Zanzas Soulspire


Died at 29 | 178
Soul Name
Reaver - Wraith Lord
Arcane Sanctum
Arcane Sanctum


Knowledge of the Mists and Death
Ambidextrous, Athletics, Combat Reflexes, Languages (Ancient Elfin, Spirit), Melee (One and Two-Handed Weapons), Mount Riding, Mounted Combat, Schooled
S&M, Pyschological Torture


Species Powers
Empathy, Arcane Aptitude
Ritual Magic Potential
Elemental Gift/Heritage
Hero Skills
Ignore Pain, Read/Write Language Holy & Death, Shaytan Affinity, Shockwave, Spell Craft (Death), Willpower
Death Spells
Raise Dead, Frost Imbuement, Death Grip, Winter's Bite, Mists of Dread, Vampirism, Withering, Silence, Rigor Mortis, Steal Breath
Ritual Magics
Opening Mist Gates (Allows him and others to enter the mist lands)


Main Weapon
Life Ender
The weapon creates flash-frozen wounds that leave scaring unless immediately magically healed. It also flash-freezes, in a cauterizing fashion. It can double as a focus point for Zanzas' death magic, snaring souls and sucking the very life out of someone if channeled to do so.
A large two-handed sword made of chillite and a mix of tempered and blackened metal. It has blue-dragon leather wrapped around the black hilt and a large chillite orb on the end. The large curved blade is also black with blue magical spirit script running along it, glowing like the chillite does.
Other Weapons


Mist Dragon Scales

This armor has five metal types on it. The most prevalent is an evening blue metal that is shaped like the rising spines or scales of a dragon. It wraps around the upper chest and plates of it go down the upper legs. A band of it us used as the connecting 'belt'. The second metal is a dark dusk blue. It comprises much of the arm guards and hip guards. It is also used as a scale designed mesh for the legs and some parts of the torso. The third metal is a dark blue, and it is not a true metal but actual scales, large and small, of mist dragons that reside in the mists of death. The scales show as going down the torso and covering the hips. A band of it is used as the second connecting 'belt'. The fourth metal is a lighter silver alloy. It is used for the horns of a dragon like chest piece, the top horns wrapping up around Zanzas' neck to protect it and two decorative horns come down the face of the dragon (made of metals one and three). This metal is also used for the belt adornment of a dragon like motif and for the flanking dragon head motifs on the side of the hip guards. Chillite, a mineral found back home on their planet, creates the horns on the belt adornment skull, the eyes of the hip guard dragon skulls and the eyes of the chest dragon motif.

This outfit covers Zanzas's entire body from shoulders to feet but does not cover his upper arms nor does it come with a helm. There are forearm guards, clawed full covered gloves and upper arm guards. All of which are comprised of swooping upwards spines. Some dragon skin is used as leather where straps and non-metal attachments are required.

Under this, Zanzas wears a thin sleeveless turtle neck that is dark midnight blue and a matching front and back drape falls from the belt, ending in tatters after a two feet. The cloth is thin and similar to modal fabric, soft almost like a silk but lighter then cotton and more resistant to damage then typical materials.

It is common for the armor and clothing on Zanzas to be either damp (when in warm environments) or coated with frost.

Zanzas wears chillite earrings that are studs in his ears. The earrings are enchanted to increase his speed and durability in combat. They also add to his environmental cold, but that is what chillite does naturally.


Eye Color
Glowing Light Teal-Blue
Skin Tone
Light Cool Gray
Zanzas is effeminate and thin. He is often mistook for a woman. He has a softer build with less bulk than most men. His strength is hidden and unnatural.
Hair Color
Hair Style
His hair is straight, short, and soft. It falls off to the left side and is cut short in the back, the bangs going to his chin on the far left. It is a light slate blue.
Height & Weight
5'5" & 150lbs
Other / Other Forms
Style & Casual Clothing
He is usually in his armor or dark gray, blue and black clothing. Zanzas has no problem wearing brighter version of blue, purple or red. He also has no qualms wearing more revealing and 'womanly' clothing.
Zanzas has cold blue studs in his ears. They are made of the same frost-esque mineral in his armor and weapon.
Distinguishing Marks
His skin is often icy cold to the touch and frosted, frosting his outfit and even chairs, ground and walls he is near.


His position of leadership, staying unattached to people and situations, massive assaults and combat where he can focus his rage and passion without others questioning his emotional state as 'womanly-crazy', the unlife style of Reavers, freedom from masters (willpower masters), having the few friends who do 'get him' actually... well, get him, he prefers the undead and spirits to the living, enlightenment through suffering, being cold
Kaija's skirt-chasing, being assumed as weak or unworthy, having to defend his people's lifestyle (or unlifestyle) to those who have made up their minds about it, dealing with political bullshit (though he is somewhat decent at it), other masters of the undead who could take his willpower from him and likewise his people's freedom, not feeling warmth (he misses it more than anything)

Zanzas seems to be a dispassionate person. He is an introvert that has been placed in the position of leadership. His passions lie in his sense of justice and his dogged loyalty to his people's cause. His rage and fury are less like hot fire and more like cold burning ice. Zanzas can be very cut throat and extreme. He does not go out of his way to make others suffer but he also will never deprive them of the benefits of it.

Zanzas will hear people out and where he it is not one to offer advice he can be the wall to rant or cry to, allowing people to feel their emotions out without interruption or isolation. Zanzas fears being passed up or over looked. This is not a bone chilling fear (hence not in fears) but more of a social apprehension. All to often in life, Zanzas was considered the small weak runt of all liters and he is used to clawing his way to the top with grace and dignity that most people wouldn't be able to retain. Even after obtaining the highest rank as a Reaver, he still retains his emotional control in all situations that are social, this makes him a good choice for working with undesirable people.

Kaija is just having a fling with him. Living again. Being controlled by someone who can command the undead stronger than he can... and losing his people to that person, not just himself.
Seems emotionally detached but has a lot of emotions and attachments that he simply doesn't show. Trying to retain control in all situations. Undermining himself mentally no matter his successes.


Father / Donor
Kaija Soulspire
Mother/ Sire
Talia Soulspire (Dead)
Kaija (Older Brother)
Kaija (Lover)
Close Friends
Chantria, Celisdane, Kariel
Ravengale (antagonistic)


Wraith Pegasus
War Mount
Age & Sex
Undead / M
Morgaine is a skeltal horse with a frosted blue main and tail. Its wings are skeletal and batlike. It has blue fire that burns from its hooves and its unlife is empowered by Zanzas' own energy.
The horse does not have a will of its own and is more or less an extention of the Wraith Lord.


Year 1681: He was born as a child of incest between Kaija (brother/father) and Talia. His mother raised him to believe that Kaija was his older brother. Only after he died did he learn the truth.

Year 1691: He joins the paladin ranks as a squire. He is constantly harassed by older or bigger men and gains a runt complex.

Year 1697-1710: Zanzas, having been training under a paladin as a squire, finally becomes a full fledge paladin himself. He joins the war efforts. Despite his voracity and loyalty to the order and faith he is constantly over looked for promotion or even praise. He learns emotional control and discipline to retain what little respect he has out of his peers. The very act of being able to take their bullshit earns him respect from the seniors of the order.

Year 1711: War comes to their home, Kaija and Zanzas died on the battle field. Zanzas was killed first and then his brother/father. The enemy goes on to destroy their home, killing their family.

Year 1766: He and Kaija are among many war Champion's resurrected as ghouls during the Night of Madness.

Year 1784 : Zanzas climbs out of the Mists with his brother/father and the other first Reavers. They create their order, the Night Legion. Zanzas is the opposite of his older brother/father. He proves to be focused, determined and emotionally distant to all things but rage and duty. Zanzas, though small in body, inspires others like them and moves up the ranks quickly, unlike in life with the paladins. Here the Reavers consider his runt complex a strength. He defies his brother's desires of romance. During this time he gains Morgaine, a trophy from a raid on the Solarian capital where the undead have taken over as a nation.

Year 1799: The Reavers join the Arcane Sanctum as a whole and lauch into the void realm.

Year 1858: Zanzas is given the title of Wraith Lord after years of successfully leading men and women into battle. Grievously wounded in battle against a risen undead dragon flight, the previous Wraith Lord hands over the title before succumbing to final death. Zanzas takes up leadership immediately and with coordination with Ravengale and his paladins (something the previous Wraith Lord refused to do on stubborn pride) the undead dragon flight was forced to retreat after their brood mother was slain.

In a moment of passion, Zanzas actually admitted his returned feelings for Kaija. The two became lovers but have yet to be together long enough to see how their path together goes. Zanzas is, for one, extremely paranoid about being another fling to Kaija and somewhat possessive of his usually flirtatious and slutty big brother/father/lover.