Sheldon Cartwright


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Order of the Crown, Wasp Brigade
House, Shade's Run (w/ Daughter)


Ranged (Archery), Aim
Athletics, Dancing (Ballroom), Langauges (Ryuko), Schooled, Mount Riding, Armor Upkeep (Leather), Melee, Stealth, Tracking, Hunting
Language (Nazcan), Combat Reflexes, Dodge, House Keeping, Slight of Hand


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Longbow: A celtic style recurve long bow that he is very proud of.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Brown-Green Hazel
Skin Tone
Athletic and whipcord lean. 
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Hair Style
Falls past his shoulders, straight and he doesn’t really style his hair save for pulling it back in a ponytail when he’s training.
Height & Weight
6' / 190 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
A brown leather tunic with multiple layers under neath and color matched breeches. He also has knee high leather boots.
Distinguishing Marks


Archery, helping people (someone needs to do it), his brothers art, Tabitha (she has shown a lot of resilience, she's the only one he tends to still be soft with), when people show resilience, Lydia and how she can make him smile
Bullies, people who feel entitled to be arrogant and mean with their subordinates (be it in rank, age or size it doesn’t really make a difference), that if he wanted to study magic he'd have to go to AEGIS, Astaroth’s disappearance from their lives (he had to become Randy's dad because he wasn't there, and didn't get to be a kid like Randy did), that Celith can’t be near their daughter, (he knows the pain of not having a parent in your lif), that so many important woman in his life have been killed/ harmed and he can’t seem to ever help them
Sheldon comes off as serious a taciturn and reserved, because of his quiet attitude until you get to know him. When he does find that you are worth his attention he tends to have a sarcastic playfulness, a bit bitter and mocking attitude no matter your class. He is tiered of having to be the responsible one and will finish task in his time frame. He still has a want to be a hero but knows that hero's are not those shining Knights in stories. No body is perfect and people just need to realize that. He is extremely protective of his daughter and will go out of his way to make her happy.
That Randy will get his but in trouble and he won't care enough to pull him out.
He tends to have a snarky attitude no matter your rank.


Father / Donor
Astaroth Delaroche (Secret)
Mother/ Sire
Estella Cartwright
Randall (Brother)
Lydia (Daughter)
Close Friends
Tabitha, Barnaby (Master), Halina (Dead)
Laune (Aunt), Camellia (Cousin), Odin (Cousin), Tyler (Cousin), Baron (2nd Cousin), Quentyn (Enemy), Celith (Soulmate)


Age & Sex


Year 1833: He is born from Recognition between Estella and Astaroth. His parents agree to marry in segret and Estella relocates in another town, from where she promises to write and stay in touch with the father of her child who will visit as soon as he can and send her part of the money he earns.

Year 1834: Astaroth joins Estella and baby Sheldon in the village where they’re residing. The lovers are so happy to be together again that before long she’s knocked up with another child, this time born outside of Rec! The family once again gets on the move (as a part of Astaroth’s plan to leave false clues for Wilson to follow). During all this the parents pretend to be just mutual friends, hiding from the world the fact that they’re actually married and both kids are Astaroth’s.

Year 1838: They settle in Cardinal Meridian where Sheldon and Randall begin attending Legacy Institute. The version Estella gives everyone (so even to the kids) is that their father was a knight who died before they were born and Astaroth is just a “friend” who has an interest in mommy.

Of course Randall immediately makes new friends, while Sheldon keeps to himself for the most part. Fortunately Randy goes out of his way to involve his brother in their games and activities so Sheldon comes to be considered one of the band – albeit a very quiet one at that. Year 1840: He confesses to Randy that he wouldn’t mind if Astaroth became their dad and naturally Randy goes to report it to their mother, although he makes it sound like his idea all along. Sheldon doesn’t know whether to laugh or roll his eyes.

Year 1842: Sheldon grows more and more curious about arcane magic. His mother however senses that it might not be a wise stance with all the recent, conflicting views on mages. She forbids Sheldon to even speak of it and he obeys.

Year 1843: The Capitol falls, luckily Astaroth had managed to take Estella and the children in safety a couple days before. They part ways and she heads for Shade’s Run with Randall and Sheldon. Once there the kids feel like they’ve just been thrown in an adventure from some storybook, what with having to escape and moving in another town and all that. They’re also introduced to their mother’s cousin Camellia and her family. However one negative aspect is that Astaroth does not show up in the new Capitol and the kids soon realize he might not return. While Sheldon takes it in stride apparently, it’s just his way to make sure that Randy doesn’t get upset. The truth being that he misses his dad of election terribly and feels betrayed that they had to lose him just when it looked like they could all be a family together.

Around this time he start squiring in the Wasp Brigade and his mother buys him a long-bow. Overjoyed, Sheldon vows to work hard and make her proud. However this also means he must bide his time between training and watching after Randy – which doesn’t always come easy considering just what a spitfire his brother is growing to be! However he does his best, determined to become a really good archer whilst not making Randy feel neglected.

Year 1848: He becomes a knight of the Order of the Crown.

Year 1854: Halina goes to Sheldon about how she feels like everyone she knows is using her.8 - After being missing for three days, Halina’s body shows up in the woods. Sheldon and Randall are working the case. The signs point towards bandits but Sheldon isn’t convinced.

Celith goes to speak with Tabitha, as per Phaedria’s advice, but runs into Sheldon. The two recognize! This is bad because Celith is under Melchior’s contract – if she doesn’t find a way to cover this up then her child will be raised a demon’s plaything! Sheldon agrees to help however he can – however Tabitha sees them through the shop window and immediately assumes Sheldon has “moved on” after she voiced her issues with Barnaby.  Celith goes back to Phaedria with whatever meager amount of information she could get. Since she has little to bring to the table at this point the two don’t make a lot of headway because Phaedria has no reason to make herself vulnerable before this other woman. Celith returns to Sheldon and agrees to complete the recognition. However, they need a place to hide her so she isn’t noticed by other minions of her master. Thankfully Barnaby is wealthy and has estates all over Aether.

Cerrin and Barnaby take a vacation at the Golden Scale resort. As a result, the trap is sprung. Battista, Blaine and Schaw try to distract Barnaby away from Cerrin as it nears its finale, Aros, Tess and Adrian hiding in the wings as the technomancy finally kicks in. By evening, Barnaby is no longer buying the bullshit and demands to know where Cerrin is from the distracting trio. Sick of it, Schaw just puts a blade to his throat and takes him hostage. Battista reports the issue to Adrian, discovering tiny Cerrin-in-a-bottle in the process and asking what he did to Snugs. Learn that Snugs “adores” Barnaby now and see what Batty wants to do with it.Battista is upset about what he learned but runs into JJ. Due to their working together on the incident in Stonehollow, the Lord Spiritual takes a moment to assist him. He brings Battista to talk to Barnaby and informs his family member that he WILL hand back the dragon and he WILL shut up about everything that has happened here because if not JJ has the political power to ruin him. Barnaby and Sheldon have no choice but to be compliant between that and the threat of the Champion’s League itself.

Year 1855: While Sheldon is out drinking with Fawkes, some other knights from the Order of the Crown give Sheldon flack (along the lines of: “you sure you should drink after your LAST embarrassment?” or “hope you’re not working an important murder case THIS time.”) and thus explains the situation to Fawkes after.

Sheldon goes to the Velvet Secret to let off some steam with a pretty lady. He unknowingly picks Nikkola to flirt with and ends up running right back into the woman that ruined him! He tries to get some answers.

Celith receives word from Balor that the masters “big plan” happens next month. She is out of time. He gives her something to induce labor and reminds her that she owes him AGAIN now. Before taking the potion, Celith talks with Sheldon about how badly she wishes she could raise her baby. Sheldon promises that she can visit in secret – she needn’t stay away from them. Celith gives birth, slightly ahead of schedule, to a daughter named Lydia. The child is immediately given to Sheldon for care (his mother’s work as a handmaiden means she knows plenty of wet nurses from the Clinic to help with immediate needs).

Year 1859: Joseph is introduced to Andru, a contact/servant of Belladonna’s. They engineer a new identity for Joseph so he can operate in noble society and get close to Tabitha again. Aware he cannot go right up to Tabitha without her possibly seeing through his disguise, Joseph (now using the identity Jorrel) approaches Edward and Ashlyn instead. He offers to sponsor the rest of her education as a knight. After gaining Ashlyn’s trust, “Jorrel” convinces Ashlyn to introduce him to her mother. Because her daughter is right there, Tabitha doesn’t runaway and knows she cannot make a scene since she doesn’t want to frighten her child. Instead she sends Ashlyn to get something and begs Joseph to leave Ashlyn alone. He agrees to do no harm, provided Tabitha will marry him since he is now a noble with no blood relation to her. They can all be one “happy” family. Packing to move into the mansion with Jorrel, Ashlyn can tell something isn’t quite right with her mother. She tries to get her to talk about this and Tabitha tries to play up how “in love” she is but she just can’t. Ashlyn tells Sheldon about it, aware he was formerly close to her mother, and says something is strange with this whole thing. While Sheldon agrees it's strange, he’s burned by the idea of her walking away from him to marry some nobleman and he brushes it aside. Sheldon is in a foul mood for days. When he brings his gloom cloud to work with him, Barnaby gets fed up and demands answers. He tells Barnaby about the situation and Barnaby makes a point to him: there are two kinds of people, those who take and those who are taken from. Sheldon can let this happen, but it will just make him a loser when he could be the winner. Sheldon goes to confront “Jorrel” about his pending marriage to Tabitha (which is now two weeks away). In the process Sheldon realizes that Jorrel is really Joseph, since he is aware of Tabitha’s dark past with her father. However, Sheldon refuses to tell her what he’s realized. Joseph demands from Tabitha who Sheldon was. Upon learning Tabitha and Sheldon had a thing, her father resolves to torment the man who went after “what was his”.

“Jorrel” attends a party that Barnaby and Sheldon are at (with Sheldon acting as a guard) and naturally totes along his wife-to-be. He flaunts before Sheldon his control over Tabitha but Sheldon can’t do much without evidence of who Jorrel really is.

Tabitha, on one of her rare days out and away from Joseph (but with guards) runs into Cross. She recognizes him as the man that gave her the scarf when she was a little girl. She recognizes she might be able to get help from him again but with the guards around its hard for her to give too many details over.That night, Tabitha asks Ashlyn to deliver a message to Sheldon about who Cross is and that he can help.

Ashlyn brings the message to Sheldon, and then demands to follow him to his meeting with Cross. This is her mother and she won’t let her fight alone. Sheldon, Ashlyn and Cross come up with a plan to stop the wedding and save Tabitha. Ashlyn is to go through “Jorrel’s” things just before the wedding (since he’ll be getting suited up and dealing with last minute stuff) and find any evidence that he’s a cultist or Joseph. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Cross will attend the wedding – Cross as a quiet onlooker and Sheldon supposedly to give her away to the man she truly loves. When Ashlyn comes in with evidence to stop the wedding, Sheldon will get Tabitha and Cross will torch Joseph.