Taisie Theramoore


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Marquis of Sheedan, Viscountess of Alterac
Diplomat (Dahhak)
Theramoore Mansion


Knowledge of Politics (Aether), Dancing (Ballroom)
Schooled, Instrument Playing (Voice), Tailoring, Knowledge of Fashion Design


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Favored (Asoth)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Light Blue
Skin Tone
Light Peach
Slight& Petite
Hair Color
Cream Blonde
Hair Style
Her hair is curly and falls to a little past her rump. She has a small patch of bangs that don’t conform into her hair on the right side, just like her daddy.
Height & Weight
5'3'' / 140 lb
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She was patterned gold or white ballgowns that hang off her shoulders.
Gold Pearl Earrings
Distinguishing Marks


Her prince (she feels bad she has "failed" him), when people call her beautiful, wearing dresses that make her pretty, her long hair, acting refined, being desired
Being dirty, bugs (especially spiders), rodents, not knowing what her future will be now that she has lost J.J., that she burned so many bridges with the people who tried to help her
Once a bold and cheerful young woman, Taisie had become mellow and very unsure of herself. She has a knee-jerk reaction to taking the opposite stance of others in conversation but its mostly just the way she keeps the talk moving and she doesn't mean anything personal by it. She is easily distracted and depressed, often second guessing herself and deffering to others when scolded.
Becoming ugly in anyway, that Chestin will never forgive he
She is very over dramatic, meaning when she is happy she nearly sings with joy and when she is sad she is known to wail for hours.


Father / Donor
Fredrick Theramoore II (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Rhiannon Theramoore
Nikkola (Half Sister), Keyne (Half Brother), Gryffin (Half Brother)
Helia (Daughter)
Close Friends
Therese (Dead), Bianca, Gwendolyn (Dead), Violet, Elliot, Cloe, Felisha, Elliot, Donaovan, Lel'Eyon (One-time Lover), Wilson, Forint (Casual Lover), Audrey, Cera
Clive (Cousin & Former Caretaker), Varek (Cousin, Dead), Marlene (Aunt), Geralt (2nd Cousin, Dead), Kirstee (Neice, Dead), Karidee (Neice), J.J. (Former Betrothed), Zoey (Rival, Dead), Chestin (Former Freind) , Jason (Co-Worker), Edward (Nephew)


Age & Sex


Year 1819 : She was born out of recognition to Fredrick and Rhiannon after their marriage. When she was born her parents were approached for an arranged marriage to the White Prince, which Fredrick practically leapt upon. Because of this she has known all her life that her husband will be and that one day she shall be queen. She has decided to be the best wife EVER and loves her prince to absolute insane pieces whether he wants her to or not.

Year1834: As she grows up J.J. is less and less pleased with her. She suffers years of his dissapproval before he finally cuts her loose in 1834 after he loses his rank as heir and is a mere royal duke. The blow to her ego is immense and she finds herself extremely depressed after.

Year 1835: At the Harmonic Convergence JJ finds a woman who can actually stand his personality: Zoey. He immedately asks her to be his future bride and she accepts. Taisie is broken hearted and extremely jealous, particularly since she feels like Zoey is better than her in every way.

After her father's death and her subsequent attemps to sleep around with men, a concerned Chestin to steps in. He has her moved in with Marlene to put her on the right path, or so he hopes. However she is billigerantly cold and hateful to both him and Marlene for their attempts at aiding her.

Year 1836: The wedding arrives and everything is perfect - until Taisie decides to perform a strip dance on the ballroom floor with a phairan (Lel'Eyon). Everyone is furious, Zoey is heart broken and JJ finally realizes how much damage his rejection really did to Taisie.

After this slander upon her family and her immedate lack of care (she literally tells them she's happy to ruin their lives) Marlene gives up on her. Nikkola steps in and agrees to be her new care taker, as the other alternative is exiling her from the family. Taisie is moved into Nikkola’s house hold as Marlene washes her hands of the girl.

Taisie is furious to be stuck with the sister she hates. She tries to appeal to Chestin but he basically tells her he wants nothing more to do with her. She is NOT the little sister he grew up loving and this vindictive hateful girl in her place is beyond him to heal – clearly.

Clive sits down with Taisie and lays one fact out on the table: She needs to work on how she speaks. It’s not that its wrong, but she is a devil’s advocate all the time and she should only use it in courts and diplomacy.

Year 1837: Nikkola comes home happy and Taisie learns she has a thing for Janos. This gives Taisie a new goal: To ruin that happiness. Nikkola and Janos were going to have another date this day. However, Taisie, in an attempt to ruin Nikkola’s budding relationship with Janos, switches her sister’s perfume out. The result is vile skunk stink and she ends up having to call off the date in account of needing a tomato bath! When Nikkola realizes this was Taisie she is furious but finds no remorse in his resentful new ward.

After Chestin leaves on his big voyage, Oswald goes to see how Taisie is, putting on his very best “daddy” hat for her as he does so. She has no idea he comes because Chestin asked him to look after her.

Taisie is missing with Nikkola gets home and the servants mention she left with a young man. Instantly Nikkola is out to track down the young woman and BARELY gets between the two on their way to a room at the Fox & Gander for some “fun”. Furious Nikkola sends the man away and tears into her sister. Taisie makes it very clear that while she might have behaved for Marlene she has every intention to RUIN Nikkola in anyway she can! The next morning Nikkola wakes up to her hair being chopped short! Instantly she knows who to blame and Taisie just laughs about it. Something to the affect of “let’s see if Janos finds you cute now!”. Nikkola gets her hair regrown by a ryuko healer.

Oswald comes to check in on Taisie, as he often does. He tells her she’s too cooped up. She needs a trip, some excitement. She mentions Elliot had been talking about going to Phair with her a long time ago. Taisie and Elliot go on a trip to Phaira. Unable to afford teleport fees it takes them a week by boat. The first night in they bond and have a heart to heart that leads into Elliot learning about Taisie’s tryst with Lel’Eyon that got her in all the trouble she is. Elliot offers to be her gossip pal on the matter and even to find her a hot phairan man while they are out if she wants! While on the boat back to Aether Elliot finally get the steam to ask Taisie to be his betrothed. She lets him down easily and they remain friends after. Afterwards Oswald checks in with Taisie to see how the trip went. When he hears she rejected Elliot’s offer he congratulates her on making the mature choice instead of the easy one.

Taisie continues her work against Nikkola’s relationship with Janos. This time she intentionally replaces some of the foods in a picnic basket Nikkola takes out for a lunch with Janos. The two end up very ill afterwards and Nikkola, having being pranked like this once before, knows just who to blame. Nikkola has it out with Taisie about these childish pranks against her!

Nikkola tells Clive about her desire to take a year or so and help her duchy. She needs to leave Taisie with him, which he doesn’t mind. Taisie is instantly thrilled and receptive, having been far fonder of Clive then she ever was of her half sister!

Year 1838: Felisha runs into Taisie while out shopping. The two hit it off and continue shopping the rest of the day together. Later, Felisha invites Taisie over for the night. Just to be fun Felisha turns into a girls sleep over with truth or dare and make overs. When she learns about Taisie’s issue with men (if only in the sense that Taisie avoids the topic a lot) she offers to help her guy shop! Felisha makes good on her word, she dresses Taisie up and takes her out to a grand galla being held by one of the nobles. They spend the party flirting with men and having a blast.

Year 1839: When Nikkola returns Taisie begs to stay living with Clive. He asks Nikkola to let her remain with him given how much she’s improved in his care. She agrees to it, but is not thrilled.

Seeing how active and capable Taisie has become, Oswald sits down with Clive and suggests Taisie be allowed to have a place of her own to truly come into her own as a lady. He promises to check in on her and encourages Clive to do the same, but this way Taisie can really blossom. She agrees. Felisha drags Taisie out to go “house” shopping. As they return home Elliot is waiting for them. He’s curious why Taisie didn’t tell him right off and doesn’t know who Felisha is.

Year 1842: Taisie attempts to mend things with Chestin. At first she appraoches Clover about it but the woman is in the worst mood she's ever seen and blows her off. This leads her to talking with Elliot but not much progress is made.

She confronts Chestin and apologizes but he wants nothing to do with it. Everything she says only seems to upset him further. Realizing this, she leaves a gift with him and shows herself out.

Year 1843: When the capitol fell she was affected by the Slada'sha's curroption wave. In her mentally twisted state she seduced the knight that was protecting her. They still got out safely so after she didn't think much of it.

But a month later she realized she was pregnant. Now she is faced with having to hide the pregnancy and either raise the child or give it up - the latter seeming more and more favorable given it wouldn't have to live with her tarnished reputation.

Ultimately she talks with Lel'Eyon and he offers to take the child away to a family in Phaira to raise it. So, when Taisie gives birth to her child but gives it up to Lel’Eyon without naming it.

When Felisha's mother marries a man with deep ties to engineering but no other rank or money. She talks with Taisie about how she suspects something is up. Ever since her mother married her new husband has been hit with robbery after robbery in his lucrative vehicle business.

Taisie cautions her against getting too involved as this is the kind of thing that should be reported to knights, not handled by meddling ladies. Taisie gets the feeling her warning is not being heeded and asks Lel’Eyon to watch them and make sure nothing happens. As a result he sees them get captured. While Taisie & Lel’Eyon try to sneak/break in Felisha & Sascha are confronted by her mother. She has joined Xanthus’ crime ring because “crime really does pay”. Naturally once they manage to escape Felisha decides to go to the knights and confess what her mother is up to.

Year 1846: Taisie suggests to Jason that she’d like to promote the idea of research that could remove taint/corruption. While shaky at first about this, Jason yields. But it will require specimens and that will make some people very uncomfortable. Taisie comes under fire in the courts for her medical funding while out with “Cloe”. Many people believe that it’s playing with forces that will destroy her and those she’s paying. When the courts end up abuzz about it Christopher calls her in to explain (along with Jason). Ultimately he tells her that if she succeeds he’ll take over (which steals her thunder) and if she fails he’ll shut her down because of the danger. After, Taisie rants to Jason about having her work snatched.

Year 1854: Felisha talks with JJ about how the Harmonic Convergence should be a yearly event to remind people of what it means to come together. Show she has a list of supporters – including Taisie Theramoore and the Council of AEGIS. They agree to implement the holiday and host it in varying nations.

Leorajh hears about Sachiko’s death and comes to cheer Chestin up back at the capitol. He cheers him up at Arcadian’s private request. Taisie braves talking to Chestin given the pain he must be in. He isn’t particularly warm with her but he admits he might be willing to start over – not where they left off, but from ground zero.

Forint and Taisie discover they have a common interest in music. Despite herself, Forint finds herself attracted to Taisie and the two bond. Taisie invites Forint out for dinner. The two go out to dinner and become quickly romantically involved thereafter.

Wilson talks with Clive privately about if he can be instated as a knight and thus a legal member of society to protect Taisie. The King of the Dahhak admits that as a knight he can never accomplish the task without facing the time in the dungeon for his past sins. However, if he could become accepted as a warrior of another society, then that might yield something. After talking with Clive, Wilson has a proposition for Taisie. If she would become a diplomat for the Dahhak nation then he could sign on as a guard under that banner. Clive has said he would assign Wilson as her bodyguard given the high threat of the position – should she agree to this.

Taisie agrees to being a diplomat for the Dahhak, and this for Wilson to become her guardian under their authority, however she wants to understand more about what this job would entail. So she meets with Clive.

Eventually Forint & Taisie get ambitious enough to pick a man to try and seduce together: Palden. While Forint is unsure because of his low birth, Taisie assures her that is what makes it FUN.

Forint and Taisie make moves on Palden, which could be a repeat of history if Palden is with Trisha against after the Dream Demon plotline. However, Palden turns down their “offer”.

Year 1855: Taisie comes to Eon to assist Battista with a particularly large issue that erupts with a nearby resort town. The two discuss how they want to approach it before the big meeting. Cloe goes to the clinic and talks to Jason and Ivy about Dante. She learns he can be difficult, even with family, but that his efforts are usually for the good of the people. Ivy highlights his work in counter the plague that followed the magic loss in Aether.

Cloe talks with Taisie about how she might consider Dante for a husband down the road.

Year 1856: A report reaches Audrey about what her mother has done. She is with Felisha and Taisie at the time (with Wilson acting as a guard). Felisha offers to help, since she’s been playing at heroism these days anyways. Taisie is immediately annoyed because she’s had to bail Felisha OUT of all her games of heroics. She sends Wilson along with them to ensure they come home. Arriving at the mansion her mother stayed at, Audrey and the others interrogate the servants and case the place. They learn of an old estate that was the place her mother was wooed by Alaric in her youth. The place has been abandoned for years though and would make the ideal hiding spot!

Audrey, Wilson and Felisha arrive at the estate to save Ine. However, her mother is acting utterly deranged by this point (Slada’sha corruption of the mind) and attacks them. In the scuffle Wilson is disarmed and Audrey is forced to take up his weapon and kill her own mother. On the way to taking the unconscious Ine back home, Audrey is clearly damaged about having to end her own mother. Felisha offers what condolences she can.

Willow is kidnapped by one of her competitors. Orders are to kill her but the kidnappers want to try and turn more profit out of the job. Wilson packs his things to save her and punish whoever took her. Taisie catches him in the act and demands answers. After learning the truth, Taisie demands to come along – after all the voice of a noble can open a lot more doors then an illegal mercenary! Meanwhile, the case comes in and Kris snatches it up when he recognizes the name of his childhood friend. While searching, Taisie and Wilson have to rest at an inn. She can see how nerve wracked Wilson is and tries to comfort him. He admits that he’s never felt like he did “right” by any of his family – Willow is literally everything to him, including his salvation. The next day Taisie and Wilson learn that a knight investigating the case has a lead on where the are holding Willow. They hunt the knight down for intel and learn its Kris. He agrees to work with them to save Willow. During the conflict to save Willow, a lethal blow that would have hit Willow is taken by Taisie instead. Enraged, Wilson manages to take out the bastard and between him and Kris they get the women out of there. They take Taisie to the nearest healer – who is gratefully magically inclined. Wilson picks up Taisie from the healer and demands to know what she was doing. She admits that she didn’t want him to lose his little girl after hearing how much she meant to him. He tells her that SHE means a lot to him too, so she shouldn’t do anything that reckless. Willow and Kris get to know each other once more while she thanks him for saving her.

Year 1857: Felisha is out with Audrey, Cera and Taisie and mentions she has started dating again – Ashton Rudiger! She’s thrilled about it because it means she’s finally over how Sasha walked out on her. However, Taisie isn’t so certain and points out that this could be denial. Felisha dismisses the concern.

Felisha tells Taisie that she (and the others) were right, she just wants so badly to be happy and it seems like Sasha never loved her at all.