that can take some doing. He is very elitist and he believes that Solarians are the highest elite one can be in the game of species. Saren really misses his family and constantly worries about how to stop or save his brother. He had less desire to help his mother as she willingly walked herself into the mess. He does not concern himself with many people, only those he loves and is close to. Everyone else is a tool.
Becoming undead and without will, Solarians going extinct, not being able to save or stop Disidia.
He can be very loving and gentle to those he cares for and blunt and cold to those he doesn't like there's a switch or something. This happens in the middle of conversation should one of each category arrive.


Father / Donor
Tan'Ethen Solaris (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Elizabel Solaris (Alive, the Mad Queen)
Disidia (Undead, The Dark Prince)
Close Friends
Theos, Chantria, Ravengale, Celisdane
Kariel (Hesitantly works with her but she unnerves him), Zanzas (Recognizes the usefulness but is ill at ease with anything using Death or Unholy magic), Brynn (Cousin), Chantria (Cousin)


Age & Sex


Year 1721: He is the second born to his parents. Him and his one year older brother are close from an early age. Growing up him and his elder brother were good friends with Chantria and Ravengale.

Year 1730: Saren is trained as a diplomat and a Marksman (for self defense only). He is sent out to do diplomatic missions with the various kingdoms around them. He often spends time away from home.

Year 1741: Saren hears rumors of unrest back home with his family. However work keeps him in the Gara Kingdom for most of the year. The Summer Festival of Slaughter takes place as he is entering back in to his homeland to celebrate some of the festivities with his family. He is horrified to see what has happened to his people. He helps lead the refugees to Solaris, their new capitol. He is most broken by the news that his mother and father sacrificed his elder brother to the Slada'Sha to grain their horrid powers.

Year 1746: The struggle for resources and the right to build on or steal from sacred sites puts the Solarians at odds with other factions (the Lune and Harpies specifically). The King of Gara and Saren decide to draw up an official alliance and name it the Radiant Sun. With that to rally their people they become a stronger force against their fractured enemies.

Year 1752: The war for resources intensifies between the Radiant Sun and those who make up the newly founded Umbralight (Lune, Harpies and defunct Wilderan). Saren finds their presence annoying but he cannot blindly turn from the fact that their enemies have started to make their own alliances. Now the Radiant Sun has to fight against the forces of both the Shaytan and the Umbralight.

Year 1755: The Radiant Sun lose Fathon, the homeland of the Wilderan, to the Umbralight. The loss hits their industrial machine hard. Saren is forced to have some of the Solarian peasants lower themselves to basic labor.

Year 1763: When Underoot invades Solaris, the current standing Solarian Kingdom, he is on the front lines with the rest of the Marksman helping keep the invaders at bay. He grows a taste for combat and adventure but he keeps it to himself. He also learns he dislikes orcs, trolls and dwarves.

Year 1766: The Night of Madness comes over them without warning. He learns what defeat feels like as Solaris loses many northern territories.

Year 1784: The first Reavers appear. At first Saren is not willing to work with them, seeing them as unholy and corrupted. However as their skills prove invaluable and their willingness to fight the Shaytan seem solid, he gives them some leeway in his kingdom. He does not like nor trust their power but he does have faith that they are what they say they are: a force against the Shaytan.

Year 1799: The various factions start to fall against the Shaytan. To save their home and buy them time, Deus Vis dimension and time locks Aerith. The only members able to leave are the ones on the Arcane Sanctum. Champions and leaders are placed on this ship to study how to destroy the Slada'Sha and their Shaytan forces. They enter the void realm, not knowing how many years will go by before they are called back to service. Until they are, they are to research all that they can.

Year 1830: A Wysterian mage is found stranded in the void. His name is Varden Violeteye. Theos and him bond. Saren takes note that people can accidentally end up in the void and reminds everyone that they cannot take in a lot of extras, there is not a lot of spare room.

Year 1855: Ravengale's arranged marriage to Celisdane falls short. Saren suggests Ravengale marry her younger sister, Shaynessa, instead. Ravengale, always one to do his duty, accepts the new terms. They are married quickly by the Prince himself.

Year 1856: The void engine reacts to a strong Slada'Sha presence. Sadly it is malfunctioning and they cannot breech the void realm to enter into normal reality for another three years!

Year 1859: The Arcane Sanctum finally emerges from the void to help the world once again.