Yasnin Blackthorne


Aetherian (H)
Soul Name
Marquis of Phandaria
Animal Trainer & Breeder (Dogs)
Blackthorne Mansion (Alone)


Dancing (Ballroom), Cosmetics
Instrument Playing (Violin), Penmanship, Schooling, Quickl Learner, Performance, Animal Training, Pet Care
Politics (Aether), Seneschal, Finances, Language (Ryuko & Phairan), Culture (Ryuko & Phairan)


Racial Powers
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ritual Magics


Main Weapon
Other Weapons
Other Accessories


Eye Color
Light Gray
Skin Tone
Mature & Well Proportioned
Hair Color
Brassy Red
Hair Style
Her hair has a natural curl/wave to it. She lets it flow loose around her shoulders unless at a social function.
Height & Weight
5'7'' / 115lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
Yasnin dresses in a blend of the various cultures. Preferring the more slender styles of the ryukobut combining them with the more revealing designs of the phairan (though nothing scandalous, just complementing).
Yasning has a necklace her father left her that has a pendant with the family coat of arms set in a precious stone with gold accents.
Distinguishing Marks


Spending time with her dogs, good food (especially spicy), reading, time with her son, watching knights pratice, tournaments
Being given greif about her personality change, being treated like a mental patient, thinking of her marriage failure, Quentyn (slimy little bastard ruined everything and hurt her child), people thinking they have the right to criticize her, being talked down to (she is not imposing or intimidating in any way but personality) her family hurt or in danger
Yasnin has finally reached an understanding with the change in her personality, embracing it and finding a balance. She is still a bit more blunt than one would expect but she tempers it with kindness. More than one young lady has come to seek comfort from her, like a wise elder woman because of all she has lived through. And she is strong, secure in her place in this world. As to Edan, he is a far distant past of her, she truly doesn't recognize the woman who loved him. Edward is the center of her heart, though she is not without regrets of loneliness. Time simply hasn't been on her side to find love with this new person she is. Yasnin decided that with her court connections few and to make things easier for Edward, she has forgiven Edan and offered a hand of friendship.
She fears she is not good enough for other men to put up with her.
She is extremely blunt, almost like a well bred peasant.


Father / Donor
Leonard Madrid (Dead)
Mother/ Sire
Ketrea Madrid (Dead), Sable Domace (Adopted Mother)
Nicholas (Adopted Brother)
Edward (Son), Valarie (Daughter)
Close Friends
Danea, Inara (Dead), Sable, Nikkola, Christopher
Marlene (Aunt), Edorian (Uncle, Dead), Quentyn (Step Son, Once Removed), Fredrick II (Uncle, Dead), Gracie (Aunt, Dead), Thomas (Uncle, Dead), Rhiannon (Aunt), Taisie (Cousin), Clive (Cousin), Varek (Cousin, Dead), Gryffin (Cousin), Yulie (Cousin, Dead), Edan (Ex-Husband), Janine (Rival/Enemey), Emmalise (Cousin, Former Ward, MIA), Reginald (Cousin, Former Ward, MIA), Odessa (Former Rival)


Falas Wolf
Guard Dog
Age & Sex
5 / M
A large black wolf with one dark red-brown eye and one milky white eye (right eye) in which he is blind.
Due to a genetic flaw (right eye blind) Roth was neutered. Instead of being shuffled off to a less than pleasant life, Yas had him trained as a guard dog and in domestic pet manners, her own daisy having passed from old age. Now it is rare to see the duchess without her black shadow. Roth goes almost everywhere with her as guards are not always welcomed. He isn't mute but doesn't bark safe when there is danger. Children can pay with him, when he gets tired of it he simply moves. He does get puppy like when Edward is around.


Year 1800: Yasnin was born to Ketrea not long after her father died, so the child has no memories of him or his family. Her mother took her and returned to the Devont House. Her early child hood was good but soon others started to notice a real change in Ketrea. First it was little things, whispering to herself and other extravigances. It was embarassing and was slid under the preverbial rug.

Year 1810: But as Yasnin aged, it was getting harder to hide her mother's maddness. Her clothes and her life was run by her mother who was becoming parinoid. Ketrea drew them into the oldest parts of the family home where she 'trained' Yasnin in her warped sense of what a lady should be. Her eating habits were nit picked to ensure thinness and her mother did a horrible job of dying her hair black in hopes to make her more of a rare beauty. But when Yasnin appeared in the main room with an odd bruise on her shoulder, the family could not ignore things any more. They had a preist check Ketrea over and it was ruled she was unfit. Rather than keep the child around to watch her mother's decline, Yasnin has been sent to her Aunt Marlene - a total stranger - to be brought up as a lady.

Year 1818: Marries Edward.

Year 1824: Edward is born.

Year 1834: She falls down the stairs and suffers a bad head injury which alters her personality. Shortly after she learns Edan had a child with his childhood love, Odessa. Quentyn comes knocking for his place in the family and she begins to see Edan far too eager to give it over despite having Edward.

Year 1835: She begins to suggest bringing Odessa into the household given Edan's strong affection for her. The notion is rejected by the rest of the household however.

Yasnin's unwanted tryst with a man her mother forced upon had reuslted in a child: Valarie. Edan learns of this and is furious, demanding a divorce. The King grants it, but in Yasnin's favor. He even leaves Edward heir instead of allowing Edan to pass it to Quentyn instead.

Year 1837: The knights tournament comes around again. While attending together, Janos and Christopher run into Janine (invited on special conditions for lending the best horses to the event), Yasnin, Iradessa, Nikkola & Alexandria. Quickly all the girls but Yasnin understand they are in competition with each other. After the event Yasnin speaks with Christpoher privately, as a friend. She counsels him against Janine, not because she is a bad woman but because she is a married one. Never minding the scandal it would make (since Chris isn’t likely to care) there is the issue that he would be assisting in her adultery against the man she married.

Yasnin speaks with Janine privately about her affiliations with Christopher. Janine asks the question “are you his lover?” which naturally Yasnin isn’t, and given Yasnin isn’t family either Janine scoffs her off. To which Yasnin assures her, she may not be any of those things but what she IS is the woman who can tell Francis. She is attacked by a shinobi assassin but unpredictably Christopher came over to discuss with Yasnin that Edwards’s knight has suggested Edward for an early knight’s test. He ends up saving her and in the process the situation lends more credit to there being something “else” about Janine and her affection for Christopher.

Edward also passes his knight test.

Year 1841: Suddenly there are knights at their home demanding a full investigation of Edward and to search his chambers! The knight in charge, Marek, finds lots of Cult items in Edwards possession, all of which Yasnin swears cannot be real. Edward comes home to this and refuses it all, claiming innocence. Then, Quentyn comes by. Snapping, Edward remembers Quentyn in his room and blames him for everything, even going so far as the beat the other boy. Quentyn lets him, crying out for Yasnin’s help. When she arrives on scene he proclaims that Edward has gone mad. Realizing his goose is cooked, Edward doesn’t wait for his mother’s reaction before fleeing the house.

Yasnin learns one of her house servants is a Cult member and that he set up Edward. She has him arrested and brings the evidence to exonerate her son to Christopher.

Upon his returning home Yasnin reunites with her son and while they talk Edward learns the marriage between him and Cloe is canceled.

Year 1842: Yasnin finds court life doesn't agree with her new personality. She steps out and instead connects with Francis temporarily. He suggests that his wolves, the Falas Wolves, need a new breeder and trainer while he is out with Monster Hunters and the like. She decides the country, the animals, it could all be a breath of fresh air - something she needs.

Year 1843 - Year 1854: Yasnin's lessons are given to her by a rare couple: a ryuko woman and a phairan man. The two teach her how to train the dogs, live with them and apprecaite a much quieter and more rural life. As a result, she also learns about the two cultures from which they come.

Year 1855: Rumors were slow to reach the rural area Yasnin was in but she eventually learns about Sable's losses and about Edan going dowager. She is furious to learn Quentyn, whom she never liked, has somehow snatched her child's birthright out from under him. She packs her things and heads to the new capitol to take up politics once again - but her way.