Shekina Phaira


Soul Name
Empress of the Empire of Phaira
Priestess (Heavenly Host)
Empire of Phaira
Royal Palace, Empire of Phaira


Knowledge of Ritual Magic & Angeology, Schooled
Dancing (Ballroom), Finances, Fine Arts (Painting), Insturment Playing (Harp), Mathematics, Meditation, Melee (Staff), Mount Riding (Horse, Hawk, Cat), Music Composition, Penmanship, Psychology (Diplomacy)
Child Care, Cosmetics


Species Powers
Immunity to Illness/Poison
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Holy)
Holy Spells
Blessing, Divine Protection, Healing Touch, Divine Retribution, Sanctify, Endowment, Guardian Angel, Summoning of a Host
Ritual Magics
Various Heavenly Host holy rites and rituals.


Main Weapon
Scepter of Heaven
It allows her to cast techniques and rituals without prep, just visualization.
She carries a tall scepter that is a bit more serious then Sailor Moon's winged scepter but still decorated with a large gem in the center (bright purple crystal) with wings at the base of the holder.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Blue
Skin Tone
Dark Beige
She has a semi-strong build for a woman, being short wasited and large hipped.
Hair Color
Hair Style
She has long hair that is wavey and long to her rump. The sides of her hair are held in golden clasps down along her front. The hair of her crown is pulled back into a half ponytail at the back with a decorative clasp. Her bangs are pulled back along her face and cliipped under the rest of her hair.
Height & Weight
5'6'' / 140 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears decorative sensual dresses. They are often royal blues and purples with gold accessories. Never are they plain, always silk, shimmery or other wise financially impressive.
Tons. Bangles, anklets, bracelets, earrings (one in each ear) nose peirceing in the right nostril (usually a small gem), necklaces and chest accessories such as low hanging larettes, and of course a tiara. The tiara is golden with intracate fine engravings of the archangle's names and the star of the heavens (seven points) on the center where a stone enhances it's by the engraving being in its setting. The gem is purple.
Distinguishing Marks
She has a beauty mark (dark mole) on her right cheek.


Varna, ruling her people wisely, the Heavenly Host, ritual, religion, cultured people, her scepter
Melchoir, Varna's losing of faith, not being with the man she loves, losing both her children to Melchior, the in-fighting between regions, demonlogists, degeneretes, she isn't fond of Lel' Eyon's criminal activity
Shekina is a very serious woman. She is in love with Varna but to proud of her station to take an outsider as her lover publically or husband. She is diplomatic when needing to be but often seen as a strong and mysterious woman who faces much as alone as possible. It is known she has skeletons in her closet as she has never disclosed her daughter's father. She tends to warn people away from prying rather then make a false excuse for it. She is known to be very pious and close to the Heavenly Host. Not an Empress with over flowing patience, she doesn't take shit from anyone. Though this often gives her an intimdation factor over her people, warriors and clergy tend to see her as a fragile person pretending to be strong for her poeple. After all if she was 'all that and a bag of chips' she wouldn't have been kidnapped quite so many times.
Varna will go 'darkside', her daughter will go 'darkside' or Melchior just down right NOT being able to die! Having more children, and yet she also fears for the continuation of her bloodline since the only descendant she has in tact is part Wysterian.
She acts much stronger then she really is. Granted she is strong in personality but she is not physically. She used her Summon Body of Heavy technique to call down a guardian angel for Varna, he doens't know about it.


Father / Donor
Raffie Phaira (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Jasmiela Phaira (Dead)
Varna (Husband)
Akasha (Daughter, Dead), Kaali (Daughter)
Close Friends
Varna, Lel'Eyon, Chestin
Melchior (Enemy), Shaiyun (Granddaughter)


Age & Sex


Year 1749: Shekina's father died before she was born, victim of an assassination attempt against her mother in which he took the fatal blow. When she was born her mother was a broken hearted woman who focused soley upon her work as Empress and had little time for a child - even one that would be heir in the future.

Year 1759: Shekina's mother dies, the assassins are successful in their assaults this time around. Investigations point to a new rising "evil" in the desert bandits, named Melchior, who may be the monster behind both attacks. Either way, a ten year old Shekina ascends the throne as Empress. She is rushed through much of the things she needs to know, leaving no time for childhood fancies. She becomes a quick study of religion, rituals and politics - all via necessity.

Year 1763: Varna sneaks into the Royal Palace and seeks out the Empress in the gardens. He explains an intended assault by Melchior upon the kingdom, as well as the madman's "theory" about Varna, Shekina and himself being keys to some great power. She believes him and Varna vows to protect her there after, becomming one of her royal guards.

Year 1764: Melchior attacks in full force with demonic monsters at his beck and call as he lays siege to the capitol city. During the chaos Shekina struggles but her and her gaurds (including Varna) are overpowered. She is ultimately taken but plays dumb when Melchoir asks about Varna - despite knowing he was amoung the injured gaurds.

During her captivity she learns of Melchoir's plans for her, in specific. While she is, according to him, a part of this key he needs she is also something more: A way to take over the kingdom. He purposefully assassinated her family and left only a child of a girl on the throne so that he could marry her and gain control over a weak Empire. This reinforces her resolve to be a strong leader instead and to thwart Melchior no matter what.

Ultimately Varna arrives to free his Empress. The battle was not easy, Melchior came a heartbeat away from being able to unlock his “gate” with all three pieces gathered but with the fighting skills Varna possessed and the magic of the Empress defeated him. Seeing his corpse on the ground they both assumed he was dead and returned home.

Year 1772: Shekina realizes she is in love with Varna, and he is in love with her. However, when he approaches her about courting, she shoots him down because of his station and dubious racial background. Her status is as such that she cannot mar it with a relationship like that - particularly not after what Melchoir told her of his "plan" for her. She would never do anything to become that weak Empress he so desired.

Year 1778: Rumors are confirmed that Melchior is still alive and operating within the criminal underbelly of the Empire. He has gone from chief of the sand bandits to a mafia-esque “Shadow King”. Varna requests to leave the royal gaurd to chase the bastard down as a legally empowered soldier of the Empire. Not a fool, Shekina realizes the other half of his logic is based upon not wanting to be around her after being rejected, so she agrees.

Year 1808: Shekina is resting in her bedchambers when she is abducted quitely in the night by Melchior. Not on is he not dead, but it seems an old dog can learn new tricks since he's taken a page from Varna and gone the extreme stealth road.

This time, however, his plans are not to open his door with the three keys, nor to marry her, but instead to foster a new Empress he can control. This results in his using a ritual to force a child upon Shekina! Varna bursts in just as the ritual is completed, too late to stop it. Furious, Varna fights Melchior once again and this time it appears he's finally succeded in ending the man's life.

After all is said and done Shekina and Varna return home agian. She opts to keep the child, since it has done no evil.

Year 1820: Once more the rumors start of the existence of the “Shadow King”. While they cannot confirm it is actually Melchior, but she and Varna suspect it to be true given the last time the man died he sprung back to life from the ashes. This causes many to question if the Empress and her old gaurd aren’t LETTING the man escape each time and tarnishes their reputation severely. Shekina, of course, knows this is not true and makes public statements to the fact.

Year 1828: Melchior steals Shekina (again) and he runs after him with a team of people. They follow him into Aether and have a massive showdown which creschendos with Lel'Eyone (possessed by Archangel Mihkael) smiting Baali and Consena. Varna frees his queen and she talks with the aetherian army which comes in response to all the chaos. After they are introduced to the new nation.

Once the whole affair is done Shekina returns home to rule her people but Akasha and Varna stay in Aether to hunt Melchior.

Year 1830 - Year 1834: Six years pass and Varna and Akasha do not return home. Nearly mad with isolation and depression, she uses magic to insiminate her with Varna to have a child: Kaali. While she created the child in the year 1830, she finally brings it to Akasha and Varna's attention in 1834.

She brings it to Varna's attention because, before telling him, she also married him without him even being HOME. He is furious with her at first but comes to see just how broken she is without him. He caves and agrees to give up on Melchior and return home with her. Shekina throws political caution to the wind and marries Varna.

As for Akasha, she strips Akasha of her rights as heir, giving them to the younger sister who is "home" more.

Year 1841: Leila poisons Kaali as per Melchior's orders. Caught for her crime, Varna and Shekina have Leila purified of the demonic contract but then banish her from Phaira. The frenzied search for their daughter begins.

Year 1853: Shekina learns that Mikhail has emerged from within Lel's personality and taken over. She sets out to recruit people to help convince the angel to bring Lel back.

Year 1855: Melchior kills Akasha in a dark ritual to summon the Ocean Slada'sha.