C.I.S. Main Page

Options to Fill Out C.I.S.s

1. LASTOMEN FORM: This form is on the blog group, it is made for ease.

2. BLANK WORD PROCESSOR FORM: Copy and paste the text on this into a word processor, spell check, and when you are ready email it to Demica:

3. QUICK CIS: Email in a skeletal idea: species, gender, profession and class you want for the character and then an idea of personality and goal for the character's stories. Moderators will fill the rest out and send it to you for tweaks and approval.

To join Chronicles of Aether you must first have a character to play. You must also read the rules below and be ready to comply with them completely. Failure to do so will have you removed, and "I didn't read them" will not be accepted as a viable reason to get a "pass" one time. It is your obligation to read all the information provided before you enter play.

You have a few options to acquire a character:
• You may adopt a character (click the link Adoptables above or simply scroll down to where they are listed below) and enter play immediately. This is always smiled upon as these characters have connections in play and are being eagerly awaited to re-enter play.

• You may create your own character. If you do, you have yet another pair of options before you. You can either create your own CIS from scratch using the template. Or you may send the moderator a FAST CIS, filling out general details that the moderator will use to create you a full character and send back to you for approval.

Rules You Are Agreeing To

  1. No Flaming (don't insult or otherwise torment role-players)
  2. No Stealing (don use art work or stories without permission) 
  3. Keep Up (you must post 2 times a week MINIMUM)
  4. Notification of Absences (tell the mods when you will be away) 
  5. Time Jumps (mods run them, not players)
  6. Child Birth/Recognition Posts (mods run them, not players)
  7. Play Your Own Character (don't play others without permission)
  8. Character Limits (you can only have 3 more characters then whatever you have placed per jump)
  9. Adoptables are not templates (play them to their CIS!)
  10. No Plugging (don't advertise on our board)
  11. Mod Means God (what the mod says goes, end of story)
  12. Post for Quality (try to keep it to at least 4 sentences per post but don't break yourself if there isn't anything to work with) 
  13. Don't Post to the Almighty (tag a specific player, not the open air)
  14. Rated R, not X (no sex-post on the boards please)
  15. Ping Pong Posting (if your posting back and forth with someone, please take it to a JP via email or IM) 
  16. Amendments (mods have the right to add rules as needed)