Soul Name
Soldier - Slayer (Mage Hunter)
Champion's League
Gold Scale Resort


Combat Reflexes
Two Weapon Fighting, Athletics (Combat Reflexes)
Ambidextrous, Keen Senses, Knowledge of Arcane, Language (Wysterian), Melee (Claw, Knife, Swords), Multiple Opponents, Unarmed Combat
Dodge, Hunting, Innovation, Wilderness Survival, Schooled (Wysterian), Ranged (Aim), Stealth, Slight of Hand, Tracking


Species Powers
Shape Shifting (Banned), Essence Vampire
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Sense Ley Lines, Cry Havoc
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Ethereal Twin Daggers
It is unknown what actually useful abilities they may possess, however they can speak to Vanshee. One is snarky and the other is kind.
A set of matching magical daggers made of black metal with a red wafting smokey glow to them.
Other Weapons
He carries two sabers that he uses together and a set of throwing knives.
Chiten/Plate Mail
His armor is made up of plates layer onto one another for maximum mobility. They strap on over his casual clothing. This creates a moderately protected 'suit' of armor without actually wearing a full on heavy set of armor. His gauntlets are part of his weapon collection, acting as claws to tear things apart or climb quickly. It is dark in color, unpolished to disfuse light and has a wicked spider-leg theme.
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Dark Gray
Vanshee has an sturdy athletic build that grants him power and mobility.
Hair Color
White (Warm Gray Tint)
Hair Style
It falls straight with a light soft texture. It is cut short in the back and grows longer in the front, framing his face and being longer.
Height & Weight
5' 9'' / 180 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wares body hugging soft leather clothing that tie up with thick study string. He frequently has his armor on since it is his lifestyle to be ready for a fight. His clothing is natural in coloration, though he likes contrasting colors it doesn't do to be easily spotted by potential enemies when hiding.
He has small hoop-rings in his ears, one in each, they are silver.
Distinguishing Marks
He carries ritual branding all over his body where Savarius leeched out his natural form and much of his natural arcane power. These brands glow faintly as they resonate on the etherial plane as opposed to the physical. Savarius can puppet him through these markings and when within seven feet he can continue to leech out Vanshee's life-force to add to his own power.


Tart foods, indulging himself (though usually that is with drugs or alcohol and he regrets it later), collecting small shiny objects in a pouch, traveling, going on jobs with Gaelnaris, the fall of the Araneae cast system (though he'll never openly admit it, but he's not an outcast anymore because of it), the fall of Wysteria (so nice to see that troublesome culture resolved itself)
Wyserians, mages, the arcane, being banned from his form, considered weak and unproductive, failing to complete an appointed task, Adrian's familiar (he feels threatened by its influence over him), people looking to him for advice, Savarius
Vanshee has a contradicting personality. He is angry and hurt, tormented and tends to hold the world farther then arm's length. He is cut throat and gives no real quarter. He jumps quickly into aggression and emotional explosions. However he tries to be restrained, removed and in control. Inwardly he can't stand the cold harshness of the world that he knows and wishes for something warmer. He doesn't want to believe in positivity because he's only ever received negativity and one's hopes can't keep playing the yo-yo game without losing it. All in all his time with Savarius has turned him into a vicious kicked dog. His own people's lack of faith in his abilities compounds his inner feelings of uselessness and lack of worth.
Death, becoming invalid, Tercel taking over Adrian, Aros going back to wherever he came from (since he talks so fondly about going back one day), overpowered mages
He holds grudges nearly for life, he has a cut-throat point of view on the world but does not actually appreciate people who share those ideas or take such actions.


Father / Donor
Jarika (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Ovisa (Dead)
Adrian (Lover)
Aros (Adopted Son)
Close Friends
Tess, Gaelnaris, Adrian, Aros
Savarius/Cerrin (Mortal Enemy)


Age & Sex


Year 1812: He was captured in a trap by Savarius and his cronies set up for a mage-hunter. He was experimented on for years. One of the more successful procedures was the removal of part of his being. His true form and arcane power was removed from him by Savarius, leaving him only with his physical based abilities. The scars left by the procedure allowed Savarius to use him as a puppet. Commands as well as gestures pulled the strings on Vanshee. He was some times his assistant, other times he kidnapped people for Savarius to work on. While here he learned the Wysterian culture and language as well as details about the arcane and Wysterian mages.

Year 1834: Adrian (who he didn't know by name) entered into Savarius' lab and attacked him. Using the stolen power from Vanshee, Savarius nearly killed the man. At the time Vanshee found a sick pleasure in watching the mage, helpful or not, lose the fight. When guards enter into the fight he is prompted to join in. He killed several of them to make a path for Savaraius' escape and in the process Savarius out runs the distance required to control Vanshee. Free for the first time in over twenty years, he immediately returns home.

Year 1835: Having lost his arcane power and his true form, and having a part of his soul under the thrall of a Wyseterian mage, they do not allow him back into the volcano directly. He lived inside one of the outer caves that open up to the Forest of Mirrors. Though a mage-hunter by trade he passes the time by also a makeshift Guardian for outsiders.

Year 1842: When the Champion's League went to visit Satarius and his hatchlings they found them under attack by Savarius. Saving them, they quickly tried to find a safe location for Satarius to recover from his wounds. Locating a tower, they found it full of escaped mages led by Kevin. Kevin allowed them to stay, particularly since their agendas weren't so very far apart. Mysteriously one day Vanshee realizes he doesn't love Adrian anymore. He confesses he has been ignoring it for a while but that he cannot stay with him if the feelings are not there. After, Vanshee ran into Danea, she presented herself for him to fall in love with and even slept with him before delivering him straight to Savarius.

Year 1843: Savarius attempts to awaken the sleeping Slada'sha under Sardor Isle, but many forces are their to stop him which include the Champion's League. Danea faces off against Adrian and finds herself quickly overwhelmed after she mentions she slept with Vanshee. In the end Adrian crushes the pendant and sends her scrambling back to her master. Savarius orders her to kill Aros to spill the blood needed to awaken the monster beneath the land but she cannot bring herself to kill a child and breaks the programming completely. This costs Savarius the battle and he is forced to flee without her or Vanshee in tow.

Returned to Adrian and his feelings in the right place, Vanshee reunites happily with an exhausted Adrian.

Year 1854: Gaelnaris has dreams about glowing daggers illuminating a dark cave. When they become persistent he has Matius help him dive into them. They learn its Athane’s doing. It can sense another destined weapon, like it is now, that is beneath the city. A team is sent down in the caverns under Steelhaven, made of Vanshee, Adrian, Gaelnaris and Karlee. (The idea being warriors with some stamina on them who MAY be inclined to magic.) However during the descent they are knocked apart by a falling floor and tunnels.

Vanshee ends up with Gaelnaris and encounters carnivorous bests in the depths. Gael is bleeding and the creatures are drawn to him but they manage to reach the blades in time. They resonate with Vanshee and become his.

On the 8th of Cancer the Champion’s League actually takes a break from patrolling Steelhaven to go to the Isle of Dragons. Why? For Gaelnaris and Matius wedding of course! While they leave a small contingent in the city to oversee things, Adrian, Vanshee, Aros, Schaw, Orianna, Blaine, Gaelnaris, Matius, Karlee, Battista, Arcturus and Snugs all go!

In Virgo, Cerrin attacks the Champion’s League to steal Snugs and Arcturus. In the fight Cerrin siphon’s Matius’ powers to keep him from assisting. Gaelnaris’ sword cuts that connection, freeing Matius who is now weakened but alive and still a mage.

Not long after, the Champion's League sets their trap for Cerrin/Savarius. It requires them to set up a fake resort (which later became a valuable income rescources anyways) named the Golden Scale. Within a month or two, Cerrin and Barnaby take a vacation at the resort the Champion’s League built. As a result, the trap is sprung. Battista, Blaine and Schaw try to distract Barnaby away from Cerrin as it nears its finale, Aros, Tess and Adrian hiding in the wings as the technomancy finally kicks in.

By evening, Barnaby is no longer buying the bullshit and demands to know where Cerrin is from the distracting trio. Sick of it, Schaw just puts a blade to his throat and takes him hostage. The Lord Spiritual takes a moment to assist him. He brings Battista to talk to Barnaby and informs his family member that he WILL hand back the dragon and he WILL shut up about everything that has happened here because if not JJ has the political power to ruin him. Barnaby and Sheldon have no choice but to be compliant between that and the threat of the Champion’s League itself.

A day later, Gaelnaris explains to the Champion’s League his situation with Athane and what he was told by the guardian of the Akashic Record about redeeming the Epitaphs. Aros uses the blade’s wave length and does a scan, he admits it’s possible. Orianna is furious, unwilling to see any fate but death for the man that killed her father.

The test is a success, Cerrin is purified and even becomes golden like his brother was. Before they can react, he flies out of the building. Adrian is furious – more so because he must explain it to Orianna.

Year 1856: Vanshee, Adrian and Aros are comissioned to take out a Time Steam gate with a bomb.