Shantrea Ivorysun


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Viscountess of Zethar
Mage, Spy, Archmage
AEGIS, Dawnbringers, Order of Magic
New Dawn


Stealth (Silent Movement) & Athletics (Feline Prowess & Combat Reflexes)
Alchemy, Performance, Schooled, Knowledge of Arcane, Melee, Larceny (Lock Picking), Dodge, Focus, Block
Multiple Opponents, Unarmed Combat (Street Fighting), Pet Care (Dog)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Wind (Undiscovered)
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Arcane), Lithe Reflexes
Arcane Spells

Affliction: Blind, Silence

Air: Flight

Arcane: Dispel, Source Call, Summon Familiar (Albedo)

Earth: As the Blade

Mind: Duplicate, Eyes of Truth, Quick Cast, Sense

Favored (God of Wind)
Ritual Magics
Scrying: Using reflective surfaces, Shantrea can gaze into evens happening in other parts of the world or even in a different point in time.


Main Weapon
Shivs x2
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Pale Peach
Slender & Toned
Hair Color
Hair Style
Shantrea has shoulder length hair with her bangs tucked behind her ears. Small sections that are shorter around each ear tend to slide over the tucked portions and curl in towards her cheeks.
Height & Weight
5'7'''/130 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears practical clothing that is form fitting with a jacket over it. Her attire is typically in coal-black, dark brown and has highlights of light brown and/or fur trims.
Heavenly Host Necklace
Distinguishing Marks


Getting the job done, involving as little collateral damage as possible, the few times she can pretend she's a normal girl, small animals, playing with kids, sweet foods (especially fruity desserts), time with Albedo
People getting close to her, nosy people, liars, demonologists, dogs
Shantrea doesn’t open up to others easily. She tends to come across as cold, though never impolite. She deals in logic over emotions and rarely seems that expressive – particularly in her own strange way she is quite fearless (though this comes across as a lack of care for the consequences more than a bravery in the face of something). Secretly she does have a soft spot for small animals and children, but she avoids both so as not to show it.
She fears making truly hard choices, the last time she had to make one she made the very wrong one and it cost her brother his life. Shantrea also fears depending on others or showing them her vulnerabilities.
Shantrea cannot get over the guilt of her brother's murder. She can't stand people like Elodin and yet she cares for him deeply.


Father / Donor
Destati Ivorysun
Mother/ Sire
Malorie Ivorysun
Abel (Brother, Dead)
Elodin (Lover)
Close Friends
Mira, Vyrin, Kyshtari, Leorajh
Cera (Cousin), Elliot (Cousin)


Familiar (Spider)
Age & Sex
- / F
A electric blue orb weaver spider the size of a large dog.
Very inquisitive and child like.
Albedo "Alby"
Protector, Pet
Age & Sex
19 / M
A white and graying wolf with dull gold eyes.
Protective, Stallwart, Sensitive, Tired, Affectionate


Year 1825: Shantrea was the youngest child of two born to the Ivorysun family. Mere viscounts with no hope to inherit, they always aspired to greater heights and expected much from their daughter. Most of these expectations came from the fact that their elder son was a complete handful. Constantly doing as he pleased and ignoring their demands for obedience, they could only hope to shape their daughter into his exact opposite.

Year 1839: The Ivorysun’s need for power led them to allying with dangerous and sinister forces, namely the warlocks and the Slada'sha. When Abel learned of this he attempted to fight his family and save Shantrea. 14 and brainwashed into absolute loyalty to her parents, she killed Abel instead. The only reason she even managed this feat was he thought she was a victim/bystander and wasn’t looking for her to put a blade in his chest mid-rescue.

After she was completely in shock. She barely talked, barely ate, and her parents reassured her that what she had done was the right thing. Using her broken state of mind, they built her back up to be more obedient and loyal than ever. The warlocks needed a spy for use against the Crown or any other agencies they wished to infest. It was easily done, after all, if her parents were not right and perfect in her psychology than what she had done to her brother would remain something she could never reconcile.

They made sure to put out a story to the public about how Abel had gone mad. Given he was a "wicked" mage everyone accepted that it was HIM that had allied with dark forces. Shantrea had saved her poor parents from his assault.

Year 1842: The warlocks learned of the Tower of Storms taking on students at a little school. They hoped to curropt the "hot bed of mages" that existed there and to that end she was to investigate them. As a result her mother started making best friends with another noblewoman who had a son at the school: Vyrin. She gently sugested the idea of betrothal - for purely financial gain of course!

Her first meeting with Vyrin was nothing she did not expect. He was nice and eager to know more about her, but she wasn't intersted in getting too fond of a person she was just using. A glutton for punishment apparently, he has decided to attempt to worm his way into her heart bit by bit, starting with friendship as they entered school together.

However upon his return the hammer came down against mages in a major way. Those studying magic in Wysteria were treated as enemies of the crown. While this could have removed Vyrin's need to marry Shantrea, he is fond enough of her that he honors that arrangement even now.

Year 1843: Vanshee helps Shantrea train and gains some affection for her. However, when he begins to form a big-brother relationship with Shantrea. When she realizes this she rebukes him harshly to make him stop. After, she talks with Mira about it. Mira doesn’t understand why and Shantrea explains that she murdered her own brother. She cannot let herself refill that place in her heart.

Then, shortly after, her parents come to see Elodin due to his calling for them. While there Elodin uses a demon trap to hold them and prove they are warlocks. Learning her parents are evil seems to break something inside Shanttrea though. She falls apart as she confronts that her brother had been right all along. The one thing that helps her cope is that Elodin stays with her after and tries to cheer her up. In this reguard he uses one of his pillows to "talk to her through" as a joke and make her smile. She ends up keeping the pillow to remind her that at her worst something still brought her out of it.

After, Vyrin comforts her but finds the girl is mentally damaged by it all and can’t seem to cope yet. Then, a few weeks later, much to her surprise - Kyshtari watches Shantrea and sees just how broken hearted the girl is. They do some actual bonding and Kyshtari learns not to hate her as much.

Year 1844: After almost six months of not really interacting with the world, Shantrea takes a walk with Mira. She notices some students giving hand outs to a wolf pup and rebukes them, telling them they are destroying its ability to live in the wild. However, that night she can't stop thinking about the poor pup and goes back for it.

Mira comes over and sees the pup. She realizes that Shantrea is a big softy after all. They talk about what to name it and Shantrea opts for Albedo (the alchemic term for "white").

Shantrea also apologizes to Vanshee for how she behaved. He accepts this apology and offers to continue their training together, much to her joy.

Year 1853: Kevin takes off from the Tower of Storms and nominates, of all people, Shantrea to take over for him!

Year 1854: Cerrin attacks the Magic School and Tower of Storms reducing the school to rubble and with the Tower being sent away by Shantrea. This forces the student body to relocate (Shantrea, Vyrin, Mira, Medea, Eshana, “Carol”, Eira, Leila & Erinas). They are effectively cut off as ‘back up’ for the Champion’s League. After, Shantrea talks to the mages, apologizing for her incompetence, and says they should go to the Temple.

In the month of Sagittarius, Shantrea is appraoched by Leorajh to do some scrying. The result was her forseeing an assault on Shade's Run and the awakening of the Ocean Slada'sha. She agreed to assist in the efforts to stop both.

Shantrea and Mira are sent to find Detridon. They start with a scrying tip from Shantrea which leads them to Sardor Isle. Upon arriving Shantrea and Mira find much of the area rebuilt – including a workshop that Detridon is staying in. They convince him to come back and help.

Later, Shantrea comes into her room to find her pillow is missing and a hostage note is left behind. It reads 'if you want to find Fluffy alive meet me at the Temple of the Heavenly Host'. There Shantrea finds Elodin waiting for her. He doesn't have the pillow but promises it is in her room, just hiding under other pillows. He wants to check on her since she's been having life changes. 

Just before Winter Solstice, Elodin comes to see Shantrea. He asks her about the Winter Solstice events that happen in the capitol and wonders if she has a 'date' for them, or is even going. He wants to go but hasn't figured out just who to take (baiting her). If she doesn’t take the bait he'll flat out tell her he wants her to go with him. So they go on a 'date'. While they do test to see if there is chemistry. Elodin talks to her about his travels and the strange stuff he's seen. He suggests that if she hates the school she could leave and find a group of adventurers to hang out with. He leaves a heavy hint that something dark is on the horizon and her help could be vital.

Year 1855: When the Dawnbringer is forged, Shantrea is recruited to become the leader of their mages - the Order of Magic. Within a few months, however, the teleport sites aren’t working properly at the Dawnbringer Fortress. Shantrea is put in charge of fixing it and talks with Elodin about it. They realize someone may be sabotaging the teleport site.

Shantrea, Virgil and Chester bring their issues up to Oseron and Leorajh. Shadow Hunters are sent to investigate the threat. However, the investigation is hard to prioritize when the water levels are starting to rise – which is the first sign the Ocean Slada’sha is awakening. They have to mobilize all forces to get people out of the Isle of Dragons and the beaches of Merlose before they are destroyed.

Just before years end, Oseron, Arcadian, Shantrea & Ansel go to a non-Slada’sha location that is giving off readings. They find a strange device (a Time Steam Gate) and notice the readings are sucking inwards instead of flowing out like they should be. They are attacked through the gate and when they are overwhelmed Ansel and his protection detail make the ultimate sacrifice to buy them time to escape.

Year 1857: In Capricorn, the Consortium set up a camp to activate the cannons at an agreed upon time with Chester operating as a communications hub for it. Oseron stays behind at the fortress as well, with the Isle of Entropy acting as the vessel to carry Leorajh to the battle. With everything ready, Mouko releases the barrier as his island arrives on the site. Nu and Emiho get Mouko and bring him to safety. Meanwhile, the others take Leorajh into the battle.

The Ocean Slada’sha is Defeated: The signal is given, the cannons are activated and the fight against the Slada’sha takes place. Leorajh alone keeps its focus until the weapons can be unleashed at full power but in the end they are victorious in putting the monster down for good!

A massive celebration is held at the Dawnbringer Fortress unknown to those celebrating, however, “Fate” makes its fury known and opens multiple gates through time into the ancient past – unleashing 5 ancient True Dragons onto the world. As they enter a time period in which they are dead, their psyche melds with that of their deranged dead counter parts and drives them into a maddened state.

Year 1858: Shantrea is given her diploma from AEGIS.