Schaw Obscurity


Aetherian (L), Keise
Soul Name
Champion's League
Gold Scale Resort


Focus & Melee (Thrown & Stick)
Schooled, Knowledge of Culture (Aetherian & Keise), Langauge (Keise Symbols), Athletics, Multiple Opponents, Endurance, Block, Aim, Innovation (Combat), Unarmed Combat (Hard Hit)
Tracking, Dancing (Ballroom)


Species Powers
Telepathy, Dark Vision, No Light Vision, Umbra Traverse (Shadow Walking)
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Dark (Undiscovered)
Hero Skills
Shaytan Affinity, Wild Strike

Favored (God of Dark)

Sonic Manipulation: He has the power to create sonic vibrations at will.

Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Throwing Knives
Other Weapons
Night Sticks (w/ concealed blades)
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Tan Beige
Firm & Strong
Hair Color
Hair Style
His hair has various cow licks so he keeps it short around his face and neckline.
Height & Weight
6'' / 200 lbs
Other / Other Forms
When his corruption kicks in his eyes glow red.
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears black body suits with knee high boots and various belts with weapons/equipment. Over this is a leather coat styled like an aviators.
Distinguishing Marks


Fighting (obssessed with being stronger), feeling strong enough to take care of his litter mates, winning, adrenaline, when others are afraid of him, cute small animals, cuddling (but it will never openly admit it), teaching, order, structure, things being clean (is an extreme neat freak)
Reading (boring), music (its atrociously bad at all instruments), art (stick figures look awesome by comparison to what it draws), poetry (another thing it sucks at and thus dislikes), people who pick on the weak just to get a power high, cowards, idiots, noise, disorder, people touching his stuff, anyone laying a hand on his siblings (that isn't a family member/trainer)
Schaw is serious as a heart attack and deadly focused in everything it does - sense of humor, this keise don't haz it. He prefers to be alone and cares little for others, not actively seeking to make friends but not rejecting them when compatibly offered either. He hates people clustering noisily around it and has no love of "parties". He has a soft spot for animals and also seems to feel at least a modicum of compassion for weaker children. He is not good at the usual things that interest a great many keise (crafts, music, arts, etc) and gets annoyed when peopel expect it to be.
He fears being without its powers, which it has come to take for granted as its "advantage" in a fight. He fears his its hard work will only result it being the last kitten standing from his litter.
If he sucks at something then he hates it, claiming that its "stupid" or "uncessary" to cover for its shame/embarassement.


Father / Donor
Don Obscurity
Mother/ Sire
Jonathan Obscurity
Askela, Keet, Creik, Rhyel (Adopted), Erynu (Adopted), Isni (Adopted, Dead)
Aros (Lover)
Close Friends
Aros, Tess, Karlee (Dead)
Larue (Of Relation), Galaway (Of Relation, MIA), Ryall (Of Relation)


Age & Sex


Year 1827: Schaw is born as one of four in a litter to a keise noble and inventor who had taken up living in aether and an aetherian knight. They are not even a year old when Jonathan finds a Blighted in their chamber doing something to them. He stops it but keise priests discover the kittens are all "curropted" as a result.

Year 1828: The litter is barely a year old when their father is called back into full active duty. They see him sparringly at best.

Year 1832: Schaw manifests a strange ability: Sonic maniupation.

Year 1834: Schaw decides it will never get strong enough to protect its litter mates in aether. It drops out of school and goes to the Darkworld to train intensely as a Sentinel.

Year 1836: When its grandsire Syria finds the Crow it leaves a haunting warning that the kittens will never be safe. As a result Syria talks with Witchly & Janos about how to protect the kittens from the situation they are in. The suggestion comes up that Kevin’s ritual magic may hold the “key” to what they need to create an out of time and out of reach place for the kittens to train and be able to protect themselves.

Finally the ritual is ready; the kittens are to be transported to the new location. As the ritual is in the works little Bezelneph (the cat) distracts Erynu who leaves the circle location just as the ritual completes. As a result Erynu is unable to join its siblings and must remain behind.

During the passing of a mere 6 years in aether the kittens live 10 years for each 1 - ending with them 60 years older then they left and the keise equivalent of teenagers.

Year 1842: The kittens return from their otherworldly training and it is time for the whole family to readjust. Upon return home Don suggests the kittens enroll in school again but Schaw refuses. Instead, Schaw and Criek both agree to train with the Shadow Fangs, a group of keise who are dedicated to mastering their taint to hunt the A'dalis.

Year 1853: He is hunting down mages that have been hurting people and thinks the Tower is involved. He meets Aros as a result and is taken there to see that they are in fact innocent.

After, he even signs on with the Champion's League, since they are doing a lot of good an attempting to mediate such issues.

Year 1854: In Cancer, The Champion’s League actually takes a break from patrolling Steelhaven to go to the Isle of Dragons. Why? For Gaelnaris and Matius wedding of course! While they leave a small contingent in the city to oversee things, Adrian, Vanshee, Aros, Schaw, Orianna, Blaine, Gaelnaris, Matius, Karlee, Battista, Arcturus and Snugs all go!

In Virgo, Cerrin attacks the Champion’s League to steal Snugs and Arcturus. Schaw and Aros are with Orianna and Blaine during the assault and sees just how furious and scared Orianna is when she sees Cerrin’s dragonic form – her father’s form! Schaw and Blaine try to stop her and she injures them both badly. Aros knocks her down a peg as a result and she comes to realize how much her bottled up rage is capable of hurting others.

In an attempt to set a trap to capture Cerrin and find those they have lost, the Champion's League create a resort - the Golden Scale. The idea being to lure Cerrin into it and while he is lulled Aros can shrink him.

When Cerrin and Barnaby take a vacation at the resort the Champion’s League built the trap is sprung. Battista, Blaine and Schaw try to distract Barnaby away from Cerrin as it nears its finale, Aros, Tess and Adrian hiding in the wings as the technomancy finally kicks in.

Gaelnaris explains to the Champion’s League his situation with Athane and what he was told by the guardian of the Akashic Record about redeeming the Epitaphs. Aros uses the blade’s wave length and does a scan, he admits it’s possible. Orianna is furious, unwilling to see any fate but death for the man that killed her father.

The test is a success, Cerrin is purified and even becomes golden like his brother was. Before they can react, he flies out of the building. Adrian is furious – more so because he must explain it to Orianna.

Schaw learns from Vanshee about Tess’ taint issues. He talks to Tess about trying to help her control what she can of it. He makes no promises, since its two very different kinds of taint, but at least he can try to help her. In an attempt to help Tess master her corruption, it almost afflicts Schaw instead! He can barely get control back and when does he informs her she isn’t just tainted – but his terms she’s Blighted, if not an outright demon herself. What’s in her is way more primordial then what was put into him. Sadly, until she understands why is pulling her strings, and why, there is no one who can teach her control.

Later, during some foreplay, Schaw’s darker nature shows up and he gets viscious on Aros (biting, grabbing hard, being aggressive). When Aros gets scared and runs for it, the spiral goes south as it spills into the hallway and Karlee is there to see it. Naturally she runs to help save Aros and Schaw’s taint is no longer much of a secret.

After, Aros tries to mend things with Schaw by bringing him some S & M stuff he made. He wants to show Schaw that he’s willing to accept his way of “loving” him.