Trisha Norrington


Aetherian (HB)
Soul Name
Priestess (Ramiel), Therapist
Personal Home (w/ Palden)


Cooking, Crafts (Flowers)
Finances, Penmanship, Schooled, Instrument Playing (Voice), House Keeping, Cosmetics, Fine Arts, Multitasking, Animal Training (Circus), Phycology (Empathy), Knowledge of Religion (Heavenly Host)
Dancing (Folk), Knowledge of Demons, Storytelling, Teaching


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Soul (Novice)
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Holy)
Holy Spells
Divine Protection, Healing Touch, Sanctify, Lesson Corruption & Summoning a Host
Favored (Ramiel), Trisha was born anemic, a birth defect as a halfbreed.
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Honey Brown
Skin Tone
She has a healthy but slender build.
Hair Color
Rusty Red
Hair Style
Her hair is long, falling in all one length to just past her waist.
Height & Weight
5’4'' / 120 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Short sleeved dresses that are easy to work in normally in blues.
Distinguishing Marks


Music, dancing, spending time with her friends especially Kat, telling stories, hearing new stories, helping others that went through traumatic experiences, the comfort that Rameil gives her, having Palden in her life again.
Hostile people, harm to animals, leaving anyone behind (this doesn’t just mean abandonment, it also includes not being willing to leave other out of an activity, she will stop and help to incorporate them), the nightmares she has from killing, Disadi being dead she misses him dearly.
Trisha has been regaining confidence in herself by learning to help others, and it has truly become a healing process for her. She has become less timid and opened up to those that she thinks are friends. She does not judge others harshly; open to learning about new races. She loves music but has never been trained in it so while she works she will hum to herself. She is also amazingly patient, always willing to stop and take as much time as possible to help others. This patience is what helps her do her job so well.
That her mother is dead, being judged for what she did while under Gwendolyn’s spell.
She has a tendency to hum while doing anything (particularly house keeping) and is naturally very curious.


Father / Donor
Carlo Montague (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Sasha Fealis (MIA)
Theodan (Half-Brother, Dead), Maria (Sister in-Law, Dead), Tawny (Half-Brother)
Palden (Lover)
Close Friends
Kathleen, Zoey (Dead), Astera, Desdemona, Forint, Larisa
Yuri (Nephew, Dead), Vensa (Former Rival), Gwendolyn (Former Mistress/Enemy, Dead), Coldyn (Uncle), Realia (Cousin), Alexandria (Mentor, Dead), Disadi (Ex-Husband, Dead)


Age & Sex


Year 1816: Trisha was born from her mothers love for a fellow mercenary. Sadly though Carlo was killed in the line of duty before she was born.

Year 1827: Trisha takes up working as a handmaiden for Gwendolyn as a handmaiden.

Year 1828: She dates Palden who she has had a crush on for sometime.

Year 1830: Trisha helps Palden get a job by introducing him to Gwendolyn, who suggest courier work.

Year 1833: Her and Palden become intimate just in time for Vesna to show up as a rival for his affections. Meanwhile her mistress is discovered to be a demon warlock and Trisha is give the choice to stand by her and go down a very dark road, or shun her and stay as she is.

Trisha had taken the darker road being under Gwendolyn spell, she was willing to do anything her mistress told her to do. When she killed an innocent man, someone that was once a good friend, she began to break from Gwendolyn’s control. She felt a guilt that she could not get rid of, and soon Palden and Kat came to her rescue. It was Palden’s voice that finally broke the last thread that Gwendolyn had on her.

Year 1834: Returning to Palden she felt guilt seeing everyone’s face and having the feeling that they all knew what she had did, what evil was inside her. Needing to escape she asked Palden if they could join his parents carnival. Though the escape did not work as it seemed around every corner there was Vesna, and nightly she would have nightmares of what she had done. She turned to drugs to try and escape.

Gwendolyn told Vesna about how Trisha killed a man, and she told Palden. Trisha could not bear for Palden to know what she had done and began to going in a mix of depression and strange highs when on the drugs. Kat came to visit needing help only to find her friend also needed saving. Scooping up Trisha and taking her back to the capitol to help her get clean.

Year 1835: During the Harmonic Convergence she is spoken to by Ramiel. She also learns her father was nobility and that she has an uncle named Coldyn and a cousin Realia.

Year 1836: She becomes hand maiden to Chestin Promathea, who in short order makes her his lover until he learns her uncle is Coldyn. Coldyn is a prized mentor and friend so Chestin cuts things off because he KNOWS he will hurt her with his playboy ways. Then, to ensure her a more stable and less uncomfortable work place he has Zoey take her on instead. This works out well for her (once she recovers form the pain of being dumped AGAIN) because her and Zoey get along well.

Year 1837: Trisha asks to work part time with Alexandria to help trauma cases like she used to be.

Year 1838: Trisha gives her soul name to Kathleen, feeling she has been the only person there for her and that she wishes they WERE soul sisters. Later, Trisha confesses her growing romantic feelings for Kathleen. Kat rejects her gently and the two remain friends.

After, she spends a lot of her (sparse) free time at the church. She asks Lucious if she can move there and be a priestess while still maintain her two other jobs (handmaid to Zoey and part time help under Alexandria for the mentally traumatized slaves of Wysteria). Kathleen is shocked to hear Trisha is moving out and feels like she did something wrong. Trisha assures her she didn’t, she just needs to grow now. Kat helped her pick up the pieces and now she needs to find her place in the world, a place she feels Ramiel will guide her to.

Withing the year Trisha becomes a priestess of the heavenly host.

Year 1839: Trisha seeks out Palden to mend things between them and see if they can be friends. Palden actually mans up enough to apologize for not really being there for her. He begins to fall for her again but says nothing about it because he feels that “ship has sailed”.

Year 1843: Palden shows up at random and kisses her, then takes off without an explanation. Trisha feels torn because she has feelings for Palden too, but her friends (particularly Kathleen) are very against her going down that road again.

Per Kathleen's insistance, Trisha tries to get over Palden by dating Disadi. The two hit it off amazingly well, much to her surprise, and are courting in no time at all. He is dashing, devoted and everything Palden never as.

Year 1844: Disadi and Trisha run into Luna who is upset and gives them the cold shoulder. As a result Disadi explains his version of events to Trisha. She goes to talk to Luna about Disadi’s side of things. However Dorianne arrives to haul her away and Trisha detects an evil aura from the woman’s ring. When she points it out Dorianne throws a tantrum instead. She locks herself away in her room and won’t come out.

Year 1853: Disadi proposes to Trisha and she accepts. She meets up with her old friend Forint and the two chat.

Then, William and Chester take a cursed blade to the church and Trisha helps them purge the spirit. They learn a young mage was murdered by his noble lover during the civil war to conceal the fact he was a mage since she was pregnant. Trisha informs the knights who arrest the woman and JJ takes the child into the church.

Forint also agrees to do some remedial religious courses with Karidee while her niece begins her foray into being a priestess. They study under the engaged couple, Disadi and Trisha.

Year 1854: Its two days before her wedding and Trisha is super nervous. A part of her fears going up to the altar just for Disadi to leave her. Seeing this, Forint tries to help soothe her friends fears and remind her that Disadi is a good man. Disadi & Trisha have a winter wedding.

After one of the nightmare creatures of the Temple slinks out and attacks people on the streets, the Legion takes an interest in what’s happening. Marek is sent to talk to one of the workers there and it is unfortunately Odessa. Trisha is on hand though since she has seen a few attacks – this lets her wrestle with if she should mention about Mikayla’s art piece or not. (In the end she chooses not to.)

Trisha fights for her life in a nightmare of Disadi’s making after helping the Monster Hunters with a mission. She faces some of her worse fears and in the end Disadi dies to release her.

Palden comes to visit Trisha, the group still having no answers on how to get in without another dream walker. He finds Jason there. The doctor warns him that Trisha’s time isn’t infinite. The technology for medicine can only by her a little over a week – after that she’s liable to die at any time. Trisha escapes into Palden’s dreams. She explains what she’s been through and gives him “the key” that allows her spirit to piggy back with him. He can now carry her back to her body, they just have to hope it’s in time to save her life. Palden rushes back to the Clinic and gets Trisha to her body. The doctors immediately begin attending to her and she survives. After this point, Palden and Trisha resume their relationship with each other. Trisha discovers Palden has been sleeping on the streets and invites him to live with her at the Temple instead.

Just as the defensive energy network for Shade’s Run is finished, the armies of the Cardinal Meridian Slada’sha show up on the horizon. They must do everything they can to defend the city while the grid goes online. The Temple un-anchors itself to flow over to the arms and dispatch fighters to disrupt/slow the enemies. Forint, Trisha, Kathleen & Karidee. During the battle Forint manages to use Smite for the first time.

After the massive world event, Trisha is depressed and broken by what happened in the medical tents. Palden does his best to comfort her. Palden and Trisha investigate cures for corruption and learn Jason Meilyr has a private investigation on the topic. They approach him about assisting and he suggests they could bring him specimens so he can do more advanced testing.

Larisa moves to Shade’s Run and stays with her cousin Kathleen at the Temple of the Heavenly Host. She gets the tour and guidelines for where she will be living. Trisha also helps out, since she’s so close with Kathleen and eager to meet her cousin.

Year 1856: Lucy sees some boys being mean to an animal and helps set it free from them but they catch her. To punish her they throw her into a cellar for of a nearby mansion, which is pitch black. Amon and Helen create a search party for their child. While Lucy is curled up sleeping in the cellar, terrified, Trisha happens upon her in her dreams. She comforts the child and tries to learn where she is. In the morning Trisha finds the child. Trisha brings Lucy home to her parents and siblings.