Willow Penrose


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Viscountess of Falas
Fashion Designer
Penrose Mansion (w/ Mother)


Knowledge of Fashion Design, Tailoring
Dancing (Ballroom), Schooled, Storytelling (Tale Spinning), Knowledge of Fashion Culture (Phairan, Aetherian & Ryuko)
Teaching, Fine Art (Design), Knowledge of Salesmanship


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Blue
Skin Tone
Dusk Peach
Lean & Delicate
Hair Color
Dark Brown
Hair Style
Her hair is long and straight with only hint of wave to it.
Height & Weight
5'5'' / 110 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
She wears empire elegant dresses in purples or golds with ornate patterns on them.
Distinguishing Marks


Beauty (the more gorgerous it is the more she must study it or have it!), attention (she loves all eyes on her, either because of something she has or something she has done), manners (she hates peopel who cannot be bothered with the simple respect of etiquette), fashion (she loves to read on it, gossip about it and hopes to one day be a famous designer)
Filth (she hates being dirty and wants to clean things that ARE dirty), fashion disasters (cannot help but want to fix them), anyone picking on her friends, her "mother's" poor reptuatin (she is trying to rise above it), being ignored, boarish people with no manners, lack of respect
Willow is smart and motherly for her age, though just as immature and spoiled beneath it all. She loves to be looked up to by her peers and thus takes on the role of the smarter, prettier girl who comes down from on high to help the little people. That said she is quite honestly a loving and generous person with her close friends, prone to giving away very expensive things just because it makes them happy. She is also very OCD, preffering everything neatly organized. She is also a bit of a drama queen, known to flail about wailing about her issues to get her friends to notice just how bad they are.
She is terrified to be ugly.
She is known to refuse to be seen by others in less then perfect condition and will not face the world without a bath each and every day (which is more finicky then the average noble!).


Father / Donor
Wilson McGill
Mother/ Sire
Tabitha Ferguson (Dead), Fenda Penrose (Adopted Mother)
Liam (Boyfriend)
Close Friends
Kris, Alessa, Erynu, Ichiko, Felisha, Audrey
Desdemona (Aunt), Francis (Grandfather), Julie (Aunt, Dead), Sean (Uncle, Dead), Janine (Grandmother), Kristee (Fashion Idol/Mentor, Dead)


Age & Sex


Year 1835: She is born and her mother Tabitha dies. Surrounding her birth is a huge legal dispute about who may raise her. Her father, Wilson, fights for custody but his sister Desdemona won't let him have it. Tabitha's last request upon dying was that Wilson have no part in Willow's life.

Given his various criminal acts Wilson is refused custody. He agrees to serve a prison setence, spared from death only by his sister's pleas. If he behaves well he may one day be free and see his child again but nothing is for certain. She is left to be raised by Desdemona.

Year 1837 - Year 1840: She shows a fascination for clothing and fashion. It begins with being VERY particular about what her dollies can and can't wear and evolves into wanting to learn to sew long before she enrolls in school. Once she is she gobbles up every ounce of fashion she can.

Year 1841: She meets Alessa and Kris whom she gets along with well and comes to think of as close friends. She teaches Alessa about tailoring. While in school she also bonds with Ichiko and Erynu during a class project. Ichiko was a friend of Kris' before hand, making it all the easier to include him in her friend circle.

Year 1842: Willow loses two people in her life in short succession. First Desdemona is called away for important business and doesn't want to take Willow from schooling, as a result she passes the girl over to her best friend Fenda as a ward. The adjustment is hardly easy on her as she barely knows Fenda, but she does her best to be mature about it (as much a 5 year old can be!).

However a few weeks after Kris' father suddenly demands they leave the capitol together. Kris has a farewell party of sorts with all his friends and Willow vehemently promises to find some way to get letters to him so they won't lose communication - even though Kris can't tell her where he'll be or when.

This leads to Willow asking Erynu to help her find a reaper or something that might be able to find Kris, no matter where, and deliver the messages. The keise agrees to ask around but nothing has come of that yet.

A month or two after Kris left, Fenda's husband Weylin dies - leaving the girls with a massive gambling debt to settle. Fenda does her best to keep the stress of this off of Willow though. To distract herself, Willow attempts to get the attention of her fashionista role-model: Kristee. However Kristee already has an apprentice (Hope, who Willow doesn't think is good enough but she doesn't really get a say either) and so she is offered a trial. If she can make a dress, get a model and display it to Kristee as though her own mini professional fashion show - then Kristee will tak her on. She works hard and pulls it off, finally becomming Kristee's protege!

Year 1843: Kris begs his father to let him call over his old pals, Ichiko, Alessa and Willow, which he allows.

However, when they come over he unintentionally breaks down. He mentions Zaphir off handedly but none of the others even remember him anymore. Terrified to forget the people he has lost, Kris ends up crying a lot with the girls trying to comfort him.

Year 1853: Willow talks with Felisha & Sascha about designing a lingerie line for their shop.

Year 1854: Audrey informs Willow that Barnaby stole Rylin's theatre right out from under him. Willow tries her best to defend Barnaby and actually comes to some understanding of why Barnaby acts the way he does. Unfortunately when she confronts Barnaby about this he seems unwilling to do anything to alleviate the situation with Rylin. Worse he makes it very clear that he doesn't care much about he upholds his end of their agreement and only cares that Willow is a dutiful puppet.

Year 1855: Willow does her best to support Ichiko after the fall of the Isle of Dragons but she is unsure of how one comforts another after the lost of an entire nation.

Year 1856: Willow is kidnapped by a rival but thankfully is saved by Wilson, Kris, and Taisie.

Year 1858: Willow is told by Kris of his plan to kill a black blooded zombie. She thinks this is a terrible idea and fears the safety of her previous savior. Unfortunately many people support Kris' crazy plan and she tries to do her best to do the same.

Year 1859: Willow meets Kendra at a party and with her help comes to the realization that Barnaby and their agreement is more trouble than it's worth.