Varna Phaira


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Emperor of the Empire of Phaira
Empire of Phaira
Royal Palace, Empire of Phaira


Melee (Sword) & Ranged (Archery)
Athletics, Dodge, Block, Multiple Opponents, Combat Reflexes, Endurance, Innovation (Combat), Knowledge of Phiaran Law, Tracking (People), Investigation, Interrogation, Psychology (Reading People), Mount Riding (Horse), Mounted Combat (Horse), Animal Taming /Training (Horse), Stealth
Knowledge of Demons (Melchior’s Minions), Religion (Heavenly Host)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
It has a gold hilt and a silver blade.
Other Weapons
Bow & Arrow, Chakram, Grapling Hook
Plate Mail
Varna possess a nice plate mail suit with arm guards, shin guards, boots, shoulder pieces, thigh guards and a chest plate – all of which are a dark gray-blue and gold in design.
Other Accessories
Gale Raiser: A pan flute which summons faeries.


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Light Peach
He is athletic and meaty, but not bulky due to possessing a smaller frame work then most men of his profession.
Hair Color
Ash Blonde
Hair Style
He has short feathered hair. It parts at the center of his head and falls so as to frame the sides of his face. The back of his hair is similar cut and he has slight facial hair.
Height & Weight
5’10’’/210 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears a mix-match outfit with leather for vital locations which is overlaid with geometric patterned cloth around the arms, legs and torso. Gems act as clasps here or there but mostly the only rich looking decorations he possess is bronze studs in the leather portions and a nice head piece (see jewelry).
Gold headpeice with sapphire (Gift).
Distinguishing Marks
Varna’s body is covered in a full score of large and small scars from all his years fighting. He also has a red rash-like birthmark at the center of his clavicle that looks like a three-tip flame. He has dark gold-umber tattoos around his eyes in a geometric shape which doubles underneath but not above. Varna is also left handed.


Shekina, drinking, putting down warped bastards who are a menace to society, when he gets to fight instead of do menial desk jockey work, taking walks, playing his pan flute, a well made weapon, honest people (even ones who are blunt to a fault), respect (it can be painfully hard to come by), horse riding, hunting down Melchior (sadly, it makes him feel empowered to have a nemesis)
Melchior (bastard doesn’t know how to stay dead), being different from everyone around him, prejudice, pointless bellyaching, laziness, when criminals get away scot-free, people spouting on about dreams and ideals (wake up and smell the coffee), liars, baseless disrespect, looking back on the old days (mostly because he longs for it), faeries (they show up when he plays his flute and are chatting and annoying like small children), being nagged/pestered
Varna was once a man of determination and hard work, both factors still play a major role in his personality but the issue is they are tired and worn out now. A jaded warrior who has seen more evil triumph then good, not to mention received so little reward for multiple life risking endeavors while having his heart walked all over, he has a hard time believing in dream like concepts such as love, justice or even the simple existence of a black and white “good or evil”. Lost in a world he knows he doesn’t belong in, he has given up on much of life but still struggles to be the hero he once was and to do what he feels is “the right thing”.
Varna fears waking up and realizing he’s been wrong all this time (aka that hope and dreams can be reality and he’s been emo about all of this for nothing) just to find out he was too late and it’s all fallen apart anyways.
Varna hates being preached at, it’s the fastest way to get him annoyed and full of attitude. There is little that he gets excited about anymore, having adapted a “if you think the worst of everything then you can only be pleasantly surprised if you get something better” attitude. He is completely single minded about hunting down and killing (again!) Melchior.


Father / Donor
Asad Cyrus (Adopted, Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Kassali Cyrus (Adopted, Dead)
Beroz (Adopted Brother, Dead), Nadia (Adopted Sister, Dead)
Shekina (Wife)
Akasha (Step Daughter, Dead), Kaali (Daughter), Gillean (Son)
Close Friends
Akasha, Hakim, Shanti, Le'Eyon, Astera
Melchior (Enemy), Shanti (Former Ward), Geralt (Former Affiliate)


Age & Sex


Year 1722: Found dying at the border lands of Bessesus, he was clearly not a Phiaran. The family that took him in nursed him to health over several months but even when he recovered he had no memory of the man he’d been before. Instead of spending their time with their thumbs up their asses hoping he would remember, they opted for a more pro-active approach and named him themselves: Varna. The name came from his natural ability to control the water around him, which was his Elemental Heritage.

Year 1730: Because his skill with water one of the local village girls (who has a crush on him), Ishkala, opts for him to learn to play the flute with her. She has a special flute, passed down her family, which seems to draw in faeries when she plays.

Year 1756: Trained as a warrior, Varna proves fast and capable with weapons – almost like he’d wielded them all his life. He fits in well with the others of the region. The family that took him in decides to official adopt him into their ranks, gaining him the last name of Cyrus.

Year 1762: A raid is held on his home village. Those involved take no chances, burning to the ground everything they can reach. Varna had been out on a horse taming run with a few friends, all of which rode back in to find the decimation and were devastated. Ishkala is among the dead, as is Varna’s new family. He claims his father’s sword and Ishkala’s flute from the wreckage. He rallies the survivors to hunt down the monsters who did this together and get their revenge.

Year 1763: The group track down the ones responsible. They are a group of sand bandits operating completely outside of the empire’s laws and are run by a man named Melchior. Holding a raid of their own on the bandits, many of the group die despite hacking down much of the bandits’ numbers and those who didn’t die are captured. They learn that Melchior is a mage of sorts, apparently he’d raided the village looking for one thing: Varna. He believes Varna, the bearer of “Mikhael’s Flame”, holds the key to a doorway of limitless power. Supposedly the key comes in three parts: One is Melchior himself, the second is Varna and a third is none other than the Empress herself.

A week of being hauled along goes by, during which Varna and the others over hear much of the sand bandits’ plans, but finally they manage to pull off an escape. Sadly, it isn’t without casualties. The rest of Varna’s friends die getting him out to save the Empress. It takes him sometime to reach the capitol city, only for him to be stonewalled by the guards and nobles for being a male AND a foreigner. Furious and unwilling to give up, he sneaks into the Royal Palace – around hedges, walls and guard patrols. Luck strikes and he happens upon the Empress in the gardens, confessing the whole ordeal to her. Despite logic, she actually believes him since she is only a young girl at the time. Varna vows to protect her and she accepts his pledge, making him one of her royal guards.

Year 1764: Melchior attacks in full force. No longer just a band of sand bandits, he has demonic monsters at his beck and call as he lays siege to the capitol city. In the battle Varna takes heavy damage, though one of the only guards to survive, and the Empress is kidnapped. Amusingly the reason Varna is not also taken is he was in full royal guard regalia and therefore his features were unidentifiable – Melchior marched right past him.

Varna awoke the next day; strangely several faeries had gathered around him and presumably healed his wounds! They chattered on about being so happy he was alive and wanting him to play music again, while he was grateful for their help he really didn’t have time to play with the Empress stolen.

It took him sometime to locate where Melchior was staying, which was an abandoned and corrupted temple beneath an old holy city in Sairag. He worked alone, since alone he could sneak past much of the dangers without having to actually fight them head on every time, eventually making his way into the hive of evil and fighting to free his Empress. The battle was not easy, Melchior came a heartbeat away from being able to unlock his “gate” with all three pieces gathered but with the fighting skills Varna possessed and the magic of the Empress the mage was defeated and thought to be killed.

Year 1772: Varna realizes he has feelings for the now maturing Empress, who seems to return his affections for the royal guard. However, when he approaches her about courting, she shoots him down because of his station and dubious racial background. Her status is as such that she cannot mar it with a relationship like that.

Year 1778: Rumors are confirmed that Melchior is still alive and operating within the criminal underbelly of the Empire. He has gone from chief of the sand bandits to a mafia-esque “Shadow King”. Given his desire to remain by his precious Empress waned since his rejection, Varna transfers from her personal entourage to being a soldier of law enforcement who can hunt Melchior and his kind down. This allowed him to bury himself in “work” but would largely contribute to jading him against the world, after all it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed with so much crime and so little you can honestly do to stop it or save the people it preys upon.

Year 1808: Varna is called back to the capitol when the Empress is kidnapped, again. This time Melchior took a page out of Varna’s book, going in solo to avoid a major incident and plucking the woman right out of her chambers. It takes some time but Varna manages to track Melchior down once again. He finds the man has used the Empress in some kind of ritual to sire a child! Furious, since he still loves her, Varna and Melchior fight once again and once AGAIN he thinks he’s killed the bastard. With the man seemingly dead on the floor, he takes the Empress home. While he isn’t thrilled she opts to keep the child sired by magical means, he cannot blame the Empress since the child itself has done no evil and doesn’t deserve to die for the sins of its creator.

Year 1820: Once more the rumors start of the existence of the “Shadow King”. While he cannot confirm it is actually Melchior, he suspects it to be true given the last time the man died he sprung back to life from the ashes. This causes many to question if he isn’t LETTING the man escape each time and tarnishes his reputation severely – though the Empress knows this is not true and makes statements to the fact, most of it (at least to Varna) sounds like her covering her own ass since she was there too and could be pegged along with him.

As of note, he finds Melchior's family the Shadowlites. Trying to destroy the root of evil, he only manages to run them into hiding and kidnap their youngest child: Shanti. The baby is kept between the group (usually with Lel'Eyon who isn't very public).

Year 1824: He unexpectedly loses his power to command water. Frustrated beyond all reason, he begins to chalk this up to some kind of binding attack by Melchior.

Year 1828: Melchior steals Shekina (again) and he runs after him with a team of people. They follow him into Aether and have a massive showdown which creschendos with Lel'Eyone (possessed by Archangel Mihkael) smiting Baali and Consena.

Varna frees his queen and she talks with the aetherian army which comes in response to all the chaos. After they are introduced to the new nation. Varna opts to stay in the land to hunt Melchior while he is in it, as do much of the team.

Year 1831: Comissions Edan to help him learn who he was before, but it proves a nigh impossible task.

Year 1832: He meets Karis.

Year 1834: Varna and the team get another lead on Melchior and take off running. Him, Medara and Yumeki reach the village of Seek under Gwendolyn's control. While she gets away they manage to set free Nahui and Nicodemus.

Year 1836: Shekina spends years alone in her homeland, her daughter and the love of her life hunting Melchior without her. Out of isolation she magically creates a child for her and Varna to stay with her during the passing years. By the time this is revealed to Varna, little Kaali is 6 years old. Upon seeing how much she needs him, Varna agrees to come home. Shekina throws political caution to the wind and marries Varna.

Year 1841: Leila poisons Kaali as per Melchior's orders. Caught for her crime, Varna and Shekina have Leila purified of the demonic contract but then banish her from Phaira. The frenzied search for their daughter begins.

Year 1853: Shekina learns that Mikhail has emerged from within Lel's personality and taken over. She sets out to recruit people to help convince the angel to bring Lel back. Varna naturally takes off to help her since that was his best friend.

Year 1855: Geralt arrives in Phaira and asks to see the royal family. He reports his visions to Varna and Shekina. While the former suspects Melchior (because he always does) the latter finds it hard to care. Varna agrees to give Geralt access to their archives and streets – if he can find evidence for them to work with then he will back the Lorekeeper’s move in trying to stop it.

Geralt and Varna talk about his findings. At first it seems Geralt has made no progress, but as they talk Varna mentions his reasons for wanting to hunt down Melchior: Akasha and Kaali. Geralt quickly realizes this is the clue he needed. Akasha, specifically, was made of Varna, Shekina and Melchior. The Lorekeeper pulls up a scroll that talks about an ancient doorway to a God of Death which can only be opened by three sacred stones and the blood of one who is born of “Heaven, Hell and Realm”. Shekina is a woman of strong religious power, Melchior is possessed by a demon and Varna is of the Aetherian people, who are now deeply tied to the realm via the elemental Gods. What nothing talks about is where this door IS.

Moths later, Geralt finally finds an ancient Temple with the location of the doorway. He and Varna set out to stop Melchior but arrive too late. Akasha is dead, the doorway is open and if they do not warn everyone soon the ocean will swallow up thousands – if not millions – of lives.