Aetherian (H), Ryuko (Barely)
Soul Name
Knight Commander
Order of Blades, Dawnbringer
New Dawn


Melee (Sword & Shield), Athletics (Endurance & Combat Reflexes)
Armor Upkeep (Plate), Armor Smithing (Plate), Weapon Smithing, Innovation (Limited Supplies), Knowledge of Street Wise, Labor, Larceny (Lock Picking), Mount Riding, Multitasking, Psychology (Negotiation), Stealth, Unarmed Combat (Street Fighting)
Armor Upkeep (Plate), Armor Smithing (Plate), Weapon Smithing, Innovation (Limited Supplies), Knowledge of Street Wise, Labor, Larceny (Lock Picking), Mount Riding, Multitasking, Psychology (Negotiation), Stealth, Unarmed Combat (Street Fighting)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Shield Mastery, Charge
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Sword & Shield
Other Weapons
Long Bow
Plate Mail
Gold & Silver Plate Mail
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Skin Tone
Vindassi is strong and muscular, more so then the average aetherian.
Hair Color
Dark Ash Brown
Hair Style
His hair layered and falling to his shoulders with the bangs parted mostly to the left. He also has facial hair trimmed around his chinline and lips.
Height & Weight
6'3'' / 220 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Simple black tops and breeches with knee-high boots that are held by belts instead of leather ties. He is very pratical when in casual attire and doesn't tend to wear anything bright or flashy.
Distinguishing Marks
He has a small diagnol scar under his left eye.


Friends, talking about his sister's accomplishments, stopping criminals, saving those in need, being a defender to others, being relied upon, rising up the ranks, giving back to the poor (since he knows where they are and how hard their life is), the thrill of danger, people with a good sense of humor, getting praise from figures of authority
Bad guys getting away, when the law impeeds itself, giving up on anything/anyone, no-win situations, people who assume they fail before they begin, snotty nobles (especially harpies), anyone shaming his sister and her company, Wysterians (but he tries not to let that control how he treats them), smoking (smells awful), leaving anyone behind
Vindassi is a strange mixture of scamp and boyscout. He has high ideals and no issues putting his faith in them. He has always dreams big, given his all to care for family and friends while never letting his hope die. He's the kind of person that dependant people love and bitter people wish would fail. He loves his work, particularly taking out the trash while helping those in need, but he's not the kind who will cling to rules if they are in the way of getting his job done. He enjoys making playful quips and jokes, even if others don't laugh, and always works hard for the optimal solution to even the darkest issues. He assumes little, works hard and uses violence as a way to stop suffering from the greater whole.
He fears everyone is right and he will be torn down from his knighthood and have to return to street life.
Vindassi has a poor memory for things not _currently_ in his life. He knows who his commander is, or his best friend, but he tends to lose the names of people he hasn't interacted with in a year or more.


Father / Donor
Mother/ Sire
Donna (Dead)
Deborah (Sister)
Close Friends
Bigsby (Best Friend, PITA), Jetta, Ymira, Leorajh


Age & Sex


Year 1815: Vindassi is the second child of Donna and a father he never saw or knew much about. Donna was a gorgeous woman who had a way of going through men (not that she tried to, she just had terrible luck falling for soldiers or criminals that would have to leave town). As a result, he and his sister never had a family name from their father's side of the family and Donna herself was an orphan with none to offer.

Year 1820: Their home town is on the frontlines when Wysteria invades Argent. His mother orders Deborah to pack him up and run for it while she tries to help a friend get her small children out of town. It's the last time they ever saw their mother and word came months later that her - and her friend's family - never got out alive. Most of the event is a panicked blur in Vindassi's memories but it always leaves him somewhat bitter at the thought of Wysterian's.

Year 1821 - Year 1826: There wasn't much for refugees of the war to have. He and his sister survived on the streets of Cardinal Meridian as little more then theives. During this time many of the riff-raff banded together to increase their chances of survival and amoung their number was Bigsby (though he just called him Bigs).

Bigsby got Vindassi into no end of trouble. The younger man was always eager to find success in his life, throwing his chips in with mafia thugs and anarchists - anyone that promised him a comfortable life. Naturally things would turn for the worse and he would come running to Vindassi and his sister to save him. They'd tell him to get smarter about things, he would promise he was a changed man and then he'd do it all over again.

Over time Vindassi realized the criminal life, while he was capable of it, wasn't for him. He wanted to help people. Seeing how those in their group suffered only taught him he wanted to be strong enough to keep them from suffering. Deborah was the same and she became his role-model when she joined the Wasp Brigade.

Year 1827: Vindassi becomes a squire to a knight in the Order of the Crown.

Year 1832: He finally obtains the rank of the knighthood.

Year 1842: When the capitol falls a lot of knights are lost in the scramble, including Deborah. He demands the right to search for her but given the sheer chaos, and the need to protect so many civilians moving to Shade's Run, there is just no man power (or time) to do it. By the time he has clearance all evidence of what happened to hear or her company is lost and he is never really able to reconcile the fact.

Year 1854: Shortly after, Xalia is called in for a lecture by Vindassi of the Order of the Crown. It turns out that neither the knights, nor the mages, look kindly on her double-dipping without permission and then ditching both for a random trip to Nazca. She is removed from AEGIS and the Order of the Crown and banned from their rosters henceforth. This leaves her lost and unemployed.

When Slada'sha minions from Cardinal Meridian come for the new capitol, he is enlisted to help with the city defense. Just as the wall network is finished the armies show up on the horizon. They must do everything they can to defend the city while the grid goes online. Vindassi, Ymira, Edward & Kime hold the front gate of the city.

Year 1855: With the threat of the Slada’sha rising, the powers that rule the nations/factions come together (Chestin, JJ, Scathe, Chester, Xiphil, Muramasa, Kaidan, Oseron, Kallista, Leorajh) to discuss how they should handle it. They agree to assemble teams to investigate various issues. One team will look into the catacombs under Cardinal Meridian for more clues, since a Slada’sha had slumbered there. Another will investigate the strange calling from the ocean and where exactly it is. A third will look into Sardor Isle and see just how asleep the Slada’sha there is now. The last will look into the ruins of Aether’s ancient capitol in what is now Nazca and see if there are any artifacts that may have been stored for use against these creatures.

Vindassi is sent to Cardinal Meridian, along with a team that is led by Leorajh. He and the rogue work together, with Leo flirting with him constantly. He isn't sure what to make of the man.

Later that year, Vindassi is fortunate enough to be the winner of the knights tournament. The roar of the crowd and the rumors spread, Ymira realizes Vindassi is in the city as a result and brings her information to him. He immediately wants to investigate the lead.

Ymira, Marina and Vindassi go out to interrogate the man who is potentially responsible. However, Captain Archer has a very different tune. He swears Deborah was a drug addict who has been getting her fixes from the bandits and they must have finally gotten tired of her dodging on payments. Vindassi almost goes hostile over it but the ladies keep his head cool while they focus on finding evidence instead.

Overhearing the incident, a squire named Mitch Kingsly says he heard the captain talking to some strange folks before – he meets with them out in the woods. Mitch agrees to lead them to the spot but tonight when the Captain isn’t paying as much attention.
~ That night they go to the location but are ambushed. The Captain figured his squire had no stomach for such things. The ambush is  made of the bandits he’s teamed up with and while the Captain gets away, Vindassi and the girls prove too strong to go down. They capture a bandit and interrogate him for where Deborah is.

Ymira, Vindassi and Marina attack the bandit camp and free the prisoners – including Deborah. Many of the prisoners are willing to testify against Captain Archer, as is Mitch, so they have their evidence to bring him down. Sadly, the Captain had made a run for it around the time the bandit camp went down. While his reputation is destroyed, and he is a wanted man, he himself is not captured. Vindassi, Ymira and Marina have to take their victory as it is – but at least Deborah is back home.

Just before the years end, Leorajh, Vindassi and Chester go to the Cardinal Meridian Slada’sha temple and attempt to get energy readings. They have to protect Chester as he gets the readings he needs, since the location comes under attack.

Year 1856: Vindassi becommes the commander of the Order of Blades. giving up his station back in the capitol.

Year 1857: The Consortium set up a camp to activate the cannons at an agreed upon time with Chester operating as a communications hub for it. Oseron stays behind at the fortress as well, with the Isle of Entropy acting as the vessel to carry Leorajh to the battle.

The Ocean Slada’sha is Defeated: The signal is given, the cannons are activated and the fight against the Slada’sha takes place. Leorajh alone keeps its focus until the weapons can be unleashed at full power but in the end they are victorious in putting the monster down for good!

A massive celebration is held at the Dawnbringer Fortress unknown to those celebrating, however, “Fate” makes its fury known and opens multiple gates through time into the ancient past – unleashing 5 ancient True Dragons onto the world. As they enter a time period in which they are dead, their psyche melds with that of their deranged dead counter parts and drives them into a maddened state. After the event the two leaders of the Dawnbringers, Leorajh and Oseron, have a private moment together. Leo admits he doesn’t want to live without the keise in his life.