Tabitha MacCoalan


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Merchant (MacCoalan Spices & Herbs)
House, Shade's Run


Child Care
Cooking, Cosmetics (Cover-up), Endurance (Unbreakable), Fine Arts (Pottery), Gardening, Herbal Lore, Tailoring (Needle Point)
House Keeping, First Aid (Quick Fix), Pet Care (Birds), Schooled, Stealth (Hiding), Teaching


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Warm Brown
Skin Tone
Pale Peach
Slender & Feminine
Hair Color
Hair Style
It is wavy and long to her lower back.
Height & Weight
5'7''/120 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Simple one color dresses with layers or ruffle.
Distinguishing Marks


Sweet treats, warmth, her coat (she will do anythign to keep a hold of it), people who are kind to her, her child
Cats (they remind her of home where everyone loved them), the dark (reminds her of punishments and being abandoned), being yelled at or around (will cover her ears and if it keeps going she may even break down), being roughed up (she has to think of her baby), sexual advances (reminds her of her father), when people don't beleive her (reminds her of her mother), being thought of as pretty (she wants to hide as much of herself as she can to not attract ANYONE to her)
Tabitha is a contradiction, she is a strong-willed victim. This is to say that she can take everything horrible the world has thrown at her and keep walking forwards, determined that tomorrow may hold something better. However she is not strong, she is easily frightened and she tries to avoid being hurt - even if that means having to beg for her life (after all, its not just her life she's begging for). She would rather suffer humilaition over torture or physichal abuse. She knows she has no rights or choices in her life and is strangely used to that being the natural order of things, though she always dreams of a life where it is otherwise. She doesn't know how to get out of the hole she is, or if she even has the right to, and tends to think the worst of herself. This makes her extermely adverse to putting herself as a burden onto others.
Being though of as desireable (it caused her father to hurt her and her mother to betray her), that she will lose her child (this fear can literally keep her up at night)
No matter how bad it gets she doesn't give up. Tabitha pretends to be mute to avoid anyone being mad at her.


Father / Donor
Jesoph Bolero (Dead), Drew MacCoalan (Adopted)
Mother/ Sire
Rosaria Delacour, Sally MacCoalan (Adopted)
Essence (Half-Sister)
Ashlyn (Daughter)
Close Friends
Sheldon, Randall, Calliope
Cross (Early Savior, Unknown), Elodie (Aunt)


Age & Sex


Year 1832: Years after her abandonment of Essence, Rosaria had the a-typical change of heart and sought out the man she learned had raised the babe: Jesoph. While her did not have custody of her daughter anymore, he did have a lust for a woman that looked JUST like her. He seduced Rosaria in record time and the two became husband and wife under Asoth within a few months.

Shortly after little Tabitha was born.

Year 1833 - Year 1842: Life in the Cult was not kind to a sweet child like Tabitha. She didn't understand where she was (aka Vox Diablos) or what everyone was talking about. All she knew was that the place held almost no children her age to bond with and her parents were getting darker by the day.

Her mother had never wanted to keep her, it was only at Jesoph's behest she had tried motherhood instead of abandoning this one like the last. When she had sought Essence it was because she felt isolated and alone, but now she had a lover and that void was filled. A child was merely competition for his time and affection. This led to brutal punishments over the slightest thing perceived as "wrong" or "annoying". She could be beaten with a club one night, locked away in a dark cellar for one or two days at another.

All the while her father was her one solace. Jesoph cherished his little girl, telling her how beautiful she was becoming with every passing day. He brought her cute dresses to wear, her brought her toys to play with, he combed her hair and all the while he was gentle with her.

Year 1843: The charade was over, the clock had struck twelve and it was a dark night after the ball for little Cinderella. Her father's desires for her took their inevitable plunge and she became the victim of multiple rapes over the course of months. She became too scared to go to her room and sleep, ate almost nothing, vomited up meals out of sheer stress induced sickness... all the while her mother took these things as insolence and insult, punishing her over and over again.

Finally it happened, little early-to-pubescence Tabitha became pregnant. She was horrified at first, but not because of the act: Because of her parents. Her own father was now the father of HER child. That was wrong on more levels then she cared to think about! Worse... what would her mother say?

She hid it as long as she could, but the moment she began to "show" her mother realized the truth. Tabitha broke down and admitted it to her mother, hoping that the cruel woman would at least show mercy to her knowing that it was her own father that caused this.

She had never been more wrong. Her mother called her a "man stealing whore". She promised to beat the child out of her and tossed her in a room till she had figured out how to ensure abortion. While in that darkness, she realized something: This child was her only hope of a loving family. If she could have this baby, it would love her and she could raise it right. Better than her parents had raised her. This made her terrified to lose the child and she managed to crawl out one of the tiny basement windows to her freedom.

Outside she ran into a strange cat. The devilish feline showed her the way "out" and told her to never come back. This place was no home for her. She did as told and kept on walking, eventually learning she was in Kingsbury, of all places.

There she was on the brink when she was helped by a strange man with red hair like her own. He gave her the jacket she wears and brought her to an inn for food. The people there were all very kind and got her on her feet, but she knew she could not continue to be their burden. They would come to hate her, as everyone did, she had to leave.

She wrote them a kind note, though she was never schooled enough to do anything but a crude approximation. Then she walked onward. A passing farmer took pity on her, brought her along with his hay bails into Shade's Run and she's been scrounging on the streets there ever since.

Eventually she meets Sheldon and Randall, the two young boys convince her to go to the orphanage and hopefully get a family for her and her soon-to-come baby. She also receives occasional money from a strange mage woman, Morgrause.

Before years end she is adopted by Sally and Drew, who agree to take in both her and little new born Ashlyn.

Year 1854: Celith goes to speak with Tabitha, as per Phaedria’s advice, but runs into Sheldon. The two recognize! This is bad because Celith is under Melchior’s contract – if she doesn’t find a way to cover this up then her child will be raised a demon’s plaything! Sheldon agrees to help however he can – however Tabitha sees them through the shop window and immediately assumes Sheldon has “moved on” after she voiced her issues with Barnaby. Celith still talks to Tabitha, as intended, but finds it hard to get intel from the woman she’s sort of scorned by recognizing her could-be-boyfriend.

Now that enough time has passed he would not be suspect, William, upset about how Tabitha treated him, decides he will find a way to ruin her and take the Basset Herb & Spice shop for himself. He asks Xanthus for a mafia agent to help out at the shop so he can be a spy and plant whatever evidence he will need.

William goes to Ashton about how he feels Tabitha is illegally running the Basset Herb & Spice shop. He frames it as the pitfall of using a ‘will do anything for money’ peasant instead of a noble doctor like himself. Ashton won’t act without evidence, as he has a high pride in his work as the Legal Prosecutor.

Sir Ross goes missing and Ashlyn searches everywhere for the parrot. She runs into Patrick and Percy, who were testing a device again, and they agree to help her track it down. They find it in some trees but it keeps hopping tree-to-tree to get away when they climb up after it. Finally, frustrated, Ashlyn unconsciously uses her powers and a vine grows on one of the trees to snare the birds foot – allowing one of the boys to catch it for her. Ashlyn shares with Tabitha what happened.

Year 1859: Joseph is introduced to Andru, a contact/servant of Belladonna’s. They engineer a new identity for Joseph so he can operate in noble society and get close to Tabitha again. Aware he cannot go right up to Tabitha without her possibly seeing through his disguise, Joseph (now using the identity Jorrel) approaches Edward and Ashlyn instead. He offers to sponsor the rest of her education as a knight.

After gaining Ashlyn’s trust, “Jorrel” convinces Ashlyn to introduce him to her mother. Because her daughter is right there, Tabitha doesn’t runaway and knows she cannot make a scene since she doesn’t want to frighten her child. Instead she sends Ashlyn to get something and begs Joseph to leave Ashlyn alone. He agrees to do no harm, provided Tabitha will marry him since he is now a noble with no blood relation to her. They can all be one “happy” family. Packing to move into the mansion with Jorrel, Ashlyn can tell something isn’t quite right with her mother. She tries to get her to talk about this and Tabitha tries to play up how “in love” she is but she just can’t. Ashlyn tells Sheldon about it, aware he was formerly close to her mother, and says something is strange with this whole thing. While Sheldon agrees its strange, he’s burned by the idea of her walking away from him to marry some nobleman and he brushes it aside.

Sheldon is in a foul mood for days. When he brings his gloom cloud to work with him, Barnaby gets fed up and demands answers. He tells Barnaby about the situation and Barnaby makes a point to him: there are two kinds of people, those who take and those who are taken from. Sheldon can let this happen, but it will just make him a loser when he could be the winner. Sheldon goes to confront “Jorrel” about his pending marriage to Tabitha (which is now two weeks away). In the process Sheldon realizes that Jorrel is really Joseph, since he is aware of Tabitha’s dark past with her father. However, Sheldon refuses to tell her what he’s realized. Joseph demands from Tabitha who Sheldon was. Upon learning Tabitha and Sheldon had a thing, her father resolves to torment the man who went after “what was his”.

“Jorrel” attends a party that Barnaby and Sheldon are at (with Sheldon acting as a guard) and naturally totes along his wife-to-be. He flaunts before Sheldon his control over Tabitha but Sheldon can’t do much without evidence of who Jorrel really is. Tabitha, on one of her rare days out and away from Joseph (but with guards) runs into Cross. She recognizes him as the man that gave her the scarf when she was a little girl. She recognizes she might be able to get help from him again but with the guards around its hard for her to give too many details over. That night, Tabitha asks Ashlyn to deliver a message to Sheldon about who Cross is and that he can help.

Ashlyn brings the message to Sheldon, and then demands to follow him to his meeting with Cross. This is her mother and she won’t let her fight alone. Sheldon, Ashlyn and Cross come up with a plan to stop the wedding and save Tabitha. Ashlyn is to go through “Jorrel’s” things just before the wedding (since he’ll be getting suited up and dealing with last minute stuff) and find any evidence that he’s a cultist or Joseph. Meanwhile, Sheldon and Cross will attend the wedding – Cross as a quiet onlooker and Sheldon supposedly to give her away to the man she truly loves. When Ashlyn comes in with evidence to stop the wedding, Sheldon will get Tabitha and Cross will torch Joseph.