Soul Name
Apothecary, Scout (Nazcan)
Apothecary, Scout (Nazcan) & Huntsman


First Aid
Medical Knowledge & Herbal Lore (Medicinal)
Ranged (Archery), Melee, Astromony, First Aid, Instrument Playing (Flute), Knowledge of Nature, Quick Learner, Stealth, Tracking, Wilderness Survival
Herbal Lore (Poison), Innovation, Storytelling, Unarmed Combat


Species Powers
Animal Magnetism
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Cat's Pathing, Flurry of Force & Lithe Reflexes
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Short Sword
Other Weapons
Sepaa has a short bow and a blow gun - a native weapon that he is comfortable with.
Sepaa's armor is leather. For added protection he has a and back protector fashioned out of bone and shell, stitched with leather and sinew.
Sepaa wears a a stone charm necklace on a leather thong. A lotus flower is carved into the stone. Sepaa swears it has magic properties that aid healing.


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Sepaa is short for a Nazcan, with jet black hair and brown, weathered skin; some grey hair has recently appeared around his temples. He is thin and wiry - his frame lithe and toned from hunting and tracking, but not muscle-bound; his life outdoors has given him a wind-swept and slightly grizzly appearance.
Hair Color
Hair Style
Sepaa's hair is shorn short. He cut off the longer hair and braids he wore as a younger man in grief - and he hasn't let it grow since.
Height & Weight
5'5" & 120lbs
Other / Other Forms
Sepaa's eyes are almond shaped and deep set. Crow's feet and an almost permanent squint are a result of years of tracking and hunting; and looking upon the horizon.
Style & Casual Clothing
Sepaa doesn't have much clothing. He usually wears uniform trousers - from when he was a scout. He wears a simple leather tunic on top - he has one with fringe along the arms and dyed geometric shapes along the collar that he wears for "fancy" occasions. He wears an untanned black jaguar pelt over his shoulders in colder weather. He is often barefoot, or wearing wooden-soled sandals. He does own an old pair of uniform boots (again from his old days as a scout). The boots are old, and the leather slightly cracked with age, but they aren't worn often and are still in otherwise good knick.
Sepaa virtually always has a worn leather bag slung over his shoulder. Inside are various herbs, oils, and unguents he uses for first aid and healing. Sepaa is embarrassed about the missing chunk from his left ear and usually wears a strip of leather, or roughly dyed cloth around his head; covering up his ear.
Distinguishing Marks
Sepaa has two feather tattoos beside his right eye and a hawk tattoo on his back. A jagged scar runs on his left cheekbone toward his ear. His left ear is missing a semi-circular chunk near the tip.


Nature, the seaside, early mornings, moonlight, music, any signs of his family's fate
Crowds and loud noises, greed, conflict, disloyalty, eating in public, fire, the monster destroying his homeland
Sepaa is a cautious Nazcan, with a wisdom gained from passing years. He is quick to offer help and comfort and slow to move to anger. Some see his cautious side as cowardice, seemingly proven by his desire to keep the peace. This is a mistake however, Sepaa does have a steel within him and he will stick by his friends and allies - even when violence is the only answer.
Sepaa is frightened that he will not find out what happened to his two missing daughters. He is also a bit frightened by technology and the thought of dying alone.
Sepaa keeps to himself, rarely giving his opinion or seeking the counsel of others. He is quick to offer aid and comfort however, and stick up for the downtrodden. He enjoys playing the flute and often quietly hums snatches of tunes to himself when trying to keep calm. He can be superstitious at times.


Father / Donor
Mother/ Sire
Yaksin (Dead)
Itzel (Daughter, Dead), Colel (Daughter, MIA), Sacniete (Daughter, MIA)
Close Friends
Palden & Gavin


Age & Sex


Year 1834: Sepaa joined the scouts as a young Nazcan brave. The idea of bravery in battle appealed to him and he hoped to bring glory to himself and his tribe. His young wife chided him gently for his choice at the time; maybe recognising his gentle soul.

Year 1838: Sepaa leaves the scouts. He returns home with a nasty jagged scar on the left side of his face and a chunk missing from his left ear. Whatever happened, he doesn't speak of it. He is quieter and much less full of bravado; he suffers from nightmares and learns to play the flute to calm his nerves.

Yaksin, his wife, welcomes him home with open arms. She gives him a stone amulet with a lotus flower carved into it as a welcome home present - the stone charm was handed down through the women in her family and she tells him it will heal his shattered nerves.

Year 1839 - Year 1854: The intervening years are calm if not very prosperous. Sepaa and Yaskin have three daughters between 1839 and 1844. Sepaa tries to carve out a homestead on the southern border of Nazca. He ekes out a living as a hunter and trapper. He also begins to learn about medicinal herbs and first aid; he adds a bit to his income selling some medicinal herbs and salves along the Aether frontier. The years pass quietly, but happily as well. Sepaa raises his daughters, often bringing one of them with him on a hunting trip, or when crossing the border to barter his hides and herbs along the frontier.

Year 1855: Sepaa leaves his homestead on a hunting trip, planning to travel into the frontier to barter on his way back. It is a typical end-of-season trip. Little did he know it would end far from typical.

Year 1856: Sepaa knew something was wrong when his daughters were not on the ridge above his path waving at him as he travelled the last few leagues home. They usually could see his campfire from the cliffs a day or so before he reached his homeward path, so he was slightly worried when he didn't see them in their usual spot; all smiles and excited waves.

As he reached closer to home, his discomfort grew to alarm when he saw the thick smoke and smelled the burning. He sprinted through the jungle as fast as he could, but he knew he was already too late. Far, far too late.

Whatever had happened was long over. His homestead was crushed and ruined, what wasn't missing was in flames or smashed beyond repair. The bodies of his eldest daughter and wife were found outside their lodge; of his two youngest daughters there was no sign.

Year 1857: Barely a year has passed since Sepaa's life was turned upside-down. He has travelled along the border and the Aether frontier seeking clues and hoping to find some sign, any sign, that will lead him to knowledge of his beloved daughters. He holds onto hope the way a drowning man clings to a raft.

While working in Aether, both as a traveling apothecary and as a wandering huntsman, he has made two "friends". The first was a self-proclaimed adventurer and treasure hunter, Palden. He helped patch the young man up after an attack and the two found they got along well enough. The other was Gavin, a fellow huntsman who he met while stalking prey on occasion and sometimes shared drinks with.