Senchiro Samandar


Soul Name
Mibushin Gumi, Dawnbringers
New Dawn


Melee (Spear) & Athletics (Povolt)
Unarmed Combat (MAHS), Block (Parry), Combat Reflexes, Cooking (Minimal Supplies), Multiple Opponents, Wilderness Survival, Hunting, Tracking
Etiquette, Streetwise


Species Powers
Telepathy & Ryu-Go
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Biting Steel, No Fear, Spinning Blade, Wall of Pain
Favored (Dragon of Metal)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
His typical attire actually has several armor peices.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Warm Orange Tan
Well Muscled & Strong
Hair Color
Dark Slate-Blue
Hair Style
It is layered and falls to his shoulders.
Height & Weight
6'10'' / 300 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears extremely well made but barbarian flavoured attire in black and red. Many black portions have chinese styled dragonic patterns. Any metals tend to be dark iron and stones are often red sapphires or rubies.
Distinguishing Marks


Going out drinking with friends, the way the Mibushin Gumi is more like a family than a stoic army, accepting people, younger people (he likes being a mentor/big brother), shorter people (fun to tease, and given he's not a small ryuko he can look down at a LOT of people), good food
Being insulted/looked down on for his Northern Tribe skin, people who think wanton heroics will solve everything (sometimes they just make it worse, think first), his men dying (he takes being a captain very seriously), anyone picking on/hurting Chisu, betrayal, arrogance (particularly baseless arrogance)
He is cheerful, often seen making jokes with friends and having a good time. However do not mistake this for a lack of negativity. Senchiro has a short temper, one he can reign in when he must but will eventually boil to the surface in violent ways if he doesn't get a chance to let off steam. While very laid back and easy going most times he can also be given to fits of brooding. This is mostly because he is a deep thinker and actually considers the ramifications of things, lending to moments of quiet consideration.
He fears devoting himself to the Mibushin Gumi only to have them turn on him somehow.
Senchiro has no stomach for "noble sacrifice" and (ala Batman) always beleives in a "third option".


Father / Donor
Shiranui Samandar (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Noi (Dead)
Close Friends
Chisu (Best Friend), Saiya, Mitsuko, Erisuke (Dead), Toru, Raiu, Yuki, Eriko


Age & Sex


Year 1803: Senchiro was the result of a passionate affair between Salamander lord, Shiranui, and a northern tribe woman, Noi. Such a thing was completely unheard of for any civilized member of ryuko society, much less a man of equivalent noble standing. Mostly because the northern tribes were a savage terrain littered with the cast offs of ryuko society (criminals and runaways), barbarians and curropted.

During his earlier years he was raised in the northern lands with his mother. Life was kill or be killed, both due to the dangerous wilderness and the "take what you can" motto of the other tribesman. This led to his picking up the essential skills for survival: Hunting & Tracking. However he also learned early in to value any weapon that gave him reach. If an older man/woman could GET to him he would likely lose, but if his weapon could hit them first he had a good chance of survival. This led to the weapons he hunted with becomming the weapons he protected himself with as well.

Year 1828: The Land of Dragon's falls. Choas is unleashed everywhere and Senchiro tries to protect his mother through it all but fails. Her death at the hands of a viscious A'dalis never leaves his nightmares. However, to counter balance the loss he is saved from certain death (by the same creature) when his father arrives! Shiranui found he couldn't flee the nation without the woman he'd loved and his son. When he learns of Noi's fate he still pushes for Senchiro to flee with him.

Year 1835: The two move to the Isle of Dragons only after it is good and settled. Upon arrival Shiranui has his son schooled by private bushido teachers. Each one is equally frustrated with the man's determination not to give up the spear. At first Shiranui gives up hope his son will ever learn to be a samurai, however he wakes more than once to his son working on his own to convert the sword techniques into ones for his spear! Secretly impressed he doesn't halt the lessons despite the secret pleas of the teachers.

Year 1842: Senchiro hears rumor about an unorthodox Gumi that accepts people from any walk of life, not just blue blood samurai families. Eager to prove to his father he is a worthy son, he asks to enlist. His father is resistant at first but ultimately yeilds to the fact that Senchiro does need to earn his own reptutation in the world.

Year 1843: Kaito, the gumi's presiding lord, constantly makes trouble for them. This culminates in an incident at the local geisha house where he attempts to kill some geisha's who wouldn't strip down and dance for him. Raiu manages to difuse the situation so that the women's lives are spared.

Year 1845: Kaito cuts down a boatsman for refusing to sing on his boat ride, Sasuke reaches his limit. He calls in Mitsuko & Raiu and demands they do “something” about Kaito, and that something needs to end with Kaito’s demise.

Raiu & Mitsuko call in Chisu, Senchiro, Saiya & Inuzu on the matter. They discuss how to do the assassination, but they give a most vital roll in it to Senchiro: To stop Erisuke. As per the Code of Bushido, Erisuke would be beholden to come to his old teachers rescue. So if he finds out, Senchiro is to knock him out to prevent that.

The Mibushin Gumi hold a big party after another successful minor raid. Hearing about this, Kaito is all for attending. During the party everyone gets drunk. Kaito retires and Raiu, Toru & Mitsuko offer to walk him back to the headquarters. Meanwhile, Erisuke realizes what this means thanks to Chisu's slip ups. He tries to go after them and Senchiro fights him to stop him – knowing full well by now that Erisuke has seen how twisted Kaito has become. While Erisuke admits this is the right thing to do, he can’t just let it happen to his old teacher. Senchiro wins the fight and knocks Erisuke out.

Year 1854: A demon, a servant of Melchior, is sent to attack the patrol group that Yuki is with and Chisu is captaining. He tells her to flee but when the creature proves capable of jumping great distances it tries to leap after her instead. Chisu throws his sword to stop the creature, allowing Yuki to escape. Furious, it turns around and maims Chisu in the fight.

Yuki reaches the HQ and finds Erisuke and Senchiro there. They quickly follow her to help Chisu. Chisu is taken by to heal but the wounds are strange and there is concern they are corrupted or poisonous. Inuzu and Yuki both tend to him, with Yuki blaming herself for it. Inuzu gets annoyed with this and sends her outside to wait with Senchiro & Erisuke. That night, Inuzu reports to Raiu and Mitsuko that Chisu is poisoned and that they must stop it before it kills him.
Eriko tells Senchiro about how her son has left her.

Year 1855: The Mibushin Gumi arrive at the Dawnbringer Fortress, having heard that this was the place fighting back against the monster that destroyed their homeland, their people and their dearest friends/family. They demand to enlist.

Erisuke & Senchiro attempt to figure out Aetherian “beds” when the shipment of them comes in. Eriko sees this and tries to help, thus the trio bond over their lost homeland.

Year 1856: Eriko kills Erisuke while under the control of a time mage's charm spell.