Aetherian (L), Roma
Soul Name
Mafia Don
Xanthus' Mafia, Cult of Asoth
House, Shade's Run


Psychology (Manipulation) & Stealth
Athletic (Combat Reflexes), Dodge, Knowledge of Strategy, Intimidation, Larceny (Con Artist & Sleight of Hand), Language (Roma & Nazcan), Keen Sense (Bullshit & Judge of Character), Knowledge of Black Market & Gambling
Child Care, Cooking, Crafting (Jewlery)


Species Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Water (Undiscovered)
Hero Skills
Favored (God of Water)
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
A thin Phairan style dagger.
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Dark Brown
Skin Tone
Dark Tan
Strong & Defined
Hair Color
Dark Red
Hair Style
He has long and shaggy hair that is layered and feathered.
Height & Weight
6’2’’/ 225 lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Business casual with darker colors and a more peasant flair.
Poison Ring, Bracelets & Feathers
Distinguishing Marks
A long slanted scar from his might neck to his lower right chin and up to barely across his nose to end pointed at his left eye.


Children, his few close friends and family, loyalty, honesty (despite lying quite often), sleeping around (with men and women), how rescourceful OTHER cultures are (he's not so fond of Aetherian culture itself), shrewd minds, passionate people, creativity
When a subordinate fucks up (especially if it comes backlashing onto him), incompitence, botched jobs, lost shipments, lies (yes, his is a hipocrite), betrayal, people who murder animals or children, pointless or excessive violence (do what needs to be done, anything else is just sick), Akiha (she murdered his child, there isn't a word she could say that would make him spare her life)
Xanthus is a strange man, viscious and cruel but at the same time family orientated and a touch lonely. If you are his ally he will look out for you through thick and thin, but if you betray him he will scorch the earth to burn you.
He fears that his mixed blood and criminal past doom him to never be able to form a real family. He also fears utterly trusting someone only to find their knife in his back - as a result he does NOT trust easy.
Xanthus has a high tolerance for any and all substances, as a result he drinks like a fish and never gets drunk as well as possessing a strangely mutant amount of stamina for drugs or poison. He is a curious person, he will put up with a lot if he finds himself intrigued by something or someone.


Father / Donor
Walter Blackthorne (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Mary Ann Connor (Dead)
Imani (Sister, Dead)
Ryuosuke (Son, Dead)
Close Friends
Usha, William, Noru, Edan, Nicholas
Edan (Nephew), Edward (Great Nephew), Quentyn (Great Nephew), Akiha (Ex-Lover/Enemy), Jean (Rival/Lover), Jaxom (Supposed Son), Odette (Enemy), Nikkola (Enemy), Asoth (Master)


Age & Sex


Year 1808: Xanthus appears on the scene as one of the many powerful mafia lords that Maelstrom and his Coalition must beat into submission in Phandaria.

Year 1828: Xanthus re-emerged as a major force in control of all the crime in Cardinal Meridian.

Year 1836: Edan is balckmailed by Xanthus to act as one of his informants, but the leverage is unique: Turns out Edan is his nephew.

Year 1842: After a random fling with Akiha the ryuko woman ends up pregnant with his child. Xanthus offers to care for her and the child if she will stay with him so he can have a hand in its life. He also invites his nephew, Edan, to officially join the mafia family.

Year 1843: During the fall of Cardinal Meridian she had locked herself into a shelter along with her baby. However when the Slada'sha awoke she found herself tormented by voices before blacking out. She woke just as Xanthus and his men found her to get her out of the city. However they all found the same revelation waiting for them: The baby was dead. With no memory to know if she'd done the deed or not, she knew Xanthus would kill her for it and thus ran while he was still in mourning.

Later that year, Jean digs into the woman that tried to kill him and finds her drugs came from Xanthus. He arrests the man and the two begin to flirt/threaten with each other. After almost a month of this they sleep together.

Year 1853: Noru returns to the Velvet Secret and Usha. He tells her what happened and she agrees to hook him up with Xanthus for work. He gets conscripted by Xanthus, mafia work suiting his darker tastes far better.

Year 1854: Xanthus sends Edan with a sample for Gen. He has Edan act like it was a strange drug someone tried to sell to his son that he wants tested. Later that day, Gen reports on its demonic taint.

Now that enough time has passed he would not be suspect, William, upset about how Tabitha treated him, decides he will find a way to ruin her and take the Basset Herb & Spice shop for himself. He asks Xanthus for a mafia agent to help out at the shop so he can be a spy and plant whatever evidence he will need. 

Money from the extended ‘family’ outside of Shade’s Run (bandits the mafia controls) has dried up. In fact it has been nearly a month since the last runner gave Xanthus an update on how things were going. Last he heard there were no troubles since the local knights were too lazy to chase them very far. However, ever since the event in Shadesburg that landed Leorajh as the hero, they have all but silenced. Xanthus goes out personally to talk to his commanders only to find most of their strongholds have been massacred and the bodies have been left to rot. In a stroke of luck he comes upon one with a single survivor who tells him of the crazy man with. With a scarred face and the devil’s grin. 

Xanthus talks with Nicholas and learns the description (and hobby) fit one person: Leorajh Rudiger. Noru is sent, on behalf of Xanthus, to try and recruit Leorajh into the mafia given his love of bloodshed and breaking laws. However, Leorajh refuses. After hearing Leorajh refused, Xanthus calls the minds of the mafia together (Edan, Noru, Odette, Nicholas) to discuss eliminating the threat - via blackmail or death - or distracting it. They can’t make a profit if this doesn’t stop.

A few weeks later, Xanthus gets a visit from Asoth. Given the trouble his family is in, and the lack of ability to fight back, he’s in the perfect spot to be offered a devil’s deal for power. He takes it, this allying the mafia with Asoth directly. Xanthus explains his new ties to the family individually, mostly to see if any of them will turn traitor because of the new arrangement. He meets with: Usha, Noru, Odette (no post), Nicholas, William & Cloe.

Odette refuses and is attacked by an assassin after she departs the Velvet Secret. Finn saves her life. Disparaged, Odette doesn’t know what to do with her life anymore. However, when Finn mentions Nikkola the woman realizes she must warn her friend of what is coming – and see if perhaps they may both need to change their lives. They decide to approach the Shattered Realm for help, since the mafia is unable to touch them.