Vyrin Demetrio


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Marquis of Sheedan
Mage, Doctor
Demetrio Mansion (w/ Uncle)


Psychology (Empathy)
Medical Knowledge, Psychology (Empathy)
Psychology (Gaining Trust), Anatomy, First Aid, Knowledge of Biology, Herbal Lore (Remedies), Alchemy, Gardening (Herbs), Knowledge of Hygiene (Sterilization)
Langauge (Wysterian), Crafts, Culture (Wysterian), Knowledge of Arcane


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Spell Craft (Arcane)
Arcane Spells

Arcane: Astral Shield, Summon Familiar (Snow)

Mind: Eyes of Truth, Sense, Strong Mind, Web of the Universal Mind, Duplicate

Affliction: Sleep

Air: Levi Hand

Cantrips: Arcane Mark, Conjure Food/Drink, Light, Magic Detection & Shared Sight

Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Pale Green
Skin Tone
Strong & Lean
Hair Color
Dark Ash Brown
Hair Style
His hair is parted towards the left and layered.
Height & Weight
5’10’’/170 lb
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He wears ornate suit coats, usually with nice capes overlaying, with blues and hints of aqua-green.
Distinguishing Marks


Shantrea he has become good friends with her and she will always be important to him, but he has been able to move on. Helping people with medicine, finding his own path, not being like his father, studying other cultures healing methods, the way magic can increase the chances of saving a patient. Chloe she is caring and has a lot of feelings for her. That Kyshtari is back in his life and spending time with her.
His father and being compared to him, abusive people (see father issues), liars (especially those who lie for attention), anyone giving flak to Shantrea, malpractice, the courts and being pressured to marry and be whatever they deem he should be (he feels trapped). That he has feelings for both Chloe and Kyshtari and knows he is going to cause one of them pain. The way Aether treats mages and wasting so much time in AEGIS, though it was worth it to keep Snow.
Vyrin is a patient man with a good heart who is tired of fighting the good fight. He appreciates people who will fight for what they want and the more passionate their personalities the better – perhaps because in some ways he hopes it will rub off on him. Though he is emotionally exhausted, he has learned to show his emotions and connect with them more. He wants to finally be able to ACTUALLY help people, hence his love of medicine. He dislikes any man who abuses his stations or knowingly hurts others (emotionally or otherwise) for pure self-satisfaction.
He fears failing as a doctor.
He has an uncanny ability to read people, often seeing through their bullshit to their actual intentions to the point he nearly comes across like a mind reader to some people!


Father / Donor
Nolan Hayes (Dead), Richard Drummand (Adopted)
Mother/ Sire
Emoeyn Demetrio
Chloe (Lover), Kyshtari (Betrothed)
Close Friends
Shantrea, Kyshtari
Marek (Uncle), Odessa (Cousin), Kurix (Cousin, Dead), Gwendolyn (Cousin, Dead), Fatine (Cousin, Dead), Marietta (Aunt, Dead), Dante (Sort of Mentor)


Familiar (Dire Wolf)
Age & Sex
- / M
He is large dire wolf reaching 4ft from paw to shoulder, and color of a whitish blue.
Snow is a quiet and ever watching the quiet protector to his master. Like Vyrin he has an uncanny ability to see through lies and with just a look the two know what the other thinks of a person.


Year 1821: Emoeyn made many good choices in her life, her relationship with Nolan Hayes was not one of them. The man seemed charming at first but swiftly turned abusive. A knight herself, Emoeyn refused to show weakness on the matter by crawling to anyone for help. However she was swiftly pregnant and thus somewhat stuck with him since she wanted the boy's father in his life.

Ironically the issue sorted it self out for her within the year. Little Vyrin wasn't even a full year old when his vile father died and left everything to HIM instead of his actual wife and daughter at the time. This left the poor child with bad blood from that family before he was even old enough to speak!

Year 1825: With no success in the various women he's attempted an heir with, Richard is freed up to seek another wife when Pamela mysteriously passes away. He begins courting Emoeyn, but given her issues with Nolan she is weary of jumping into marraige - which slowly begins to frustrate him.

Before long the couple are fighting on the issue. A thoughtful young man with a big heart, he often tried to mediate their failing relationship and never had any success. Eventually he realized it was a problem far bigger than him and retreated in on himself – keeping to his room and books or going out with friends here or there.

Never extremely social, he did what he could to push himself out of the house and thus often took nature walks. This lead to an interest in herbs and what they can do for people.

Year 1831: These excursions led him to meeting a mage who lived a rather hermitory life in those woods: Denneth. If he had a family name he never gave it, nor was he ever interested in talking about himself. However he liked the spark of interest and compassion he saw in the patient young Vyrin. He taught him now and again and eventually suggested he attempt to explore options to combine magic amd medicine in Wysteria.

The moment his parents approved him to learn abroad he practically flew out the door, eager to be out of his home. His first years were purely academic studies in medicine. He had little drive to learn magic, it always struck him as a power that warped the user and was probably beyond anyone to control. However he learned over time there were a rare few spells that could heal... and that might make an important difference in saving lives. Sadly the mages scoffed at a student who ONLY wanted to learn healing magic. That wasn't what learning arcane was about!

Year 1842: He was called home by his parents and the bomb was dropped: He would either quite his studies and return home for good OR enter a financially suitable betrothal with the Ivorysun family. Naturally he agreed to the betrothal, and so to ensure the future of their family line his parents secured a betrothal for him with Shantrea.

His first meeting with her hardly went as planned. He was pleased with the result, despite misgivings before meeting her. She was easy on the eyes and smart. As far as ideals went, they matched on every level – save one: She seemed hell bound on keeping him at a distance! He has decided to attempt to worm his way into her heart bit by bit, starting with friendship since they decided to go to the same arcane school.

However upon his return the hammer came down against mages in a major way. Those studying magic in Wysteria were treated as enemies of the crown. While this could have removed Vyrin's need to marry Shantrea, he is fond enough of her that he honors that arrangement even now.

Year 1843: Shantrea is found to have been working under warlocks, Vyrin comforts her but finds the girl is mentally damaged by it all and can’t seem to cope yet. After, Kyshtari confronts Vyrin on why he keeps taking care of her. She was a traitor and she never treated him well. However Vyrin snaps on her about her lack of compassion instead, shocking Kyshtari.

Year 1844: Everett & Taryn come to see Kyshtari and talk to her about revealing her heritage and going to AEGIS so she can get some real status in the world. Kyshtari tries to get Vyrin to come with her but he won’t leave Shantrea.

Year 1853: Vyrin talks with Shantrea about how his mother is hiding with him. She suggests he tell someone about it and try to fight back. Vyrin talks with his mother about how she should leave Richard. She admits she doesn’t want her only living family (save for Vyrin) to think poorly of her (aka Marek). While exploring a new area near the tower Vyrin finds an amulet. It draws him to put it on and it enhances all his emotions ten fold. Preventing him from hiding his emotions like he tends to do. He begins to flood Shantrea with gifts and acts extra lovey, all together not very Vyrin like “Carol” notices Vyrin is also extra emotional in the clinic. When someone dies and he can't save them he breaks down. “Carol” also notices Vyrin in one of the classes he is in and snaps at a particular lazy student. “Carol” goes to Shantrea, worried about Vyrin and thinking maybe he's being over worked. They realize it started after Vyrin began to wear his new necklace. “Carol” lures Vyrin into Shantrea’s office so they can get the spell of his necklace. After he realizes he needs to express his emotions more to avoid situations like this.

Vyrin’s father, Richard, shows up and demands Emoeyn. “Carol” happens upon this and stands between Richard and Emoeyn. Shantrea puts a halt to everyone, not wanting fighting in the Tower and guarantees the woman’s safety while she is in the Tower – but that is as far as she can go for her. Richard storms out promising to get even. Vyrin thanks “Carol" for what she did. She confesses her feelings and it forces Vyrin to realize he’s been doing to her what Shantrea has been doing to him. Realizing it was maybe time to move past his old fiancée?Vyrin sends a letter to Marek asking for his help protecting his mother somehow.

Year 1854: Marek comes and agrees to take Emoeyn with him (Vyrin also present) to protect her at his place. He vows to get the marriage nulled between her and Richard as well. Vyrin actually nullifies the marriage to Shantrea. She approves of him trying to find love. Vyrin approaches “Carol” to see if they can start something together, which she is open to.

Vyrin is approached by Balor, playing the role of a young nobleman and mage. He tells a story of how there is a family treasure that was stolen by some ryuko mercenary with a dragon pet. He is to weak to acquire it from such a monster but would appreciate his help in this. When they reach the target Vyrin and Balor manage to get the jump on him (Balor only using the weakest of his spells so as not to seem suspicious). Vyrin gives Balor the item after he takes it from the enemy, but then Balor teleports away! If that wasn’t surprising enough, the man they subdued awakens and learns what Vyrin has taken. He tells him that it was a sacred stone he was sent to find by the Temple! Yes, the Temple. He is no mercenary, but a servant of the Gods. Desperate to repair the damage he did, Vyrin takes the knight to Shantrea to get help tracking the mage who took it.

Cerrin attacks the Magic School and Tower of Storms reducing the school to rubble and with the Tower being sent away by Shantrea. This forces the student body to relocate (Shantrea, Vyrin, Mira, Medea, Eshana, “Carol”, Eira, Leila & Erinas). They are effectively cut off as ‘back up’ for the Champion’s League.

Vyrin talks with Chloe about how he’s quitting AEGIS. He doesn’t want to do magic, he wants to do medicine. Vyrin talks to Sadarius about his wanting to withdrawal from AEGIS but he learns something shocking: If he does so he can never use magic again without being arrested! Not even his precious familiar!

Vyrin enrolls for studies at the clinic, though he finds the classes somewhat remedial given he’s had a lot of real life practice and magical theorem to his own studies.

Vyrin notices Dante helping save a thugs life on the street. While Dante is hardly pleasant, his technique is equal parts off the wall and amazing. He asks to study under him in secret – since he cannot risk ruining his family’s reputation with open studies.

Year 1859: Emoeyn talks with Vyrin about how he’s been with Chloe for a long time, and that is sweet, but he can never marry her. Isn’t it time he stopped playing around and found a wife? Vyrin learns that Kyshtari isn’t just looking for a date to the upcoming Valentine’s Day ball, but a possible suitor as well! Nervous, after his talk with his mother, he offers to go with her on impulse. Chloe is naturally hurt by this but Vyrin swears to her that its nothing like that – it’s just a ball that requires partners and Chloe isn’t allowed to attend it as a peasant.

At the Valentines Day ball Vyrin and Kyshtari have a great time, both getting a bit tipsy, and realize there is a definite “spark” between them still. Marek, Emoeyn, Chloe & Vyrin have breakfast and naturally Vyrin is asked how things went. When he says they went good, Emoeyn jumps on the idea that the two should court since Kyshtari needs a husband just as badly as Vyrin needs a wife. Naturally Chloe is upset, since its known her and Vyrin are a couple, but Emoeyn reminds Chloe that a mistress is really the best a girl of her stature will be able to be – and that’s not even her being mean, that’s just society! Vyrin and Chloe talk about it after and he tries to get her to understand the pressures of nobility and the courts. As a runaway Princess who refused to marry and lost everything, Chloe sympathizes and yet can’t stand the idea. The issue is, she is also powerless to stop any of this from happening around her unless she wants to walk away from the only good thing in her life since she left her family behind.

Vyrin asks Kyshtari if they can be engaged, at the very least to keep the courts away from them, though Kyshtari clearly knows there is more to it. She reminds Vyrin of how much fire still remains between them and Vyrin has to admit she isn’t wrong.