Serena Forenze


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Rini, Ridwan
Countess of Falerath, Baroness of Kissade
Forenze Mansion


Schooled, Dancing (Ballroom)
Crafts, Instrument Playing (Ocarina), Knowledge of Politics, Cosmetics, Crafts (Beading)
Finances, Mathematics, Meditation, Melee (Glaive)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
She is a Sister of End Times, Ridwan the Gate.
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Ridwan's Glaive
Energy glaive can kill spiritual entities and... (Undiscovered)
An ornate dark steel glaive with a crescent style wicked blade at the top.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Ice Green
Skin Tone
Pale Peach
Serena has a small and slender form that is kept rather average for her age given her healthy diet. 
Hair Color
Hair Style
Her hair is curly and tussled all over. When not styled it falls to her shoulders but she commonly wears it up in two high up ponytails with the sides and bangs free to frame her face (the loose sides are the same length as the rest of her hair but the bangs only go to her eyes).
Height & Weight
5'4" / 120 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She likes pink and white pretty dresses, usually in a princess or lolita style. She shies away from excessive gemstones or frills but won't put up too much of a protest about them if she's told she's 'cute' in it.
Earrings & Small Gems
Distinguishing Marks


Nostalgic things (like her first blanket and stuffed animal), dressing up, berries, large crowds, parties, stories, music, playing her ocarina, her family, her close friends, making new friends, working with her hands (hence her love of crafts, mostly she just makes jewelry or little babbles for herself), seeing her old friends from the orphanage, animals
The dark (she's never felt comfortable in it), boredom, when she messes up socially, arrogant people, that she had a part to play in Vryce's death, Usha and the way she has hurt Noru & Corrine and continues to manipulate him causing him to pull away from what family he has left. How dark Noru has become, her inability to see Jaxom
Serena is exceptionally sweet and motherly woman, the type who maintains a positive attitude even when others are feeling low. Despite her peasant upbringing, which allows Serena to enjoy more basic types of games and hobbies, she has a love for feminine things (read: Pink, flowers, pretty clothing, make-up). When her social skills fail her, she tends to lose her sunny disposition shutting downand withdrawing from the world emotionally. In this same manner she doesn’t take well to high stress situations such as violence, rape or other horrors of the world, such situations cause her to put her heart on a shelf and become coldly logical. Serena is also quick to move to defend her friends when they are insulted, even if they aren’t present to hear the insults.
Serena fears losing any of her family, they are her security blanket.
Serena is easy to read, when she’s upset it will be all over her face even if she tries to act happy.


Father / Donor
Reynold Saraffan, Halden Singer (Adopted, Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Lamia Saraffan (Dead), Michelle Singer (Adopted, Dead)
Noru (Adopted Brother), Nathos (Adopted Brother, Dead), Damia (Half Sister), Sebastian (Brother)
Close Friends
Edan, Vryce (Former Lover, Dead), Lexi (Dead), Halja (Odette), Finn (MIA), Oswald (Dead), Helen (Best Friend), Amon, Marina
Danu (Sister in Law), Corinne (Sister in-Law, Dead), Francis (Great Uncle), Wyatt (Cousin), Donaovan (Nephew), Balthazar (Ex-Husband), Jaxom (Nephew), Yonisho (Mentor, Dead), Percy (Adopted Nephew), Keita (Adopted Nephew), Lucy (Adopted Neice), Ymira (Ally, Noru's Mother), Hope (Fellow Sister of End Times)


Age & Sex


Year 1800: Dumped on the orphanage steps at the age of one, she doesn’t remember her parents nor does she care about them. She was simply one of the orphans and lived in the moment. She had a blanket that she used to take with her everywhere that she was found wrapped in, and a beloved stuffy that was made for her by a kind old woman in the town.

Year 1808: While at the orphanage she bore witness to the unfolding events that led to Michelle's unveiling as nobility in hiding. When Serena was only 8 a man named Halden came to collect Michelle and was quite taken with little Serena. He offered to adopt the girl along with Noru, promising them a very rich and high society life so long as mommy played along. Serena has no idea there were any bad intentions in this, to her Halden was a knight in shining armor who came to marry Michelle and was kind enough to bring her and Noru along.

Upon moving in with Halden her whole life became like a fairy tale. Halden saw fit to spoil the child rotten, buying her any toy she looked at with a remote interest and lavishing her in gowns and servants to see to her needs. Wanting for nothing Serena became star struck with her whole life as though she is living some wonderful dream.

Year 1809: When she was nine years old the closet in her room began to shake like some one was trying to get out, and then she watched as a monster began to emerge from it. Screaming she alerted her family who didn’t to believe her. Serena was sent out of the room with the rest of the family minus Halden who went to investigate just in case. Moment’s later maids were screaming about Halden being injured and Serena knows it was the monster that attacked him. Since then she refused sleep unless she had a light in her room, and her bed is flat to the floor with the closet is chained and locked closed.

Year 1810: Serena was ten when she made her first new friends in high society. She had met Edan at parties and thought of him as a friend but it wasn’t really true until he invited her and Vryce to join him on a vacation with his mother. While out in Merlosian lands the three bonded and she became fond of them both.

Year 1811: When she was 11 Royce, an old would-be-love of Michelle’s, attacked Michelle while she was in her own home. Serena didn’t really understand why but since the man hadn’t been aware she was home she ran for help. In the end the knights took him away and he was hung.

Shortly after the incident with Royce, Michelle gave birth to Varek. The baby was not healthy, born with heart disease the doctors predicted the child wouldn’t likely grow up to be an adult. Once more Serena doesn’t entirely grasp what this means but she adores her little brother.

Year 1818: She gets into a relationship with Balthazar, a sweet faced nobleman.

Year 1820: She marries Balthazar.

Year 1824: Asoth takes away elfin magic, unleashing a terrible plague as well. Balthazar vanished on the first night, implicating him as a member of the cult. Meanwhile Halden dies of the plague itself and leaves the county in Serena's hands.

Year 1828: She begins to show an interest in finding a spouse and looks to Vryce. The two become lovers BUT Serena is opposed to taking it further out of fear she'll lose control of her lands as a woman.

Year 1830: Serena and Noru break the news to Damia about her heritage, sadly this comes on the heels of learning Varek (who has just died) is her brother. Also during this year it is revealed to her by Noru that Usha killed Corrine (albiet by proxy). Seeing the state he is in she demands to handle it, taking in Damia for a while and sending Noru on vacation. She threatens the Proudmoore's with telling the White King if they do not follow her instructions (Usha cannot go anywhere without escort, must not live in the castle and must not be in the vaccinity of any of the Singer family).

Year 1833: Serena begins having nightmares of a warrior woman telling her to protect something. These prove to be messages from Ridwan, which is her, telling her to get her glaive before the enemy does. She does so and learns much about her role as one of the three horseman in the process.

Year 1835: Balthazar returns! This throws her relationship with Vryce into choas because he is her legal husband and she didn't HATE him enough to cast him off upon his return (particularly given he came back abused and traumatized). Vryce bows out as a result.

Serena becomes distracted from her love life issues when Halja/Malach shows up at her doorstep. Her "sister" demands she help her save the soul of Bahai the Pius from the demon possessed Melchior. After Halja gathers a team (Finn & Lel'Eyon join them) to do this. While out Serena bonds with Halja and Finn. When they rescue Bahai and realize there is only two ways this can end. 1. They free the soul to be reborn gods know where and thus they cannot protect it. 2. It is born in one of the two women. Halja volunteers and becomes a mother as a result.

Year 1836: Danu and Noru have a stillborn child. Serena is naturally there to support her brother and sister in this time of greif, but it only just proceeds one of her own. Vryce is found dead in his chambers. Signs point to suicide and a note is left for Serena. It basically details how he didn’t want to sully her honor with their love now that her husband has returned but he couldn’t live without her either. The letter is delivered to Serena and Balthazar is there to comfort her after.

Year 1838: Noru mentions the strange emotions and impressions he’s been getting off people and Serena realizes he’s angel touched by Ramiel.

Year 1841: Balthazar is kidnapped by rogue knights. Noru, in crusader guise, rescues him but in the process Balthazar recognizes his brother in law. However Bal swears to keep the secret. After the incident Balthazar returns home and reunites with the worried Serena, clearly ever the trauma case.

Oswald comes to Serena’s looking for Balthazar to discuss an important business deal. When he finds the man of the house is out he asks her assistance and realizes she’s just an amazing and smart woman. Hours into their work Balthazar comes home. He seems surprised about Oswald but plays it off as forgetful. Seeing how well Serena did he offers to let her handle it all with Oswald since he has no head for this sort of thing.

Year 1842: Oswald is found dead.

This year also marks the downfall of her brother and hero, Noru. His decent starts with being arrested for not guarding the mage he was assigned to. Time in the prison turned him against the crown and he attempts to kill the king. His downward slope only continues from here. As Serena finds herself without the strength of her brother beside her.

Year 1843: When the war turned to Crown versus Temple, she naturally sided with the later as a horseman.

Several people have been falling sick since the “revival” incident in the Temple. JJ has them collected and learns all of them are corrupted in someway. Serena tries to defend Balthazar against this idea until Draconis bursts that bubble. As a result, Serena learns her husband is a pat of the Cult of Asoth and everyone learns that those with evil connections (demons, Asoth, etc) cannot be in the Temple without becoming sick! Balthazar escapes with the help of the Cult.

Year 1853: Light returns to Serena, after years of silence she hears from Noru. Who needs her help to return home How could she do anything but help him?

Serena and Noru hear rumors on the street that Usha has a son. The pair confront Noru’s old lover to see if the boy (Jaxom) is his. Usha denies it, but Serena worried about how this will effect Noru doesn’t buy it. Later, and on her own, Serena confronts Usha to fight for the truth behind Jaxom’s heritage. The confrontation doesn’t go well, and Serena is escorted out.

Serena travels to the Isle of Dragons with Aiden, Halja and Hope. Curious about the land. While there she studies at the School of Water under Yonisho in the art of meditation to learn more, and hopefully connect with Ridwan. After months of working she finally connects with her “true self”. Ridwan explained that the Horseman are only to wake at the end of times. The sisters just pass from one host to another, as they have done since the beginning of time. Malach’s power woke the sisters early, it does not mean the end of times are now. At the moment the sisters have no purpose. The can always be a purpose. You merely must make one for yourself. Ridwan does not live. She will never live. She will simply follow the life her host leads. When you have no experience in something it is best to follow the wisdom of those who have.

Year 1854: Serena makes arrangements with Noru for a long overdue dinner with the expressed purpose of catch up. Especially since Noru has stepped down from his royal title.

Serena introduces herself to Ymira, Noru’s birth mother. The pair bond over their shared concern over Noru. The options available to them are minimal, especially those options that won’t result in them being exiled from Noru’s life if they fail. The pair settle on a situation based option. The next time Noru is hospitalized they will use the situation to their advantage by giving him a spell breaking potion to try and break any long running spell Usha may have cast on him. The pair are left to prepare and then wait for the small window of opportunity.

Year 1855: Serena has been pondering what purpose her life should have after her conversation with Ridwan. By the end of the year she invites Odette and Hope to her house for tea, where she proposes they create a living book of all the information they’ve gathered/learned about the End of Time sisters. Serena volunteers to lead the project. Hoping to ask Helen for help with authoring. During the tea Hope mentions an interest in learning to mediate in hopes to talk with Bahai. Serena agrees to help.