Soul Name
Mage - Arcanist
The Arcane Sanctum


Knowledge of Arcane, Willpower

Knowledge of World History, Languages (Ancient Elfin, Ancient Wysterian, Arcane), Melee, Schooled

Stealth, Keen Sense (Hearing)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Portal Nodes
Arcane Sanctum
Divinity's Peak
Kingdom of Xainath
Voided Time: He ages a slower them most humans.
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Arcane), Animate Simple Object, Sense Leylines, Read/Write Arcane
Arcane Spells

Arcane Barrier, Arcane Lance, Arcane Storm, Counterspell, Dispel, Fire Ball, Fire Blast, Fire Whip, Frozen Ground, Ice Shard, Ice Storm, Polymorph, Siphon Mana

Cantrips: Conjure Image, Conjure Meal, Copy to Script, Illuminate, Imbue, Interpret, Levitation, Seal, Sense Power

Familiars: Animate, Animate Golem, Arcane Defender, Summon Servant

Time: Alacrity, Echomancy, Slow, Stop

Travel: Displacement, Farstep, Portal, Project, Scry, Teleport

Ritual Magics

Mass Teleport: With the help of either created energy pillars or other mages he can mass teleport large portions of space from one location to another predetermined location. This takes a lot of power and the energy, it puts him out of commission for a few hours while he rests.

Arcane Wards: A small ritual where he manifests arcane wards that summon arcane guardians to defend a location.


Main Weapon
Staff of the Arcanist
Creates a magic barrier around him that will hold back damage for as long as he can mentally will it to hold. It also has a binding power to trap a caster from their magic if ordered to do so. The binding lasts for a full day, usually. This will force a famillar to vanish and lock the mage from the familiar's power.
It is a simple staff with a phoenix carved on the top and some basic purple tassles falling from wrapped ribbons that have arcane magic written on them that keep others from using the staff (it literally has his name on it).
Robes of the Arcanist
It increases his mana regeneration by 100% and dampens magic attacks by 25%.
They are body hugging robes that have belled sleeves and the front of the skirt is cut open to allow for movement, having a large 'A' shape that wraps around the side of the body. Purple and fuscha gems line the hems with gold filagree decorating the robe along the cuts meant to flatter the body form.

Arcanist's Key
This key goes to the Deus Vis library. Only the Arcanist can premit someone into that library as it is heavily guarded and holds the Akashic Records of magic and the arcane within it. It looks like a clock key and he keeps it around his neck and under his shirts on a orihalcum chain.


Eye Color
Sky Blue
Skin Tone
He has a firmly built body despite being an elder.
Hair Color
Hair Style
His hair is brushed back from his face and is short.
Height & Weight
6' & 145lbs
Other / Other Forms
He commonly takes the form of a little robin bird to fly around.
Style & Casual Clothing
Theos does not wear his Robes of the Arcanist often. He is usually found in basic, poor-man's comfortable robes with soft cotton breeches and a half cloak pinned around his shoulders. He came from the common wealth and he prefers their clothing.
Distinguishing Marks
Mark of the Deus Vis: This is a branding on his palm that is the symbol of the order.


Learning new things, taking action during adventure, manging champions, spying on folks to stay in the know, having good convorsation over good food, seeing new and amazing things
Slada'Sha, shaytan minions, losing champions on his missions, having apprentices that look up to him (super uncomfortable with having admirers), going to long borning meetings, being in a losing battle
Theos is a friendly leader sort. He is difficult to anger, though easy to fluster. He has a decent bullshit radar which jumps to dead-eye accurate when it comes to corruption. He is very sever about dealing with Slada'Sha and Shaytan corruptions and has no room for wiggle with those magics. Theos understands that everyone has to find their own way to do things so he tries to not judge how people life their lives. No matter how many years he lives, he still feels like the young man who helped fight back the eruption of undead and shaytan from the Xainath Kingdom when Summer Festival of Slaughter let loose the monsters upon their home. This feeling of 'childishness' has him very insecure in his new position of Arcanist and very unsettled at the notion of teaching others. He still thinks his appointment as Arcanist was a mistake!
Living to a decrepit and self-destructive age, short term relationships (in fact he avoids possible long term ones, too!), taking apprentices
He is a good hearted and good natured person but he is willing to do a lot of bad to get the good stuff done. He has no issues spying on folks and keeping secrets.


Father / Donor
Mother/ Sire
Close Friends
Saren, Chantria, Ravengale, Celisdane, Regis (Dead), Caius (Dead), Baldir (Dead)


Aracne Defender
Home Security
Age & Sex
It is a tall humanoid creation with pure mana moving through the armored limbs and torso.
It is programmed to be form and polite, even when evicting visitors. It protects his personal tower.


Year 1725: Theos is born to two laborers in the Kingdom of Gara. For status and money, they offer up Theos to the Deus Vis. He is taken from his family just after his first nine months of age. He name was changed to Theos when he arrived to the mage specific order.

Year 1731: He becomes the apprentice under the current Arcanist. At first his life is all chores and he has to find time to put in any studying of writing and reading, math or theology.

Year 1739: His master finally focuses him on studying planar things, arcane magics and finishes Theos' general studies. The two never really bond that much, the Arcanist keeping Theos at arm's reach even though he is a child without parents and affection craven. All attempts to put the Arcanist into a fatherly slot fail and Theos gives up.

Year 1741: The Summer Festival of Slaughter takes place. Though the power of the Shaytan is not new to the Solarians, to Theos this is his first experience with the corruption of the creatures. He implores the mages of Deus Vis to expand their war efforts and not just protect themselves. They refuse, seeing their studies as far more important and assuming that the Order of Heaven will deal with the problem.

Year 1747: Frustrated with the lack of aid his people are giving, Theos breaks order laws. He goes to Divinity Peak and begins to collect champions around him. Using his knowledge of history and magic, he focuses these people on key parts of the war and begins to help push back the Shaytan as a neutral party. Deus Vis does not take this well. His master, the Arcanist, disowns him and tosses him from the order.

Year 1755: Theos secretly helps organize the Liberation of Fathon with the Umbralight. He has high morals and disagrees with how the humans and Solarians are using them as labor and house slaves. He meets Baldir and his son, Caius in the conflict. Things go back-and-forth between them until Caius changes sides. This causes Baldir to finally recognize just how far their people have gone. It had stopped being about the necessity of a labor class and become about convienence.

He and Regis discuss the matter and agree to leave the Wilderan to their own devices. The conflict ends and, through Caius, Baldir comes to know Theos. Though, at the time, he is wary of him (seeing him as a corruptive force in his son's life).


Year 1763: When Underoot invades Solaris, the current standing Solarian Kingdom, Theos attempts to make peace talks with them. He understands that they are lashing out because the other races are encroaching on their lands. The Shaytan are pushing them to do so since for every mile the Shaytan take the other kingdoms try to grab it from somewhere at their boarders. Peace talks go poorly between Solaris and the Underoot. Solaris refuses to treat them with respect given they are so 'ugly' and 'below' them. Underoot becomes a major threat to everyone. Regis is killed in the conflict and Caius is taken prisoner. Theos is the only reason Baldir gets out. As a result the two begin working together and form a friendship through their various difficult tasks.

Sadly, Caius does not survive the war. He is used as bait to lure out Baldir, since he is now King of Gara, and it works. However, the plan was always to kill them both and thus he watches the captors slit his son's throat instead of free him. They underestimated his skill, and his back up (Theos), as he slaughters every last one of them.

Year 1766: Theos lead a large group of powerful champions (Chantria, Kariel, Celisdane, Ravengale) to safeguard the boarders of Divinity Peak, pushing the Shaytan back into the snowy mountains past Agar's Ruin. Despite all the northern territories of Solaris and Gara being taken in one night, Divinity Peak held its ground. At this time the Divine Lord who was in charge of the Seraph blessed Theos by asking the Light to always have his guidance and bravery in battles to come. Little did Theos or the Seraph know that the simple blessing became a magical one. He was forty-one years old at the time and the blessing began to age him slowly, but it did not stop it. Baldir backs up Theos and his champion's in their efforts to safeguard Divinity Peak and push back the Shaytan. The battle is sheer madness and while Baldir fights with everything he has, saving lives and devising strategies that made massive difference in the conflict, he does not survive it. Theos goes into a long grieving period (that he never really leaves) as Baldir was the last of his good friends between King Regis, Caius, Baldir and himself.

Year 1790: He starts making connections with the Night Legion, fascinated by people who had the willpower to climb out of death's mists and back into their bodies to regain control. He becomes a common face in the order hall, though not specifically close to any one of them.

Year 1799: The various factions start to fall against the Shaytan. To save their home and buy them time, Deus Vis dimension and time locks Aerith. The only members able to leave are the ones on the Arcane Sanctum. Champions and leaders are placed on this ship to study how to destroy the Slada'Sha and their Shaytan forces. They enter the void realm, not knowing how many years will go by before they are called back to service. Until they are, they are to research all that they can.

Year 1801: Theos returns to the Deus Vis, invited back after all his years of service. Since they are based in the Arcane Sanctum, he accepts and is admitted as an archamge.

Year 1821: Zanzas and Kaija officially become two of the Night Legion representatives that work with Theos and the Deus Vis. He introduces them to the other champions that he works with.

Year 1830: A Wysterian mage is found stranded in the void. His name is Varden Violeteye. Him and Theos become good friends. He is admitted into Deus Vis as an archmage after proving proficiencies of that of a master. The two often talk about their lives, with Varden talking about his children and wife on a constant basis.

Year 1850: He is given 'teaching' duty as an archmage.

Year 1855: He meets Ravengale's wife as she comes to learn where he is teaching.

Year 1856: The void engine reacts to a strong Slada'Sha presence. Sadly it is malfunctioning and they cannot breech the void realm to enter into normal reality for another three years! Varden can't handle it, his son is in that world. He gives Theos the message to find him and make sure Adrian is safe. He had to go and see what he can do about what he's seen that comes after the Slada'Sha of the Ocean. Theos is heartbroken to find his friend leaves and apparently knew a way out of the void all this time and didn't tell him!

Year 1858: Theos is given the position of Arcanist after his previous master and leader of the Deus Vis passes away on the field of battle in one of the realms. The nobility is not pleased with his promotion but the council of Deus Vis is not swayed by their arguments of 'pedigree'.

Year 1859: The Arcane Sanctum finally emerges from the void to help the world once again.