Soul Name
Knight - Gaurdian
Champion's League
Gold Scale Resort


Two Weapon Fighting & Melee
Schooled, Athletics, Stealth (Shadows), Block, Dodge, Unarmed Combat, Multiple Opponents, Ambidextrous
Teaching, Dancing (Exotic)


Species Powers
Shape Shifting (Social & Spider), Essence Vampire. Ether Crippling Venom
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Cry Havoc, Danger Sense, Dual Two-Handed Weapons
Slada'sha Curroption: Tess has the black blood in her system but its kept at bay so long as she has regular potions with the blood of a holy person in them.
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Short Sword x2
Two short swords with feather like designs to match her armor.
Other Weapons
Leather & Chain
Purple armor with a single shoulder gaurd. Both are connected to neck and hips via chains and are designed like stony-feathers.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Dark Gray
Athletic but slender and stronger than she looks.
Hair Color
Hair Style
She has long hair that is parted on the right with bangs falling into her face.
Height & Weight
5'7''/130 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears armor more than clothign (see Armor).
Distinguishing Marks


Revelry with good friends, a good drink, the feeling of being needed, protecting others, when a plan goes all the way right without a hitch, anything that has to do with war, jewelry (anything shiny), braids in her hair (but she always wants someone else to do it), large men and dark places.
That her brother is unattainable, her corruption and not having a cure for it, her people being scattered to the winds, losing 10 years for no reason, staying in her human-like form for most of the time, idiots (she has no patience), when plans go astray, too much magic talk (she doesn’t understand it and hates feeling lost), not knowing where her family is and betrayers (they should die.)
Tess is a fully trained soldier, a courageous guardian and a tireless protector of her people.  When she was younger, others suggested to the patriarch that she be kept on a leash to keep her from constantly moving (which wouldn’t have mattered because she would have escaped anyway).  She respects authority and values family and the friendships she makes, often becoming fiercely loyal to them.   Despite her moral stance, she can be persuaded by friends and family to loosen up and bend the rules a bit.
Losing her current family of Adrian, Vanshee and Aros. Giving into corruption and murdering everyone around her.
She is very passionate, tends to act on her emotions before really thinking. Thankfully they serve her well and it hasn't been a major obstacle.


Father / Donor
Mother/ Sire
Raina (Dead)
Bylla (Sister), Arcturus (Brother)
Close Friends
Vanshee, Adrian, Aros, Danx, Schaw
Khel (Cousin), Azoth (Cousin, MIA), Takeshi (Former Lover), Miki (Former Friend), Tjasa (Former Friend), Gealnaris (Co-Worker), Matius (Co-Worker)


Year 1600: She was born to the patriarch Lemures, one of his handful of children. She always enjoyed the perks of being exalted but lived on a strict leash as best Lemures could enforce given he didn't want to lose any of his children to assassins if they became unfit for possible rulership one day.

Year 1613: She shows an interested in being a warrior from a young age and is encouraged to persue it.

Year 1620: She becomes a gaurdian.

Year 1700: She is promoted to Overseer after the previous is proven curropt and assassinated.

Year 1820: Her mother is taken by Wysterian mages and murdered.

Year 1835: Adrian is introduced to the Araneae when he reveals that Savarius is inside the city and he can track the mage. The two work togehter, with Tess helping on occasion, until they actually find their target. By that time Adrian and Vanshee had taken to being lovers and then suddenly Savarius pulled his puppet strings on Vanshee and used him to nearly gut poor Adrian before kidnapping him.

Furious with himself, Adrian worked with Tess in an attempt to find and save Vanshee while putting an end to Savarius.

Year 1836: Vanshee finally resurfaces, but as bait which Adrian jumps for without thinking. Tess, also present, stops him just in time. Vanshee warns Adrian to “stay away”. After Adrian and Tess fight about the situation, with Tess ultimately warning Adrian that his relationship with Vanshee is not healthy. He needs to give  him up, she tells him, but Adrian warns he can't.

Later, Savarius uses Vanshee as a distraction while he gets into the Sacred Web by pretending to be someone who work there (shape shifting). He steals Aros’ cocoon and sets the entire web ablaze, leaving the whole kingdom frantic to put it out and unable to follow him immediately. Tess notices Adrian running after them and argues with him, ultimately she follows him instead to put an end to this once and for all. Catching up to Savarius they are placed in a bad situation. Either they can catch Savarius or they can “save” Vanshee and Aros. Naturally they choose the later as they can always catch Savarius another day. Upon returning to the kingdom to help who they can Adrian ends up being a major player in putting out the fires and saving the mountain  - not to mention its greatest treasure.

When Aros awakens he bonds with Vanshee and Adrian, who almost instantly take a liking to the boy while caring for him. By the time Lemures decrees that Aros should be placed back into the web, the couple refuses. Adrian and Lemures butt heads with Tess and Vanshee in the middle (and eventually taking their own sides). Lemures demands time to think this over.

Finally, after much consideration, an official decree is made by the Patriarch. For the first time in the history of their people a human shall be made champion: Adrian. As a result he and Vanshee are allowed to keep Aros as their ward, or as the couple preffers: their son..

Year 1837: Tess  learns  someone is disabling and robbing her men on patrol. Given the things stolen are typically important documents and pretty items it sounds more like an inside job. Araneae love pretty things and they have use for the intel – no one from outside would. She decides to trail the next patrol, walked by Vex, to see if she can catch the attackers. She asks Adrian along. Sure enough Vex is attacked. He holds his own well and Tess & Adrian aid him. Between them they knock out the three attackers and learn that they were put up to this by one of the guardians, a man named Eldric. He was Tess’ former teacher.

Upon confronting him they learn he was jealous of being surpassed by his own student and blamed her prestige for the promotion – not her skills. He didn’t want to hurt anyone so much as make her look incompetent. After he is arrested Tess thanks Vex for his unwitting help. After Vex leaves Adrian nudges her, noticing she might have been rather FOND of Vex. She dismisses it.

However, towards the years end, Tess calls Adrian and Vanshee in to help her with something. Upon arrival she asks them for a favor, take a present to Vex. They do as told but Vex finds the present less then appealing and is confused by it. Particularly since he’s dense to Tess’ feelings. They go back to her and pokes her about liking Vex. However her idea was awful. They suggest she be like everyone else and ask him out someplace for a drink. She asks them to be there too. Then they can soften Vex up and she’ll walk in fashionably late.

Vanshee and Adrian take Vex out for drinks and wait for Tess but she chickens out. After they ask her what happened and she explains she just can’t do the typical method. She’s a warrior, not so much a woman. That sparks an idea! She needs to be out in the field of battle with him! That’ll make it so much clearer! Issue? There aren’t that many threats here… so she wants Vanshee and Adrian to pretend to be attackers! When, Vex and Tess go out on patrol. For a while she makes awful small talk and hideous attempts to hit on him. When the “bad guys” attack Tess does a hideous acting job and Vex is utterly confused. Finally he realizes the attackers are Adrian and Vanshee and demands to know WHAT is happening! Tired of this, Vanshee snaps and tells Vex. Adrian backs it up with some emphasis on how much Tess cares. Vex is furious about the situation and honestly unable to compute that his leader loves him. He leaves.

Tess reams Vanshee and Adrian but has to apologize since they’ve been VERY indulgent to this point. She just can’t believe how this fell apart. However later Vex confesses to her and she finds the whole situation worked out for the best after all.

Year 1840: The Araneae Mountain goes volcanic after being dormant for centuries. The whole of the race must flee and finally rejoin the world. Given the nation closest to them is Aether they opt to head there. On the way, Gaelnaris, Xalia & Constance run into the Araneae procession as it moves to Cardinal Meridian. As a result Xalia notices Adrian is a mage and instantly dislikes him.

Year 1841: It is in this year he founds and leads the Champion's League. The group is designed to travel the world doing "heroic" deeds without being held back by politics or money.

She runs into Takeshi & Miko when they help save her from a bad situation. Given her own skills as a warrior though they are endeared, Miki specifically gets quite the crush on her.

Year 1843: While attempting to hunt down Savarius and free Aros, Tess is bitten by a black-blooded undead on Sardor Isle. Her infection becomes worse and she attacks Adrian. Arcturus attempted to pull it out her. It failed, only buying them time and unknowning infecting Arcturus on some dark level...

After, Arcadian found a potion that would help but its main ingredient is the blood of a holy person - Lucious in this case. She needs the potion at least once a month or she will revert and become a zombie-like creature.

Takeshi goes to stop a Slada'sha from rising (via Savarius' efforts) and they find Tess in the same battlefeild. Miki fights alongside her while hitting on her, badly. After Takeshi offers her to join him but she refuses since she is loyal to her "Family" first.

Year 1845: Tess goes missing at the Tower of Storms with no sign of what took her. However, once weeks pass few have hope for her survival because of her condition.

Year 1854: Takeshi and Miki go into the past to "rescue" Tess with the help of the teacherous Aurelei. While Aurelei had planned to betray them and let what took Tess now take Miki - she has a pang of conscience at the last moment. Instead, Aurelei takes Tess' place. The creature that would have taken Miki (or Tess) is furious about this and throws them out of the time stream in the year 1854 but in different locations. It also damages Tess' memories, leaving her unable to remember her relationship to the two who caused this issue: Miki and Takeshi.

Cerrin and Barnaby take a vacation at the Golden Scale resort. As a result, the trap is sprung. Battista, Blaine and Schaw try to distract Barnaby away from Cerrin as it nears its finale, Aros, Tess and Adrian hiding in the wings as the technomancy finally kicks
Aros and Tess discuss the issue with Adrian and Tercel merging. Tess also learns some of the sobering facts about Aros’ previous “home” and exactly how much worth he carried to his people.

Schaw learns from Vanshee about Tess’ taint issues. Schaw talks to Tess about trying to help her control what she can of it. He makes no promises, since its two very different kinds of taint, but at least he can try to help her. In an attempt to help Tess master her corruption, it almost afflicts Schaw instead! He can barely get control back and when does he informs her she isn’t just tainted – but his terms she’s Blighted, if not an outright demon herself. What’s in her is way more primordial then what was put into him. Sadly, until she understands why is pulling her strings, and why, there is no one who can teach her control.

Year 1856: Tess runs into Danx on the streets. The two bond over old times.

Tess and Matius track down Arcturus, only to learn he’s become the leader of a “World Ender” cult that worship the Slada’Sha. Tess talks to him, in the hopes some shred of her brother remains, but he makes it very clear he is happy as he is now. Since a fight would get her and Matius killed, they choose to withdraw while Arcturus is being gracious enough to let them.